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Reviewed 12/21/2014
Patch 6.0.3

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This guide will list best hunter enchants for your level 100 hunter gear in Warlords of Draenor. A hunter running around without enchants may as well be naked – don’t be that hunter. In WoD, hunter enchants got yet another boost, and the enchants add a lot of dps to your hunter.

Warlords of Draenor Hunter Enchants

We’ve listed the best hunter enchant for each slot. Note that in Warlords of Draenor, a lot of enchants are gone, and many professions outside of Engineering and Enchanting┬áno longer have a combat perk, including Blacksmithing, Leatherworking and Inscription. There are only a handful of enchants in general now, all of them are secondary stats.

With reforging being removed, treat enchants as a form of personal reforging with the ability to modify the limited amount of choices you now have to boost some of your stats. Multistrike is currently the best stat for both BM and SV, its also very good for MM. For Marks Crit is just a little bit better than MS until you get to the 43% soft cap. If you play all specs and aren’t incredibly wealthy you can gem and enchant for Multistrike for all 3 specs.

Best WoDHunter Enchants
Slot Beast Mastery Marksmanship Survival
Head / Helm None None None
Neck Gift of Multistrike Gift of Critical Strike Gift of Multistrike
Shoulders Removed Removed Removed
Back / Cloak
Gift of Multistrike Gift of Critical Strike Gift of Multistrike
Chest Removed Removed Removed
Wrists / Bracers
Removed Removed Removed
Hands / Gloves
Removed Removed Removed
Waist / Belt
Removed Removed Removed
Legs Removed Removed Removed
Feet / Boots
Removed Removed Removed
Gift of Multistrike Gift of Critical Strike Gift of Multistrike
Ranged Oglethorpe’s Missile Splitter Megawatt Filament Oglethorpe’s Missile Splitter

Profession-Specific Enchants

Professions no longer give specific enhancements, however it is worth noting Engineering still has a nice rocket launcher off your GCD that does a nice bit of damage:

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  1. Hua says:

    Do the engineering tinkers on the belt and hands still stack with the belt buckle and wrist enchant?

  2. Pathemeous says:

    On the profession-specific part of this guide:
    the Tinkers are no enchants. They are tinkers, additions. You can have these in addition to any enchants/buckles/etc.
    For Leatherworkers, although they have a cheap version of all the leg enchants, it is exactly the same as the tradeable version.


  3. TaintedBlaKK says:

    Frost, Have I told you lately… that I love you? Keep it up man. Thank you for all the work you do for our community.

  4. qAlphA says:

    Don’t forget ring enchants. Enchant Ring Greater Agility = 160 Agi

  5. loveuson says:

    Thankyou frost for your time and help in keeping us hunters up to par. Bless you and may you get all the good drops and rares for your efforts :)

  6. Meraned says:

    Hey frost, you forgot one enchant, gloves are either 170 expertise or 170 mastery, think
    (enchant gloves superior mastery)

    • Skarn says:

      He didn’t forget. He mentioned it in the paragraph right before the actual list. Expertise is a better enchant than Mastery. By using the Expertise enchant, you don’t need to reforge to as much Expertise. Instead, you can reforge those stats to Crit, which is a better stat than Mastery.

      The difference is small, but if you are min/maxing, then put Expertise on your gloves.

  7. Beergasm says:

    awesome guide, thanks.

  8. Darkreignn says:

    Nice guide thank you helps me a lot as been away a few yrs and didnt know where to start!

  9. Eivar says:

    But the table header still says Catclysm, if’n you want to change that =P

  10. Nichara says:

    Would add that if your raw expertise before reforging is enough to get you to or past the cap, that crit strike would be a better glove enchant than expertise. Also worth mentioning that blacksmiths should put sockets on their bracers and gloves (then put red gems in them) and jewelcrafters should use 3 serpent’s eyes, preferably in red slots. (Theoretically the best profession bonuses you could get would be to be both a jewelcrafter and a blacksmith, but that’s only slightly higher than other profession combinations.)

  11. Nichara says:

    Oh and P.S., enchanters should enchant their rings with +160 agi.

  12. Grandmarose says:

    May I say you work and effort into your guides are SOOOO gratefully appreciated. You are a hero. I do have a question however. I enchanted gloves for expertise and went to reforging to reforge that into crit and it does not give me that choice. It only allows me to reforge critical strike/haste into hit or mastery. Have I misunderstood your recommendation? Thank you again, for all you do.