Warlords of Draenor Hunter Glyphs

Posted: by Artemishowl

This is a complete list of the hunter glyphs available in Warlords of Draenor.

One major change to highlight before listing all of the glyphs: Some glyphs no longer interact with each other, meaning you can’t use Glyph of Liberation and Glyph of Disengage at the same time anymore. The guide will be broken into categories as to what glyphs can’t interact with each other, and what glyphs are just neutral overall. Neutral glyphs mean there is no conflict with the glyph’s interaction with another glyph. It’s a weird change, but here you all go none-the-less!

Major WoD Hunter Glyphs

Neutral Glyphs

Freezing Trap

  • Glyph of Solace – Your Freezing Trap also removes all damage over time effects from its target.
  • Glyph of No Escape – Increases the ranged critical strike chance of all of your attacks on targets affected by your Freezing Trap by 100%.
  • Glyph of Freezing Trap – When your Freezing Trap breaks, the victim’s movement speed is reduced by 70% for 4 sec.

Ice Trap

  • Glyph of Snake Trap – Your Ice Trap is replaced with Snake Trap. Venomous snakes released by the trap will poison nearby enemies with a Crippling Poison that reduces movement speed by 50% for 12 sec.
  • Glyph of Black Ice – While you move through the area affected by your Ice Trap you gain 50% movement speed. (Learned at level 50)
  • Glyph of Ice Trap – Increases the radius of the effect from your Ice Trap by 2 yards.

Pet Revival




  • Glyph of Enduring Deceit – Camouflage also reduces spell damage taken by 10%.
  • Glyph of Camouflage – Your Camouflage ability now provides stealth even while moving, but your movement speed while Camouflage is active is reduced by 50%.


  • Glyph of Pathfinding – Increases the speed bonus of your Aspect of the Cheetah and Aspect of the Pack by 8%, and increases your speed while mounted by 10%. The mounted movement speed increase does not stack with other effects. (Learned at 25)
  • Glyph of Lean Pack – Reduces the radius of Aspect of the Pack by 33 yards.

Pet Mending

  • Glyph of Mending –  Your Mend Pet now heals every 1 sec, and heals for an additional 25% of your pet’s health over its duration.  (Learned at 50)
  • Glyph of Mend Pet – Gives your Mend Pet ability a 100% chance of cleansing 1 Curse, Disease, Magic or Poison effect from your pet each tick.


Minor WoD Hunter Glyphs

With Warlords, comes removal of some glyphs, but some additions to the roster. Some new glyphs that I’m eager to use will be the minor glyphs, such as “Play Dead”. Nothing helps with recovery from a wipe or really fooling your enemy in PvP by having yourself AND your pet feign death at the same time. Quick Revival will be trivial for soloing, as you can anticipate when you’re pet is going to die, therefore you can pool the 80 focus, back away from the boss, revive your pet and go back to your soloing duties! Some glyphs also were modified, for example, Glyph of Snake Trap will now turn your frost trap into snake trap, instead of it’s original ability where it took less damage from AoE attacks.

There’s still a nice variation of choices for hunters. I’m a little shocked a few minor glyphs are gone, such as “Glyph of Direction”, as this was always fun in our all hunter gatherings to turn our misdirected target into a giant beast. Most other glyphs were taken out when the ability was pruned, as you no longer see any glyphs pertaining to abilities such as Scatter Shot or Hunter’s Mark. Rest in peace, former iconic hunter abilities, rest in peace.

Lots to anticipate for with Warlords. I don’t think at 100 Animal Bond will be mandatory if you’re a hunter that plays MM/Survival and play with Lone Wolf. You can therefore choose another talent to improve your survivability (so long as they don’t intersect with each other).


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    • Disregard Glyph of the Predator, it looks like its a druid glyph.

    • Looks like two of my comments got marked as spam ;) serves me right for just posting the links with minimal text. The above comment has lost it’s context because of it.

      The MMO Champion database also has Glyph of No Escape, Glyph of Pathfinding and Glyph of Mirrored Blades listed in it.

      Looks like a couple of people also are listing Glyph of the Predator as a Hunter glyph, but the database identifies it as a druid glyph… phew! It’s a buff to druids, not a nerf to us!

