Hunter Mists of Pandara Updates

Posted: by Frostheim

Today at WoW Insider, I go over last week’s updates to the official Mists of Pandaria talent calculator:

Last week, Blizzard updated the Mists of Pandaria talent page, giving us a new look at what it’s working on for class customization in advance of its mid-March press tour. We hunters got a peek at some awesome new stuff going on with the class, with improvements both in PvP and PvE.

The hunter news from this preview falls into three general categories:

  1. Our three new level 90 talents were revealed.
  2. We saw some meaningful changes to existing talents.
  3. We saw some changes to other classes that could impact the hunter class.

While we’re seeing a bunch of new hunter info in this update, Blizzard did go out of the way to point out that it is still working hard on the hunter class and it’s not as far along as some other classes. In particular, we don’t yet have any new class abilities or new spec abilities for level 90. We also don’t know what route Blizzard’s going to go with our pet talents.

With that in mind, let’s take a look at all the new stuff we did learn! … Read More.

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  1. Catniss says:

    Damm it – locks get stampede – That was our idea – WTF !!!

  2. Clanqaz says:

    Posting Here b/c I do not have a wow insider account.
    I am relatively sure that the glaive refers to the night elf boomarang version in Warcraft III, as they have glaive throwers. But plenty of people have posted that on wow insider. However, I think that binding shot will work differently than you think. My interpretation is that it will hit the target, then have an aoe affect that links tendrils from the person to anyone caught in the aoe. The tendrils will be like the Yog fight. If an enemies get to far away from each other, they get stunned. All of them take extra damage until the effect is over. If this is true, then combined with frost and explosive trap on the ground it will be hard for them to get out as they have to coordinate, and they could make easier prey. I think this will work great in pvp and pve.

    • Frostheim says:

      Yeah, about 15 comments on WoW Insider pointed that out. Not surprising that I was unaware of the lore reference…. though really, it’s wrong. A glaive is a polearm (and wow is filled with 2-handed polearm glaives too)

      • Eidotrope says:

        It’s not wrong if you view the movie Krull from the 1980s as authoritative.

        Also, the structure of this post and the notes about druids and warlocks look awfully familiar . . .

      • Frostheim says:

        Heh, authoritative Krull.

        Yeah I was slow to get up a post about the changes. I was going to do one at the end of last week, but then I got the word that WoW Insider wanted a write-up and I thought rather than doing one here and one there, I’d just wait for the WoW Insider. I dunno, maybe I should have doubled up — which is what I’ve done historically.

        I suppose I was somewhat influenced by my general lack of excitement about this round of changes — maybe when we see the rest of the hunter stuff.

  3. Omogon says:

    Dwarven hunters should get a keg toss instead of a glaive toss…we should be able to wing a beer barrel at our enemies ;)

    • Steelhide says:

      Aye, with a rope tied about its midsection so as we can pull it back. Like the other weapon those people that brought us the boomarang made.

  4. Dharion says:

    Am I the only one feeling very meh about the changes to not only Hunters, but all classes overall?

    • Snakefinger says:

      No I’m pretty meh about this too along with the rest of the news I’ve heard about MoP so far. Lot of stuff that could be useful in PvP…if you’re actually interested in PvP. I guess Powershot is the lvl 90 talent you’ll be using on Raid Bosses?

  5. Everyone says:

    Probably just one massive coinsidence, but I actually suggested something extremely similar to Binding Shot on the official forums back in december of last year:P

    Pretty funny I got that close.

  6. ingen2 says:

    shame about the lock and load change. Yes, one explosive shot with twice the damage is better than two with regular damage, but we loose the sheer awesomeness of survival: Firing off a destuctive volley of explosive shots.
    Hopefully they will add a glyph that lets me fire two shots instead.

  7. Dis says:

    FWIW, “tethering” pretty accurately describes binding shot as a tether does not root something in place but rather allows for a limited area in which the tethered object can move (like tethering your dog to a pole with a leash). Of course it would be cooler if the enemy was actually tethered to the area and had no way to leave but that would be extremely overpowered.