Hunter PvP Part 1 Contents:
1. Racials
2. Gear
3. Enchants
4. Gems

1. Racials


HumanEvery Man For Himself – The human racial acts as a PvP trinket and opens the door to many different trinket options. You can go double PvE trinket for mass damage, or run with double PvP with the on-use and proc for a mix between resilience and damage. One of the better racials if you have access to crazy PvE trinkets.

Night ElfShadowmeld – Shadowmeld is one of the more interesting racials in the game. It has the unique ability to make you drop combat, and also acts as an extra feign. It has the even more unique advantage of being able to “Immune” damage, or a cast on you, if you time it correctly.

DwarfStoneform – Stoneform is a great racial if you happen to be the target other teams train(which is most often the hunter). And you grow in size. How awesome.

DraeneiGift Of The Narru – A pretty “meh” racial, in my opinion compared to others. It just doesn’t heal fast enough to be that effective.

WorgenDarkflight – Amazing racial for mobility, great for battlegrounds and is quite useful in arena.

The human racial here stands out for the sheer amount of options it opens up for you. The dwarf racial is again a great defensive racial if you find yourself being the target, but not too useful if you aren’t the target dummy of the team. Darkflight is very viable for either battleground or arena usage, but pales in comparison to the human racial. I’d recommend Human for a rushdown comp, and Dwarf for comps where you find yourself the target the most.


OrcBlood Fury – Can’t go wrong with a little extra ap.

UndeadWill of The Forsaken – One of the better racials. Very useful since spriests and warlocks are a hunter’s bane.

TrollBerserking – Decent with Rapid fire. Stacks for crazy Aimed Shot casts.

TaurenWar Stomp – Not too great for a hunter to be honest. You’re rarely meant to be in melee range, but moreso than that, there’s not that much you can do in the 2 seconds other than try to flatter the melee that’s sitting on you with compliments.

Blood ElfArcane Torrent – One of the best racials around. This baby can turn the tide of a battle or seal the kill against the other team by silencing the healer, or even saving your own or a friend by silencing one of their dps.

GoblinRocket Jump – Another good racial for mobility. Can be amazing for eating traps that would otherwise cc your healer for 8 seconds, getting away from that warrior chewing your ass, or even get around that corner to get a kill shot on the fleeing mage.

For Horde you’ve got the choice between a fear breaker, a rocket jump, and a silence. It really comes down to playstyle and what you feel you need for your comp. Overall, I would choose Human for Alliance, and Blood Elf for Horde, but feel free to play with what you think looks best. There’s no point playing a race you don’t like the look of.

2. Gear

Gearing for PvP nowadays as a hunter is a little different from early Cata. Your gearing is also quite dependent on what type of comp you’re running, and whether you’re going to be the squishiest target. I’d highly recommend for pvp, running with the 2pc t13, even if it’s LFR quality. The focus is A-MA-ZING for hunters.

What To Get First:

– Trinkets – The ~400 or so resilience from trinkets easily makes them the first purchase for your PvP set, as it’s the biggest upgrade.
– Weapon – A major upgrade if you’ve just recently dinged. It only takes a few days to earn the required honor to buy it. It’s important to note that 2h is far better than 2x1h due to stats.
– Main set – The 2 set and 4 set bonuses are great and should be attained first before any other offset gear.
– Everything else. – Rings/Offset etc.

How To Gear:

– Arena – First and foremost, and I cannot stress this enough, fill your conquest cap every week. Get those points! It’s the easier/laziest way to gear up.

– Rated Battlegrounds – The emphasis and reliance that blizzard has placed now on grinding rated battleground rating for points instead of arena rating has pigeon holed those who want to be/stay competitive in arena into farming RBGs. It’s quite annoying but it is an area where hunters shine and are quite fun to play in. After you get full Ruthless, I’d suggest trying to get into a low match maker rating(MMR) rated battleground group to increase your conquest cap per week, as just 2k rating in rated battlegrounds is something retarded like 2.8k conquest points a week.

– Battlegrounds – Any will do, just sit in the back and shoot stuff. Try to help your team and don’t farm HKs in mid, as tempting as it is to go 1vX and walk away with 110% health like I know you can, you’re better off being a team player. Hunters offer so much crowd control in battlegrounds and a few clutch traps and silences here and there can win the battleground for your team.

