MoP Pre-Raid Hunter Gear List

Posted: by Frostheim

Today at WoW Insider, I got a big list of some of the best pre-raid hunter gear in Mists. Let me know if you spot any gear missing from the list (PvE gear that doesn’t require raiding to get) please drop me a comment here so I can get it added to my master spreadsheet, evaluate it, and add it to the site.

As a side note, I worked on this with all of my free time Wed and Thurs — literally just doing this after work instead of logging into WoW and leveling in Mists, so you’d better appreciate it!

The third significant step for all hunters in Mists of Pandaria is gearing up to become raid ready. (For those interested, the first step is race (and possibly faction) changing to dwarf, and the second is leveling up to 90). With that in mind here is a list of some of the top hunter gear to go after.

We’re specifically only looking here at non-raid PvE gear that does not come from a raid or require raid mats. However, in Mists you are able to get valor points outside of raids, including by doing daily quests and some of the reputation gear requires valor points to purchase in addition to faction rep. Thus I am going to include some valor gear in this list. Odds are you won’t have enough valor points pre-raiding to get all of these pieces. My recommendation is to run your heroics to get the best non-epic gear possible and then spend valor points to fill in the worst gear slots. … Read More.

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  1. SlayrAbraxas says:

    It’s a shame when an affluent member of the hunter community gets an item named after him in-game and it’s crappy blue gear. At least you can Transmog Frost’s cloak. Gerp’s Perfect Arrow can’t even do that!

  2. lat says:

    Frost…. get online and level… thanks

  3. Ominous says:

    Thanks for the list :)

  4. Kaneli says:

    As I just got to 90 last night this was perfect timing for me.

    Big thanks for putting this together Frost, I appreciate your sacrifice.

  5. Wirhl says:

    I’d love to see a “Just dinged 90 with all green and some blue quest reward gear. Here’s some good pre-heroic 5 man gear so you can pull you’re own weight in heroic 5 mans”

    I won’t be raiding for at least a month until other members of my guild level up.

    I’ve got 4000 justice saved and am now looking for the best bang for the buck.

    Or best rep grinds for hunter gear.

    This is awesome Frost and thanks. I’ll reference it over the next month or so as I look to get raid ready. I sometimes wish my guild were as dedicated to raiding as I am.

    • Frostheim says:

      Well, if you just digned 90, then your best bet is to start hitting heroics and choose which to hit based on this list — not really any need to gear up to do heroics.

  6. Painbow says:

    Uhh, Frostheim is level 87?

    So he asked people come out and help him level for like the first 3 hours of the expansion only to end up bailing on them and completely wasting their time? What a goddamned asshole. Don’t pull a Truman Show and delete my critical comment because someone needs to call you on your crap.

    • Frostheim says:

      We went for about 6 hours, and the group as a whole decided to throw in the towel when we realized it would be another 10 hours to hit 90. I posted about what happened here:

      So nobody screwed anyone over, you are just wildly uninformed.

    • Morgatho says:

      Don’t be a Debby Downer, Frost can’t spend 2 days straight leveling, he has a job and he never told people to help him level, he only asked and I would assume that the people that helped did it out of the kindness of there heart and were not expecting anything in return.

      • Afuni says:

        This is the first time ever i feel the need to post a reaction but i come here almost daily to check the info for my hunter, almost everything i learned i got from here…

        The pre-raid gear list is a perfect example of him putting his free time into something that benefits us all instead of levelling his toon like we are all doing.

        One of the most ignorant, agressive en immature reactions i’ve seen in quite a while i just read as comment on this pre-raid list (don’t need to point out which one i presume…)

        Can only say keep up the good work, Frostheim :)

    • Eillarius says:

      I wouldn’t even waste my time responding to this guy.

