Snake Trap Buff in MoP Beta

Posted: by Frostheim

Zumio has posted a sweet video showing some impressive Snake Trap buffs in the MoP beta (as reported by WHH). Specifically the snakes are now scaling with hunter attack power and stamina. In addition Zumio found that the snakes would only damage the target that triggered the trap (though other poisons were applied to at least one other target in his test).

In the video Zumio’s character has about 147k health and the snakes of the Snake Trap had over 20k health — making them strong enough to avoid being one-shotted by aoe pulses. We don’t know what kind of AP his character had, but at level 85 the snakes were hitting for 500 – 1,000 damage per strike, meaning that they added up for a measurable amount of damage.

This is a substantial departure from Blizzard’s previous stance on Snake Trap. As recently as November 2011 during the class design & balance Q&A we were told: “Snake Trap is intended to be utility, not damage. The damage on it is just there for flavor, really.”

While damage will certainly be increasing across the board in MoP, the new Snake Trap damage has certainly moved beyond simply damage. Whether the actual dps component is enough to make it worthwhile outside of PvP, however, remains to be seen. In his video Zumio also points out that the change of Snake Trap targeting only the person who triggered the trap is also a PvP buff, saving hunters from the issue of dropping a trap only to have them scatter across the arena rather than clustering on the melee that you’re trying to slow.

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  1. Omogon says:

    Zunio posts some great stuff ..his duel guides are awesome……too bad he’s not a Dwarf :D

    may I suggest adding his You Tube channel to the Hunter Links or Other Hunter Sites section

  2. tdf says:

    Wow. I remember the days when 20k health was obtainable only with buffs and procs for a well geared tank. Now our snakes have it?

    • Arth says:

      The first time I pet tanked an instance in Wrath, my pet had 16K health. And 20K was like the benchmark for our tanks to be able to clear Naxx comfortably. So yeah…

  3. Bowmont says:

    Can’t wait to get my invite so I can check all the new stuff out for myself.

  4. Astrolix says:

    It will be nice to consider snake trap as a dps increase potentially with the needed scaling; however I may be mistaken, but I believe we’re getting a glyph similar to a mage’s polymorph glyph removing all DoTs from the target so CC will not break. Glyph of Icy Solace?

  5. Itukaaj says:

    Ironic that this waited as long as it did and that this change only happens after the removal of entrapment. It changes snake trap from a root that granted cc immunity to a serpent sting that must be either walked over or targeted FPS style. One would think that these snakes came out of a plane.

  6. BigSal says:

    This is huge!!!! Now I can drop a snake trap to slow melee without the snakes preventing me from ccing the focus target! thanks Bliz!!! And the increase in health means rogues won’t simply ignore our snakes anymore since they could kill them all in one gloabal before! I’m glad that they’re upgrading our traps so that others think twice before triggering them unlike now that they’re just treated as a tiny annoyance (except freezing trap).

  7. hillbillyhatfield says:

    That is some strong snakes. Especially with 500+damage. I remember when tanks were lucky to have that much, lol. I have a question, when the snakes damage, is the aggro there’s or does it stack to us.

    Ive always liked the snake trap and usually rotate it in on my solo runs. I just like to know when i can rotate this in without over doing it and pulling from my pet..

  8. sheppo says:

    I dunno, hunters are in such an incomplete, halfway house state at the moment it strikes me that this could just be a bug. Even if not, and even with the new trap launcher toggle, i can’t see 500-1000 dmg @ 85 being worth of losing 1GCD for.

    if they are scaling with AP that might make it interesting at lvl 90

  9. Dhevon says:

    I also won’t be making a final decision on this until it hits the live servers. But if I had to make a guess, this ability will stay off my bars since I really don’t pvp on my hunter. It will be interesting to see how it unfolds at the least, though.

  10. Ril says:

    does anyone know if the snakes can trigger the daze effect?
    also, it would be interesting to know what happened to entrapment. is it survival only?

    • Itukaaj says:

      I believe entrapment is being limited to Survival thus negating it for BM and MM. That is why the value of this diminishes. Now, if the trap triggered an animation of a mini version of the engineering copter over the head of the target and dropped snakes on top the target then I would bind it to #1 on my Naga mouse. Otherwise it is giving and taking away. Hence my sense that without entrapment the hunter population is being trolled.

  11. alfavhunter says:

    well, thats a nice change (took them long enough)

    but deadly venom still does not seem to be scaling at all as it still ticked for 75 damage at 5 stack