MoP Beta Updates

Posted: by Frostheim

MMO-C has datamined a host of changes in the newest MoP beta patch, including a bunch of changes that we were expecting based on Blizzard comments. Topping the change list is:

  • Black Arrow is back to the current incarnation: 35 focus, instant, 30 second cooldown, no AoE component. Combined with this Serpent Spread is back in the SV arsenal.
  • Concussive Shot is back, and the glyph that added the Concussive Shot effect to Arcane Shot has been removed.
  • Focus cost on many shots have been reduced (similar to having the effect of the no-longer around Efficiency talent). This includes Chimera and Explosive Shot dropping from 50 to 44 focus, and Arcane Shot dropping from 25 to 22 focus.
  • Explosive Trap DoT ticks can once again proc Lock & Load.
  • Growl threat has been increased 11%
  • Call Beast has been renamed Dire Beast (really, just a day after I do the video?)
  • The base damage of many shots has been increased by 12.5%. This includes Wyvern Sting, Chimera Shot, Explosive Shot, Arcane Shot (10%), Explosive Trap, Kill Shot, Steady Shot, Serpent Sting.
  • Aimed Shot now uses 160% of weapon damage, up from 90%. Additional damage increased by 100% (doubled).
  • Powershot was buffed to deal 400% weapon damage to the target plus 100% weapon damage to all other guys in the line of fire (up from 100% / 25%)
  • Go for the Throat: now when your Arcane Shot crits it reduces the focus cost of your pet’s next basic attack by 100%.
  • Glyph of Distracting shot makes your Distracting Shot distract the enemies to your pet, instead of you. This is awesome!

In addition to these ability changes, MMO-C also has datamined set bonuses for the hunter tier 14 sets. I should caution that these are very preliminary. I’m particularly suspicious because last time Blizzard had hunter set bonuses like this (a different set bonus for each spec) they ended up changing it to a single bonus that all specs could benefit from.

  •  Hunter T14 2-piece Your Kill Command deals $1% additional damage, your Chimera Shot deals 15% additional damage, and your Explosive Shot deals 5% additional damage.
  • Hunter T14 4-piece Increases the duration of your Bestial Wrath ability by 6 sec, increases the chance for Black Arrow to trigger Lock and Load by 20%, and increases the ranged attack speed granted by Steady Focus by an additional 10%.

Overall there’s not a lot of big news in these changes. The most significant news is the reintroduction of Concussive Shot along with the removal of the slowing glyph for Arcane Shot. This is a change that is going to make a lot of hunter happy, as the zero-cost slowing shot was far more beneficial than appending the ability to the low-cost Arcane Shot.

The Black Arrow changes are welcome, but we knew they were coming so are not major news. Similarly the slight boost in base damage to many shots is not a very substantial change — remember that they initially nerfed the base damage for low-level balance reasons (and are supposed to boost dps on ranged weapons to compensate — which has not yet happened), and clearly decided they nerfed it a bit too much. For most of those shots the actual scaling isn’t changing (% weapon damage and/or % of RAP) so the impact of a change in the base damage is pretty negligible at high level and is only a big deal at low levels.

I’m happy to see the focus cost being changed to Efficiency levels on several abilities to more closely represent the actual cost we currently have to pay for these main shots. Aimed Shot & Powershot were significantly buffed, and needed it, so that’s a very good move but also expected.

I think the new Glyph of Distracting Shot is fascinating with some interesting implications for ping ponging strategies — actually one of the most interesting changes in this batch to me. It makes me wonder if there’s any range requirement (pet’s range from the hunter). After all, you can have your pet parked 100 yards away at the far end of the room and then distract your target to the pet (keeping in mind that Distracting Shot doesn’t always work on bosses). The duration is likely to wear off before the target reaches the pet, at which point they turn around and head back, which is when the other hunter with the pet on the opposite site of the room hits Distracting Shot…

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  1. Pepprdgefarm says:

    So glad they put concussive shot back in there. That one ability alone has helped me in PVP more than anything else.

  2. Duveen says:

    In looking at the WoWHead list of new items from this patch, increased Agility and Stamina are still not being added to our ranged weapons. Moreover, I’m not seeing this lost itemization from our melee weapon slot being made up in other equipment. Everyone keeps saying that this will be taken care of, but the proof doesn’t seem to be in the pudding.

    Happy about the other changes, however.

    • Avoth says:

      i think you misunderstand or maybe i misunderstood your post(it seems to me that you are complaining about two things that are actually the same thing.). In MoP every class is losing the ranged/relic/wand slot. this means that wands become one-handers and bows/crossbows/guns become two-handers. the problem in beta at the moment is that although the ranged slot is gone bows crossbows and guns still have the ranged slot stat budget instead of the two-hander stat budget they should have now.

      • Avoth says:

        having read further down i see what you meant. the dps of the ranged weapons have changed but the stats(agility/hit/crit/etc) have not.

    • Duveen says:

      Your second post is correct, Avoth. We’ve always used our melee weapons as stat-sticks, with ranged having a far lower stat budget in spite of the fact that is where our damage was done. That has been fine heretofore. Not ideal, but fine. With the loss of melee weapons, we are losing those stats and haven’t had an avenue to get them back. However, there was a blue post on this that I’m printing below from MMO-C. This confirms that our ranged weapons will be getting the stat budget of a 2-hand melee, but not combined with the stats on our former ranged weapons. The stat budget will be in place of the ranged stat budget, which is correct and evens us with all other classes. I just hope that it comes soon, so that there is a lot of beta time available to test hunter dps both across specs and in relation to other classes. I’d prefer not to be tinkered with too much after 5.0 goes live. :-)


      Ranged Weapons in MoP
      There are two issues here getting muddled together:

      Ranged weapons will have the stat budgets of two-handed weapons. You can treat them as two-handed weapons in most respects. That work hasn’t been done yet.

      Ranged weapons are not going to be compensated for the loss of stats from no longer having a melee weapon equipped simultaneously. This is because all ranged-weapon slot type things have gone away, so everyone is affected evenly. However, we also want your damage when you log in for the first time to be about the same as it is now, so overall your damage will be compensated in a sense.

  3. คาสิโนออนไลน์ says:


  4. Fawatam says:

    It appears there was a bug in the data-mining process and MMO-C has updated the list of changes.

    The big difference I noticed was that Kill Command appears to be the only ability to receive the 12.5% damage buff.

    I tested out the Glyph of Distracting Shot during one of my 2 min windows between the client crashing to the desktop, and it works beautifully. Even with Growl turned off, most mobs died before I could even pull agro back off my pet. Pretty cool! Kind of works like a second and more immediate Mis-Direct.

  5. calum says:

    so glad that we get concussive shot back :D

  6. Oricc says:

    I don’t see where it says concussive shot got put back in, are we sure it’s there?

  7. Dis says:

    An interesting flavor detail added to the Dire Beast talent they discovered over at petopia is that the beast called seems to be dependent on the zone/area you are in (ie only beasts found in the area seem to be called). Obviously not something that will sway your decision on taking the talent or not but pretty cool none the less

  8. BigSal says:

    Now let’s hope Blizzard changes the way we get our healing. Having to disenage to heal is a big waste of cooldown in PVP. Example: DK deathgrips you at the beginning of the fight and you disengage to get away. Now you wasted the heal from that disengage since you were at %100 health when he gripped you. It’s like if a mage could only use evocation right after a blink.

    • Alex says:

      hmm, you may consider stay for a while and change some zero range love with the DK (such as an Aimedshot) and Diengage after you loose 15% health, why so much hurry. PvP will change for hunters with this expansion, but its all for the better. dont forget you now have options at zero range as well.

      • tee says:

        Bad hunters will exchange some love with DKs at zero range while they /rofl all the way to full health.

  9. Anonymous says:

    You mean “Explosive trap” ticks instead of “Explosive Shot” ticks can proc Lock & Load right?

  10. KahliTorah says:

    I haven’t seen anything about this, But has anyone else noticed that when you open with a cast time shot, Your autoshot is turned on? This could be a problem for people who like the break camo with a SS/CS/AS. Since the autoshot hits your target (effectively breaking camo) long before your cast finishes. =/ I havent’ had a chance to test this on an 85. Just something I observed while leveling a baby panda. Just to be sure I went on live, and found the autoshot only triggers after the cast completes.

    • Thornagol says:

      If I remember correctly, that is the way that Aimed shot works now, but not in-terms of the focus generating shots (Cobra Shot and Steady Shot). Autoshot should still be firing through those casts. AiS is the only exception.

  11. Bellfour says:

    Does the change to Rapid Recuperation now mean that MM won’t be the leveling spec of choice or handy for endless focus and multi shot spam?

  12. Chrth says:

    “and are supposed to boost dps on ranged weapons to compensate — which has not yet happened”

    Actually, they have: the weapon damage for the ranged weapons matches an equal ilvl 2H, and they’ve both been boosted. What they haven’t done yet (as Duveen mentions above) is buff the stat budget to be equivalent.

  13. Cloudbuster says:

    Now, it would be great if the Widow Venom effect was rolled into Arcane Shot and Widow Venom was removed.