  1. Isvann says:

    Those glyphs seem to be the answer to things we’ve been wanting for years. Glyph of Camouflage seems like a dream come true. As well as the damage protection for our freezing trap. No more warlocks breaking my cc!

  2. Arth says:

    Only one I see missing that bothers me is the old Mend Pet, which increased our heals significantly. More a blow to soloing than tanking, but still. Other than that, this all seems like good news.

    • The MMO Champion database has mend pet in it, so it looks like we keep it!

      • Arth says:

        Good to know (along with your comment below). I think a TON of issues are being addressed here, and I don’t see anything big that they’re missing.

    • Fawatam says:

      It’s likely they will just bake the glyph into the spell. At this point in the numbers crunch, it’s pretty much mandatory.

      • Looks like there’s two glyphs now, one for Glyph of Mending, and one for Glyph of Mend Pet. Mending one is the old one that increases the total amount of healing done by your Mend Pet ability by 60%, and that is still in the database, so we will probably see it in MOP.

  3. Tibbelkrunk says:

    On the topic of making BM hunters happy, Kill Command will have a 25 yd range.



  4. Tsunai says:

    As a BM hunter I find myself falling in love with some of these from the first glance at lest.
    If our tenacity pets do not lose blood of the Rhino, Animal Bond will make pet tanking significantly more viable.
    Endless Wrath makes me smile smile smile, especially since it means I can put a little less worry for survivability abilities on my Ferocity pets.
    Glyph of Camoflage is awesome, even with the 1 minute last time it is a wonderful thing to sneak up on a rogue if you get good at it :P
    Glyph of Steady Shot gives BM a reason to tap 1 cobra and 1 steady when soloing/pvping to slow the target down.
    Beast Cleave almost made me do something horribly inappropriate because it turns everything into an occasional Bear as it was back in WOTH, which in my opinion was the ultimate non exotic tank. Adding Misdirection and you get an AOE spam attack (with BW) that makes your pet generate huge threat by aoeing with its attacks itself.

    Definatly very very pleased with this so far :D

  5. Vengeance says:

    “Glyph of Marked for Death – Your Arcane Shot, Chimera Shot, Kill Command, and Explosive Shot abilities automatically apply Hunter’s Mark”

    I’m not a fan of the fact that this will be a mandatory glyph since the new version of HM only last’s 30 seconds.

  6. Dis says:

    Big changes to me are Hunter’s Mark being a 10% damage boost and AotH becoming 10% AP so no more scaling issues as we progress through the expansion

    at least according to MMO-C

  7. Methuus says:

    I’m really liking these new glyphs. But one thing I’d like to see is some cosmetic/fun hunter glyphs. Other classes have some of these, but our glyphs seem to be all utilitarian.

  8. Fawatam says:

    HUGE HUGE Fix to Kill Command. Thank you!

    Glyph of Tame Beast is sort of interesting. Would have made taming a few of the Firelands pets a bit easier.

    Camo glyph is ok I guess. But if you insist on the 50% movement penalty, increase the duration of Camo to indefinite. Why do I have to reclick on the ability every 60 seconds?

    Marked for Death will be mandatory, but that’s fine, it will still make things easier. And I love they added Explosive shot and Kill Command to the mix.

    Icy Solace is something we’ve been asking for a while. Nice to see it in.

    Explosive Trap is one I don’t really understand. Why drop an aoe, then knock the enemy immediately out of it? Immolation Trap would make more sense. Or am I missing something?

    Endless Wrath is cool I guess, but how often do our pets die during BW anyways? Maybe that’s more of a pvp thing.

    Beast Cleave fixes the problem of BM’s lack of AoE.

    The rest, well I don’t have much interest in. All in all, while a few of them are in the right direction, a lot of these are just boring. I was hoping for fun, flavor glyphs. Mages get to polly Critters for 24 hours! Let us tame Multiple Critters. Sure they may do junk damage, but how cool would it be to have an army of rats following you around town? Glyphs that change the looks of our pets, or that allow our exotics to be used in specs other than BM. Glyphs that let us mount our pets. Let’s have some fun with this!

