Today when most hunters hit the internet to look up some aspect of hunter optimization, they likely head straight to the site that they think can help: to Female Dwarf or Elitist Jerks or Petopia or here at the WHU. However, there are still a staggering number of new hunters and veteran hunters who don’t know where to find their info that hit Google in search of their hunter answers.

I thought it would be fun to check on Google and see how well it does at identifying the best information sources. So I did a bunch of searches for the “best” hunter optimization options for various things (using Chrome in incognito mode). I always clicked on the very first organic result and noted whatever advice that page had, and deliberately didn’t read beyond the first instance of finding an answer (as most people don’t). If the page didn’t advocate a best, I backed out and went down to the next search result.

So…. how well do you think Google did at optimizing a hunter? How do you imagine that hunter would do on the meters?

Google’s Hunter Armory

Here is what Google’s hunter would look like if Google took it’s own advice and used the top search result for each aspect of hunter optimization — which in theory should be the most relevant result.

Google’s hunter would be a MM hunter using a 6/32/3 build, and would use a sporebat for a pet. Google’s rotation would be to fire only Steady Shot and no other special shots. Google would use the WHU recommended MM glyphs as well as the WHU hunter gems and enchants.

I think we can agree that Google’s hunter missed the mark a bit here, and would not perform that well. I think it’s particularly funny that all the things that are most important to a hunter’s dps are the things that Google was most wrong on, while the smaller optimization things Google got right.

In terms of assigning blame (other than to Google) I have to take the hit for the sporebat pet showing up, while Elitist Jerks claims credit for the rotation — a very old post with no updates or warnings about being out of date showed up at the top of that result. The spec came from WoW Popular, so we all statistically share credit for that one.

It’s worth noting, of course, that there are many different ways you could word the searches to get better results than “best hunter spec” and “best hunter rotation.” It’s also interesting to note that Google had generally better results than its competitors¬† — Bing was, as always, nearly identical with a bit more spam, while Blekko was a lot of irrelevant stuff and DuckDuckGo combined the delights of affiliate spam with irrelevant stuff.

Someone needs to build a hunter search engine. I think this should be Darkbrew’s next side-project.

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  1. Berryz says:

    Use sporebats they said, it’s going to be fun they said …

    Though, I’m using sporebats on the beta atm :D

    • Shadda says:

      I’m thinking in Pandaria, Frost should make all of his WHU hunters to use a sporebat for at least one event.

  2. Cloudbuster says:

    Sporebat’s not the best pet?

  3. Lóse says:

    I guess the best way to correct this would be to somehow make it so the top searches pull up the most current elitist jerks or your current guides. How does one do that?

  4. Brewmore - Twisting Nether says:

    Im Thinking Google CSE, and then build the database based on the relevant up to date hunter websites. Sorry but i tend to steer clear of elitist jerks. So it would be like, WHU, Petopia, Noxxic, etc. If anyone wants to email me a list of any RELEVANT, UP TO DATE, hunter information sites, these can include sites not limited to hunter info if they share some unique resource or insight, then i can see about compiling the information and maybe setting one of these up. Depending on time constraints. I will give everyone a couple weeks to send me info. Maybe i can have it up by then end of the month if work doesnt get in the way lol. Ill set up a gmail address for this specifically one sec…ok its

    • Anonymous says:

      Could always email the site operators and ask them to add in keywords that most “new” hunters would use. then when they are searched for in google or yahoo or bing or whatever, then they would usually pull up at the top of the list.
      If i am wrong let me know, but this is just my opinion.

      • Frostheim says:

        Heh — it’s not quite that simple : )

        The problem is that search engines aren’t good at telling when something is updated. They can tell if it’s new or recent, and then can tell if it’s very authoritative, but they don’t seem to put much weight on recency of updates. Google clearly did better in these searches at filtering out spammy affiliate sites though.

    • Anonymous says:

      Cool, glad to know i was wrong. , thanks frost.

  5. Arth says:

    I tend to look at this from a practical perspective. Gems, glyphs, and enchants, it gets right. A pet is a pet. It’s pretty funny that sporebat shows up, but it’s not a massive dps loss. Spec is close. It’s a good MM spec, which isn’t super-far behind SV, and is still raid-viable for most. If we’re talking about someone with no prior knowledge of the hunter class – and in the “random google search” scenario that is pretty likely – it wouldn’t exactly screw them over.

    Except for rotation. That’s the big thing it gets wrong. Still, if we’re just throwing darts blindfolded, which is essentially what a google search is, the fact that only one thing (out of 6) is overtly debilitating is somewhat surprising to me.