WoD Hunter Talents

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Reviewed 11/06/2014
Patch 6.0.3

This page is the permanent WoD hunter talent page that will be updated with changes as they happen throughout 6.0 and Warlord of Draenor.  You can mouse over any hunter talent to see the current Warlords of Draenor tooltip for that ability, which allows you to double check if things have changed recently.

WoD Hunter Talents

Level 15 Hunter Talents

  • Posthaste: Your Disengage frees you from all movement impairing effects and increases your movement speed by 60% for 8 sec.
  • Narrow Escape:  When you disengage, you also activate a web trap which encases all targets within 8 yards in sticky webs, preventing movement for 8 seconds.
  • Crouching Tiger, Hidden Chimera:  Reduces the cooldown of Disengage by 10 sec, and the cooldown of Deterrence by 60 sec.

Level 30 Hunter Talents

  • Wyvern Sting: A stinging shot that puts the target to sleep for 30 sec. Any damage will cancel the effect. 45 sec cooldown.
  • Binding Shot: You fire a magical projectile, tethering the enemy and any other enemies within 5 yards of the landing arrow for 10 sec. If the targets move 5 yards from the arrow they are stunned for 5 sec (3 sec PvP) and will be immune to the effects of Binding Shot for 10 sec. 45 sec cooldown.
  • Intimidation: Command your pet to intimidate the target stunning it for 3 sec. 1 min cooldown

Level 45 Hunter Talents

  • Exhilaration:  Instantly heals you for 22% and your pet for 100% of total health. 2 min cooldown.
  • Iron Hawk: Reduces all damage taken by 10%
  • Spirit Bond:  While your pet is active, you and your pet will regenerate 2% of total health every 2 sec.

Level 60 Hunter Talents

  • Steady Focus: Using Steady Shot twice in a row increases your Focus Regeneration by 50% for 10 sec. [Also works with 2 Cobra Shots or 1 Focusing Shot]
  • Dire Beast: Summons a powerful wild beast to assist attack your target for 15 sec. Each time the beast deals damage, you will gain 2 focus. 40 yd range, Instant, 30 sec cooldown.
  • Thrill of the Hunt: You have a 6% chance per 10 Focus spent on Focus-costing attacks to trigger Thrill of the Hunt. Thrill of the Hunt reduces the Focus cost of your next 3 Arcane Shots, Aimed Shots, or Multi-Shots by 20

Level 75 Hunter Talents

  • A Murder of Crows: Summons a flock of crows to attack your target over the next 15 sec. If the target dies while under attack, ‘A Murder of Crows’ cooldown is reset. 30 Focus, 40 yd range, Instant, 1 min cooldown.
  • Blink Strikes: Your pet’s Basic Attacks deal 50% increased damage, can now be used from 30 yards away and will instantly teleport them behind their target.
  • Stampede: Summons all of your pets to fight your current target for 20 sec. While in an Arean or Battleground, these pets deal 25% of their normal damage.

Level 90 Hunter Talents

  • Glaive Toss: Your hurl two glaives toward a target, each dealing damage to each enemy struck and reducing movement speed by 30% for 3 sec. The primary target will take 4 times as much damage from each strike. The Glaives will return back to you, damaging and snaring targets again as they return. 15 focus, 40 yard range, instant, 15 sec cooldown.
  • Powershot: A powerful shot which deals Physical damage to the target and Physical damage to all enemies between you and the target. All enemies hit are knocked back. 15 focus, 2.25 sec cast, 45 sec cooldown.
  • Barrage:  Rapidly fire a spray of shots forward for 3 sec, dealing damage to the target and an average 1/2 the primary target damage to each other enemy target in front of you. 60 focus, 40 yd range, channeled, 20 sec cooldown.

