Sweet Stable Wallpaper

Posted: by Frostheim

Here’s something super cool that I’ve never thought of before. A reader was making a desktop wallpaper of his hunter with the entire stable of pets surrounding him. This is pretty cool, and I know this not because he sent me a copy, but because while he was at it he made one of Frostheim too. This is pretty sweet!

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  1. Watts says:

    *gasp* Frostheim, you’re not providing all the buffs!

    You still need 10% Attack Speed, 5% Stats, 10% Spell Power, and Battle Resurrection!

  2. duveen says:

    A bit off-topic, but in the past two weeks, I remember a post on some site that listed all of the classes and specs in order on the different fights in Mogu’shan Vaults. Stateofdps.com seems to be out of commission, so I was trying to find this post. Does anyone happen to remember seeing it? I’m guessing that it was on MMO Champion or WoW Insider, but I can’t find it using the search function on either site.

    I’m trying to decide which spec to use on which fight in the raid and this fight-by-fight analysis would be great to have. On that note, this would be a great post for you, Frost. :-)

    Thanks for any help that you can provide.

    • Berryz says:

      Imo, go BM if you’re on a single target fight. If it’s an add heavy fight, SV is gonna own everyone.

  3. Aukatos says:

    Looking at this, it seems like it would be relatively simple for somebody with the knowledge to automate this process. For instance, have a website that pulls 3D models of pets from a database (Wowhead, etc.) and allows you to put them together with various backgrounds. Heck, it could even import your hunter’s gear from the 3D armory model. Sounds like fun right? Wish I had the time and knowledge to do something like this for the community.

    • bm samus says:

      I used WoW Model Viewer for models and Gimp for editing.
      Each model and the background has to have its own layer so you can move each object individually (more pets you add, sometimes things need moving).
      So for say, 1 Character, and, let’s say, oh, 16 pets, that’s 18 layers. On top of that each model has to have its own alpha channel added (aka what makes the green/blue/red screen go bye-bye) and tweaked individually so you don’t end up with a ghostly sporebat.
      There’s also resizing and limitations of various screen sizes (<3 my 22 incher, lots of room) etc.

  4. bm samus says:

    Woah, I had completely forgotten about this. . .
    If I had known it’d end up being post I’d have spent more time on it (granted it took about an hour pulling models from MWV and getting them in Gimp), I guess a thanks is in order, this made a very bad a very awesome one :)

  5. LightOne says:

    I want one!!!

    • bm samus says:

      I’d love make some more, but WMV is not working atm, soon as it gets updated I may start making more.
      I’d almost have to charge though as it took about an hour to do Frost’s and about 2 hours to make one of my (formerly) full stable.

      Maybe 0.50 to 1 usd per pet?

  6. Faith says:

    i love this wallpapers, also its great for making ur own, because easy to seperate with photoshop and no background..

  7. Sandaha says:


  8. Hugnir says:

    I must beg you to tell me what are those sexy green specs you’re wearing!