Now that hunters can level high enough in the WoW MoP beta to get access to the Stampede ability we have a little bit better idea of how it works… at least how Stampede works right now. There are some bugs with the ability now that will surely be fixed, and it’s hard to say which aspects of it are intended and which are bugs right now.

First off, however, is a recent change to Stampede. The new MoP hunter ability now has a 10-minute cooldown, ensuring that we can only use it once per fight. Furthermore the MoP version of Readiness has been changes so that it only resets the cooldown of abilities with a cooldown of less than 6 minutes, meaning that you cannot Readiness to reset the cooldown of Stampede (but you can, at the moment, still Readiness everything else, including Bestial Wrath).

Here is the rundown of how Stampede is currently behaving in the WoW Mists of Pandaria beta:

  • Stampede summons your active stable of hunter pets, so you can control which pets appear by your choice of what pets are in your stable.
  • The pets attack with their melee attack and the basic attack (claw/smack/bite).
  • Stampede pets appear just behind the hunter and charge toward the target. This means that if your hunter is closer to your target when you hit the ability, you’ll get more DPS time than if you trigger it at max range.
  • The Spirit Bond talent works for every pet in the Stampede, meaning it heals crazy high amounts during Stampede. I suspect this is a bug; however, who knows, maybe it’s intended to be a once per fight big heal cooldown for your hunter as well. This seems unlikely since it would make the Spirit Bond talent even more of a must have.
  • If you are not BM but have spirit beasts in your active stable, the spirit beasts will not be a part of the Stampede and you’ll just get fewer pets.
  • The Stampede pets have their special abilities, including Spirit Mend for spirit beasts. This means that if you macro your Spirit Mend all of the spirit beasts in your Stampede will heal your hunter. This includes Dash, Rabid, Growl and Prowl. They seem to use whatever abilities are left on auto-cast when the pet was put into the active stable (when it was dismissed).
  • The Stampede pets do not benefit from Beast Cleave, Bestial Wrath, or Kill Command — all as you would expect.
  • At least one hunter has reported that if a pet was put on Passive mode and then placed in the active stable, when Stampede was triggered the pet stayed passive and did not attack. This is certainly a bug.

I have yet to see any documented reports of the Stampede pet health, if they can be killed, or how their stats and damage scale with hunter stats (I assume their damage likely scales just like a normal hunter pet) or if they are affected by the BM mastery ability, Master of Beasts.

I’m curious to see what the plan is for pet special abilities in MoP, and for Spirit Bond. Both of those could be working as intended and could be bugs — or working as intended but end up getting nerfed. Here are a couple of videos of the new hunter Stampede in action. Keep in mind there is currently a bug in the beta where hunter pets do not shrink down to pet size (this existed for some pets in the Cataclysm beta too, incidentally). So no, that is not how big pets will be in MoP.



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  1. Cinterclaus says:

    Hopefully one of the things they’ll work on, is the origin point of the pets. Having them all spawn at the same location and then run in a straight line towards the mob seems less than ideal, graphically. It wouldn’t be _as_ bad if they didn’t spawn behind you, and then obscure your character while they run through you.

    Also, given that they only spawn for 10 seconds, do you think there’s a chance they’ll cause them to Dash/Charge to the target? That’s a very long cooldown and a very short up-time, for half of it to be spent on travel time.

    • Frostheim says:

      Yup, as stated above they do have Dash.

      • Cinterclaus says:

        You’re right, you did note that :D I guess I just didn’t pick up on it in the videos, because the pets are so huge they obscure it (due to the current bug).

    • Llanah says:

      I agree. It looks ridiculous to have them all stack… I’ll be very disappointed if this isn’t changed. Other than that – very cool

  2. hillbillyhatfield says:

    So if you have only 4 in the stable, only 4 come out. That is kinda bad since i keep one slot open for the rare i may come across.

    And does dash, or charge work when there summoned. That would help in the dps.

    And I hope the fix how they spawn. Them in a group is ugly looking. A big glob of claw, wings, and tails.

