The WHU all-hunter raid team hit our first 25-man raid on Saturday. Arth was leading the raid and the first target he picked out was the Omnotron Defense System, and by the end of the night we had the first 25-man all hunter Cataclysm raid kill! You can see a tank-perspective video of this fight here.

The All-Hunter Strategy

In the absence of healer and tank support classes, we had to make use of the whole hunter toolbox. The composition for the raid was:

  • 3 BM tank hunters, with stam gear and turtle pets as tanks to tank the two active Omnotrons
  • 2 Survival hunters to bring the haste buff for the raid. These guys could take Spirit Bond but have the weakest self-healing.
  • 11 Marksmanship hunters with Spirit Bond and Chimera Shot for self-heals.
  • 9 BM dps hunters with Spirit Beasts for additional self-healing.

The hardest part of all hunter raiding is the unavoidable damage. To mitigate this as much as possible every hunter needed to have the Spirit Bond talent for some amount of passive self-healing. We had MM hunters with Chimera Shot and BM hunters with Spirit Beasts in addition to Spirit Bond. The MM and SV hunters had a variety of pets to bring all of the raid buffs we needed, and one BM hunter had a Corehound that was pulled out just for Ancient Hysteria (and then switched back to a spirit beast).

The MM hunters were crucial for Silencing Shot which was needed to interrupt Arcanotron. We had the MM hunters split into two groups with an interrupt rotation much larger than the typical raid, since Silencing Shot has a long 20 second cooldown. We had two MM hunters to interrupt each time, to give us some redundancy in case someone missed their 1.5-second interrupt window.

We had all hunters with Misdirection assignments to give an incredible threat boost to the tanking pets to enable them to hold aggro (just check out those Misdirections going off on the pull!) and the turtles’  Shell Shield added to Cower and Last Stand gave them substantial damage mitigation to allow their healing talents and Mend Pet to keep up with the incoming damage.

We started out by resetting the encounter until Arcanotron was the first one active. This way we could start the fight off fast with the dps buff to burn Archatron down as much as possible. The strategy for each Omnotron was as follows:

  • Arcanotron: whenever Arcanotron dropped his dps buff circle, the tank hunter had to move his pet away, to lower Arcanotron’s damage and give the rest of us a chance to camp on it for the boost. The MM hunters had to use Silencing Shot to interrupt the Arcane Annihilator ability. Sadly with so many BM hunters we couldn’t maximize the dps pool, since Kill Command doesn’t take advantage of it when the pet is not in the dps boost pool.
  • Electron: we just spread out to mitigate the damage taken, and had a couple hunters throw up Aspect of the Wild. In our kill Electron was the second boss, which meant that we couldn’t stand in Arcanotron’s pool of dps boosting once Electron was active.
  • Magmatron: hunters can Feign Death to cancel the flamethrower ability, which we did. The Incineration Security Measures aoe we were able to Deterrence once, and after that we just had to rely on our self-healing (and potions, and bandaging). Happily with Deterrence the self-healing we had available was usually enough to get us through.
  • Toxitron: Simple enough, we just dpsed the adds down, mostly letting the SV and MM hunters handle them.

Happily Arth’s strategy of starting with Arcanotron let us get a huge dps start, especially when you consider that we were bringing basically 25 dpsers without any healers to lower our numbers (though the tank hunters have much lower dps). On our second attempt we got the Omnotrons down below 10% and knew it was going to be doable. Nevertheless, it took us a couple hours of wiping before everything fell into place and on our kill we polished the defense system off with 24 hunters still standing.

10-man Follow Up

After the Omnotron Defense System finally went down we had Baradin hold. Unfortunately this is when we learned that we could not bring any cross-realm people into Baradin hold. This lost us around five raiders, and we decided not to push on with a short raid. Instead we dropped down to a 10-man raid to try out Occu’thar. It took only two attempts to bring him down! So that’s a tier 12 boss to add to our tier 11 kill (though certainly the Omnotron Defense System was a far more involved fight, especially for the tanks who had to pick up snap aggro on the new trons).

We figure these are the easiest two bosses for all hunter raiding, and life is going to start getting more difficult as we progress, but the WHU all hunter raid team is going to keep raiding and plans to make use of some cool strategies. Our next raid is scheduled for the 23rd.

Many thanks to all of the hunter raiders who showed up and participated: all of them can now proudly say that they’ve taken part in a World First — the world first all-hunter raid on current-expansion bosses!




