Today at WoW Insider, I cover Ghostcrawler’s comments about the plan for pet talents in Mists of Pandaria. I go a bit more in depth about why it’s a good thing that the current system is going away, but mostly the same stuff posted here earlier. I’m on the road at the moment and posted this from the past. If I manage any free time and internet connection I’ll try to get something else posted for today, since this is mostly a retread of ground already covered here.

Thus far in the Mists of Pandaria beta we’ve seen and heard tons of sweet news about the hunter class, but we’ve had very little news about the second most important class in the game: hunter pets.

Historically development around new and awesome hunter pets stuff tends to happen later in the beta process, but Lead Systems Designer Ghostcrawler has made an appearance on the forums to let us know what the plan is with our beloved companions. As he suggested at Blizzcon, we will be able to take any hunter pet we want and choose whether to make it ferocity, cunning, or tenacity. So you can have DPS turtles and tanking kitties.

But in addition to confirmation of this awesome news is a plan that many hunters are far less thrilled about: no more pet talents at all. Here’s what Ghostcrawler had to say about pet talents going the way of the manhood of the elven races. … Read More.

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  1. Bowmont says:

    Frost the one thing I do want to know is are there still enough options to make a soloing tank pet? I have 3 set talent sets I use for each of the 3 specs, but my turtle has the slightly different spec talents for extreme soloing.

  2. Omogon says:

    My turtle tank is set up differently than my soloing bear. Of course I’m a grumpy old Dwarf who still has a stack of shatter rounds in the bank for old time’s sake and miss having to feed my pet so that he didn’t get pissed and run away…….and I mean FEED with the correct type of food so he would be happy and do more damge…….not just throw a heal on him now and then

    • Arth says:

      Yuck. I hated pet happiness. I was standing around one time and left my computer, forgetting I was logged in. When I got back, my pet had run away. I don’t mind the little things, but keeping him “happy” seemed like needless micromanagement to me.

      But to each hunter his own. I realize not all enjoyed that change.

    • hillbillyhatfield says:

      I keep a stack of shot too. And always keep 1 in my pack, beside my h.stone. Just for luck.

  3. Bonamassa says:

    I guess I don’t understand everything what’s going on, but I’m pretty pissed that it seems to be Blizzard’s goal to make this game playable for 3-year olds.
    I’m not a good hunter, I try to do best in the time and possiblities I have. That does mean (amongst others) that a game where you need skill and talent to achieve something is better than a game every daipershitting kid can play. They have their own games. Making decisions and divides players in good and bad players. By taking decisions away they might make every character lvl90 automaticly and give it ilvl1000 gear. Without having to quest or raid. With 150 pets and 125 mounts.
    Yes, I want to take care of my pet by feeding and healing it, I want to make decisions myself (although they may be easy to make) how to spend my talentpoints, I want the possibility to choose myself wether or not I solo dungeons.
    Rant rant rant. Sorry.

    • Arth says:

      I think your perspective is interesting, because I have almost the opposite view.

      Currently, our specs are “set it and forget it” with cookie-cutter specs that anyone can find with a google search. Probably 95% of what separates players in raids has absolutely nothing to do with spec choice. And about 99% of soloing has nothing to do with spec, but personal strategy and skill with our hunter toolbox, movement management, etc. That’s a very real definition of “having no decisions.”

      It’s true that some previously spec-specific talents are for all specs now, but Blizzard is going out of its way to make the few choices we’ll have in specs more meaningful and diversified.

      I get vexed by players who complain about spec decisions, because I’ve never seen someone’s enjoyment of the game be based off of their spec choices. They find what works for them, then enjoy the experience of whatever it is they do (questing, leveling, raiding, soloing, etc.)

      Besides, the day a facerolling kid with similar gear and the correct spec beats me on the charts is the day I hang up my bow. Nothing will ever truly trump raid awareness, and efficient management of movement, focus, and shots. You’re safe from toddlers stealing your raid slot. ;-)

      • sheppo says:

        I agree with you Arth.. especially when it comes to pet talents. There were very little choices there that added anything to gameplay, and thusly there was only one way to spec different pet specialisations.

