MoP Updates Updated

Posted: by Frostheim

I spent a chunk of time this weekend working on updating the various Mists of Pandaria updates on the site. In addition, I’ve created the Mists of Pandaria Hunter Page that collects all of the current information about the expansion. You’ll find a link to that page on the top nav, as well as the first item on the left navigation.

The goal of that page is to be a Cataclysm hunter’s guide to Mists of Pandaria, with links to all the big hunter changes that are coming. I’m going to try to make a new post to let you guys know when significant changes happen on one of those pages, so you’re aware of what’s changing. No promises that I’ll remember every time, but I’m sure all the significant stuff I’ll be posting about anyway.

With that in mind, here are a bunch of the changes that I made this weekend:

  • Updated the glyph page to include all MoP hunter glyphs (including the ones that we already have), as well as dividing them into major and minor categories.
  • Updated the list from hunter ability changes roundup. Included Trueshot Aura, which is available to all hunter specs and provides both 10% AP and 5% crit buffs. Added Kill Shot, which now works like the glyphed Kill Shot by default (you get to fire two in a row, subject to the GCD).
  • I went ahead and created a brand new Mists of Pandaria hunter talent page, since the last one — from the Blizzcon preview — has changed substantially. I also included some new cooldown/duration info for some of the abilities that were provided by listeners in the last Hunting Party Podcast.
  • Some other minor changes were made, like updating the MoP raid buffs guide with the info on how trueshot aura will work in Mists, etc.

This should provide some easy navigation to all the important Mists of Pandaria information on the WHU. The unimportant information will remain buried and difficult to find. Let me know if there’s anything else you think should be added there!

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  1. TLDR says:

    Sorry Frost – it’s 10% AP not haste.

  2. BigSal says:

    Thanks for all the info Frost!
    /tar Frost

  3. Ren says:

    Hey Frost, just found a bunch of pet stuff. Someone in the beta pulled out a pet from the stables and found some new passives and ability changes. My Official MoP hunter Change guide on the mmo-champ is updated with that information, plus tons more. :)
    New Pet Info and Changes:
    –Pets spawn with full scaled health when summoned now
    –Various Spell Changes:
    Smack, Bite, and Claw– now deal more damage and cost more focus above 50 focus(for the pet)
    Blood of the Rhino–baseline, built in with 20% armor and 6% reduced chance to be crit
    Great Stamina–baseline
    Spiked Collar–baseline, now adds 10% haste and crit for per
    Rabid–baseline, 50% increased pet AP for 20 seconds, 2 min CD

  4. Fawatam says:

    From MMO-Champ. Let’s not forget the most important update.

    Pet – Sporebat

    Smack: Now also deals % more damage and costs % more Focus when your pet has 50 or more Focus.

  5. Vengeance says:

    Here are the Current changes listed on the mmochamp front page.


    Arcane Shot: Now causes 65% weapon damage, down from 100%.
    Aspect of the Fox: Now includes Barrage.
    Aspect of the Hawk: Now 10% of Ranged Attack Power, rather than a flat value.
    Camouflage: Can now be used in combat for 6 seconds.

    Hunter’s Mark: Now increases damage on the marked target by 5%, rather than increasing your Attack Power.

    Kill Shot: Now causes 85% weapon damage, down from 150%, and if Kill Shot fails to kill the target, the cooldown is instantly reset, but cannot be reset more often than once every 6 sec.

    Multi-Shot: Now causes 60% weapon damage, down from 120%.
    Rapid Fire: Now a 3 minute cooldown, down from 5.
    Revive Pet: Now a 6 second cast, down from 10.
    Steady Shot: Now causes 65% weapon damage, down from 100%.

    Tracking: New – Allows the tracking of various types of creatures: Beasts, Demons, Dragonkin, Elementals, Giants, Hidden, Humanoids, and Undead. Activated through tracking interface.

    Trap Launcher: Now a toggle ability.

    Trueshot Aura: Grants 10% (was 20%) increased melee and ranged attack power and 5% (was 10%) increased critical strike chance to all party and raid members within 100 yards.

    Beast Mastery

    Beast Cleave : After you Multi-shot, your pet’s melee attacks also strike all other nearby enemy targets for the next 5 sec.

    Beast Mastery: Now reduces the cooldown of Pet Special Abilities. No longer increases amount of Skill Points.

    Bestial Wrath: Now a 1 minute cooldown, down from 2.
    Cobra Shot: Now deals 115% weapon damage, up from 100%.

    Invigoration: Now only requires your Pet’s Basic Attack to deal damge, rather than critically hit. Also has a 15% chance to regenerate 20 focus, rather than a 100% chance to regenerate 6 focus.

    Kill Command: Now costs 37 focus, down from 40. 25 yard range, up from 5.


    Aimed Shot: Now causes 90% weapon damage, down from 160%.
    Careful Aim: No longer includes Cobra Shot.
    Chimera Shot: Now causes 115% weapon damage, up from 100%. 9 second cooldown, down from 10.

    Steady Focus : Now also causes your Steady Shot to regenerate an additional 3 focus. Lasts 10 seconds, up from 8.


    Black Arrow: Reworked – Fires a Black Arrow at the target, dealing 85% Weapon damage as Shadow damage to the enemy target. In addition, Black Arrow deals 10 damage over 20 sec to the target and any other enemy within the path of the Black Arrow when fired. Lock and Load cannot trigger from the damage done to these additional targets.

    Lock and Load: Now also has a 20% chance when Explosive Trap and Black Arrow deal damage to cause the Lock and Load effect.

    Serpent Spread: Now spreads a full duration Serpent Sting, up from 9 seconds.

    Trap Mastery: Now reduces the cooldown of your traps and Black Arrow by 6 seconds.

    Viper Venom: New – You gain 3 Focus each time your Serpent Sting deals damage. This effect has a 3 sec cooldown.

    Pet – Sporebat

    Smack: Now also deals % more damage and costs % more Focus when your pet has 50 or more Focus.

    Pet – Bat

    Bite: Now also deals % more damage and costs % more Focus when your pet has 50 or more Focus.

    Pet – Bear

    Claw: Now also deals % more damage and costs % more Focus when your pet has 50 or more Focus.

    Pet – Generic Hunter

    Blood of the Rhino: Now also increases your pet’s armor by 20% and reduces its chance of being critically hit by 6%.

    Growl: Now has an 8 second cooldown, up from 5.

    Rabid: Reworked – Now increases your pet’s attack power by 50% for 20 sec. 2 minute cooldown, up from 45 seconds.

    Spiked Collar: Now increases the damage of your pet’s Basic Attack by 10%, up from 9%. Also increases your pet’s haste by 10%, and increases your pet’s critical strike chance by 10%.

  6. Pengalor says:

    Were hunters incredibly powerful in the beta so far or something? Some of these nerfs sound incredibly harsh…

    • Frostheim says:

      Keep in mind they’re reducing the %weapon damage across the board, and in turn increasing the dps that ranged weapons provide. This is being done for balance reasons at low levels, and top level dps is supposed to be unaffected.

  7. TLDR says:

    It’s beta – things will change a LOT. Don’t get stuck on the numbers yet. Once the updates slow down then you can start to look hard at the numbers.

    I’ve not been able to test BM yet as we can not change our talent trees in Beta (bug). MM feels similar to Cata in my opinion. Nothing has changed other than a bit more time before you lose efficiency. It would be nice to see Ser Sting refreshed with Steady Shot similar to Cobra.

    SV – shockingly feels odd with BA now having a 1.5sec cast. I just can’t get the feel for it yet. I really like the fact that we could move and DPS with our medium dmg hoping for a Proc ability.

    No clue what the dmg looks like as we don’t have access to recount or anything that allows closer tracking of numbers. Time will tell.

    My pets seem to be spawning at full health but the amount of health they have is quite low (70K ish). I’m assuming it has to do with loss of talents etc.

  8. Fawatam says:

    Also, keep in mind a lot of the numbers being listed aren’t telling the full story. A lot of glyphs are getting baked into talents (Look at the Kill Shot changes for example). In addition, a lot of new abilities are being introduced. Also, don’t forget we are losing our stat stick and as a result our weapon damage has been increased significantly, to compensate. Thus any abilities that are % damage of weapon needs to be balanced accordingly. The Beta will likely last for several months, so there is PLENTY of balancing to be had. This is more of an initial “Let’s reset things to a manageable level and go from there.”

    • Fawatam says:

      WTB Edit function

      The things to keep an eye on, rather than the numbers, is the mechanics changes. Like the changes to black arrow, serpent spread, kill command, and trap launcher. Turning trap launcher into a toggled ability, should help fix the awkwardness of the ability.

  9. Thornagol says:

    Another thing to remember is that we are losing our stat stick and the base weapon damage for our epic level weapons (476 ilivl) is pretty high. I remember seeing the dps number on the tool tip being something like 3287dps, which is upfrom heroic Vishanka is 1060dps. They might have had to adjust the 60% weapon damage values to have us scale correctly with the change.

    • Thornagol says:

      AH! Didn’t see Fawatam’s post. Yeah, um…what Fawatam said!

    • Pengalor says:

      Fair enough, thanks for the replies guys, I hadn’t thought about the adjustments for % of weapon damage. Guess I’m still in denial about losing my stat stick, don’t want Kael in TK to be any harder to duo with my friend I guess XD. My main concern had come from the lack of meaningful nerfs to other classes but I definitely jumped the gun, I’ll keep that stuff in mind from now on :).

  10. scugger says:

    Why are we even worrying about this now? I’ll my spec, glyphs, pets and gear to get the best dps when MOP drops and I can measure it on recount. Until then this is way too much handwringing.

  11. Roachkilla says:

    I’m sorry, I really can’t wait for MoP, but the only thing i could ask for, (now that we get stampede and BM Beast Cleave) is for Blizz to bring back one of the greatest hunter abilities of all time, Call Stable.