    • It would take away the extra keybind, and that would be what I would like about that kind of change best.

      The current iteration seems to be balanced against other MS, which are available only to a particular spec. Having it available to all Hunter specs is offset by it’s lack of damage. It’s still useful, though, and I often spend a full bar of focus on it and Tranq in order to prep a target for burst DPS.

  14. Ziggen says:

    The cast time of Power Shot is increased aswell, from 1.5 sec to 3 sec. Should make it a AoE ability only, shouldn’t it?

    • Dis says:

      I believe that is the point. Our lvl 90 talent tier seems to be aimed around making our AOE rotation a little more interesting and if that’s the case Bliz won’t put an ability in there that would be used in our non AOE rotation.

  15. Ril says:

    the distracting shot glyph is pure awesome! this opens up possibilities way further than soloing. imagine a fight with many adds or where stuff has to be taunted off healers quickly.

    you forgot to mention that power shot has a longer cast time now. 3s seems a little long and clumsy, it has to be well worth ist. i’d prefer nothing longer than 2s, and hopefully this will be castable while camo’d for extra pvp fun.

    i really hope that the t13 bonus makes it into MoP, or at least some way of easing focus issues. it didn’t do overwhelmingly much to our dps, but a lot to convenience and flow.

    other than that, i’d love to have a choice between both options: either conc shot or the arcane shot glyph which would make conc shot unavailable. both have their uses. i do both pvp and pve as a BM and would probably use the glyph and therefore lose conc shot. BMs tend to spam as and have less focus issues than MMs. on the other hand, i’d prefer an extra glyph for something better in pve, but a ranged slow is absoultely necessary.

  16. Alex says:

    lol, when I saw the glyph of Steady Shot and former Arcane Shot glyph gone my heart stopped for a second. I thought hunter PvP went bust this expansion as well as kiting was no longer possible for hunters. Then I saw Concussive Shot back in, what a relief, lol.
    Yet, I still have one last amendment to make to hunter PvP abilities: I dont like the way Glyph of Icy Solace is working. How is supposed to perform a shadow priest hunter team, or warlock hunter when every trap dispels dots. Why cant we have our trap work the same way Mages work. Not to break on damage. well maybe this is too much, but please Blizz, make it not to break on DoT damage at least, only on direct damage.
    With this change and considering other classes dont get some unthinkable uber abilities, hunters will rule in PvP in the next expansion.

    p.s. I am thinking that now Marksman should be called Survival now because they are almost their own healers with chimera shot + glyph, and readiness(for PvE I doubt any other spec will go for Readiness over Thrill of the Hunt) which add to Disengage heal all specs get. SV is the poorest surviving spec of all now. Even Hunter vs. Wild is gone now I think. Well, still overall hunter survivability is greatly increased, which is nice.

    • Onom says:

      There seem to be alot of changes! I expect we will see more as the beta progresses. As much as I enjoy PVP I do see the first set of talents as a waste. Hunters had a flat tire in respect to repairs and it seems that blizzard had chosen to try to redesign the car. I am hoping in the end we will see very little change for hunters. Not a fan of no range or expertise, its a ranged class it should be played like one, not a melee class with a gun.

  17. datgrl says:

    With this change, Distracting Shot operates like Misdirect. As it is, Misdirect no longer functions on my pet. It appears to only work on party members, according to the posters in the Beta forums. I’m not sure I see the benefit in this. It’s like they just swapped the functions. They could’ve kept Misdirect as is, and changed Distracting to be a targeted function. As nice as Misdirect might be in party/group situations, I need something that works for soloing.

  18. Ackatur says:

    That WArning I get when I try to enter I Suppose you should let the guys know, Frost.
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    Google has found malicious software may be installed onto your computer if you proceed. If you’ve visited this site in the past or you trust this site, it’s possible that it has just recently been compromised by a hacker. You should not proceed, and perhaps try again tomorrow or go somewhere else.

  19. Ryojii says:

    extremely happy about concussive shot, and black arrow, AND explosive trap! but, has anyone heard anything on Imp SS? If it’s gone, Serpent Spread wont be as good as it is now.

  20. Taeliana says:

    Frost, I’ve noticed that currently on the Beta Black Arrow has an 18 second CD with a 20 second duration, giving SV hunters the ability to have it up 100% of the time. Any word as to whether this is bugged or whether its something planned?

  21. cb says:

    we already have misdirect. distracting shot is redundant and also actually takes away an ability. for example, on the saurfang fight DS was key to ping ponging blood beasts between players.

  22. Lev says:

    MM is currently OP as hell, 172k AiS Crits np.