This week I’ll be bringing to you two Skillcapped videos to your attention, both of which are free to view.

Tosan’s How To Use Traps.

Tosan’s Tips and Tricks.

These two will probably be the last Skillcapped videos I link. They’re both done by a magnificent hunter and are well worth the watch. I would have made my own but a better hunter beat me to it. To address probably complaints of copy pasting other hunter’s guides, I am not claiming these as my own, but merely bringing attention to it. They cover a subject I would have covered myself, and by posting these, allows me to use my time to make guides on what has not been covered, that I can then post for free.

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  1. Kirk says:

    Thanks, great info. Now I’ll have to go look up all of Tosan’s videos ;)

  2. tilted says:

    hey tap,

    in many of these videos – i see hunters running/moving – while at the same time, positioning their trap. i use the mouse to run and to launch traps – so generally stop moving for a short bit to get a trap off…. whats the secret in keeping mobile while launching a trap?


    • Pepprdgefarm says:

      Most of the time you see Tosan trapping something it’s his focus target that he’s trapping. It’s easy enough to create a macro to scatter/trap your focus target. Just make sure to include [@focus] in the macro.

      • Purcy says:

        He is side strafing, probably with his Q and E or A and D keys, so after he hits his scatter-trap macro, he’s free to place the trap reticle with his mouse while he continues movement.

  3. Pinutos says:

    multi-button mice give you additional options as well – side strafing with maybe 4 & 5, and if you have more buttons you can even assign one to forward. That will free your other hand for using key binds.

    For example, I have a g700 with 4 & 5 (thumb) assigned to strafe, and the middle of the three top left buttons assigned to forward. I use my middle and ring fingers on the left/right mouse buttons and the index on the three top left. This gives me easy control of movement and and targeting. It took a lot of practice to get this into muscle memory but it’s been worth it.

  4. Devaneiador says:

    Hey Tap, good Job on this one!
    But could you get us some macros for hunters, and if you could, explain me how to make a mouseover macro and how does it work.
    Sometimes I see enemy hunters traping with extreme precision, and I wonder if somehow their mouse cursor goes directely on top of his target/focus…
    Enlighten me on this one please!

    • Pepprdgefarm says:

      /cast [mod:shift,@focus][@mouseover, harm][harm] Scatter Shot

      this will cast scatter shot with a mouseover or at your focus target if you hold down shift.

  5. bahzob says:

    I found trapping became way easier when I bound my trap macro to the mouse scroll wheel click button.

    It just feels intuitive to click that, move the mouse to position then left click to fire.

  6. florujin says:

    just incase anyone is interested in watching more hunter footage here is tosan’s youtube channel:

    There’s also another guy called braindeadly who is also a very skilled hunter, i’m sure there are more but these are the main two i’m aware of: