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Reviewed 10/2/2012
Patch 5.0.4

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Welcome to the Level 90 Mists of Pandaria Hunter Hit Cap and Hit Rating Guide, updated for patch 5.0.4. We’ll talk about everything you need to know in WoW about hunter hit, miss, hit chance, hit rating, hit cap, pet hit rating, how your hunter hit rating affects your pet hit rating and your pet hit cap. Every raid hunter should know the basics of hit and miss chances, what the hit cap is, and understand how this affects gear decisions.

The Hunter Hit Cap Basics

As a level 90 hunter, you sometimes miss when you shoot your target. Your chance to miss depends on what level mob you’re attacking. Both this percentage and the hit rating you need changed in Mists of Pandaria.

Level 90 Hunter vs:

Level 90 mob: 3% miss chance
Level 92 mob: 6% miss chance (heroic boss)
Level 93 mob: 7.5% miss chance (raid boss)

This means that against a raid boss, for example, 7.5% of your shots miss – that’s your hit cap. By increasing your hit by 1%, you’ll have 1% more of your shots hit, therefore you’ll be doing about 1% more damage. So it’s very much in our interest to increase our hit chance. However, since we can’t hit more than “always,” going above 7.5% does not help us at all, which is why it’s referred to as the Hit Cap. It’s the cap of the amount of hit you can have that will benefit you.

We hunters increase our hit chance through “hit rating” found on gear (including gems/enchants/reforging).

Hunter Hit Rating

For a level 90 hunter, 340 hit rating gives you 1% hit.
2,550 Hit Rating is needed to reach the Hit Cap

Therefore you would need 2,550 hit rating to reach the hit cap and ensure that you (and your pet) always hit against a raid boss.

Pet Hit Chance

Your pet is a level 90 character just like you. It has the same miss chance as you do, and the same hit cap as you do. So increasing your pet’s chance to hit by 1% increases your pets overall dps by 1%. But how do you do this?

Any bonus hit you get from gear with hit rating on it will transfer to your pet as 50% hit and 50% expertise — and your expertise works the same way. If you have 2% hit, your pet gets 1% hit and 1% expertise. It’s a little confusing but simple in practice: if you’re both hit and expertise capped, your pet will be both hit and expertise capped as well.

Blizzard set it up this way so that the caster pet classes, who have a 15% hit cap but no expertise, can still have pets that are appropriately hit and expertise capped.

Is Hit Rating the Best Stat Ever?

Hit rating is an important stat and every hunter should be hit-capped as well as expertise capped (with hunters needing expertise in Mists of Pandaria, hit and expertise have identical value). However, it’s worth stressing that hit is not the most important stat — one point of agility is worth more than one point of hit rating (actually more than twice as much).

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  1. Jama says:

    I believe you may have one too many twos under Hunter Hit Rating. “Therefore you would need 2,2550 hit rating to reach the hit cap and ensure that you (and your pet) always hit against a raid boss.” ;)

  2. felo says:

    what about the the 1st soft haste cap? do u know the number?

  3. says:

    I dont get how agility is better than hit. If you dont hit the target, then all the agility in the world wont help. This whole hit/expert is so confusing to me.

    • Frostheim says:

      Sure, but even with zero hit rating, you still hit the target over 90% of the time. 1 point of Agility just nets a larger dps increase than 1 point of hit rating.

    • Ril says:

      you’ll simply want to gain hit/exp at the expense of secondary stats, but never agi. in other words you want to get hit/exp by reforging stuff, but not by using hit or agi/hit gems where the socket bonus isn’t worth it. or by using hit-/exp- instead of agi-enchants.

  4. Karen says:

    So does that mean that for a Draenei, you need 2210 hit rating to reach the hit cap?

    • NiteClubbin says:

      Karen, if Draenei still have the 1% Hit racial, then 2210 should be the hit cap for them.

  5. Dargno says:

    Keep in mind that secondary stats have twice the value in gems… so for example it’s 160 agi or 320 hit rating… so with gems it shouldn’t be THAT wrong to pick agi/hit gems… This works for expertise in a lesser degree since that would mean gemming a “pure” expertise gem which might be slightly less usefull.

    At least it probably will be a lot cheaper method of gemming, since last expansion the pure reds were a lot more expensive compared to the other gems…

    So i’d say go for purple hit/agi gems unless socket is yellow, reforge a bit to expertise and focus on hit/expertise for enchants where there is no pure agi alternative… unless you’re really a min-maxer in which case pure reds might be slightly better sometimes.

  6. Anjan Bhowmik says:

    At lvl 90, capping hit/exp always comes with sacrifice with crit/haste/mastery. My observation is, with 7.51% hit/exp cap, i had to sacrifice haste/crit and mastery. so while i don’t miss anymore, my hits crit less, my pet does bit less damage, and low haste makes me running out of focus often.

    On the other hand if i keep 7.4% on hit/exp i have less than 1% miss chance, but that extra stat can go in crit/haste. so the extra damage from crit or haste benefit negates the less than 1% miss chance in damage.

    As hunters fights by focus, we all dislike when it runs out. since MoP, with thrill of hunt arcane shot and kill command, with lynx rush/blink is our nuke ability.

  7. Anonymous says:

    Is it necessarily worth it to go beyond the 7.5% hit? If not, I’ll just aim for that 7.5% and save the rest of the stats towards crit and haste. I’ll be hitting all raid bosses and maximizing my crit and haste?