Hunter Poster Friday

Posted: by Frostheim

It’s Hunter Poster Friday!

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  1. Mesko says:

    I love pet launcher and especially misdirection one! How many times I have been asked to misdirect a mob to an afk healer, just LOVE it!

  2. Mechakisc says:

    During early ICC progression, we had a joker of a mage that put his table just on the far side of the frost clouds in the upper spire. The other two hunters and several casters all died trying to reach the table for some tasty sandwiches.

    There was the briefest discussion in tells between the three of us.

    On the first pull of the night, Putricide, we all MDed to the smartie mage. The tank was too busy falling out of his chair laughing to taunt.

    He was a little more careful with his table placement after that.

    The misdirection one reminds me of that story :)

  3. KahliTorah says:

    Speaking of MD’ing, (Which I usually put on the pesky rogue >.>) Did anyone ever utilize the TotT > MD combo back in the day? You know.. when threat actually mattered? Was always cool to have a rogue ToT me then MD to the tank. Mucho threat for the tank, and the nice DPS boost during burst phases was nice. Completely unrelated, just a thought that popped in my head. :)

  4. Cyworg says:

    Man, I really wish those pics were in high resolution. I gotta make them my wallpapers :) “Epic” isn’t enough to describe that pet launcher.