1. Talents+Glyphs
2. Pets

Beast Mastery Talent Spec 31/7/0+


  • High burst damage with Bestial wrath.


  • Poor sustained damage.
  • Lack of a ranged interrupt.
  • Rely heavily on pet for damage. Poor pet management and the death of your pet will render you almost useless.

Beast Mastery Glyphs:



Minor: Feign Death/Scare Beast.

Talent Variations/Choices:

There is very little room for variation within the BM talent spec. The last 3 points would be best spent in “Hunter vs. Wild” Talent in Survival.

****2. Pets****

In arena you can call/dismiss pets anytime, so having an arsenal of pets with abilities for all situations is a must.
I Find overall the Monkey is by far the superior pet with adding another 4 seconds of CC onto your already large 12 seconds of CC from Scatter+Trap every ~30 seconds.

Beast Mastery Pets:

  • Silithid – Venom Web Spray – Essentially the same as the Spider’s Web. Solid pet for BM.
  • Shale Spider – Web Wrap – Shares DR with Intimidation.
  • Spirit Beast – Spirit Mend – Decent heal that you can use on either yourself or somebody else. Scale very well with AP.

Pet Talent Specs:


Beast Mastery is currently slightly more viable than survival for PvP, but nonetheless it’s still rarely seen in the competitive scene due to the weaknesses that it shares with Survival that Marksmanship accommodates for.

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  1. Duke says:

    hello im a 2500 3s and 5s/rbgs 2350.I play bm for pvp and sv for raids..bouth use mastery for bonus.Im almost shocked you would suggest a monkey in bm really.Tap or who ever wrote this misinformed pvp farce,plz dont lead hunters down a road that dosent work.Any bm hunter that knows pvp would never use a monkey”a control”over ferocity spirt beast with heal or dino for crit+50 percent less heals is a viable comp now in 3s.But only the best of the best can pull it off.As far as no interrupts in bm…we have the best…intimidate.Any time your pet gets foucsed…dimiss and call it again.I wont give it away because its what separates the op from the casuals,but i will give a hint in the bm spec their are 2 talent if you can use your pet right will = 160k kill commands. 10 servers and counting…i move realms to duel…i havent lost yet..did the entire horde side now im on the alie side looking for the best of each class.Hunter are the top dogs in pvp…just got to know what your doing.

    • Draeygon says:

      Gonna need a screenshot of some sort to believe a statement like that… have had some pretty high KC crits, but nowhere near that level especially against someone who is in pvp gear….

      • Duke says:

        wild hunt and stealth from a ferocity…above 50 percent focus coming from stealth for bonus.Also in mid fight when you do get your scatter, pet back let it invise spam kill command as you send it back in.My duels last all of 10 sec..unless bubble…

    • Goorsz says:

      wow 2500 bm, armory please i wanna copy spec and gear

      • Steelhide says:

        Thats just a typo, should say “1500”, unless of course we are provided character name and server to verify.

    • Frostheim says:

      Duke, could you please provide us with your armory link? Or at least character and realm name?

    • Ketaralethar says:

      SS or else it’s BS…..

      Sounds a helluva lot like epeen to me, especially when Frost’s request for proof gets denied.

    • Steelhide says:

      /ignore duke

      ^^^^^^^ = most used command in random BG’s.

      • Duke says:

        What realm you on steelhide…id like to take screen shot of me standing over your bodie at full health…want epen i got pleanty i feel sorry if any one has your name and i see them in a rbg..cause after i kill ya im come to the grave yeard…to make you rage quit…….smiles…ill be hunting you soon

    • Kaneli says:

      “wild hunt and stealth from a ferocity…above 50 percent focus coming from stealth for bonus.Also in mid fight when you do get your scatter, pet back let it invise spam kill command as you send it back in.My duels last all of 10 sec..unless bubble…”

      Did anyone try this and actually manage to pull it off? I’d like to know how.

      I practiced on a target dummy with and without both Charge and Dash but my pet always did melee swing first before KC (presumably eating up the increase for the first attack), no matter how much I spammed. Without speed boost it often even used Claw between the first melee swing and KC.

      • Duke says: can use a partner for this in full pvp gear..just test duel so you can learn in a matter of minutes what it takes most player along long time to figure out…dukes school for bm hunters is now open…you have a pet bar…turn bite off on first kc.after hit…turn back on…after your 9 arcane and kc is back up fevor-kc. And you are right…thier are some kc that fall on their face and should be strapped to a fail cart and burned..Ive taken so much crap for loving bm enough to share with avid hunters.Its over looked..12 percent of pets damage isnt even recorded in ever see the look of a horde player that you one shoted him from camo spamming kill comand…i have…funny as hell…want to know how i did it…theory crafting…hours upon hours of testing and dieing..gearing re-gearing geming and regeming…finding that right mix of mastery and agi.So if you cant put in the time to find out after i told ya how…be cluless its cool.when a hunter i trained comes and rapes ya well….maybe instead of bashing and maken my epeen come out…work on it,,,,see if you can do what i can do…test the limits of your toon and find the things that can trump basic game rules….vile of shadows, wrath it was death bringers will and weapon damage bow…their always some way to put more dps out…you just have to find it.If you look back to 2 mouths ago i posted and got same reaction about my 120k kc..ive only improved buy 40k…for me thats bad…i want to see 200k… any time you want to see me…put your server and name down…ill come school you.i transfer servers at least once every 3 weeks to track down the best of the best of each class…i use to do it half naked in mm…no pants no chest or legs…got board…so im here reading every day…

  2. Limes says:

    160k? on what, a warrior with 10stack flag debuff, reck deathwish and berserker buff. along with you having all the damage buffs?
    SS and armory link, kthx

  3. Duke says:

    the best have their secrets…remember that…cause when you get’ll give little things away….but i sure aint given away anything…go out and earn it like i did.Your comments reflect the time you have played.

    • Draeygon says:

      Not asking for you to indulge myself and or others with your secrets, just asking for a simple screenshot showing those kind of numbers, you might say its hard to capture , so one showing a skada/recount report would suffice as well :)

    • Scathatch says:

      secrets a side duke I think people want an armory of the toon your boasting a bout most can look at spec and gear and know if your blowing smoke up their ape hole or not. As for screen shots i’m not interested as those can and have been faked by many.

  4. Arthemystia says:

    As a PvP newb, I like these. They may not be the most comprehensive, but it’s a nice starting template for spec, pets, and basic strategy all rolled into one.

    Early in my PvP life, I did 2’s with a skilled priest. I ran as BM, and would basically just try to stay alive while the pet did most of my damage. We’d end up in drawn-out battles where we’d win by outlasting the opposing healer. Not a great strategy, granted, but good for about a 1400 rating.

  5. Bozanimal says:

    I appreciate what you’re trying to do, Tapington, but it appears that you have been out of the game for awhile. Beast Mastery is a slightly-inferior alternative to Marksmanship. Readiness offers significantly better control AND burst relative to Bestial Wrath, but Bestial Wrath offers a second trinket, which is far and away its greatest pro. BM also has a 3-second stun with Intimidation (though it’s no ranged silence), which is another huge, huge pro.

    Your spec is foregoing Entrapment for Sic ‘Em and Go For the Throat, which is a pretty weak tradeoff considering the additional control Entrapment brings. Go for the Throat also requires that you crit for it to work, and you’re critting less as BM since you’re typically reforging to Mastery or, if not, still getting comparatively less crit from PvP gear than you would in PvE. Spirit Bond is only useful in comps that also include a healing spec, otherwise the pet dispel from Imp. Mend Pet is invaluable following a Psychic Scream or other pet-control spell. Kindred Spirits and Efficiency are pretty weak considering BM hunters are most often flush with Focus. Further, the benefits of Focus Fire are questionable, particularly if your pet is on a healer humping a pillar (and when aren’t they?), though Garwulf would disagree on this point.

    Speaking of which, I’d suggest reading through his discussion of BM PvP, which is quite good:

    As it is the spec you’re using looks more like a PvE spec than a PvP spec.

    Due to the fact that it’s Tenacity, a Shale Spider is only really useful in Rated BGs when the buff and key abilities can help with peels for your flag carrier. Otherwise I cannot think of a situation where, as BM, I’d prefer it to a Silithid, Monkey, or Bird of Prey.

    Speaking of which: Bird of Prey, Chimaera, and – to a limited extent – the Devilsaur. Respectively, nobody ever expects a disarm from a Hunter comp, the permanent-slow of the Chimaera is situationally useful, and the undispellable MS debuff of the Devilsaur can be incredibly useful when taking down an enemy FC in RBGs.

    The Bird of Prey has saved my butt against double Blodd DKs pre-nerf, Rogue/Frost Mage comps, and any number of odd situations. And it’s Cunning.

    Also of note: Players should generally not have their pet out before the gates open. Generally you are Camo’d when the gates open in arena, but having a Silithid or similar buff-pet out will alert the opponent to your comp early if they see the buff on your partner.

    Regardless, I wouldn’t put BM anywhere near Survival in PvP-terms, it’s more of a middle-ground in terms of a PvP spec, if not on the higher-end. Not that any of this matters considering we’re both at the end of the expansion and having out Talent Trees completely revamped for Mists of Pandaria, but I do hope that some of this has provided you with food for thought. Before my Disc Priest partner quit, we were doing quite well in 2s, and was awesome for RBGs. I had hoped to run fives, but never found the support.

  6. Pepprdgefarm says:

    I often see negative comments/responses to PVP posts here and at other hunter sites regarding from players when there is any suggestion from the article that suggests BM is anything less than perfect. True, BM may give a second trinket to the hunter but i doubt many players who are playing at higher than 2k+ rating in arena/rbgs would trade intimidation as an interrupt (1 min CD) as BM over silencing shot (20 sec CD) as MM. What a lot of people still do not seem to understand is that high level PVP is less about DPS and more about survivability and control. The DPS in high level PVP requires setting up kills which is definitely harder as a BM hunter because of its long CD on its main burst ability and interrupt. I’m not saying BM is non-arena/rbg viable at 2k+, it’s just that much harder to accomplish.

    With regards to pets, I’d like to add sporebat to the mix as definitely very viable in rbgs/arenas. I’ve dismissed my monkey during matches for this pet in different situations, but usually when faced with comps with high caster density such shadow play. Having that slowed cast time on an 8 sec CD is a game changer.

    With the current patch and the high burst from rogues I’d sign off on the bird of prey pet for disarms in the beginning of matches but for the most part, I’d rather rotate through a string of monkeys and chain CC the healer on the other team to set up a kill than worry about disarming a melee who can be readily kited.

  7. Purcy says:

    I stopped reading the first comment at “misinformed PvP farce”. Obviously you aren’t here for polite, productive discussion that’s helpful to the community, so what else you had to say was not likely of any value to me.

    AS far as I know, Tap is the only knowledgeable, active PvP hunter that stepped up to write these guides, and he invests a deal of his time and effort in doing so. Disagree? Fine! Healthy discussion, and differing opinions and idea are what this kind of guide is all about. We read them to learn more about PvP on our hunters, and to improve our play. This is not a place we come to bash one another, nor make absolute statements of what’s right or wrong.

    Also, a not to those bashing Tap about the BM spec, I’d point out that nowhere in his post does he suggest it is the ideal spec for hunter PvP. If you think he does, please read it again.

    In summary, it’s good to see you back, Tap! I can’t wait to read more as you get back into the groove! Thanks for your time, and your perspective.


    • Tapington says:


      I read through Garwulf’s post on BM hunter PvP, and I’ll admit, it’s definitely more in depth than mine. I’m really not a fan when it comes to BM. Writing this article I moped at my computer looking at a hunter talent calculator, and going over what the top ranked BM hunters (There’s barely any) use as their spec. Entrapment is probably a much better choice over going for Sic’ Em. I just really don’t care much for BM at all. The last time a BM hunter was seen in high rated play was beastcleave back in wrath, and even then it was in a rushdown-gib the mage comp, before the bloodlust in arena nerf. I posted what I believed to be a decent spec because if I didn’t post one, people would inevitable ask why I didn’t.

      Not to bash on Garwulf’s knowledge of BM, His knowledge far surpasses mine (I’ve only ever touched the spec for a joke), I did look at his arena statistics. The truth is BM and SV are no longer viable for high rated arena. To repeat that, no longer viable for -high- rated arena. You can play whatever spec you want! This isn’t a guide on how to have fun or even how to play BM. It’s simply a BM spec template so that a fresh 85 who wants to try it out has somewhere to start. I appreciate your feedback, and encourage you to always post if you feel there is something out with one of my articles.


      What you said is true, the SV talent spec will only be a talent spec for those who wish to pick up SV to give it a go. It’s a shame SV and BM aren’t as viable, they just don’t scale as well and don’t give enough utility that you need to succeed in 3’s. I actually reached 2100 in s9 as SV, before having to switch over to MM(I had literally never played MM or BM until that point) due to us losing against wizard teams. We then jumped 150 rating in a few hours. Shortly after reaching 2.2k I got hacked, didn’t bother to recover my account and lost interest.

      Anyways, Most of the upcoming guides, (2v2, 3v3, Hunter talkthroughs etc) will be covered for MM. It just is the premier hunter spec. If you don’t like it, don’t play it. It’s your $15 a month. But above all, enjoy the game you’re paying $15 a month to play.

      • Duke says:

        ok tap…heres where your wrong…mm is not the top dog any more…thing change youve been gone…i was mm last patch…so good i can duel naked and win…so to say something is premier…with out useing the numbers or the mecanics to back it up…well…i can get in a closet and prey for a hot dog……all ill get is hungry..I tested for 7 days strait of duels and bgs and rbgs..not once was i seconed on dps list for any event..thiers the numbers…heres the mecanics…my dps compared to a mm hunter,im in anouther class…so all your burst theroy for mm is a farce…i admit that you sound good but the more you type the more i dought you have what it takes to be a top player…your to closed minded..think out side the box…control for a mm hunter is based on keeping one person still for 15 sec…in a rbg…useless..not when you have poly and druid that can cc …even a well placed back to back fear is better than what we got…it nice and all you want to write again…but for us out here in the trenches trying to give hunters a better name….do the time in this patch then start writing…cause some of us aren’t fooled buy last seasons knolage…..did i want to change from mm…hell no…i did it to adapt and over come…i don’t like dieing.

      • Scathatch says:

        readyness aside which should have stayed in the surv tree I still think BM is still the best pvp for BGs I havent the dedication for pve and arena but in the ole BGs movement is key and MM takes a 25% nerf to damage min in a mobile fight (or does for me). Just starting to get back into pvp so mabe i’ll check out mm but for the casual pvp’er i think BM is the most usser friendly.
        As for CC vs damage I have to disagree as well because in 3’s and 2’s i pvped bm and the reduced healing from mr dinosaur proved to be king for us.

  8. Killanator says:

    Good to have u back Tap and can’t wait to see wat u do for SV spec for pvp going to be intresting and to Duke Provide some proof take a SS but if u don’t want to give any of ur secrets away edit the SS to cover ur name and stuff like that if ur KC is so good provide everyone with the recount they want

    • Pepprdgefarm says:

      Not to be a jerk, but I doubt much will be written about SV for PVP as it really is less viable than MM/BM. It simply does not have the control/burst/survivability that MM/BM do for PVP. A lot of this problem derives from the heavy reliance on LnL for its burst which is very much RNG dependent. In addition, the main scatter-trap cc alternative (Wyvern Sting) leaves a dot on its target, which makes scatter-trapping/monkey blinding useless. This is important if you need to swap targets.

      • Killanator says:

        SV has already been Written it was the post before tap was saying he was coming back (only just found it now lol) and if u read it , it says Taps favourite spec, btw i use SV all the time and have never seen BM or MM have more burst then SV does when i go against other hunters in arena’s and its usually me and them left to fight it out when my partner dies, when i go all out i come out on top because 2 explosive shots later from a LnL and 1 after both have hit they have activated deterence, that’s when i know i have beaten them because they got no way of coming back from such pure burst, and yes the Wyvern Sting dot does get annoying that’s why i use it after my freezing trap and after my scatter because people usually trinket the first disorient which would be my scatter shot then my Wyvern Sting would hold them in place for 7 uninterrupted seconds, enough time to bandage or kill someone else’s partner

      • Pepprdgefarm says:

        Yes, as Tap has mentioned he enjoys SV, unfortunately, he also mentioned having more success with MM. The problems inherent in SV is that the RNG required to activate the burst is simply unpredictable. In addition, it can easily be shut down with a simple silencing shot. The nice thing of all that magic damage is that SV shots will do better against plate classes, however, since we’re talking about control and survivability for high end PVP, SV simply does not have an answer. I’m sure if you’re hovering at the 1400-1500 bracket, then this is just fine as a competent player running a rush down comp.

        What do you do then when the target doesn’t die in the initial burst? What do you do if after dot target, you have to swap? What do you do if after you’ve blown your deterrence and wyvern sting, you’re still being trained? There are no answers because there is no readiness. I wish it were different and it looks like it will be different in MoP, however, as things exist at the moment, SV simply has fewer tools to survive and thus succeed in high end arena. Arena and RBGs at the upper levels have very little to do with simply high DPS. I’ve yet to see a SV hunter at any rating about 1600 in any PVP setting. There might be a few out there, but I haven’t seen them. Even in RBGs, I’ve yet to see it. I’ve seen a few BM hunters in RBGs higher than 1900+ but they weren’t that common. If there are hunters, they’re usually MM hunters and they’re usually guarding a node for resource maps and helping to attack the enemy flag carrier with their double rapid fire and helping to cc healers with double scatter trap/silence.

  9. Arthemystia says:

    Frost vets his guest writers. Tap’s been at the highest levels of the PvP world, even if he’s been removed for a short time. We may not agree with everything said, but remember this is also a beginner’s guide.

    And frankly, if anyone’s being insulting, they’re not capable of writing for an audience anyway.

    Personally though, it makes me glad almost all of my writing for the WHU is on pet tanking. Few enough do that, that it’s hard to say “all wrong, learn to play loser.” My thin elf skin couldn’t handle such verbal barbs. ;)

    • Duke says:

      you put a mm hunter protecting a node…ill giggel and wipe the floor with him…1v1 mm is not i repeat is not as good as bm…..i have 4 thousand duels under my belt 3000 of thous i have won..elite gear players…im full heath their dead .i know 13,2200 bm rbg players…4 of them i trained.And if you are the main ccer in a rbg you fail…after 500 rbgs i think i can say that with certainty.

      anyone think of a rhino for arathi basen yet…at lm you can punt the heals and win buy not ccing..just get rid of them….have a dk buy the edge if theirs no one that can blow him off up their…have him grip a heal…punt hahaha buy buy heals.


      • Duke says:

        oh and gear choice for pvp rbgs is important…im using hast trink dragon soul heroic.Krill,fury of beast.and vinshu normal ds bow with added dps…..with this bow youll have to go to arena junkies and get the feign death macro so you can cc with it…if not it WILL PROC..4200 resill…and as you will learn from mm…resil isnt as important to us as other classes ….why cause if your in range your doing it wrong..feign death can be used as a interrupt….why cause in the middle of a cast fd…what happens to their use it…time it..

  10. Iridar says:

    Duke gave an interesting and fresh idea on how to get high numbers with KC.
    Why do you all are making such a fuss over whether it really did hit for him for 160k or not? Why demand screenshot? I’ve just learned somthng new thanks to him, and i’m grateful for that. As for bad manners, well. PVP players are rarely polite, just read arenajunkies.

  11. Samus says:

    I raid and PvP as BM, and though i have not PvP very seriously in a long time, most of this info is relatively correct.

    That being said, there is a glaring problem : the spec.

    This is a PvE spec with 2 points misplaced, not a PvP spec.åmus/talent/secondary

    Is a far better spec, and there is probably a better one, but that’s what I roll with when I get the urge to pelt some players instead of the dull ai mobs that I’ve been doing for a while.

    Apart from that everything is solid, though I would recommend Freezing Trap glyph over Master’s Call, as its very nice when going up against mobile melees such as warriors and shamans.

    Personally I’ve never considered another pet besides the spirit beast, mainly cause the heal was essential for the comp I ran back in 4.0 (i quit hardcore PvP when Rise of the Zandalary hit mainly due to frustration over min-range and the still insane frost mage buffs) but the other 3 (4 including sporebat) seem solid alternatives.

    This is a decent beginner’s guide for BM overall, though IMHO, i would say BM, MM, and SV are all equal in terms of PvP viability considering the strengths and weakness of each spec.

    BM is the only spec with a mix of magic (arcane shot, cobra, serpent) and physical (our significantly more powerful pets (in comparison to MM and SV)), making it capable to handle high physical resist classes (Warriors, DKs, and the like) and high magic resist classes (most casters and druids).

    Combine Disengage glyph (and deter if you use it) with survival tactics and CT,HC, and our survival CDs come back faster than either SV or a MM who blew his Readiness.

    Our burst is less RNG than SV, and has the lowest CD, while if your MM RF, Readi, RF didnt work (say bubbles or CC or what have you) you got 3 mins to wait.

    On top of that our exotic pets have many buffs lacking in MM and SV (devilsaur debuff for one).

    Now if anyone can find something wrong with what I just said (and believe me, I’ve probably made a glaring oversight somewhere) I will be happy to say I got X thing wrong.

    • Samus says:

      First sentence could use some rewording :

      “I have not done /hardcore/ (imagine italics) PvP since 4.0 (though i have remained somewhat active in random BGs, granted I’ve been using PvE gear), but from what i have experienced, I find this information to be /mostly/ accurate”

      And IMO when most people think “beginner” PvP, they think random BGs, not Rated or Arenas.

      • Samus says:

        The above comment has nothing to do with tap’s post, but rather one i made that is awaiting moderation. It appears that even though my 1st comment is awaiting moderation, replies to it come though instantly, so just ignore this little bit till the rest of the comment comes though.

  12. Kazador says:

    Tap, another hunter PVP blogger just put a lot of work into evaluating the best way to PVP as BM, and you should take a look at that and adjust some of your recommendations:

    I agree that BM isn’t as strong in most cases in Arena, but it is quite successful in RBGs where carefully orchestrated crowd control isn’t as feasible. BM is also stronger in PVP this patch than last patch, due to a number of DPS boosts that affect BM more than MM. There are a few high rated BM hunters in Arena (so it is doable), but there are more high rated BM hunters in RBGs.

    • Duke says:

      “I agree that BM isn’t as strong in most cases in Arena, but it is quite successful in RBGs where carefully orchestrated crowd control isn’t as feasible.”…
      battlegroundtargets from curse client..I must disagree.if you don’t cc at the right time you’ll never kill an fc.In contrast of that statement Its all about ccs…only hunter arent the ones doing it unless thier are no solid ccers.then its back to mm…bm is for the burst to taken down an fc..allot of hunters will burn their cds on a normal player…don’t save them for fc or a key healer..wasted dps is a shame…hehe..we are the burst class as bm.. with a warrior and rouge on the fc team…recover team”thier not a damn thing they can do once you open,rouge will cc bm will scater freez…dead fc..more to burn dps…you can hold any flag or base…use your egeal eye to watch them inc…look at bg targets to see if any rouges are invise.or kittys
      call out if more than 2..or a palie got to watch for 2 cc classes comen too.

  13. Starzein says:

    I just really don’t care much for BM at all. The last time a BM hunter was seen in high rated play was beastcleave back in wrath, and even then it was in a rushdown-gib the mage comp, before the bloodlust in arena nerf. I posted what I believed to be a decent spec because if I didn’t post one, people would inevitable ask why I didn’t.

    please if you feel that way Tap then at least get someone else to write the BM guide, I believe pvp is individual and the best are those who like the spec they play in I play better as BM so for me its the right way obviously for you it isnt that does not make it un viable …and please a monkey pet, that really is a personal play style decision great if thats your way but not really common in the pvp scene and defenately not the best choise for me or i believe many hunters in fact for a basic guide to bm pvp you would have to say the spirit beast, good experianced hunters can go with others but the easiest to handle is our sb’s and by far the most used on my battlegroup
    Oh im not a high level pvper I am right in the audience a beginner guide aims towards, I do arena’s occationally always in different teams and i do normal bg’s …thats a beginner in pvp, you write a beginners guide but then answer the complaints by stating bm isnt high end compatable, well the guide isnt one id send any new BM hunters towards, reads well if you play mm though.

    • Duke says:

      Bm pvp isnt for the light of heart…we get made fun of allot.Till you duel them and your pet makes them a 3ed is a safe way to fight any rouge…flare aoe ice trap snakes,Stay on the out side of your flare…you can set your strafe to do it perfect.wait on his attack do not come out of camo….he will open on you with all hes got..Trinket -disengage…move forward to edge of flare..while kill commanding- intimidate also spamming arcane shot..keep flare and traps up…always… he is toothless in your flare “snakes relies on entrapment in talent tree.Scatter at 1 quarter life.Fervor- kill comand This relies on wild your pet full focus ..which is 120 percent at 50 percent or above focus ..means your pets fixing to make him bleed from his anus..To anyone that hunts…1v1 pvp is the highlight of their day.even 2v1.with all cds running..tol vir potion beast wrath, agi trink.2v 1 become fun..scater freeze heals…look at his heath and mana…if hes under geared take him out many trick a bm hunter can do.ohh last thing…if you lose 25 percent health use spirit mend the 15k crit heal and the 5k dot heal will keep you breathing longer than if used at lower health its not as effective.

  14. Siegfried says:

    It’s a shame though.

    I would love to PvP as my hunter currently, but with disengage being completely broken. Watching my toon just jump in the air while in the same spot. I fear this will cause many hunters grievances as to whether they can actually solo another player or not. Especially in Arena where getting out of minimum range is pivotal to LoSing.

    Blizzard really need to fix this, if unintentional or not. They have yet to say. Because at the moment, it makes the mountain even steeper to climb with the Hunter class, when it comes to being good at it.

  15. Sonicross says:

    Question for Tap. Still curious why Chimera isn’t mentioned?

    Special Abilities

    Chimaera // 30 yards // 10 sec CD
    Frost Breath – slowing the target by 50% for 5 sec.

    Silithids // 30 yards // 40 sec CD // Magic-dispellable
    Venom Web Spray – Sprays toxic webs at the target, preventing movement for 5 sec.

    Shale Spider // 30 yards // 45 sec CD // Magic-dispellable
    Web Wrap – Encases the target in sticky webs, stunning them for 3 sec.

    Here’s where the Chimaera seems to be a better option.
    (1) Only 10 sec CD – Slowing the target by 50% for 5 seconds, and with only a 10 sec CD. Your target is being slowed (5 sec), Concussive Shot (for 6 sec, with 5 sec CD) – and literally your target could never be out of slowmo.
    (2) Frost Breath is no longer dispellable, where Venom Web Spray and, Web Wrap can be dispelled by magic.


    Tell me why I’m wrong, and I’ll go back to using the sporebat.

    • Duke says:

      Chimera is used in flag caring situations…only to slow them…with the aoe effect you’ll never get a successfull cc off…and until the target is at low health…the pets talent dosent kick in for uber dps..he is good in a normal bg…just keep hitting frost breath youll be number one dps in any bg…but for one on one spirit beast…for the agi and the heal…their are better defensive pets but for me the heal is the one thing i cant do with out….with the chimra youll have 3 sec of wait..use concusive during this time….mid field …camo…wait like a good hunter can…as soon as you see fc leave base…send pet in from 5 miles away tell group where fc is…count heals so you can say how many and who to cc first…do not cc a palie and think hes cced slow him…put chimera on a heal…let tank get to far ahead…dismiss pet call ferocity dino for 50 percent less heals…use all cds kill the fc fast and easy…watch for healers…scater freeze before burst…

    • Duke says:

      the slow is 7 sec if spec right.10 sec cool down=3 sec of freedom…use concusive

  16. Sonicross says:

    Duke. Train me. Teach me. School me. US. Dragonmaw. ^^^

    • Kaneli says:


      It would be interesting to hear more from you, but my low-population RP realm would not probably offer much to you – not to mention it’s EU if you’re from US.

      So if you are willing to share your knowledge have you considered writing your own guides / blog?

      That way you could teach everyone who’s interested at once, and regardless of region.

      • Duke says:

        a whole population of op bm hunter…sounds fun..and im sory my epeen got in the way on my first blog…just talking out the side of your neck about a game he hasn’t played much…and docent know bm…hyping mm like its the only choice…bm hunters are out dpsing mm hunters in ds on a daily basis…hell sv is out doing them to……ive played all spec…i pick the spec that is the most op at the time…so next patch it could be mm is back on top…or sv..wait…bm with sv talents and mm readiness…what spec do you think will be top dog…bm of can look at new talents and see what is going to wreak shop.But we are in mid season and cata is in full swing.So yes i can share.

  17. Scathatch says:

    A lot of people are down on bm vs mm for arena but does the same calculations hold true between 2’s 3’s and 5’s …I have no experience realy with 5s sence the took readyness away from surv. but i’d expect that the true place MM shines is in 5’s cause of readyness/ ss shot +ice trap. How ever in the more simplistic worls of 2’s and 3’s where its cc 1 or 2 targets kill 1 target BM would be less flawed…just wondering cause thinkn of doing arena’s again.

  18. Sean says:

    I just took another hunter to 85 bc I don’t like os’ing. Bm is truly the best hunter spec. I’m not here to tell secrets bc a secret to one could be known by every one somewhere else. Bm + burst macro+ focus macro. Idc wha rating you are it’s going to hurt. I’m at a 390 ilvl (recently hit 85) troll bm hunter and I burst harder and faster then my full cata hero vish bow (I know about dot) Orc hunter. Don’t get me wrong I go by dmg breakdown of course Orc does more burst in a 5-10 sec span but in bm first 5 seconds of the duel I have guys at less then 50% health. Bm>mm. If you like burst go bm/mm talents you like arena go bm/surv with 3 in mm.

  19. iamthedude says:

    Duke… Tested spaming kc while coming out of camo… Still ahving problems with pet auto attack before he gets a kc off… Any more tips on how to get that kc to go off first..

  20. Dàire says:

    i’m still impressed no one has banned “the duke” lmao.. oh i would kill to see his armory, its WoW’s best kept secret. Like the episode from South Park, Blizz has Duke on a USB Key ;-)
    Nice to dream though, As a BM hunter, I have learnt alot from Huntsmanlodge and WHU and I don’t see the point in following a ranter with no proof. Tap’s left the business, someone else will take over and the WHU will live on, Duke could possibly propose his service, and if u truely are the duelist u are then come on over to Wildhammer EU and log in at 21h server time outside SW. I wanna see your true power in action..

  21. farmer100 says:

    Well,good job. as a hunter,it helps me a lot.