    /qq about not being in the beta yet.\

    • I can see the Glyph of Endless Wrath having some good situational usage in pet tanking… On Chimeron (for example) you could stack Hunters with indestructible pets for enrage, buying a few precious seconds each. Just pop big red pet and MD. With readiness and heart of the phoenix (assuming that doesn’t go away) you could buy a significant chunk of time.

    • Matheus says:

      “Explosive Trap is one I don’t really understand. Why drop an aoe, then knock the enemy immediately out of it? Immolation Trap would make more sense. Or am I missing something?”

      I’tll be useful to get those damn melees away from you. You let an Explosive Trap on your feet, put your glasses, and just see the rogues flying back!

    • Pen says:

      The explosive trap glyph is for PvP. For PvE it’s the last thing you’d want to glyph, but in PvP explosive trap simply isn’t used due to the low dmg and clunky way to deliver that dmg. Add a knockback though, and it have the potential to be one of our best tools in PvP if it goes through with a decent strength on the actual knockback.
      If it’s strong enough, you could punt people of the bridge on Blade’s Edge arena, or punt people hiding behind the boxes in Dalaran down to the bottom floor. Stuff like that can easily win matches for you.

      In BGs, imagine chugging one of these into the enemy flag zerg in Eye of the Storm, or use it to punt people off the cliff at LM in AB.

      Positioning is so important in PvP, and a ranged knockback would be completely unique to the hunter and have loads of really cool uses in PvP.

      • Lumberg says:

        It’s a little early to declare something useless in pve. The explosive trap glyph would have been awesome on Ragnaros for example.
        I hope the proliferation of stuns, snares, roots, self-heals, knockbacks, etc. will have a big impact on pve design. The last thing I want to see is more raids like Dragon Soul, where your fun abilities rot on your bars because the encounters are so static and boring.

      • Scathatch says:

        I’m loving this plan; rogue trys to ninja cap my lumber mill and finds himself dead or near death from my explosive trap knocking him off the cliff to the road muhhahaha perfection:)

  9. Dis says:

    Also, this is listed on wowhead as a hunter glyph:
    Glyph of Expel Harm: Your Expel Harm can now be cast on any friendly target.

    is Expel Harm (http://mop.wowhead.com/spell=115072) a new hunter ability or is it just an error and it is for another class? Could we really be getting a heal?

  10. Beergasm says:

    Glyph of Marked for Death….awesome. I hate manually applying Hunter’s Mark and I’ve never been one for macros, so this is a must have for me.

  11. Verg says:

    Off to an awesome start! Definitely looking forward to swapping glyphs more often – looks like a lot more flexibility in them now. Depending on the exact boss I’m raiding or soloing there might be 3-5 combinations to try out.

    Explosive Trap gives us a ranged knockback – swapping it to utility rather than dps.
    Steady Shot simplifies anti-melee PvP… turn to your enemy and slow after cast.

    … and no more minimum range!!!! (waiting for my invite to enjoy this)

  12. Kirk says:

    What’s this crap called ‘Glyph of Camouflage’? Stealth while moving? It does that now! I don’t want to hear they’ll be taking away the camo while moving with MoP unless I use this glyph.

    • I thought people could see your outline while moving, but you were only properly stealthed while standing still?

    • Vengeance says:

      Technically on the live realms you are only in stealth while not moving. If you move while in camo everyone can see you but you are unable to be targeted by ranged attacks.

    • Ðynamic says:

      Camo does not provide stealth unless you’re standing still. When you move with camo activated, other players will be able to see you. I assume this glyph will allow you to remain in stealth (as if you weren’t moving) while moving.

    • Tsunai says:

      It doesn’t “stealth” while moving, only when stationary, it reduces detection while movement but players can still see you as that odd semi-translucent form. This will give us full stealth as the rogue/feral druid have

      • Kirk says:

        You guys are talking PvP. In PvE, camo is full stealth both stationary and moving. If they mess with my ability to sneak in and trap mobs for trash pack pulls, I’m going to be very unhappy.

      • Frostheim says:

        No, Camouflage does not provide stealth when moving currently. It does provide a reduce aggro radius, which is what you’re experiencing when sneaking past people — but stealth actually makes it so your enemies can’t see you, which camo does not…. yet.

