Hunter Poster Friday the 13th!

Posted: by Frostheim


Hunter Motivational Poster: Kill Command

Hunter Motivational Poster: Flare

Hunter Motivational Poster: Mend Pet

Hunter Motivational Poster: Transmorph Trap

Hunter Motivational Poster: Main Attraction

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  1. Jaeger says:

    I like the Kill Command one

  2. Catniss says:

    Fear the bunny !!! lol

  3. Thoare says:

    Anyone see the patch notes from this morning .. Changes to Vial of shadows – Comments?

    •Vial of Shadows damage (Lightning Strike) has been reduced to approximately one-third of previous damage. However, it will now trigger approximately 3 times as often. This is intended to keep overall DPS the same while reducing burst damage, especially in PvP.

    • Diranux says:

      So instead of critting for 60k on my hunter I will get 3 20k’s I can live with this.

    • Ril says:

      a pity i didn’t get it yet, i’d have loved to test it on pvp (making rogues bleed from their anuses and such), being a BM this would have been very fun… :)

      still, nothing to cry about, after all it’s getting more reliable and a constant tickle of procs. btw, does anyone know the new icd?

  4. Laeleiweyn says:

    I demand killer bunnies now. xD

  5. Kirk says:

    Of the posters posted today, I like ‘Kill Command’ and ‘Chuck Norris’ best. ;)

  6. Thrune says:

    It goes with out saying that the bunny must be an exotic pet.

  7. Brekke says:

    That’s no ordinary rabbit!

  8. 7seti says:

    He’s got a vicious streak a mile wide!

  9. Steelhide says:

    “…he’ll bite your head off!”

  10. Hyrne says:

    And here you’d think Frost would be the main attraction!

  11. vivila says:

    Hi,Frostheim. may I have its accreditation? I want to repaste them. Id love them much :-),so lovely! surely a link to this page will be added.

  12. pr0gr4m says:

    periless peril