Today for Hunter Poster Friday we have just one post, because it’s so full of epic it would overshadow anything else. WHU reader Laura just send this over this week, and it is nothing but awesomesauce. The perfect blend of Stampede with the best hunter pet, for the dps.

Sporebat Stampede hunter motivational posterI think if this one was in the original batch for Michele’s contest, it would definitely have been a winner. Please share the epic.


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  1. BigSal says:

    Hey Frost! Question, do you know if we’ll be able to use the “Call Beast” ability while our regular pet is also out? I’m asking because in the video you posted, the hunter didn’t have his pet out when he used it and I didn’t know if it was because he simply didn’t have his pet out or if it’s because you can’t have your pet out at the same time as the one from Call Beast. thanks!

    • Frostheim says:

      Almost certainly, yes. There is another video of the ability where you can see the hunter pet is out at the same time as the call beast pet.

  2. Laura says:

    Thanks again, Frost. =D

    When I get in beta & stampede gets in, that’s the first thing I’m going to do btw. get 5 sporebats as pets & stampede trough bg’s :D
    Now I just have to try and remember to record it :p

  3. Catniss says:

    LMAO. That is classic.


  4. Omogon says:

    epic….you should offer a prize to teh first hunter in beta who can post an actual sporebat stampede ( hopefully with a fleeing rogue in the picture ) :D

  5. Arth says:

    Someone needs to make a hardcore appeal to increase stable size again, by like 10. I don’t want to have to sacrifice legitimately useful pets to pull all the crazy shenanigans I want to attempt with Stampede.

  6. Omogon says:

    I KNOW that I will be running 5 mans with a stable full of identical turtles just for the hilarity of a turtle stampede

  7. Zabamat says:

    Oh c’mon am I the only one who will be going for the original stampede? Rhino’s all the way! :D

    • ingen2 says:

      I think the original stampede from WC3 used thunder lizards.
      ooh, why ain’t those tameable?

  8. Jonfu says:

    I you”re min/maxxing for ultimate sporebat goodness be sure to have your tiny sporebat companion out.

  9. adassa says:

    Just an fyi when I was checking out Outdsps for new podcast last 2 days kept getting porn popups think his site might be compromised

  10. Jjspeed says:

    Outdps is no longer blogging. Said he was taking a indefinite leave from his blog. So he probably didn’t renew his site and someone else snatched it up.

    • Tabana says:

      OutDPS is a collaboration between Eidotrope (the blogger) and Euripides (from the Hunting Party Podcast). Eidotrope is taking a break but Euripides is still there and posts on occasion.

      The site seems fine to me as of today (April 1) . No pop-ups or other weirdness.

  11. Bellfour says:

    Imagine a full 25 man hunter raid all with sporebats out at the same time….125 sporebats hitting at once!!!

    I wonder what the next WHU run will look like when they all pop stampede at the same time!!!

  12. Alardara says:

    Hi Frost… didn’t know where to post this…. I am an avid reader of WHU but rarely bother to log in… not good I know. Just wanted to let you know all the hard work and information you and others give us is greatly appreciated. I am female rl and 54 years old. Just wanted to say thanks very very much. The Friday pics add some humour to it all. :) Happy Hunting!