  3. Great Dane says:

    So we finally got a über ability that most likely will have the same usefulness as a DK’s army of the dead, but at least it looks cool…

    Maybe we should wish for something effective next time and not something pretty…

  4. Sidoen says:

    @hillbillyhatfield: You can probably get by without stampede while questing I would imagine. How many rares are in the dungeons and raids? If you are looking for a pet from one of those places bring along a standard pet that you don’t care if you need to dismiss it. That way you will always have 5 pets, you will have that 5th pet in case his special becomes important (especially if he is the same family as the one you are looking for) and you can still tame the rare one.

    @Great Dane: I would say that is premature. Army of the dead is very useful it’s just also dangerous to use. This ability does not look like it is out of control. Those ghouls go crazy, leap everywhere, taunt and cause general chaos. They also hit hard.

    But they also last a long time!!! Stampede looks like it’s suppose to be an equivalent of army of the dead. It has the same CD so it’s intended use feels the same.

    However even if the pets are twice as effective as the ghouls we are getting the short end of the straw. Those ghouls literally leap into battle, charge, stun, taunt and cause a lot of damage. The DK channels to summon them but also gets a nice damage reduction while doing so (without the need to find a spirit beast or three).

    Even if you stock up on pets that all have dash, make sure you summon each one to ensure they are in the right behaviour and only take non-elites in case you can’t use your BM spec I still feel like I would rather have the ghouls. I have never once thought that I have wasted time with the ghouls because I was in the wrong position. Hell most DK’s summon them before the fight starts. If you did that with stampede your pets would de-spawn just as they got to the end of their dash.

    So I would like to see a couple of changes before I get excited about this.

    1) Pets spawn randomly around your target at x meters distance. Either in a circular pattern or perhaps even all of them from one side, sort of a running stampede from the side, come in, flatten the target and move on or something.
    2) Stampede timer increased to allow for average travel time of all pets over x meters. As that is normal it would be a standard constant value. Abilities like dash and charge are not valid attributes for adjusting this timer as they are advantages given to those pets in exchange for some other ability.
    3) Set timer to start for each pet individually as they start combat, not from when they spawn. Although there might have to be a condition, such as de-spawn upon entry/exit of combat or some maximum life time.

    The bottom line here is that I want to see stampede perform to the level of army of the dead. If we are getting a cool ability like this it should at least be noticed on the field of battle and not because it hides the field of combat from view! Although 5 pre-tamed sized devilsaurs from all sides sounds pretty damn cool!

  5. Tunza says:

    10 second ability (minus travel time) for a 10 minute cooldown.

    Problem 1: It becomes a panic button (if healing remains) or a short burst at a single point in a fight
    Problem 2: 10 minute cooldowns are terrible for both progression raiding (repeated wipes) and farm raiding (quick kills back to back) as you may engage the next encounter less than 10 mins after using the spell
    Problem 3: Doesn’t fix our problems providing reasonable burst – cooldown too long

    Great to have the flavour and looks cool but not exactly an exciting spell that will challenge us or make us make meaningful decisions in a raid.

    Any PvPers have a perspective on how it will be used in arenas?

  6. Tsunai says:

    I’m actually pretty disappointed with how this looks so far… a 10 minute cool down for 10 seconds worth of use is borderline pointless since it requires you to be in melee range to get much use out of it at all…

    The use of spirit bond is nice for soloing or as stated “panic button” for healing if your getting nailed by a raid boss, but with a 10 minute cool down this won’t see a lot of use in shorter raids.

    Keeping pet abilities is amazing for mass macroing creature abilities into primary attacks.

    To make Stampede better for BM hunters, since they focus on pets, unless the duration is extended at least Bestial Wrath should be able to stack with it. 10 seconds is not worth much time for anything overly significant. Even if it did stack with all those lovely abilities like beast cleave and kill command, with 10 seconds you won’t get the chance to use them more than 2-3 times which would make the ability far more worth while.

    I know it’s looking a gift horse in the mouth but really… if no abilities stack with it and it’s only 10 seconds it should not be a 10 minute cool down… make it 5-6 minutes and have readiness reset for cool down of 1 minute less than whatever they put it at. If abilities could stack I understand it being a 10 minute cool down for 10 seconds…

  7. Laura says:

    Y u no use sporebats? D:

  8. Dibbler says:

    I agree that like DK army and warlock doomguard, the 10 minute cooldown really hampers the usefulness of this ability. I think they should make these abilities like potions: short cooldown but only once per fight. They can also get around the problem of the double-potting trick by making the cooldown begin once the abilities ends (I think death knight ghouls work this way, or used to, so the tech is there somewhere), or possibly even only usable while in combat. That would make it a 1 time per fight max ability without it potentially being a 1 time per 2 fights ability.

