1. Movement/Keybindings/Macros
2. Addons

1. Keybindings/Movement/Macros

It is very very important that you learn how to keybind efficiently and use your mouse to turn. Keyboard turning(Using A and D or Q and E to turn) is very inefficient and ineffective. It is much more effective to use your keyboard to bind all your spells than it is to use your mouse to click them. I’m sure some of you may find it difficult at first to adjust from clicking or keyboard turning but once you get used to it, you’ll see just how much quicker it is. Most FPS gamers find it natural to turn using the keyboard, and strafe with the movement keys. It’s almost impossible to kite, jump shot, accurately use disengage to do a full 180(I call this the hunter charge) if you use your keyboard to turn, and mouse to click your abilities. Do yourself a favor and unbind your “S” key. There’s no place for backpeddling on the battlefield!

Initially when I started I clicked as because the action bar’s were unbinded and the main action bar only went from 1 to =, and I thought that was the only way to play. I quickly figured out how to keybind and over time found what was comfortable to use. I’ll post my keybindings so you’ll have a bit of an idea of what it’s like to have EVERYTHING keybinded.

Tap’s Keybindings:

Main Action Bar:(Have a second action page I access by holding shift and using the scroll wheel down. It just has mounts and unused aspects/res pet)
1 – Steady/Cobra Shot
2 – Arcane/Explosive Shot
3 – Multishot (Almost never use)
4 – Aimed Shot/Intimidation
5 – Chimera Shot
Shift+Tab – Cobra Shot(For when I’m MM and want to use Cobra instead of Steady. Reason being Cobra hits a fair bit harder, so I’ll use Steady Shot twice to get the 15% casting speed buff, and then use a few Cobra Shots.)
Ctrl+Tab – Aspect Of The Fox
Ctrl+Space – Deterrence
Shift+ Space – Disengage

Bottom Left Action Bar:
F1 – Wing Clip
F2 – Concussive Shot
F3 – Scatter Shot
F4 – Kill Shot
Ctrl+C – Mend Pet
Ctrl+Q – Aspect Of The Hawk
Ctrl+E – Rapid Fire
Ctrl+R – Cannibalism
Shift+C – Camouflage
Shift+Q – Scare Beast
Shift+E – Will Of The Forsaken
Shift+R – Hunter’s Mark

Bottom Right Action Bar:
Ctrl+F1 – Aspect Of The Cheetah
Ctrl+F2 – Trap Launcher
Ctrl+F3 – Explosive Trap
Shift+F1 – Tranquilizing Shot
Shift+F2 – PvP Trinket
Shift+F3 – Flare
Shift+F4 – Bandage
Shift+1 – Feign Death
Shift+2 – Freezing Trap
Shift+3 – Silencing Shot
Shift+4 – Ice Trap
Shift+5 Readiness

Right Action Bar:
Q – Glove Enchant
R – Kill Command
E – Snake Trap
C – Master’s Call
S – Call Pet
Ctrl+S – Rocket Boots
Shift+S – Dismiss Pet
Z – Consumables(Healthstones/Food)
Ctrl+Mouse Button 4 – Focus Scatter Shot
Ctrl+Mouse Button 5 – Focus Silencing Shot
Ctrl+Scroll Wheel Up – Master’s Call on Mouseover
Ctrl+Scroll Wheel Down – Roar of Sacrifice on Mouseover
Mouse Button 4 – Focus Target
Mouse Button 5 – Autorun

Pet Binds –
Ctrl+1 – Attack
Ctrl+2 – Follow
Ctrl+3 – Move To
Ctrl+4 – Web/Special Pet Ability 1
Ctrl+5 – Bullheaded/Special Pet Ability 2

Now don’t worry about binding absolutely EVERYTHING. Just focus on what you know needs to be accessible quicker. I have boundall my abilities to be close to where my movement keys are, so I don’t have to reach all the way to P, for an example, to cast a trap etc. Don’t try to copy my binds, they work me because they’re mine and I’m used to them, and they probably will seem very foreign to you. Rather, create your own. Use the Shift/Alt/Ctrl modifiers. use Q/E/R/C/X/Z. You’ve got plenty of keys to choose from, be creative. Make it yours.


I actually use a lot of macros. Not all of them were created by me, so I’m not going to take credit for any of them, but I’ll share what I think are the most important ones.

List of Macros:

#showtooltip# Wing Clip
/cast Wing Clip
/cancelaura Deterrence
/cancelaura Hand of Protection

What this macro does is cancels any immunity that you may have on you, so you can start attacking again. I find it useful to bind with Wing Clip, instead of having to use another keybind for it.

#showtooltip Eagle Eye
/use !Eagle Eye

This one is just a fun macro. It allows you to use Eagle eye just like a Shaman’s Far Sight ability.

#showtooltip Flare
/use !Flare

Now what the ! does before flare, is keeps the targetting circle toggled on, even if you mash the button a few times, so you don’t lose the targetting reticle. The following macros do essentially the same thing.

/cast !Aspect of the Fox

/cast !Aspect of the Hawk

Now I don’t use one of these for AotCheetah. Reason being I want to cancel it, when I hit the button again.

#showtooltip Roar of sacrifice
/cast [target=mouseover,help,exists][help][target=player] Roar of sacrifice

What this macro does, is cast RoS on the portrait or friendly you currently have your mouseover. If you have no mouseover target, then it will use RoS on you.

/cast feign death

#showtooltip# Silencing Shot
/cast Silencing Shot

The /stopcasting in these macros ensure that you will silence your target instantly, or instantly feign, even if you are in the middle of casting steady/aimed shot.

/cast [target=focus] Scatter shot

/cast [target=focus] Silencing Shot

/cast [target=focus] Wyvern Sting

These macros will use the ability on your Focus target instead of your normal target.

2. Addons

Personally, I don’t run with very many addons at all. I used to use TukUI and various compilations with extravagant unit frames and all sorts of different addons for bars and sound. I find the default UI is sufficient for my needs with just a few addons that I’ll list below.

LoseControl – Helps you to see CC better. It will place an icon in the middle of the screen of the CC that is currently affecting you and a timer on how long it’ll last. Also has icons/timers for party frames, and target/focus frames. A must have.

Gladius – Arena unit frames with DR timers adjacent to the frames that allow you to see how long you have left on your DR’s. Also has a lot of call out options, for example “Tap is drinking!” “Tap has used trinket!” “Tap is ressing!” etc. Also has a Trinket tracker, so you can see whether your opponents have used their PvP trinket or not. Heavily recommended.

OmniCC – This addon put a timer on your targets debuffs and on your cooldowns, allowing you to see more specifically how long you have left on a Scatter Shot cooldown, or how much time you have left on serpent sting etc. Absolute must have addon.



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  1. Steelhide says:

    Small. Correction needed on that Wing Clip macro. The aura cancels need to come before the wing clip. If an aura was active, wing clip wouldn’t activate unless you hit it twice.

  2. Waglif says:

    Another very helpful addon for PvP is “Healers have to die”, it helps you to identify who are the healers in BG or Arena.

    • Steelhide says:

      I love the “ding” sound when I target or hover over a healer. Reminds me of when I was a kid in my grandfathers Union 76 station, and someone pulls up to the pumps…DING DING…

      Also, something built into WoW that I only recently discovered…. SHIFT-M
      Pressing Shift-M will give you second mini map, of the entire BG or ZONE, with little pips where each team member is. Very useful to have in BGs to know where ALL of your team is, and you can make informed decisions about where to go, especially Tol Barad and Wintergrasp.

      The Addon Carbonite ups the ante a litte on that map by giving a lot more detail in its own map. It shows locations of everyone, allows zooming in and out, and if someone in the group also has Carbonite mod running, and they can see an enemy, you will get a red flashing indicator near them to let you know.

      Carbonite also gives you a very nice warning that an enemy is nearby, usually a couple of seconds before you can even see them, or target them. That warning time has given me plenty of time to Cammo, and watch (ok, wait for) a rogue come in, unstealth near the flag to cap it, and allow me to pounce on him! Oh so sweet, geting the drop on a rogue for a change.

  3. Pepprdgefarm says:

    For those of us without the pro pvp skills of a Tapington, Braindeadly, or Garxz, I’d recommend the following addons:

    This tells you the distance between you and your target and focus target. This is pretty darned handy for skirting the edge of max distance between you and your target. Great for helping you move out of range of casted spells and keeping distance from melee. Also, knowing exactly how far your focus target is helps with focus scatter trapping.

    This posts a Raid style alert on your UI for when an enemy casts spells and lets you know who the spell is targeting. The spell list is customizable. This is useful especially in the thick of combat as it helps you know which spells have been cast and towards whom.

    Doomcooldown pulse
    This addon flashes an icon of abilities as they come off CD in the middle of the screen. I don’t use Power Auras anymore as I’ve found it causes glitches with my current setup. Having this addon is definitely a quality of life improvement.

    • Pepprdgefarm says:

      I forgot to add:

      Battleground targets
      This addon is like having a simplified Gladius but for battlegrounds. It can tell you the class, spec, health, etc of the enemy team. This is prob the one addon you shouldn’t do without for RBGs. Knowing who the flag carrier is, how many healers, which comp, how much health, etc that the other team has at all times helps you pick the next kill target. In addition, it can also let you know how many of your teammates are targeting the same target. Focusing on the same target is key for RBG success. In addition, it allows you to simply left click on an enemy frame to create a focus without deselecting your current target.

  4. Kirk says:

    Thanks for this guide. Its very helpful.

  5. Mascaron says:

    While this is a nice list of keybinds and macros I’d like to share a few things about my setup that varies from Tapington’s.

    1) Change your movement keys to ESDF. This give you another column of keys (QAZ) to use for binds.

    2) Do you really need to use the scroll to move the camera in and out? I have that function bound to shift+(up arrow) and shift+(down arrow). This opens up both directions of the scroll wheel for binds. My personal preference is to use the scroll wheel for spells I cast all the time such as Cobra/Steady.

    3) Initially, It might be tough to bind spells to keys that already have uses such as “C” which is the shortcut for the character pane, “V”, “Z”, “R”, and “X”, but it has definitely been better for me in the long run. What I did was:

    K= Character Pane
    8= Pull out weapon
    9= Sit Down
    0= Nameplates (did the same with the shift+ and ctrl+ modifiers for nameplates)
    Y= Whisper reply

  6. Steelhide says:

    O.K., you may all think this odd, but the first time I heard “DR” as a WoW term other than for damage reduction was about two weeks ago. Since then, I see it all the time.

    At first I assumed it was a spell ck auto correct funtion, changing CD for DR. But now, as often as I see it, it looks intentional.

    I’ve searched, the only thing I can find for DR is Damage Reduction. What other meaning does it have?

    • Pepprdgefarm says:

      DR for PVP refers to diminishing returns. It refers to the internal CD inherent when a player is hit with successive CCs of the same type. For example, when you scatter trap a healer during an arena match, then pop readiness to follow up with a second scatter trap to lengethen the CC chain, the second scatter and trap will last for half as long as the original. If the healer were to get hit with another scatter trap from another hunter, then the 3rd scatter trap would last for a quarter as long as the original and any further scatter traps would have no effect until the DR debuff wears off.

  7. Steelhide says:

    Here is my macro for swapping weapons. Note this is right off my rogue, so assuming the rules apply equally to hunters, you can swap weapons while in combat. I use this just for that reason, for fast weapon swaps for another poison, without waiting for 3 seconds to apply it.

    #showtooltip [mod] 0 15; 16
    /equipslot 16 0 15

    I found this on a rogues website, and I honestly dont know what each component means (like the ‘0’ for instance, no clue there). But here’s what this little jewel does.

    When pressed, it auto equips, or swaps out, the weapon in the next to last slot of your MAIN back pack, that slot being slot 15, and your main hand weapon, that being equipment slot 16.

    It also shows the current weapon equipped in the ICON on the task bar. If you hover over the macro, you get the tool tip for the currently equipped weapon. If you press shift or CTRL that display changes to the weapon in the bag slot that is waiting to be swapped.
    Note: you need to have the correct weapons in the correct slots for this to work.

    For Off Hand weapon use…
    #showtooltip [mod] 0 16; 17
    /equipslot 17 0 16
    (16 being the LAST slot in the main bag)

    and the one you’ve been waiting for…
    the RANGED SLOT…
    #showtooltip [mod] 0 14; 18
    /equipslot 18 0 14

    I guess the best use a hunter can get out of this is to swap back and forth main hand weapons that have AGILITY or Weapon Chain on them. Possible use could be in raids where your gun gets destroyed and you need to swap to a spare? But im not sure if it works in a raid inviroment.

  8. Ðynamic says:

    What about having macros that auto switch to AotH or AotF depending on which spell you’re using? Using fox for cobra shot or steady shot and hawk for all the harder shots like chimera..

    • Tapington says:

      I’ve used these before, but I find that for some reason, macro’ing aspect changes into your shots causes a slightly input lag on the shot itself. Also the in-game sound spam gets a little annoying. I just smash keys to make sure I am in the right aspect when I’m firing off a chimera/arcane shot spamming, and Fox when I start moving. I’ll usually switch aspects every 4-10 seconds on my hunter, depending on the situation of course. In arena I tend to stay in Hawk a lot if I’m not getting trained.

  9. Semris says:

    I obviously do PvP all wrong… I thought I just need to kill Horde and fight for BG objectives.

    Now I found out I need 10 add ons, 30 macros and specific key binds.

    You guys made my morning. :D

    • Steelhide says:

      What?!? You don’t have addons? You probably have the default UI too, huh? Oh, wait, that sounds like my set up. Lol.

      All this fluff, is just that. Fluff. A player can perform just fine without macros and addons. But they do make it easier, and it’s a deffinate edge in play, so at least look into them.

  10. Alex says:

    binding keys – tips:
    -dont be worried to change your keys, you will feel them unconfortable for few hours, but after that the benefits are overwhelming
    -pick 3 consecutive keys for strafe left, run forward, strafe right(eg. Q,W,E) + unbind any other movement key
    -use the row of keys above for shots u use most starting with the key above the one for running forward(W). that would be ‘3’. Then asign spells in order of importance continuing with ‘2’,’4′,’1′,’5′,’~’,’6′ (Eg. 3=steady/cobra,2=arcane,4=exlposive,1=black arrow,5=kill shot,~=scatter,6=Tranq shot)
    -use the row of keys below for abilities u need to reach asap like trinket/every man for himself, masters call ,feign death, detterence. these would be ‘D’,’A’,’S’ also use second row below ‘Z’,’X’,’X’ for less important stuff like Mend Pet or calling pet back to u
    -use top row above (function keys) for special abilities and power trinkets: interupts, stuns(including traps), rapid fire, call of the wild, etc
    -put traps near trap launcher eg. F5=TL, F6=Freezing Trap, F7=Frost trap, F8=Snake. Dont rely on macros for launching a trap
    -Mix in a macro Mount with some other spell(eg.Multi-shot) on F1 (while in combat cast multishot while out mount/unmount)

    -use a 5 button mouse. put aspect changing macro(Hawk/Fox) on button 4, and Disengage on 5, and someting important on middle button (concussive,scatter shot,silencing,wing clip). Mouse buttons are the easiest to press when moving, while other keys, can or cannot be pressed while moving. Take these things into acount when you bind your keys. Never put a useless spell on an easy to reach key, that is worse than comming in full PvE gear for pvp :)

    -use Ctrl/shift + key for support abilities like mend pet, flare, but avoid those for abilities u need in the heat of the battle

    • Alex says:

      clicking both left and right mouse button equals run forward. remember this when you need to run, but also need to reach a dificult to reach key with your left hand

  11. Alex says:

    Macros to consider (i wont put the code here you will figure it out for sure)
    1.Aspect switch Hawk/Fox
    3.Call pet button Mend+Resurect(alt)+Dismiss(shift)+CallPet1(nopet)
    5.cancel aura + detterence (dont spam!)
    7.Assist macros
    8.Power macro (RapidFire,Call)
    9.Pet stun ability – you will need to micromanage that – leaving it on auto is just noobish
    p.s. dont drown yourself in macros, make sure that are useful for you by a great margin, othewise just directly link the abilities

  12. Pepprdgefarm says:

    All in one pet special ability macro
    #showtooltip null
    /use [mod:shift,@focus][@mouseover, harm][harm] Bad Manner
    /use [mod:shift,@focus][@mouseover, harm][harm] web
    /use [mod:shift,@focus][@mouseover, harm][harm] Intimidation

    Silencing Shot macro
    #showtooltip Silencing Shot
    /cancelaura Deterrence
    /cancelaura Hand of Protection
    /cast [mod:shift,@focus][@mouseover,exists,harm][] Silencing Shot

  13. Pilgrimz says:

    “Most FPS gamers find it natural to turn using the keyboard, and strafe with the movement keys”

    What? What was the last FPS you played? Doom? Wolfeinstein 3D? Its been WASD for movement forward/backward, strafe left/right and using the mouse to aim and turn for over a decade. Ever hear of a game called Quake? I do believe it was the FIRST game to have mouse look, although you had to enable it yourself.

    • Steelhide says:

      Ah, yes, Quake. I loved that one. But it was an FPS. We arent playing an FPS style here (you could zoom all the way in, and you’ll probably not do very well) WoW is played as what I beleive is called a 3rd person shooter. The first one of those I played was Tomb Raider*, and it had mouse look as well.

      *having some found memories of playing that game now, with my 4 and 6 yr olds watching. And then about pissing their pants as we saw the T-Rex come out of nowhere and pick Lara up in its mouth, and hear a loud crunch.

      • Pilgrimz says:

        I know were not playing an fps here. I was referring to Tapington’s explanation of how FPS are played. “turn using the keyboard, and strafe with the movement keys” Not since Doom and Duke Nukem 3D…

        Not to sound like a jerk, but you did read the article and the portion I quoted right?

  14. Steelhide says:

    Lol… Yes I read, and understood. That comment of mine was a culmination of pain killers, my bad writing habits, pulling wife aggro and going /afk, not proofing, and hitting submit when what I really intended to do was edit it down to make sense.

    – still hoping for that edit button !7:^)

  15. Mehulk says:

    @Alex: Amazing. I’ve tried Keybindings before but got turned off quickly cause I couldn’t figure out where exactly to put things. After reading your post and how easy the layout was, I immediately wanted to try again. Thanks for taking the time. FTH