    • Flint says:

      Hi Pain (fitting name), I was one of the people helping Frost and will gladly do it again next expac if Frost decides to go for it again. While it is true the grind was taking longer than expected we were having a very good time. We traveled to parts of Pandaland that some of us have never seen and spent quality time with friends. We laughed, we joked, we cried (getting stuck in the chopper quest lag) and we grinded for hours. Some of us (Frost included) have jobs and had to go to those jobs after being up all night, others are down-under and hit a wall when bedtime rolled around. Frost was keeping up with the leaders and if given the time we could have gotten him the RF, however Real life got in the way. As a group we decided to call it and move on. I respect the decision and support it 100% and I was there. Frost did not bail on anyone at all.

      I like many in WHU, DHS and Wyrmfoe gladly give our time to help Frost out when asked because of what he has done for the Hunter community. I personally know Frost, and have attended his WHU-B-Q. Frost does not get paid to write these guides or do this research. He does so to help the community out. I have learned a lot about playing a Hunter from WHU and if Frost asks for a little help then so be it I’m there. I can gladly give a few hours of my grind to Frost as payment for the countless hours he has given to the Hunter community as a whole.

      In short Pain, if you don’t like what he’s doing… well go play your druid.

    • Anonymous says:

      Only a Troll

      keep up the great work Frost, 1st site I check Daily.

      Appreciate all the sacrifice.


    • Rddragon says:

      Hmmm I smell troll.

  7. Goar says:

    Hey Frost-

    As far as itemization is concerned on the Tempestous Longbow, I can confirm that the tool tip is actually correct. I had it drop the other day on my first run through Siege of Niuzao Temple. Actually. I scored gear off the first 3 bosses. AFK Rogue was not impressed.

  8. Eurinome says:

    @Pain, we could have done something else instead anyway. /dramatic pose *I have no regrets*

  9. Mav says:

    Hey Frost,
    So what about professions, mate?
    Do we have a clear leader in which prof’s are best for raiding hunters?

  10. Anonymous says:

    where is the list man i can’t see no list on ur site hows about a link on the front page to it so i don’t have to waste time searching for it

  11. Kenriith says:

    @Painbow: You should do a little more reading and a little less whinging.

  12. Morgatho says:

    Thanks for the List Frost, you the man, well Dwarf I guess >.<

  13. Norm says:

    Hey Frost, thank you for all you do for the hunter community. You do a fantastic job!

  14. Daishi says:

    Searing Words is flagged so that Hunters can not roll “Need” on this trinket currently. If you doing Scholo for that one, bring a full group and make sure they will ALL pass if it drops.

    • Goar says:

      Happened to me yesterday. Warrior got it. He traded it when I asked. He was all wtf is up with younot being able to need on it?

    • Malkie says:

      This happened to me also, unfortunately I realized to late to say anything and it got sharded >.<

  15. Nagrenol says:

    Yes I am loving the fact I can need on strength and even PLATE gear.. but items like that trinket.. NO.
    Nice one blizz /nagpalm

  16. Delur says:

    Anyone got an idea where the Alchemy trinket would slot into the rankings?

  17. Marisha says:

    If I had a toon on Ice Crown, I would have gladly helped Frost-a pittance of a thank you in exchange for all the time he has spent working on lists o gear, enchants, gems etc.
    When I was actively playing WOW, I used to check in constantly…that was back in the days when we’d get treated to screen caps of the Hatorade and the Cheerleader…good times!

    And I gotta say, I’m hoping that if the WOW movie ever DOES get made, they use really great actors and make something wonderful and deep- not just cheesy fanfic like the pathetic novels they put out. Michelle M. is very pretty, but she does not have the chops to pull of a truly impressive Sylvanus!

  18. tee says:

    The whole carry frostheim to lvl 90 stunk to the high heavens from the get go. It was selfish of him to ask his fanboys to do that, and he knew some sucker would sacrifice his time to help him. Just greedy of him to ask. I have no problem, this is his website. My only issue is that he is the wow insider hunter writer and it seems he doesn’t enjoy raiding, pvp and from what it seems he also doesn’t like leveling. So what does he like and why is he still has a column in wowinsider?