  9. Lokrick says:

    I love the idea of stampeded and look forward to finding strange uses for it. There is one big issue though for dual-spec with BM. I’m dual-spec SV/BM and typically have a wolf and cat for SV, and three exotics for BM (e.g., devilsaur, spirit beast, and corehound). Because exotic pets only come out in BM spec, Stampede will be quite gimped in SV spec (I’d only get 2 pets). Having to port to town every time I want to change specs for different bosses is a big disadvantage/hassle (and I know at some point I’ll end up in a fight SV spec with all exotic pets).

    A possible solution is to have the stable of pets that are with you be spec-specific. Therefore you could have all exotic pets as BM and all non-exotic as SV. That would also address having PVE/PVP or dual PVE/Solo setups. They typically require different pets, and only Stampede would impose the need to change stables between different activities.

  10. Great Dane says:

    You’re completly right that Army of the Dead is much better. You don’t have to worry about having wrong pets in your stable (exotic pets for sv/mm), you don’t have to worry if you have put dash on auto-cast, which no raider does cause it eats focus which could be used for damaging attacks.

    Then there is the question which should be on everybody’s mind and not if this ability is “cool”: How much damage will Stampede do?

    As survival my pet does slightly over 5k dps in the best of circumstances. So if we get 4 more pets that is at best an additional 20k dps for at best 10 seconds (assuming I am in melee range of the boss) = 200k damage over a total bossfight. That is anywhere between 3-7 seconds of my damage during a bossfight.

    And we actually have to deduct the global cd used to activate this ability, a global cd that could be used for a damaging shot. That means that the net gain from this ability is even worse…

    As a raider I am deeply disappointed in this ability. It is pretty, cool, but clunky, bad as so many hunter skills.

  11. lordmogg says:

    I agree with most previous comments.

    I think the looks of stampede so far need a bit of work. It is a cool spell and something we have all been after for some time. I also agree that the pets should rush in from different angles from all around the target. As mentioned previously in a circle and all zone in.

    I also agree that the time the pets are out should be a little longer to allow for travel to the target.

    I do think it will eventually be a very good talent however and we must remember that it is in very early stages.

    A few things to remember are the fact that Pet talents are changing, also we can make and pet any type of spec. Eg. A Wolf into a tank. This will also greatly change what pets we have in our stables.

    5 spirit beasts will be brilliant for the additional healing, macro’d to the tank etc as a raid saver.

    But there are other abilities on other pets that would be more beneficial for dps.

    E.g a cat, stealthed up to the target and the first attack causes an extra 10% damage. Times that by 5 and the burst dps will be awesome.

    I for one cannot wait to see how this ends up.

  12. Purcy says:

    So far I agree that this seems not nearly as strong as army of the dead, and that disappoints me. 10 seconds just isn’t long enough to make this worth using except for flavor, and I see I’m in a large group with that opinion. What I’m not seeing comment about is the 3 second cast time… Is the tooltip wrong? If Purcy has to stop DPS for 3 seconds to get these out for ten seconds, there’s just no way I’ll ever bother to click that button… :(

  13. Helza says:

    10seconds is short, but still, 5x Call of the Wild would be a nice little burst :)

  14. Dumtie says:

    1 more reason to know it is gonna be a shit ability in arena.
    its the AI of your pets.

    For one if u are in dalaran arena and u are fighting doing ure thing u use ure STAMPEDE and the enemy will simply jump off and now think about how ure pets are gonna walk towards him they walk around to the stairs towards him by the time they get at the target they despawn counts for multiple arena’s.

    So for arena bullshit spell:)

  15. Buggman says:

    No complaints from this hunter at all. I just hope they don’t nerf us. I been playing BM since Dragon Soul Release when all the Surv Hunters laughed at me until I mopped the floor with them and ranked ROFL Good Times Good Times. Here a question for ya. Wheres Kripparrian?