Level 100 Hunter Talents

  • Exotic Munitions: Allows you to modify your ranged weapon to use exotic munitions;
    Incendiary Ammo– Arms your ranged weapon with exotic ammunition that lasts for 1 hour. Each autoshot deals additional Fire damage to all enemies within 8 yards of the initial target.
    Poisoned Ammo– Arms your ranged weapon with exotic ammunition that lasts for 1 hour. Each autoshot deals additional Nature damage over 16 sec. When this effect is refreshed, the remaining damage will be added to the new effect.
    Frozen Ammo– Arms your ranged weapon with exotic ammunition that lasts for 1 hour. Each autoshot deals additional Frost damage and reduces the target’s movement speed by 50% for 4 sec. Only one exotic munition can be active at one time.
  • Focusing Shot: Carefully line up a shot at the target that deals Physical damage and focuses you, generating 50 Focus. Cannot be cast while moving. Replaces Steady Shot and Cobra Shot.
  • Adaption: (BM) Increases the effect of your pet’s Combat Experience to 85% increased damage. Your pet now gains the following abilities, regardless of its active spec: Spiked Collar, Roar of Sacrifice, Cornered, Boar’s Speed, Last Stand, Blood of the Rhino, Great Stamina
  • Lone Wolf: (Survival) While you don’t have a pet active, your damage dealt with Auto Shot, Arcane Shot, Cobra Shot, Black Arrow, and Explosive Shot is increased by 30% and you are able to provide one of several beneficial effects to your party and raid.
    (MM) While you don’t have a pet active, your damage dealt with Auto Shot, Steady Shot, Aimed Shot, Chimaera Shot, and Kill Shot is increased by 30% and you are able to provide one of several beneficial effects to your party and raid.

These talents are likely to be what we have throughout WoD unless any major problems are found with them, number tweaks may still happen but the abilities themselves are unlikely to change significantly

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  1. chereesa says:

    interesting, looking forward to seeing these in action during the beta. looks like some good cc and survivability talents being added.

  2. violator says:

    As always.. I’ll be back here for your input once this MoP is fully online. Just when I think I’m safe to go back in the water… more changes.

    Thanks for a great site.

  3. Argent says:

    Please please please oh great Gods of the cold (Blizzard in other words) Give us Rumba

  4. Pen says:

    Really disappointed with the new lvl 90 talents. Why did they make it some sort of AoE tier?

    None of the talents look very interesting, we already have both frost trap, MM slow on multishot, and conc shot so glaives are pointless. Barrage is just straight up damage, completely pointless since all specs will have working AoE abilities with multishot, traps and beast cleave. The knockback is the only thing that looks remotely interesting, but the “wind up” part implies that there’s a casttime on it.

    The old trap talents looked a lot more interesting tbh.

    Also disappointed to see the immunity after disengage talent gone, many counted on it to counter the bugs that were introduced to disengage when they fixed charge. Also, posthaste needs to be changed so it applies the buff when we land, not when we use disengage, to stop us wasting half the buff while we are flying through the air.

    From my POV to many of the tiers have clear winners, that everyone will be taking for PvP. Readiness, CTHC, and Silencing Shot is just levels above the talents they are competing with.

    • Oricc says:

      If I remember correctly blizzard said they were planning on working more interesting AoE rotations into classes as that has become a significant portion of PvE. that’s what I believe the level 90 tier is all about.

      Also I don’t agree that so many are cut-and dry in PvP. You’d take Silencing shot over binding shot? You’d take CTHC over the buffed spirit bond? I mean I can imagine cases where wach would certainly come in handy, but I definitely think they are interesting choices.

    • Oricc says:

      If I remember correctly blizzard said they were planning on working more interesting AoE rotations into classes as that has become a significant portion of PvE. that’s what I believe the level 90 tier is all about.

      Also I don’t agree that so many are cut-and dry in PvP. You’d take Silencing shot over binding shot? You’d take CTHC over the buffed spirit bond? I mean I can imagine cases where wach would certainly come in handy, but I definitely think they are interesting choices.

      • Pen says:

        Even so, the lvl 90 talents is where you want the “omg DO WANT!” stuff, you know, the stuff that just makes you wanna get to 90 ASAP so you can get those cool stuff. Neither Barrage or Glaive Toss does that, they need some more punch, straight up damage or a slow is just “meh”. Also, I just don’t see them making our AoE rotations more fun either way.

        As for Blinding Shot, they removed the +15% dmg, so there’s not that great of a penalty for someone sitting inside it for the 10 secs, meaning that it will be quite situational, while Silencing Shot ALWAYS is useful for extending the time you can lock down the enemy healers.

        To make BS compete against SS they need to add some sort of penalty for sitting inside it, it’s an interesting mechanic, but without the penalty of sitting inside it you lose the whole “forcing the enemy to choose between the stun or the debuff”-thing it had going. Maybe actually make it fit the name, BLINDING shot somehow…

        As for CTHC vs spirit bond, disengage on a 15 sec cd instead of a 25 sec cd, and deterrence on a 60 sec instead of a 120 sec cd, will save you way way more health than spirit bond will ever heal. PvP is about burst damage, and the slow healing from spirit bond will likely not save you when they go for you, but halving the cd on two of your key defensive abilities? That will save you.
        Especially when you factor in the synergy it will have with the disengage talents, which means you will get the 15% disengage heal or the aoe root from disengage more often.

