Dues Payers > Harvard Grads

Posted: by Arth

The headline is not entirely sarcastic.  At least one smart person would hire the hell out of, say, Zeherah before a Harvard MBA (unless Zeherah has a Harvard degree, in which case, hey, double win!).  Or even Frostheim…ya know, provided they didn’t have a company policy against unsightly wrist hair.  Or any high-level WoW player.

Now, does this mean you can start adding “raid leader” to your resume?  Probably not.  What it does mean is that you should be proud of your dedication to your performance and guild.

Need more evidence:

or this:


Now, the guy in the first video says “high level” guilds, so he’s not talking about the casual WoW player.  If you spend your time roaming Azeroth looking for new squirrels to kiss, nobody wants to hear about it, least of all a potential employer.  But the problem-solving, leadership, and analytical skills of serious players is to be lauded, not criticized.

There’s also the distinction the latter videos make between legit addiction and healthy practices and tendencies that come from regular video gaming.  So long as we don’t creep over that imaginary line with our habits, our particular brand of gaming undoubtedly makes us more social, happier, and able to analyze situations to choose optimal outcomes.

These ideas are not new to gamers, who have for decades scoffed at the unnecessary stigmas attached to our hobby.  But it’s nice to see it from mainstream academia as well.

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  1. Flint says:

    I am not sure if either of these 2 people have ever read the wow trade chat in game. Just reading that and one learns quickly that wow players are not more social.

    • Arth says:

      Well, we have to be careful about drawing conclusions across the gaming spectrum, but I think there’s still a lot here. In terms of problem-solving in a team environment, I think the first guy is onto something with serious raiders. I can directly identify life skills I’ve improved in through raiding and raid-leading.

      The girl isn’t talking about WoW specifically though, so yeah, you may be right about trade chat junkies. Maybe the title should’ve been “Dues Payers > Harvard Grads > Barrens Chat”

      • Flint says:

        Just giving an elf a hard time.

        I do agree that there is a definite skill set to serious raiding. A lot of problem solving skills and well as thinking outside the box.

  2. Yvvii says:

    I would love to see an employer take account of these skills, I have always been of the belief that the ability to think, learn, communicate and coordinate are way more important than the ability to sit in a class for a few years and pass a test. I am yet to meet a graduate that I don’t think it a bit of an idiot.

    I have been going on to anyone who will listen about how these type of skills should be hammered home at a young age along with letters and numbers. If computer games can be used to passively teach them then that is even better!

    • Xivandre says:

      You should look beyond the degree. If you are consistently meeting the wrong type of professional, then I would say the problem is not where you think it is.

      But I will agree with you on the rest. It’s not the degree or the school that gives someone an ability to overcome challenges. And WoW-wise, it’s certainly not figuring the logistics of half a dozen mats or engineering the right combo of classes to achieve a world-first that make a special raid or guild leader. That is exactly the kind of stuff that can be learnt in class, be it in Harvard or in a university in Mozambique.

      One thing that is relevant is the emotional intelligence to gather the right group of people with the right skills, and to motivate them to do the effort to get a common goal. And that, you can do it straight out of school.

      Another relevant thing are the methodologies to get teams going. And as far as goal-seeking is related, the videos above are related to a new trend in management, which is the “gamification” of a career or a position at work. It’s one of those things that those idiot graduates have come up with to keep the lot of employees interested in the rat race. Very interesting stuff to read (or watch).

  3. Bowmont says:

    Thanks for the share, great videos. :)