Ghostcrawler on Level 90 Talents

Posted: by Frostheim

An interesting post from Ghostcrawler on the level 90 hunter talents:

All of the hunter level 90 talents are getting an across the board damage buff (they’re intended to be worth using single-target, and currently they’re not). I just meant that Barrage’s damage will be lowered a bit relative than Powershot. Hunter ranged attacks should not be blockable, and they currently are (known issue, will be fixed). Pet attacks should be blockable and able to glance.

The big thing here is the line, “they’re intended to be worth using single-target). That is awesome to hear: that tells us that these are supposed to be abilities that we are actually going to use outside of special boss fights.

That also tells us that we can evaluate these talents based on their single-target worthiness, and complain if they don’t surpass our standard rotation by a meaningful amount.

And finally it means that we can sit back and wait for them all to get buffed before we crunch any of these numbers.

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  1. Whitefyst says:

    That great news to hear from GC. From the wording of the level 90 talents, I had already assumed that the intent of the final versions of these spells was for them to be viable options on single target fights since they all did more damage to the primary target and had CDs and focus costs.

    From a MM perspective, I had already assumed that they would be better to use than AS when they are off CD but had been waiting on the final numbers to see how their DPS and DPF compare to AI. I am assuming (and hope to see) that these attacks will be better to use than AI when they are off CD and that they will be higher on the priority list than both focus dump options.

  2. Cloudbuster says:

    I have no idea where I’m going to keybind all these abilities. I’m one of those silly holdouts who still has Wing Clip keybound, so there’s one spot, but other than that I am pretty much completely out of keyboard real estate!

  3. Avoth says:

    a bit of hunter news hidden in a mage question

    “We’re also really wondering about the various “ignite-like” mechanics in the game….

    Specific questions: Do these mechanics have the same basic implementation internally? In other words, can we trust that there is a single set of assumptions we can make about how the damage calculation and propagation works that will allow us to simulate all these mechanics correctly? And are there any details you can give us that would reduce the number of assumptions we need to make?

    Ahhh, Ignite mechanics. What a storied history they have.

    While there have been several versions of Ignite and similar effects, historically, the general goal for quite a while now has been for this sort of effect to be simply a way to move part of the damage from an attack into a DoT, to reduce burst, and add flavor. And since these attacks were likely to happen again before the DoT finished, each one needed to “roll” the damage left over from the previous DoT into the new one. However, that damage rolling processing has always been somewhat delayed. That leads to the “munching” problem (two hits could land at nearly the same time, and the first one wouldn’t have been processed yet when the second one lands, leading to the first one’s DoT getting overwritten by the second one’s).

    However, we got some code changes done in 5.0 that handles rolling periodics better. If Blackout Kick does 20% of its damage as a DoT, then at the end of the fight, Blackout Kick’s DoT should have done exactly 20% of the damage of Blackout Kick (barring any rounding errors or overkill of course). The actual logic involved is rather simple: When reapplying this DoT, take the damage left in the previous DoT and distribute it evenly across the new DoT’s ticks. Do remember that refreshing a DoT refreshes it to the full duration, plus the next tick (so that you can clip DoTs by 1 tick and have no loss).

    For example, suppose Blackout Kick does 20% additional damage as a DoT that ticks every 2 sec, for 4sec.

    0sec: Blackout Kick lands for 100 damage. DoT applied, with 4sec remaining, doing 10 damage per tick.
    2sec: Blackout Kick DoT ticks for 10 damage. 2sec remaining, still 10 damage per tick.
    3sec: Another Blackout Kick lands, and this time it crits, for 200 damage. The DoT is refreshed and extended to 4sec past the next tick; 5sec remaining, or 3 ticks. It needs to do a total of 10 damage still from the previous DoT, and 40 more for this one, for a total of 50 damage over 3 ticks, so ticks for ~17 damage, 3 more times.
    4sec: Blackout Kick DoT ticks for 17 damage. 4sec remaining, still 17 damage per tick.
    6sec: Blackout Kick DoT ticks for 17 damage. 2sec remaining, still 17 damage per tick.
    8sec: Blackout Kick DoT ticks for 17 damage, and expires.

    Hope that helps.

    Spells that use this mechanic include: Ignite, Blackout Kick, Echo of Light, Devouring Plague, Touch of Karma, Hand of Gul’dan, Bloodbath, Temporal Shield, Piercing Shots, Explosive Shot, and several set bonuses.

    One additional addendum on the Ignite things: Explosive Shot does not do this in your current build, but will in the next. The others should all work that way in your current build. ”

    if im reading this correctly then no more chance to clip a tick of ES?

    • Thornagol says:

      If they apply this to Explosive shot, Piercing shots, and Serpent Sting, then this tidbit of news just made my day!

    • Frostheim says:

      I’m planning to do a post all about this lovely news, but yes, this is how I read it too. You will no longer be able to clip ES ticks, and you can spam ’em during Lock & Load. Very nice little quality of life change there, if they implement it as they described.

  4. Holtzmann says:

    They’re going to have to do quite a bit of fiddling to make medium-cooldown, long cast-time-based attacks fit rotationally… having to stop my entire rotation for three seconds every (half-)minute to wind up a Powershot or Barrage for a minor DPS increase is going to feel a bit awkward. I feel I’m going to just get Glaive Toss and not bother with the others because of that.

  5. Gobow says:

    Thank god because SV rotation really sucks right now, and a 1.95 cast time on cobra is like playing with an anchor on your left hand!, and crapy dps atm dosent help my stress with raid testing.

    In addition the stats on gear is not a big help either and reforge is useless.

    So much for my little rant, time for a couch and some adult bevs.