        (Also, I’m fairly certain that the amount of selfhealing we get will be toned down.)

      • Thori says:

        Hai Oricc!,

        I concur with your point on the not-so-obvious on the PVP front. And I’m curious to discuss with you what you’d personally take for PvE, we shalt need to jive about this the next time we are both on.

        I’d also just like to put out there that using Stampede*, Murder of Crows and BW all at once will result in the cluster-f**k that is melee range to be even more cluttered with MANY BEASTS (also if you watch the video of MoC it is ridiculously noisy).

        The untold levels of grief we will wreak upon the melee (read: support) classes will be glorious.

        * Please oh god please do not take this away from us Blizz.

      • Anonymous says:

        Pen obviously you didn’t bother to read what BINDING SHOT is. Yes BINDING SHOT not blinding shot works extremely different then the crock of junk u pulled outta ur ass. I will never read any other posts u posts just cuz how epically fail this one was leaves me with no interest or desire to read your crap.

    • Jork says:

      So you think a machine gun like spray of bullets/ arrows from barrage isn’t going to be cool. All I imagine is the my hunter bracing themselves then firing a tommy gun mobster style at a bunch monsters…pretty fun if you ask me. Now the other talents less so, but I will be taking Barrage every time because of the animation in my head.

  5. cabudeanie says:

    Are these times for both PVP and PVE
    I know there subject to change, but it would be nice to know.
    CC,ing someone in PVP normally is a lot shorter than PVE.
    Freezing trap, wyvern string for example

    • Oricc says:

      They are all PvE times. 30 second wyvern sting, 10 second binding shot stun and 3 second silence are all PvE.

  6. Ironthumbs says:

    I think it all sounds pretty exiting to be honest! I’d suggest to anyone that seems upset about times/cd’s/strengths of some of these abilities to simply dismiss the idea that they aren’t balanced etc, because that’s what this beta is here for – to get these things balanced so we have interesting choices base on preference, not spreadsheets.
    The only gripe I have with the beta right now is hunters not showing their ranged weapons on their backs.. I sincerely hope this changes before release :(

  7. Lirithiel says:

    What I will really miss is the few talents I dipped into over at the MM and SV trees (Efficiency, Hunter vs Wild and Entrapment). However, all hunter will be without 2 of the 3 as only Entrapment has surfaced in the SV spec.

    As I almost exclusively pvp most of the talents are no-brainers for me. I like the idea of Binding Shot, and saw a video of the ability in action) Silencing Shot is a clear winner for me coz I was never able to use it as BM previously so it will be a welcome addition to my arsenal. I will miss Spirit Bond for sure and AotIH is cool and all but once again CTHC wins hands down to me since we lose those CD’s in our glyphs. Readiness is pure win no matter what it comes up against. I would take it over every other talent available to us.

    But what I really loving is…wait for it…Knockback baby! Powershot, hells yeah. All hunters will be charging to defend Lumber Mill now and the flag area in Eye of the Storm. I. Can’t. Wait. Although I know this is all subject to change…

  8. Absol says:

    I just hope the new improved Spirit Bond makes it live. The soloing implications with 3% every 2 sec rather than 2% every 5 sec, combined with glyphed Chimera Shot for 10% healing and Exiliration for another 15% will open so many doors.

  9. Aq says:

    What happened to Intimidation? Is that going to be an ability BM hunters still get, since I do not see it as a talent above?

    • Aq says:

      (hoping we can have both Intimidation and say, Silencing Shot)! :D

      • Jork says:

        Do you even use intimidation? I have never felt the need for it, but maybe you can enlighten me to it’s neat uses.

    • Pen says:

      By the looks of it intimidation will be a BM ability that you get automatically for just being BM, so yes, you will be able to have both intimidation and silence.

  10. Maputu says:

    Exiting fun choices, and some look to be close choices. Boss dependent I bet.

    Can’t Wait for the new stuff.


  11. FellishBeast says:


  12. Jork says:

    I want all three lvl 75 talents all the time. Blizzard has just made a extremely compelling choice. I also think that that the math will show them to be equal dps. Thankfully since those abilities will probably scale with BM mastery and AP then the damage done can be equalized based on cooldown.