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  1. Durendil says:

    Nice job!
    Just a counsel: when I was having fun trying Omnotron 2-man, I used intervene for the flame-throwers. Just so you know that if dps isn’t an issue and healing is, it can be useful if some hunters use a tenacity pet for intervene. This can be pretty useful for fights where a few persons get a DoT, or have to stand in the fire. It can also be useful since you can’t all be marksman: BM bring spirit beasts and have one or two hunters that use intervene on them so they still survive.
    P.S: Can pets use intervene on pets? If so, 15 turtles (bosses usually melee every 2 seconds) can rotate on the tanking pet and he will take nearly no damage :)

  2. Eillarius says:

    Was proud to be a part of the most fun I’ve had in WOW in a loooooong time.

  3. Matheus says:

    Awesome! Grats to all who got involved, I was so sad when I noticed I wouldn’t even be able to try a spot on the team, but I’m really happy with all the good news!

    Now I’m looking forward to a Sporebat Spirit Beast for Pandaria. =D

  4. Vladihn says:

    That was a great time, brought back all kinds of good t11 raiding memories. Looking forward to continued success.

  5. Bowmont says:

    That was one of the funnest raids I had ever done. Had a great time!

    Thanks Frostheim!

    • Arth says:

      Khel, I’m giving a shout-out to you in my next article about all-hunter raiding. I want to field test your spirit heals macro. Even with a delay in waiting for pets to get stats, or if we need to tweak it somewhat, it could potentially be a huge increase in heals.

  6. Beergasm says:

    Pretty impressive. Good job all involved! *clap*

  7. Omogon says:

    excellent :D Kudos to Ath for setting this up and now Frost can say he is raiding again too !

  8. Hikuen says:

    Simply amazing! Well done as always. Can’t wait to see this repeated in Mists with the amazing self heals and pet family changing options us hunters are getting.

  9. Skarn says:

    Congrats! This is awesome. :D

    I’m still kicking myself for not attending though. My original Saturday plans meant I couldn’t attend, but those changed Saturday morning. Alas, I realized an hour after raid start time that I was sitting at home and could have been hunter raiding!

    Bah. Oh well, you all did great!

  10. Zelenas says:

    Congratulations all! I’ll be keeping the 23rd clear for the next go round!

  11. Drahken says:

    How does one sign up to cross-realm participate in one of these in the future? Is there an audition process? I’ve been following the WHU’s exploits for years but could never participate because of I was on the wrong realm. But now that’s no longer an issue, I was hoping to get involved. Here’s my armory page:

    • Arth says:

      Well, it seems you’re actually still out of luck. Cross-realm raiding only works with the same faction, and your character is Horde.

      If you ever have an alliance toon, just send me your Real ID (my email is and I’ll add you.

  12. Darkynhalvos says:

    That was even more fun for me than tanking in a regular group. Panzer was offtank, he’s the fire turtle with the green mark on him.

    Can’t wait for the next all-hunter raid, and what Arth will have for us next. I’ll be available anytime Arth, if you want some input or ideas about where to go next, just hit me up in-game since you’ve got my realID.

  13. Khrogan says:

    That was a ton of fun, I’m glad to have been able to participate. I was one of the cross realm raiders and instanly started bragging in guild chat, lol. They all can’t wait to see the videos now.

  14. Darkynhalvos says:

    I’ll log out in my tank spec and gear so all interested folks can look it over at your leisure. My preference for gems has been mostly agi/stam with mastery/stam to match a good socket bonus. Enchant and reforge weight given to mastery, except for boots where I used the Stam/runspeed enchant.

  15. Grim says:

    /sigh Why oh why must this be held on the dirty alliance side =*(

    I would love to take part in something like this but I’m happy in my current guild and could never turn my back on The Horde.

  16. Mehtomiel says:

    Congrats! Now if only Blizzard would lift the area restrictions, there’d be a flood of us EU hunters joining you in an eyeblink :)

  17. sniperoftrue says:

    Blizzard needs to make some kinda achievement out of that…. Just saying =P
    Now lets think of some cool names for the achievement.

  18. Flint says:

    Sorry I mist it Arth. Life has too much going on right now to raid at the moment.

    Great job to everyone that participated. This is what has come to be expected of the WHU for a reason. Keep pushing those boundaries and showing the world what awesomesauce Hunters really are.

  19. Iridar says:

    Thank you, ow thank you.
    I am so proud that hunters have so awesome community, even doing such things as all hunter raiding

  20. Kirk says:

    Thanks for the raid, Arth and Frost. It was a blast.

  21. Zetharl says:

    Great job on the killin’! Hopefully y’all can get plenty more in the future.

    Don’t want to hijack, but small news on the MoP legendary has leaked. One of the possible forms seems to be a gun!

  22. Takeaseat says:

    So how can I get in on this? I’m all 410/416 and would love to BM spirit beast with you guys

    • Bowmont says:

      Arth put an email in this post. Send him your realID if your not on Icecrown and if you are just whisper one of us when you log on.

  23. Verar says:

    I think you guys are so awesome! =)