– Crafted sets – I wouldn’t really recommend bothering with buying any. Just grind a Call to Arms weekend and get full ruthless.

*Important*Reforging and Stat Weights:

Marks/SV: Hit (until you are at the 5% hit cap)> Agility > Crit > Haste > Mastery
BM: Hit (Until you are at the 5% hit cap) Agility > Crit > Mastery > Haste

For Marks and SV, reforge your mastery into crit, and then any haste to crit or hit if needed, and for BM, reforge haste into crit. Do not drop below 5% hit.

ReforgeLite and Wow Reforge are great tools to find out how to get the most from your reforging.


PvP/Main Trinket:

Ruthless or Cataclysmic with resilience. You can buy a crit once to swap out, depending on how much resilience you’re comfortable running around in. keep in mind the Cataclysmic resilience trinket is a whole 6.12% damage reduction compared to 2.70% crit.

Secondary trinkets(Human hunters will take two of these):

Cataclysmic Gladiator’s Badge of Conquest
Cataclysmic Gladiator’s Insignia of Conquest
Vial of Shadow

Non-humans will run with the Cataclysmic PvP trinket and aim for the Vial of Shadows(Best in Slot right now) or the Badge of conquest. I rate Badge over insignia due to the fact that games are won during burst windows during a CC chain, not your overall dps. Humans will want to run with Vial of Shadows and Badge.

3. Enchants

Head – Arcanum of Vicious Agility
Shoulders – Greater Inscription of Vicious Agility
Back – Enchant Cloak – Greater Spell Piercing
Chest – Enchant Chest – Mighty Resilience
Bracer – Enchant Bracer – Agility
Gloves – Enchant Gloves – Agility. Engineers get Synapse Springs
Waist – Ebonsteel Belt Buckle(Gem with 40/50+agi)
Pants – Dragonscale Leg Armour or Charscale Leg Armour – Choice between offensive/defensive, though I would go with Charscale because of how well Agi scales.
Feet – Enchant Boots – Assassin’s Step *NOTE*: We’re using movement speed enchants on the feet because we’ll be using the Agile Shadowspirit Diamond Meta.
2h – Pyrium Weapon Chain
Ranged – Flintlocke’s Woodchucker

4. Gems

In full PvP gear, you will have 1 meta, 3 red slots, 3 blue slots, 3 yellow slots and 1 prismatic. You’re also going to want ~220 Spell penetration so your magical shots and some damaging shots wont get resisted.

Meta slot – Agile Shadowspirit Diamond Meta

Red slot – (JC)Delicate Chimera’s Eye – (Non-JC) Delicate Inferno Ruby

Blue slot – Stormy Ocean Sapphire

Yellow slot – Lucent Lava Coral

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  1. Ironthumbs says:

    Thanks for the guide tap, I’ve been really into pvp over the past few months so I am trying to get all the information I can to better my ability to deal death :)
    Which leads me to my question, I see lots of conflicting information about spell pen, I remember once seeing you needed something like 170 (cloak ench and 2x 50spell pen blue gems) then yesterday I read you need 195 and now you are saying you need 220? Could you please explain why it’s beat to have that much?

    Also, how do you rate ranged weapons in pvp? I own the 378 but I am guessing due to the tiny amount of resi (even on the conquest ranged weapons – which might be my next purchase) that the ranged DPS on the PvE equivalents means that they are a better choice?
    I’d love to see your dream-gear list that you would like to play in (even if you don’t own it yet)
    Sorry for a wall of text, and thanks for the great guides man :)


    • Duke says:

      honestly just certain classes need the spell pen to kill…but since we are smart hunters and use tranq shot to dispell that crap…well we don’t need much..i use 70 to spell pen on cloak and one spell pen gem .As far as weapons…always always go for it first.Hunters are toothless with out a decent bow.MM really needs it for the weapon damage…

    • Pepprdgefarm says:

      Spell pen is required to help us punch through the pesky resistances that certain classes have, which gets in the way of our pew pew. You’ll need 220 spell pen to make sure that those poor sods dumb enough to get in the way of our arrows/bullets/quarrels take every single last bit of punishment that we can deal out. Shots like arcane shot and explosive shot really need need this so that mages, pallys, and those other classes can enjoy getting their faces melted off by our hunter goodness.

