WoW Statistics from Google

Posted: by Frostheim

Over at WoW Insider today I have an extra, not strictly hunter-specific article up where I pulled a bunch of WoW-related statistics from Google. I looked at overall search trends for WoW and did some search volume comparisons — including discovering which class does the most online searches.

Google is the world’s largest search engine by a massive margin, enjoying a nearly 70% market share. Google processes over a billion searches every day — searches for everything from the fate of Firefly to where to buy RPG dice to the answer to the Kirk vs. Picard debate. It even handles searches for non-geeky stuff. And of course, some percentage of those billion daily searches are WoW searches.

Google has a tremendous amount of data about exactly what WoW players are looking for online — and if there’s one thing I can’t get enough of, it’s WoW data. With the search data that Google makes available, we can get a unique look into how WoW-related searches have changed over time with the changing popularity of the game and what kinds of topics WoW players are searching for more than others. The Google-eye view is a unique insight into the online interest and discussions of World of Warcraft. … Read More.

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  1. Semris says:

    “After all, what can really compare with the fall of Arthas?”

    You have sum it up in this one sentence nicely. :-)

  2. Eidotrope says:

    How did you refine the search to only cover uses of “WoW” related to online gaming?

  3. bahzob says:

    I found the graph on searches by class the biggest surprise. It provides some hard numbers to back up the feeling that hunters have the best online community, hunters really do seem to care about helping other hunters.

    (Another view that would be interesting, if possible, with this would be ranking WoW sites in terms of hits received, where again, I’d guess hunters would do well, though other classes (e.g. warriors tks 2 Swifty) may stand out as well.)

    Anyways gratz to you and all the others that have made this happen.

    (It’s a shame Eidotrope isnt still blogging, I’d like on his take as to why hunters may or may not be different in this respect…)