        Now, I’m kinda in the school of thought that says choice is better than no choice also.. So i think getting rid of talents is generally a bad thing, compared to simply making the talent trees (choices) better.

        But as they are right now in 4.3, the talents are all but meaningless.

  4. hillbillyhatfield says:

    I’m just afraid of all this will kill the xtreme solo aspect. Unless some hardcore abilities sneak in, I dont see soloing lasting. Ofcourse its all doomsday thinking because it’s bata and it changes daily. But I love soloing, or hunter only groups. We ran on a few weeks ago in heroic deadmines where only one pet(1pet/hunter, and 4 nopet/hunters) was used. It was fun.

    We were talking about this. If bliz would ever make a server where they only kept a certain xpac. Like one server would be only as vanilla, another would be vanilla and BC, another everything from LK down. Would people play on them. I think I would almost quit the realm Im on now and just play BC. Back with feeding and pet training was a every day thing. flying would be missed, but who cares my pet’s attention would be worth it.

    • Frostheim says:

      I’m not too concerned about extreme soloing right now — currently MoP is giving us massive amounts of self-healing, which makes far more things soloable than ever before. Hunter pets seem to be getting all the must-haves (assuming tenacity gets crit immunity) and the things we’re losing are more than made up for by the self-heal gains — at this point things are looking bright, but we’ll have to see exactly how the abilities settle out.

  5. Dharion says:

    I still have a stack of arrows, some sporeling snacks (which pets used to love…) and screenshot of my wolf with the little green happy face next to his picture. I miss him being my Best Friend.

  6. sheppo says:

    Currently, hunters in the beta are leaving me with an overwhelming sense of MEH. Stampede is cool. No minimum range is cool. Everything else is seriously lackluster. The talent trees, from a raiding PvE front, are almost entirely boring.

    – lvl 15 – existing talents. I’ll take a heal or posthaste.
    – lvl 30 – can now pick CC from a different specialization, that I’ve not had to use for the entirety of cataclysm. They promised we’d have to CC in cataclysm, but aside form the first two weeks of the expansion, we’ve not had to.
    – lvl 45 – another disengage talent. the heals / dmg reduction are nice buffs, but it’s to make up for removing our existing melee dmg reduction
    – lvl 60 – existing talents.
    – lvl 75 – crows is nice, especially the CD reset below 20%, the others are woefully underpowered, and will never be used if not changed later in the beta.
    – lvl 90 – location based / AoE. Uninspiring bottom row talents compared to 4.3. Nothing here screams AMAZING.

    so, class, specialisation, glyphs and talents are all pretty MEH, and then the news about pets.

    Granted, I felt this way about hunters when 4.0 hit and we lost mana, but that all changed, so I’m sure my views on this will change as the beta progresses and things get more balanced. But right now, hunters are looking pretty crappy compared to practically every other class.

  7. Joolsy says:

    “…going the way of Elven manhood…”

    Seriously Frost, I’ve been coming here for a looong time, I treasure your sage words of wisdom and respect you as a man (half a man, whatever..).

    But Enough!

    NElf Hunter & Proud!

  8. Wisent says:

    I’ve been checking out the 3 different pet specs. All pets specs seem to have the same armor and still have their special abilities which will change since 5% crit of wolves is now a base hunter buff.

    Ferocity has:
    * Spiked collar (10% damage done, haste and crit)
    * Rabid (50% AP for 20 secs, 1.4 min cooldown)
    * Dash
    * Heart of phoenix

    Tenacity has:
    * Greater Stamina (12%)
    * Blood of the Rhino (40% extra healing, 20% extra armor and 6% crit immunity)
    * Charge
    * Thunderstomp
    * Last Stand

    Cunning has:
    * Cornered
    * Bull Headed
    * Roar of sacrifice
    * Dash
    * Boars speed

    All pets also have a standard dps abilitie and things like cower and growl (which should also taunt according to the tooltip.

    There are still bugs though. Tenacity pets don’t yet seem to have the extra armor or stamina.