      In addition, you’ll need spell pen to make sure that your traps affect your targets. I mean who wouldn’t want to cc the enemy healer and pew pew his dps partners down? Unfortunately, when it comes to traps, there’s a small chance that your trap will be resisted even if you’re spell pen capped. You’ll need to spec into Survival Tactics in the Survival tree to get rid of that pesky little issue.

    • Tapington says:

      4k res/ Vial+2pc
      4.5k res/ 2pc, no vial.

      When it comes to ranged weapons, There isnt much resilience on the pvp ones, so if you have a 403 Vishanka and a 397 Cata, I’d go for the Vish unless you notice in games you’re getting trained a lot. Also the same with the above set up. Swap out vial if you’re taking way too much damage, but it depends which teams are queuing up against you.

      As for the 220 spell pen, I believe currently you only need 195, but unless you’re going for the cloak enchant, you have JC, and use two 63+ spell pen gems, you’ll need to go for 170/220, and it’s safe to go for 220. Trap resists/shot partial resists aren’t fun.

      • CATS says:

        Or, you know, you could go for the green gem that gives Resilience and Spell Pen.?

      • Duke says:

        Thank you for repeating what i all ready covered, and tap it still takes you for ever to cast..youll find it soon…and when ya do…you’ll say darn that dude was right…cause numbers don’t lie.Be transferring in a week to give live demos..and screen shot of what works and what doesn’t ….

      • Duke says:

        So the link you gave is what you want to look like…..your resill a bit low…your attack power is trash and your telling people to wear 2 pieces of tier…and not krill,fury of beast and star catchers compass…have you tested this yet?Cause your not even wearing the gear…how can you say do something and not test it.

      • kumiqionn says:

        i think u only need 195 because thats what all the resistances give but its really preference. also if ur going for 195 (which is what i have) do this as of 4.3

        cloak enchant-70 spell pen
        blue gem-63 spell pen
        green gem-25 resil 32 spell pen
        green gem-25 resil 32 spell pen

        this adds up to 197 spell pen and will give u an extra 50 resil

  2. Tahkmaul says:

    One thing to note. Tinkers will not work in Arena and Rated Battlegrounds. Unless it changed in Season 11. I haven’t done much PvP this season. In Season 10, tinkers were no bueno.

    • Duke says:

      Just a quick fix to taps opinion…run vile of shadows and krill… lose no health and the added agi is amazing…running 2 piece of tier will get you killed and server no decent purpose.:”tried it and ran the numbers…2 tier isn’t worth it.Sorry tap.if you want focus use star catcher trink for haste.will knock your “cobra or steady down to close to 1 sec cast,

      • Pepprdgefarm says:

        How can you say the 2 pieced T13 bonus isn’t worth it? Having focus on demand is a game changer for sure. Whether in arena or rbgs, having focus when you need it to trap or pew pew is just amazing. If you look at any of the top hunters in any ladder, most of them tend to agree with Tap in this regard. I’m lucky in that I’m running with the 397 regular T13 pieces. Even if I had the LFR pieces, I’d still use em cause the focus regen is just that good. I’d take that over the 3.5% dmg reduction you lose in resilience. In addition, depending upon which tier pieces you use, the agility bonus is also quite high. If you use the legs and gloves, that’s potentially another 40 agility just by gemming epics. Sorry Duke, I disagree.

      • Duke says:

        You wear 2 piece of tier in an arena…and your saying im wearing them now because you say you agree with top players..If you use the legs and gloves, that’s “potentially “another 40 agility just by gemming epics. Sorry Duke, I disagree.

        that “potentially” make your post void…ive tested it..

      • Duke says:

        and omg…you ready for the math…krill give how much agi…depending on mode…the base is 980 to agi…now add the base from vile of shadow…or star catcher compass.1500 or so to agi…so….with haste trink…i am master of focus Regen with uber..”.not 40 or so”/////uber agi… did you even think before you wrote your comment.
        pepp we are talken pvp no pve…..omg 40 agi…that’s thinking small

    • Duke says:

      lighting strike and velocity dose work in rbgs and arenas.

      • Duke says:

        2 fixes to taps enchanting.For rbgs not arena 130 agi to 2-h and chest…20 all stats..your looking for burst damage…not defensive…and with the damage im talking about…you dont need alot of resill…things just drop at your feet…for any one starting out..being a hunter means to hunt….to think like a world pvp you control who and what gets near you buy using you mini map to see whos around you at all times..once target is acquired …set up on him…dont go off half cocked..camo…mark him to make it fair…snakes at his feet… intimidate….all cds=45kap for me.arcane…spam kill comand on incoming..arcane till kill command comes up….scatter, fervor..”the scatter lets your pet leave combat to re-invise for the BIG HIT.spam kill command.
        All this is done while in aspect of hawk.You have up to 20 sec of full burst.
        So my defense is offense.We wear mail…we are not tanks…we don’t live long once focused….you can pretend to be a tiny bit tougher with all the defensive stuff….or you can evolve and become something that will amaze players when you kill them in less than 10 style..

      • Pepprdgefarm says:

        Sorry Duke, I disagree with you there again. Sure, if most matches were won in 20 secs, this might make sense, however, most games last longer than that. Getting disarmed by a warrior, rogue, or spriest for the full duration without the pyrium weapon chain is pretty much conceding defeat. I agree that hunters aren’t tanks and that having a great offense is preferable, but the reality of arena/rbgs simply doesn’t allow that to happen most of the time. Half the time you’re either setting up a kill, peeling for a teammate, or simply kiting somebody who’s trying to kill you. As for the chest enchant, I’d rather go with the +40 resil over the +20 stam/agi you’d get with the other enchant. Survivability just cannot be overrated in arena/rbgs.

  3. Thuunder says:

    Hi Tapp,

    Thanks for the PvP advice. I am always looking for info to try and improve my PvP play and thus scouring the Net for different ideas and opinions. Like many other players, I usually test drive the different ideas and incorporate what seems to suit my play style. For background purposes, I am no great PvPer, just a competent one who is trying to get better. I run about 65% BGs, 35% arena.

    Having said that, I’d like to add that in my opinion, a BM spec (and a SV spec for that matter) could consider reforging for Mastery rather than Crit. I think both are viable options, and both have their pros and cons. I used to go all crit, the logic being that if my pet were killed, I would at least be able to do some damage by myself until I could rez him.

    However, on the advice of different PvP sites, I tried the all Mastery route and found it much to my liking. Not a significant increase in BM DPS (if any) but I was also trying out the SV spec at the time and found that Mastery tremendously increased SV DPS. Thus, Mastery worked well for me in BM/SV PvP circumstances. Since Mastery also increases pet DPS and didn’t adversely affect my overall DPS, I stuck with it. Additionally, I rarely found myself losing my pet (to death or otherwise) thus I felt comfortable with the change.

    Also, though I am no number cruncher by any stretch of the imagination, it seemed that when I converted my Crit to Mastery, the overall number increase to my Mastery was greater than the overall number loss to my Crit (not sure if that makes ANY sense). This is probably the non-mathmetician in me just seeing what I wanted, but it did seem that way anyway. I am sure that an argument can be made that Crit affects your pets’ crit (does it? I am not sure, and if so, how much of an effect this has), thus I would be better off going all Crit, but having run Mastery for about two weeks now, I like it better than I had anticipated I would. I also like the idea of sending my now more lethal pet after the pillar-humping healer while my team goes after another enemy player.

    Finally, I would like to add that those of us who prefer BM over the other specs might consider having dual BM specs: one geared more for BGs; the other more suited for arena. I know, no great revelation or idea, but a couple of different selections in the talent trees might make for a more competitive BM hunter in each environment.

    • Duke says:

      Having duel bm spec is fun…just not cool if you want to get into raiding to get the coveted pieces that make us op. But if that’s all your into is rbgs and arenas its a great idea.And ive tested my brains out with live switches from mastery/crit…wasn’t to happy with all mastery,cept for the amazing kc you can get.In the end i just balanced it out and got better results…i did pick the mastery pieces over crit.pvp…but no reforging cept my hit to mastery.

  4. Bozanimal says:

    “…as just 2k rating in rated battlegrounds is something retarded like 2.8k conquest points a week.”

    Arthemystia said just the other day in the BM PvP post that Frost vets all his writers, and I might have agreed before I’d read this. No matter how often I see it in battlegrounds, use of the term, “retard” or “retarded” hasn’t been okay since the 80’s, and even then it was questionable. Otherwise I would have considered this to be a great introduction to gearing and racials.

    One thing I might add under “How to Gear” would be a resilience goal. The most common question I see from new PvP players is, “How much resilience is enough?” There’s never enough, but it is my experience in 4.3 that you want to aim for 4,200 before entering Rated play, which is easily doable with Honor gear.

    Great guide other than those two points, and I look forward to the next installment.

    • Pepprdgefarm says:

      I’d tweak the resilience goal depending on the skill of the player. For players new to PVP, I’d say the more the merrier. Honestly, most hunters new to pvp don’t last long enough as it is in arena/rbgs, so the more resilience they can stack the better off they’ll be. I’d say 4.5k+ would be an attainable goal with all season 11 pvp honor gear. As for the more experienced hunters, I’ve seen some very good hunters running with 4k resil without much trouble. They simply position themselves well enough to minimize how much damage they take.

    • Tapington says:

      Fair point Bozanimal. I agree that the usage of a certain word in my guide was unnecessary and would edit it if I had the option to. I have disgust for RBGs and their 33%+ rating/points week cap. I don’t like being pigeon holed into having to find 9 other people to play with. I prefer playing with a few close friends and maybe it’s just me, but I don’t have 9 close friends who have the right class to make a proper RBG Team.

      I appreciate you taking your time to read and offer feedback on my article. Thank you.

  5. Purcy says:

    Thanks for the continuing flow of information. Poor Purcy hasn’t PvP’d since Wrath and I’ve just begun to start poking my head back into some random BG’s. Things have changed! I never wore PvP gear in BG’s back then. If they got to me, I was dead anyway. If I got focused, I was dead anyway. My ability to deal death was nearly doubled in my PvE gear back then. In the couple of BG’s I’ve stuck my toe in… wow… talk about quick death! So yeah, resilience.. Learning to love it!

    @Bozanimal Agreed. Civility is the key.

    @Duke I’m a bit confused. Your first reply seemed to indicate survivability is far more important than the benefits of 2pT13 focus regen, but your follow up posts seemed to agree that it’s all about death dealing, and survivability is for pretenders. No critique, I’m just trying for clarification on what seems to be two contradictory opinions.

    A more general question: Is it even worth bothering without PvP gear, just to get back in the swing of PvP? Also, is the crafted gear worth putting on if it doesn’t cost? (Just levelled up my LW, so it’s already in the bags…)

    Thanks all!


    • Duke says:

      What im saying is i get better results and far higher dps with krill,fury of beast and vile of shadows…or star catcher compass…haste trink than i did with the 2 set bonus .Im acutely a bit higher with star catcher compass now that vile has been nerfed. That way im still above 4 k resill.SO you have best of both worlds…insane dps with enough resill to get you out of a casters way…As any hunter knows the only break we get is when we have pocket heals that can play on your to cc or fear…mind contol…hell any healer that decent..once we get heals we become death it self..”tropic thunder”what kind of farmer am i
      “IM A LEAD FARMER MO-O”…Its pg just in case
      And all im saying style..a persons choice how he plays..give enough info to anyone and he can be op.Last patch is was all about resill…this patch not so much…next patch,mist resill is losing its effectiveness so raiders can pvp with out becoming target dummy’s.”hunter snacks”
      So i will over come and adept as game mechanics change.

    • Tapington says:

      Agreed too, I’ll keep in mind for future articles to keep my vocabulary a bit more civil.

      I wouldn’t really bother with playing arena seriously until at least 4k resilience, which is easily obtainable through PvP grinding. As for the vicious crafted set, if it’s cheap, go ahead. You will be replacing them as you play BGs though, so it’s up to you and your wallet.

  6. Teeborg says:

    I’ve been running with the +130 AGI enchant on my polearm. Am I doing it wrong? What’s the rationale for the Pyrium Weapon Chain over the enchant?

    • Duke says:

      the mechanic is less disarm time vers 130 agil=per 25 agi=100 ap wich is shared with your pet,i think is the formula.also adding crit

    • Bozanimal says:

      You’re not doing it wrong. It’s a personal preference thing; the Pyrium Chain can save your butt in certain situations (Warrior, Rogue, and Hunter pet disarms), but you are foregoing offensive pressure in most situations.

      In general I prefer the DPS enchant over the disarm reduction because – unless I’m facing off against a high-rated opponent – it’s very rare that I find myself disarmed. In battlegrounds in particular – rated or otherwise – it’s usually a waste.

      • Teeborg says:

        Good points. I exclusively play battlegrounds due to a lack of arena partners. Disarms have only recently become a problem since I’ve been grinding Hellscream rep in Tol Barad. I think that battleground attracts a slightly higher caliber of player.

      • Duke says:

        Well said Bozanimal

    • Pepprdgefarm says:

      Tee, it is a preference thing as the others have mentioned, but with the high percentage of rogues, priests, and warrriors, running around I’d definitely go with the weapon chain. Think about all the things you use your ranged weapon for and imagine what you’d do if you were disarmed for 10 secs every minute. That’s 10 secs of doing nothing except possible dropping a trap or 2 at your feet, while either you or your teammates are getting hammered. You won’t be able to scatter shot, concussive shot, pew pew, trap launch, tranq, regain focus with steady/cobra shot, or any of the other things you need to do in pvp. 10 seconds is a long time to sit on your hands doing nothing. I’d rather shorten that to 4 seconds and take the agility loss. After all, PVP is less about raw damage and more about control.

      • Duke says:

        Two seprate play styles…3s and 5s need chain rbgs dont…..rbg has heals…so dose arenas…but hey to each their own…ive got my rating.

        why dose it sound like your theory crafting instead of actualy knowing what your talking about pepprdgefarm.

      • Pepprdgefarm says:

        Duke, it’s not theorycrafting but experience that has led me to this belief. You’re welcome to look up my profile any time. That being said, I’ve looked up your profile Duke and can’t seem to find any arena/rbg achievements to back up your claims. Maybe I’m just looking at the wrong hunter named Duke.

    • Tapington says:

      @ Teeborg
      130 AGI vs 44 Hit rating/4 second disarms as opposed to 10.

      Personal preference. Against -good- teams in arena, they’ll save their disarm for an opportune moment, and if it’s a whole 10 seconds instead of just 4, it’s likely to really swings things around. It can really mess up your day. For RBGs and Normal Battlegrounds, you could probably get away with 130+agi.

      OR, If you’re really lucky/rich, get 2 of the same weapon and put 130 agi on one, and a weapon chain on the other, and just switch them depending on what you’re facing. I believe you can still change weapons in combat too.

      • Steelhide says:

        Swapping weapons is what I do. It’s cheap too, if you use the honor weapons.

        I also have a macro for swapping weapons out. It’s a must have in this situation as the macros icon shows you which weapon you have equipped, just mouse hover, and see the tooltip if you aren’t certain you equipped the right one. No need to open character menu and block half your screen to check.

        I’ll try to remember to post it later, but if you search rogue macros you’ll eventually find it.

  7. Omogon says:

    I tend to agree with Teeborg. Getting dissarmed sucks …but my goal is to stay away from guys who can disarm me….then the extra 130 agility makes me hit harder.

  8. Duke says:

    Ok ….i can put my eppen up…reading these post i realize something we are all on the same team…tap…instead of saying mean and hurtful things..ill say this…you post your opinions and ill add to not take away from yours.A difference or another avenue some one can take if their aggressive like me.Ill share a secret…learning each class buy dueling them every day naked in mm…….will teach you how to defeat them….not by epeening them to death,but buy befriending them and talking through each and every duel…what i can do to stop what he dose.Researching my class in every spec..why each has their strengths and weaknesses.
    oh man what can i say….mm is the dance,each move played like chess….bm is like dukenukem….i chew bubblegum and kick a-s…and im all out of bubble gum.First person shooter “lawl” and untill blizzard restores the former glory of sv….we lost a fun spec to Nerf due to crying players….omg that hunter just killed me in 4 shots…..crysss qq….And to our surprise NERF..
    more latter…any questions plz post…”barry gordys “”the last dragon”LET YOUR MIND AND BODY BECOME ONE,AND THEIR YOU WILL FIND THE ANSWER”

    • Pepprdgefarm says:

      It’s great that you want to contribute to the discussion Duke, but a cursory grammar/spell check would be appreciated. I had a hard time following your point in the above post. In addition, dueling is great and all but I do believe the thrust of Tap’s article is with regards to arena and rbgs.