      • Kirk says:

        I don’t care what you call it, as far as sneaking past computer controlled mobs in PvE situations, its stealth.

    • Rijults says:

      Not sure if trolling or srs but, you are only invisible if you are still, camo just makes you unable to be targeted by range abilities

  13. Pen says:

    Glyph of Aimed Shot – Useless, even with camo usable in combat it’s way way to situational.
    Glyph of Animal Bond – Potentially very useful for, well, almost everything.
    Glyph of Aspect of the Cheetah – To harsh penalty, not being able to change to fox after it’s broken makes it too situational for PvP.
    Glyph of Camouflage – Sounds nice on paper, but I have trouble seeing it being very useful except at the start of a fight. If you use camo midfight the -50% runspeed will make it very very easy for anyone to simply knock you out of it with an aoe, since they will know kinda where you are even if they can’t see you.
    Glyph of Chimera Shot – Nice. Depending on what slots it competes with it could be very useful.
    Glyph of Disengage – More distance is always nice, both in PvE and PvP.
    Glyph of Endless Wrath – Pets seldom get killed while in BW from my experience, lackluster.
    Glyph of Explosive Trap – Potentially one of the biggest PvP buffs I’ve seen so far. Opens up a ton of possibilities with chugging this one behind pillars and boxes, forcing enemies into LoS or knocking them down on z-axis maps. Surprised no one seems to be even noticing this one.
    Glyph of Icy Solace – I don’t see this being much use unless they make scatter not break on damage.
    Glyph of Marked for Death – Boring, but might up being mandatory if HM only last 30 sec.
    Glyph of Mend Pet – Situational for everyone but BM PvPers (for which it will be mandatory)
    Glyph of Steady Shot – Unoriginal and dull, and what’s with all the really situational slowing stuff? We already have concussive shot!
    Glyph of Tame Beast – Will be the most situational glyph in the game?
    Glyph of Tranquilizing Shot – Depends entierly on the new dispel mechanics, and if our focus model stays the same.

  14. Thornagol says:

    Is it just me or does it look like they are making MM the PvP spec. Aimed shot and steady shot slows targets, increasing Chimera Shot heal…it seems that there is some PvE utility but I think the focus will still be PvP.

  15. cabudeanie says:

    I would like to see a glyph where you can use your pet to attack a target without the fear of giving them a free heal or other benefits. So while kiting them around you can actually use your pet for damage.
    This would make BM a lot more viable in PVP and possibly with the other BM improvements a challenge to MM position as the best PVP spec.

    Glyph of endless wrath is for pet tanking. I cannot remember the last time someone kill my pet in pvp, hit a few time for heals but never tried to kill it(unless I’ve swapped a pet and it spawn with no health in AOE and dies instantly).

    But there are a lot of good choices here and that’s always good.

  16. Skarn says:

    After a long download last night and getting disconnected a half dozen times, I was finally able to log into the beta this morning! I was only in for a couple minutes before I had to take off for work, but here is the exciting hunter-specific stuff I was able to learn in that brief time:

    Multi-Shot has a new icon!

    Yeah, that’s all I got so far. The icon is a silver, serrated arrowhead. I’ve seen it somewhere before, but I’m not sure where. Possibly it was one of the icons for the now-removed Tier 1 Mists talents that affected our ammo.

    Also interesting: The tabs in the spellbook have changed. We no longer have Beast Mastery, Survival, Marksman and General tabs. Now we just have “Active” and “Passive” tabs. I’m sure this is the same for all classes.

    I hope to spend some time in Mists tonight, pending server stability.

  17. Devaneiador says:

    Holy fuck!! Beastcleave!!!
    Beastcleave is awesome!!
    Imagine a BM hunter in a very difficult AoE situation (like 2 waves of adds in yor’sahj Heroic 25 men):
    Call of the wild
    Bestial warth
    Beast Cleave

    BM Top fucking Damage!

    P.S.: change the effect of glyph of tame beast to make it able to MC feral and guardian druids!! =) (READ THIS MR. GREG STREET PLEASE)

  18. Omogon says:

    some nice stuff there :)

  19. Shadda says:

    Looks like a lot of buffs to BM. Should I start tracking down spirit beasts?

