Hunter AoE in Mists of Pandaria

Posted: by Frostheim

Today at WoW Insider, a discussion of hunter AoE in MoP:

Not to go all Grandpappy Frostheim on you guys, but wow, has hunter AoE evolved a lot since vanilla days! Back then we had in theory a few AoE abilities, but in practice, we had none. Explosive Trap did poor damage, couldn’t be launched, and couldn’t be dropped while in combat. Multi-Shot hit three targets and was on a cooldown (and was a core part of our single-target rotation). We also had Volley, which did incredibly crummy damage, couldn’t crit, and was on a long cooldown.

By Wrath, volley was a monster of massive AoE DPS on no cooldown, but all we did in AoE situations was push the one button and sit back and watch the numbers tick. While this was great for DPS, it was also fairly dull and meant that there was no skill component to AoE DPS. The worst players could manage to click Volley and watch as well as the best. So Blizzard decided to make our AoE a bit more engaging in Cataclysm and turned it into what we know now.

In Mists of Pandaria, Blizzard is once again turning up the knob on our AoE, giving us more AoE abilities than ever before. In Mists there will be a very real skill component to hunter AoE. … Read More.

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  1. Everyone says:

    Lynx Rush as a pretty decent BM AoE, Frost?

    Bestial Wrath+Beast Cleave+Lynx Rush

    • Ril says:

      well, it does as much damage on single target as on aoe. therefore it’s no real aoe ability, but it is a decent skill that allows to split damage among low health enemies.

      • Everyone says:

        Well, yes and no?

        Lynx Rush popped, does as much damage on single-target as it does on AoE because your pet won’t attack any more times than it would single target, it just spreads them out over multiple targets? But, it attacks more times than it would without Lynx Rush regardless.

        This means that Lynch Rush does more dmg singletarget than if you don’t pop it at all. So basically all Lynx Rush boils down to is more normal attacks over the duration of the ability, so if Beast Cleave is up on top of it, it would mean more cleaved attacks than normal = more AoE dmg than with Beast Cleave on it’s own..?
        Making this a bursty AoE choice..

        Am I completely missing it here?

      • sheppo says:

        Lynx Rush does the worst DPS of all three lvl 75 tier abilities, and it’s AoE-effectiveness is pretty bad, and seems very very random. Sometimes it’ll pick multiple targets, sometimes it wont.. additionally, it appears to be based on where the pet is, rather than where you would want it.

        e.g. picking a different target wont actually mean it’ll lynx rush to that target to DPS, or to base it’s ‘AoE’ dmg.

        Based on last week’s build, i did some log parses of all three 75 tier abilities, which you can see over on youtube – – jumps straight to the results, but basically, it goes Crows, Rush, Lynx… with Crows doing WAY more dmg than the other two – albeit with no AoE aspect (just to stay on topic)

  2. John says:

    Just thinking out loud. If you use glaive toss then disengage past more enemies before the return, can you affect more?

    • sheppo says:

      In theory that would work. we can’t get to try GT yet, because we can’t max level, so there’s a lot of stuff there we can’t test. Assuming GT is slow enough for us to change out position before it comes back, factoring in the fact we’ve not actually moved on the server until our Disengage has landed.

  3. Bu says:


    Hunter (Forums)
    Hunter Pet Skills
    Since the system is currently a little hard to ascertain in beta, I’ll try and summarize the basics. Hopefully we’ll have this working in a build or two.

    Every pet has 3 specs: Ferocity, Tenacity and Cunning. These work much like class specs, with a similar UI.
    Pets come with the spec you’d expect (Ferocity for kitties) but you can change it. If you want a tanking cat or a DPS crab, you can. If you have a favorite pet, you can just always use that one and swap the spec around.
    I hope to see A LOT of DPS crabs.
    Each spec comes with 2-3 active and 2-3 passive abilities. We took a careful look at what pet talents most hunters were taking and tried to take the best of those. Things like Roar of Sacrifice, Last Stand and Heart of the Phoenix made the cut.
    We didn’t think we were getting a ton of gameplay out of the pet talents on live — players interacted with them even less than the class talents — and we didn’t think pets needed the full tiered system like the Mists talent implementation, so we decided the best way to offer pet customization is to let hunters choose their pet mostly because of how it looks (and its one special ability) and not from its role.

    (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)

    Frost, would like to see what do you think ’bout it.
    IMO it look sucks:O( Blizz will kill hunter’s philosophy of taming and choosing pets.
    One pet to fit all needs… Duh!

  4. Scathatch says:

    The way I member AoE was vannilla we sucked begining of BC we had none, end of BC we had GOD VOLLEY which was removed before the end of Naxx in wrath….on this note they didnt nerf the spell they just killed it and hunters every where wept as they no longer could make arrows rain from the heavens with their combat shotguns….personaly I’d be like to see multishot of the newb go away for powerfull channeled AoE like volley.

  5. Scathatch says:

    omg more hunter dreams of yonder year and a wishing of a FD remodel. Back in vanilla FD removed you from combat you were free to eat and drink and drink and drink cause we had mana and no viper day dreams of the past aside. I have always felt FD should make you on targetable and immune to direct damage. This would be similar to ice block of the mage with the exception aoe should break the hunter out of his FD. Further more when you FD you’d just sit their like a lump till a set time not just drop all your vitals so you look dead in 1 sec to jump up and dance the next. This would balance the hunters survivability with other classes.