      • Duke says:

        Evey thing ive said is about arenas and rbgs..and pvp in general…And where do you think great players get thier info on arenas and rbgs…what is the most basic pvp you can do… learn each class and what to do to beat them.And for you wanting to correct my grammer…plz do…im a war vet with 3 fingers on his left hand blind in one eye and a missing thumb on my right…so spelling and grammer arent on top of my list….just getting my words out thier so avid hunters can learn from some one thats been thier done that.This game is where i am not hurt and can still hunt the bad guys..As this post said “basic”…so got got down to the basics..if you get face rolled buy every class then you might be doing something take it back to dueling where the learning starts

      • Pepprdgefarm says:

        I hope you’re sincere when you call yourself a war vet. Through my work I’ve collaborated with a lot of disabled vets, and of course have also worked with a number of disabled persons posing as war vets. Nothing peaks my ire more than the con men out there claiming to be vets when they’re not. False claims to be a member of the armed services in war is both dishonorable and illegal. I’m hoping you are who you say you are.

    • Rddragon says:

      I’ll have what ever he’s smoking.

    • Tapington says:

      Duke, thanks for all you’ve written so far on the articles, you’ve put in some great info for others to read and I’d encourage you to keep writing. I do wish however, that you would post your armory, so your claims may be backed up. And maybe a spell check wouldn’t hurt either. :P

  9. Pepprdgefarm says:

    Hey Tap, I’d like to add the other epic gems available:

    red, delicate queen’s garnet = +50 agility
    blue, stormy deepholm iolite = +63 spell pen
    yellow, mystic lightstone = +50 resilience

    • Duke says:

      Basic pep dose not include top gems that cost 8k a pop for agi

      • Pepprdgefarm says:

        It’s basic for those of us who Raid Duke. It’s a matter of being lucky with the drops. I’ve gotten 4 Queen’s Garnets so far just raiding once a week/every other week, so it’s not inconceivable for people who are much more serious about raiding to have many more.

    • Tapington says:

      Hey Pep, if you’ve got them, use them. It’s a shame I don’t have JC -.- the gems are nice!

  10. Steelhide says:


    Disabled Vet?!? Thank you for your service! I also apologize for any crap I may have given you, brother. I do tend to put my foot in my mouth from time to time.

  11. Steelhide says:

    Something else basic to add that is always overlooked it seems. This doesn’t really apply to rated BGs or Arenas of course, but, don’t talk crap about the other players in the random BGs. For example, “Damn noobs! Coming in here with no resilience gear!” or “Hunter! That’s not a PvP pet!” or the ever famous “We are gonna lose! You all suck”. There just isn’t room for that kind of talk when you need to be busy. The chat should be limited to stratagems for wining, not whining.

    I highly recommend using /ignore if a player does that more than once, as they will probably do it non stop. You could miss an important piece of info that could cost the game.

    As for doing BGs in raiding gear, or non PvP gear, so what. You have to start somewhere. Using the afore mentioned grinding of the Call to Arms BG is very good advice. If you have the time, you can even grind out two sets of gear (Which i have done. one set for PvPing, second set to gem and enchant pure STAM with for soloing. My turtle mend pet ticks over 22k per tick).

    • Banjul says:

      I agree 100% with what Steel says regarding talking. Nothing drives me crazier than to see someone QQ’ing in BG chat the whole fight. How can you do your job and type a manifesto every 10 seconds.

  12. Frostheim says:

    — DUKE — > I appreciate that the pvp world has a slightly different culture of flexing nuts and trash-talking; however, if you want to keep participating in the conversation please 1) be polite and 2) post an armory link to backup your nut flexing.

    • Pepprdgefarm says:

      LOL to nut flexing.

      • Köa says:

        Hey, Guys, Im a fairly experienced hunter in arena. But first of all Ive noticed the discussion has shifted from pvp to argueing. Please shift it back to pvp and also I was wondering about the latest 2peice for hunters. At the start of 4.3 EVERY hunter had the 2 peice on, but now all of the top hunters Ive been seeing are using the 4peice pvp set with tier legs Please enlighten me on this fact