New Minor Glyph of Aspects

Posted: by Frostheim

One of the most delightful little changes in the latest MoP beta build is the new hunter minor glyph: Glyph of Aspects. I’ve always felt that minor glyphs should really be used to provide cool cosmetic changes, rather than trying to design them to provide a mechanical benefit so tiny that it really doesn’t matter. With Glyph of Aspects we finally have at least one minor glyph that provides that cosmetic change for us:

Glyph of Aspects: Each time you activate a new Aspect, an animal companion representing that Aspect will follow you for 15 sec.

The animal companion that shows up is indeed companion sized — tiny — rather than hunter pet sized, and includes a hawk, a red fox, an orange cat (cheetah) and a white cat (pack). Also amusingly if you switch aspects again before the animal companion has faded away, it dies so the new aspect companion can replace it. Here’s a good video showing the Glyph of Aspects in action:

The MoP hunter glyphs page has been updated to include this new glyph.

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  1. Duveen says:

    I wish that the familiar didn’t die. That seems overly harsh!

  2. Matheus says:

    And what about Aspect of the Wild?

  3. Isvann says:

    I can see it now, the trail of dead animal babies littering the arena floor.

  4. Maddy says:

    Oh my God. Does the aspect critter really have to die? ç__ç

  5. Junebug says:

    There’s also an orange tabby cat for aspect of the cheetah, a little hard to distinguish from the fox if you’re clicking through quickly.

  6. Sofeladese says:

    How does this affect our current companion if we have one out, I wonder?

    • Junebug says:

      I didn’t have a pet out when I used the glyph, but I was able to summon a companion and the glyph pet stayed out. Can’t wait to have a litter of foxes following me around.

  7. Cinterclaus says:

    This is cute and all, but I’m not sure I like it. I mean, instead of emulating the aspect of a wild beast, I’m summoning a tiny little pet? How does that translate into greater prowess in battle?

    “Oh, look, I made an owl-thingy! Clearly, my ranged attacks are now more powerful!” It just doesn’t make sense to me.

    I was picturing having the spirit of a full-sized (or larger) Cheetah show up for a few moments, or something like that, as a representation of the ability I was calling upon. Setting down an orange house-cat (or even a cheetah model of that size) just doesn’t do the same thing IMO. I just don’t see how it’s appropriate to what’s supposed to be going on.

    They are cute, though!

    • Shadda says:

      Some of these may be place-holders? I’m with you: an orange house cat doesn’t seem all that ferocious. When i read the description, I was thinking maybe a small spirit beast, since we have several cat models and an owl.

  8. Moogyver says:

    “But which is the best companion pet? For the DPS? I am so l33t.”

  9. Laura says:

    Doesn’t work with Iron Hawk

  10. Dharion says: