1. Talents+Glyphs
2. Pets

Marksmanship Talent Spec 0/31/5+


  • High burst damage.
  • Control and massive utility with Readiness.
  • Only spec with an interrupt(Silencing Shot).
  • The “Cookie Cutter” PvP spec.


  • Mediocre sustained damage on plate.

Marksmanship Glyphs:



Minor: Feign Death/Scare Beast/Mend Pet.

I would recommend using Concussive Shot/Master’s Call/Disengage as your major glyphs.

Talent Variations/Choices:

Survival Tactics*Recommended* – Amazing talent for 2 points. It’s practically a must have for trapping and the 4 seconds off Disengage offers some extra mobility as well. With the Disengage Glyph, your Disengage will only have a 16 second cooldown. Comparing it to the cooldown on Shadowstep and Charge, you’ll almost always have a way to create a gap between you and the melee you’re kiting.

Entrapment*Recommended – Adds some utility to Snake Trap and Ice trap. It’s a worthy talent if you find yourself using either Snake or Ice Trap, however in most comps you’ll find yourself using a Scatter Shot into a Freezing Trap. Up to you whether you feel you need the extra root.

One With Nature*Recommended* – With the recent buff to Aspect of the Hawk, 3/3 gives you more AP than you can wave a gnome at.

It’s a toss up between Entrapment and Survival Tactics, or maxing out One with Nature.

****2. Pets****

In arena you can call/dismiss pets anytime, so having an arsenal of pets with abilities for all situations is a must.
I Find overall the Monkey is by far the superior pet with adding another 4 seconds of CC onto your already large 12 seconds of CC from Scatter+Trap every ~30 seconds.

Marksmanship Pets:

  • Monkey – Bad Manner – This ability is amazing for a little extra CC. It does not share a DR with trap or scatter. *Recommended Pet.*
  • Spider – Web – A decent ranged root.
  • Moth – Serenity Dust – The go to pet for caster cleaves.
  • Wolf (wait what?) – Furious Howl – Now, why a PvE pet you ask? simple. When you’re in arena, buffs that last over 30 seconds will stay even after the doors open. Call your wolf out, wait until about 15 seconds left until doors open(there’s a count down message in-game) and use Furious Howl, then dismiss the wolf, and call one of your other pets. When the game begins you’ll have about ~50 seconds of +5% crit.

Pet Talent Specs:


Marksmanship is currently the go-to PvP spec for hunters. Its massive burst damage, coupled with unparalleled control and mobility, and the utility of Readiness for 2x cooldown makes it the “best” spec overall for all aspects of PvP.

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  1. Jessie says:

    Thank you! I saw your (re)introduction the other day and I am looking forward to seeing more posts from you! I started playing just over a year ago and am still struggling with optimizing my damage.

    Welcome back!

  2. Andane says:

    Glad your back, considering I do a great deal of PvP. But I do have a question, and I don’t know if it sounds stupid or not but, would you use steady or cobra for pvp? I know I switched to using cobra because it wasn’t affected by high armor, but then I missed out on the buffs MM gives to steady.

  3. Ivan says:

    The glyph of mend pet isn’t there anymore. Maybe the revive pet one is the only choice left of some utility. Unless you use lesser proportion and hope Dk’s dont see our tiny monkeys :D

  4. Sofeladese says:

    You can do the same trick with a wolf with a cat, if your team doesn’t have str/agi buff. If you have good latency, use Furious Howl at :11, dismiss, call cat, Roar of Courage, dismiss, pet of choice, mount up. Should end mount right as the door opens.

  5. Kharal says:

    Though it is not directly related to MM spec we may want to tell hunters the benefit of Tracking Hidden. It adds +6 to a hunters stealth detection. Best case scenario you can’t see a rogue 15 yards in front, 10 yards at 45 degrees and beyond that 5 yards. Hunters can have multiple “trackers” on at the same time now. This is fantastic in BGs.

  6. Johan says:

    What about Dog as pet? It does the same thing as monkey right?

  7. Johan says:

    What about Dog as pet? It does the same thing as monkey right?

  8. Suupy says:

    Ive already posted this under SV guide :P… but i guess it wouldnt hurt to put it here as well.

    Nice to have ya back tap . I also have a question. Instead of glyph of concussive shot/trap launcher why not use raptor strike ?… its pretty good damage reduction agaisnt melle and those crappy mages that freeze you right in their face.
    Also… i don’t do math… but wouldnt it be better to have glyph of dazzled prey over arcane shot. I mean extra focus to use ur shots over a small dps boost ??

  9. Lornehil says:

    I am being completely serious when I say this:
    Spore bats are a good pet to use in arena against caster cleaves on maps where they are in close proximity to each other. Their ability is an aoe, undispellable (yes, undispellable) cast time slow. Against a team with 3 casters, being able to lower all of their out put at once as a punishment for them stacking on boxes all game long to try to negate you as a Hunter, it can be quite good.

  10. Steefer says:

    Why do you consider the monkey better than the spider? Seems that the spider’s CC is a 5 sec hold with a 40 sec cooldown, and the monkey is a 4 sec hold with a minute cooldown. Is there advantages other than CC with the monkey?

    • Tapington says:

      Other than CC no, there’s really isn’t much of a point to use the monkey outside of it. Mind you web is dispellable, though I prefer using the spider in BGs/Duels

    • Stolen says:

      The utility of the Monkey over Crab, Dog, or Spider, is that the Monkey’s Blind CC is undispellable, and the only pet CC that can interrupt casters. It’s a disorient CC not a root. Word.

  11. blindsnipers says:

    monkey is by far the best 4 second blind (like rogues) and a ability called roar of sacrifics that can be cast on any player these ability means the target that this has been casted on can not be crictically hit for 12 second damage is transfered to monkey if you being burst by a frost dk and you put this on the dks burst is completly gone. I roll 4 monkeys and 1 wolf for pve and buff at start to i use roar and dismiss monkey ready for the next roar the other teams damage is forced so low best pvp pet in game