    However, it seems like Blizz is making the hunter class very pet oriented in their attacks (rightfully so) so I wouldn’t be suprised to see a BM mastery change to make only pet’s basic attack damage increased. still allowing for more pet damage but removing those talents from the table when comparing specs.

  13. Feight says:

    I am still confused by the Level 90 Talent choice: Glaive Toss. We are suppose to be getting away from “stat sticks”/melee weapons and yet this talent has us tossing two glaives? Seems a contridiction considering we shouldn’t have any weapons with us to toss.

  14. Aq says:

    @ Jork…I never used to use Intimidation either. But read the tooltip. It’s handy cc in pvp, soloing, and anywhere you want your pet gathering up all the baddies so they don’t chew on you.

  15. Dizziiee says:

    Well, i think this all looks pretty interesting. However, i wish they would give us back “Rain of Arrows” that was one of the best AoE attacks we had, and saved us from being out DPS’d by fking Mages.
    I was really hoping for some more Haste, but apparently not.
    I guess we can’t speak too soon, you never know what Blizz is going to do, unfortunately. Just look after us hunters wouldja?!

  16. Motley says:

    Why cant they just leave well enough alone. just get used to one thing and they change the bloody lot again.

  17. SkrullSylvanas says:

    What will happen to those whos got exotic pets? :)

    • Ghuinness says:

      Good question, while it may not be the most powerful spec, I have had great success with my BM hunter…and finding the Spirit Pets is a huge challenge in and of itself.

  18. Nachomama says:

    I smell a nerf. The aspect of the iron hawk is an emasculated version of our +3510 attack power in the current aspect of the hawk.

  19. Nameinvalid - Barthilas says:

    Its a joke, The 75 and 90 talents are a waste of time. They are pretty much Diablo 3 Demon Hunter Rip offs and Will pretty much have no real viable use in PVP or PVE just stupid things to laugh at us, Tho on BETA we still have solid DPS but none of them really effect it. Blizz give us something decent serious.

  20. Overkill says:

    I feel the last tier should be big dps talents to help with raiding. I like how they tried to do it but all the talents feel a little too much like the same thing. I think they went the opposite way of what they were talking about. They wanted talents to have a BIG impact but i feel these make a very small impact since most of the talent tiers have the same abilities. Some, however, like the tier with spirit bond, definately have you make a big choice about where you want to go with your life.

  21. Cyndaa says:

    Im pretty excited about the new changes… I think hunters are getting much more utility and survivability out of the expansion… A HOT, a heal, 3 trinkets for BMs, a longer Disengage that also removes movement effects, 3 potential multi target peels, pets rezzed to full in 6 seconds, Attack and defense buffs, a way to make your opponents computer explode (Murder of Crows, Stampede), an end to dead zones and a dazeless Asp of Cheetah…

    I think it gives (at least from a PVP standpoint) much more freedom to play the way you want to, or at least try a few new things out. If nothing else hopefully it will make hunters more viable for RBGs… Hopefully…

    As for Binding Shot I see it being a necessary kiting tool if the rumor that we lost Con Shot is true… Also a launched Explosive Trap can make BS a more effective long range AOE stun…

  22. Derpterrence says:

    These are all great talents with exciting choices. From a PvP standpoint, if you have a pocket healer you can run Iron Hawk while you get heals. If you’re going solo, Spirit Bond allows for an awesome HoT. Even the 75 and 90 talents are great if you actually look at them. Murder of Crows is a physical DoT, and (currently) is not purged from the target with Cloak of Shadows or Vanish, and can’t be cleansed. Blink Strike is more or less a Shadowstep Backstab (unsure about the actual damage but 600% does look good at face value.) Lynx Rush is like Killing Spree, which *might* (again, unsure) make your pet untargetable during the duration, which would mean they couldn’t cc it to stop damage. Glaive Toss, while a weaker slow, causes reasonable damage in addition to being an AoE slow. Power Shot is no slower cast than an Aimed Shot, which is still used in PvP AND does much higher damage. (104k non-crit in lvl 90 PvP gear currently, which is 52k to everything in between AND a knockback. Awesome.) Barrage is less damage overall than Power Shot but you can channel it while moving (with Aspect of the Fox on.) What!? The possible uses for that are endless, even in high mobility raid fights! My point is that if you actually look into the talents instead of just read them, you’ll find them to all be useful in the right situation.