  20. Slugslinger says:

    a small change to Trap Launcher its now on until turned off and effect all traps until its clicked off since its a constant buff so it will be easier to use trap macros, since you only need to activate it when you first log in in MoP and then never click it off

  21. Akkahl says:

    Wow. They have done an amazing job with these. Already I can think of a billion different uses in PvE, PvP and Pet Tanking/Soloing for many of these abilities. I have to say, I kind of hope they just don’t touch glyphs for hunters again in the Beta – I really think they nailed it the first time around!

  22. Ren says:


    Just as a heads up for you and everyone else, I started a thread on MMO-Champion, a compendium of sorts, for all the hunter info. You can check it out here. It’s growing fast!


  23. Ril says:

    there are a lot of sweet things coming up – mostly rather small tweaks, but still good, as i actually like the general feeling of the class (apart from dps discrepancy of course).

    i’ll just let a quick note – the talent have been moved around fairly much now, ie an entire new second-last tier is coming, and our binding shot has been nerfed massively and moved up to the second tier.

  24. bigsal says:

    The new glyph of disengage is more of a nerf than a buff. I’d rather have disengage 5 seconds sooner to get the heal than be able to jump backwards a longer distance. If having to jum backwards to heal %15 was crappy, now you get to wait an extra 5 seconds for it. I know PVE people thing it’s cool or whatever but not so much for PVP. BRING BACK THE OLD GLYPH OF DISENGAGE! Also didn’t see the Glyph of Concussive Shot which was really useful in PVP as well. The other glyphs seem pretty cool. Especially Glyph of Icy Solace which could mean that some people might start pvping as survival again since the now you’ll be able to trap the target you were on without breaking cc because of DoTs. One more thing that would make Survival better for PVP would be to decrease the amount of ticks from Black Arrow and just increase the damage per tick. One of the biggest reasons people don’t PVP as Survival is because it lacks burst. Anyone else share my feelings with the new Glyph of Disengage?

  25. Tiber says:

    “That is a massive change that solves tons and tons of KC bugs and does a lot to position BM to be competitive!”
    Come on:) I can’t be the only hunter out here that thinks BM is competitive right now! Except for the rare fight like H Zon, how many fights out there are you truly handicapped by the 5 yrd range? I really haven’t run into many problems at all, and none that can’t be fixed by a quick ‘passive’–>’aggressive’ flip.

  26. Kadzz says:

    Some of the new glyphs are great, but what happened to the glyph for explosive shot. There are glyphs that are directly effective for BM and MM spec, but nothing for Surv. spec anymore. Why Blizz why?

  27. Hornreaper says:

    Wait how are these great for PvE? The only 2 I can see that may directly increase your dps, are the Marked for Death (you don’t need to waste the GCD for Hunter’s Mark) and maybe, MAYBE, the glyph where you have higher crit chances on targets that are affected by ice trap (The only problem with this is that bosses aren’t affected by it, so yeah, it’s really just for adds that are.)

    I feel that these are pure utility and mostly PvP glyphs, PvE is almost non-existent here.

  28. daniel says:

    Can someone please explain why you would want to remove DoT effects on targets? example being the scatter shot glyph.

  29. Blindbowman says:

    i am new to the game and have only been playing about 3 weeks . i am a level 82 hunter , yes there is a great choice of glyphs to pick from . but one of the things that needs to change is the drops in the D.. this is crazy. you get the same thing over and over in 2 or 3 of the same D ,, the other thing they need to look at is , how these glyphs work in the D , everyone has something to say about it and turn that off is now every time i go in a D , i have got so i shut off my pet or just leave the D because its a bunch of BS …. i respect the other players if they ask but who wants to stop in the game play and go looking for a way to shut off a bottom hidden in a collection of dozens of bottons .. dont get me wrong i like haveing the choices but my guild ask for help and to be there and thats hard to do when so many want you to play along with their game and not be your self .. i love the game and with a full LCS i7 with the extara kicks . i have enjoyed the game play …thank you for posting the data above and all the replies are great feed back for the new player .. i will see you all out there hope your on my side ,….lol