Today at WoW Insider, I go back to the hunter class feedback thread and take a look at what hunters asked for, and what we got. Hint: almost everything.

Just about everyone who plays WoW spends at least some time complaining about it and explaining their vision of how the game could be made so much better. For some players, this occupies more time than playing the game itself.

I’m as guilty of this as anyone, which was made evident when I was glancing back through a bunch of old columns. As much as I try to focus on mechanics and divining developer intent, I can’t help but suggest ways that I think abilities could be better or pointing out imbalances.

Therefore, I think it’s worth taking a moment to really look at what Blizzard is doing for hunters in Mists of Pandaria and realize that the devs are trying to give us just about everything that we as a class have been asking for — something that can be easily missed in all the hunters complaining about the MoP abilities. And for once, we have a documented way to compare what hunters have asked for against what we were given: the class feedback thread.

Join me after the cut for the MoP scoreboard. … Read More.

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  1. Berryz says:

    Allot of hunters also asked for stampede. To bad it’s not working like we imagined.

  2. Tolkein says:

    Regarding the stampede ability, I have not gotten any clarity on if the amount of pets in the active stable affects the overall dps of the ability. Personally, I always roam about with only four pets perchance I run into that rare that I just have to have. But if I now must carry all five to maximize an ability, it could become a source of frustration. Some have suggested the fifth pet throwaway method. But this is problematic. Having to dismiss pet, then call throwaway, then abandon takes too long. In the meantime, some stinkin rogue comes along and tags my find. Frost?

    • Berryz says:

      Well the simpelest sollution is: before you go into a dungeon or raid, make sure you have 5 pets with you, if you are just questing, you probably won’t need stampede anyway. If your questing and queueing for a dungeon at the same time, then just run the dungeon without the 5th pet.

  3. Bu says:

    “Pet health on summon bug fix Check. This was just a bug fix, but annoying enough that it got a lot of feedback.”

    Dunno ’bout how it WAS fixed, but all my pets still comes out of stable with like 4-6% of health. And sometimes it takes ’bout 10+sec for them to gain full health bar back.

  4. hillbillyhatfield says:

    I wish they would have rethough our focus cost. If a shot misses or is dodged, we get nothing back in focus like with a druid or rogue that get half or more back. That would help alot in focus discussion.

    Plus how is our dodge coming alone. Will pvphunters have to stack expertise now.

    Would void pet stable be asking too much. I wouldnt mind paying a few gold to pull out that one pet over the normal 20, or even 5. I rarely use SpotnRover my corehound, but I do use him in some of the 10m. Same with all my pets but a few.

    Frost are you or someone going to give us a lowdown on all the glyphs

  5. sadhunter says:

    Hunter is dead same as wow. Hunter is now just mellee-hybrid class, pandaria-wow is again nerfed at all..its not game …. its just timekiller.
    Got 4 85hunters 3 85shamans and and and etc etc etc ….Unfortunatelly i signed for annual pass, but last months im not playing at all, too much bored.
    No more money to Blizzard after annual pass finish.

    Dear Frostheim, thank you very much for posting this blog, spend here much awesome times, thanks and have fun.

  6. tee says:

    Frostheim, I really like your site but omg you are a total FAN BOY! LOL.

    I think is because you don’t really pve or pvp. You should srsly start playing again and then tell us in the fantastic state hunters are/wii be.

    • Frostheim says:

      We disagree on that. I think part of the issue is some of the unfortunate gamer culture of hyperbole and frothing rage-filled statements.

      I criticize Blizzard all the time — but I do it in a mature way, without name calling, hyperbole, or ad-hominem, and I talk about specific issues. Of course I’m happy about the game overall. If I wasn’t I wouldn’t play it.

      But regarding this article — I’m pulling in actual data of what hunters asked for, and showing what of those things hunters got. Which is, demonstrably, almost all of them.

      • tee says:

        You do your homework and that’s why I like your site.

        But facts and statistics are funny things. Just like the articles you made of hunter dps pre 4.3. Hunter DPS sucked, all you had to do was go and raid to figure that out. But you did your analysis and I’m sure you put some serious time gathering data and making sense of it. But at the end your conclusion was that hunter dps was just fine because it was some % above the median. Again, all you really had to do was go out and raid to see that we weren’t fine at all. Then bliz disgreed with your numbers cause we got some dps buffs.

        Just stuff like that makes me think you are a fan boy. Nothing to ashamed of!

  7. Acrysa says:

    I was playing the beta today and noticed something interesting about Dire Beast. It seems to summon a beast based on your location. For example, while I was in the Jade Forest, I summoned birds, porcupines, and tigers. But when I went to the Valley of Four Winds, I summoned a mushan beast, one of these guys

    So, Blizzard has made our affinity for beasts more beastly, it seems :D

  8. Cyworg says:

    I’m glad blizzard listens to us. Not only us but the community in general (unlike that new mmo I ragequit).

    Sadly I didn’t get a beta invite, so I’m trying to follow the updates through here and wowhead. Now, there’s one thing I really wish to see and one thing I’d change were it up to me.

    I’d like to see my ranged weapon and quiver on my character’s back. Since melee weapons are being removed for hunters, we will probably see this but I just want to make sure that we will see our quivers too, along with the ranged weapon. This is important to me.

    As for the thing I would change: I’d remove Dire beast and make Stampede stronger so that it’ll be our “this is gonna hurt” ability.
    The Stampede I have in my mind is something like this:
    -You use your horn to summon a large herd of beasts (like kodos, rhinos).
    -The beasts answer your call and start marching to your enemy
    -You can’t directly control the beasts, you can only point them to the direction you want. If your enemies move, you can steer your beasts towards them again.
    -Every beast in the herd can only travel a certain before being despawned. Meanwhile, new beasts continuously spawn until the whole Stampede duration ends.

    It’s pretty much like Rexxar’s ability in Warcraft 3: Frozen Throne

  9. dd says:

    that new comment system on wow-insider is horrible. i have to sift through 2 pages of comments interspersed by some person trolling about hunters are the easiest class or whatever to read some honest discussions.

    please bring back the voting system in the comments.

    • spikespiegel says:

      And while you are at it, could you please get Taco Bell to bring back the ranchero steak burrito?