4.3 Hunter Trinkets

Posted: by Frostheim

Today on WoW Insider I do the trinket roundup and ranking. I hadn’t done this for 4.3 and have been a bit flooded with trinket questions lately. I should really know better than to avoid revisiting this topic every tier.

It’s trinkets day here on Scattered Shots, back by popular demand. The number of emails I’ve been getting about hunter trinkets lately has made me suddenly realize that I have not posted my usual new tier trinket round-up and reevaluation — and with the new tier of Raid Finder trinkets out, there the decision of when to upgrade is yet more complex.

Trinkets are a lot like the nine support classes in WoW: You know they’re useful, but it can be hard to figure out exactly which one is worth using without doing some math. Only unlike the support class players, you always want to have two of them with you. And they don’t smell funny, or refuse to heal your pet, or screw up your lovely execution of executions.

Maybe trinkets aren’t much like the support classes after all. They’re better.

Join me after the cut as we run down the new 4.3 trinkets, compare them to the best of the previous tier’s trinkets, and give some thought to the new Raid Finder versions of the trinkets as well. … Read More.

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  1. Deathwang says:

    I recieved the 397 Vial of Shadows last night and was able to use it on Warmaster Blackhorn. It was a straight 5% of my dps which is what i had heard to expect and it didn’t miss despite the reports and the contradictions it could or couldn’t miss. The tooltip is dynamic in that as your attack power changes so does the listed proc. At the start of the fight it listed that my average proc, based on my buffed attack power, would hit for 35k. And indeed it critted half the time with 25k average hits and 45k average crits.

    Anyways, just a little personal experience on this new trink. I will make a point to comment if it does miss at some point but i’m hoping that won’t happen. And on another note, EJ lists Wrath of Unchaining and Starcaller’s Compass as rogue best in slot so if there is a rogue in your group I’d definitely convince them to let you rock this trink :P

  2. Skarn says:

    Yeah, this request shouldn’t have been a surprise. :)

    Thanks for this, Frost!

  3. Omogon says:

    thanks Frost…I can buy the Sygil now and use it util something better drops :)

  4. yenea says:

    Informative as usual. Thank you.

  5. JTW says:

    I wish I had the problem of having to chose between trinkets. As is, I’ve not seen ANY trnkets, shoulders, rings, or amulets drop for me since 4.3 hit ptr, and no other agility gear has dropped more than once (with some of those being ninja’d by resto shammies).
    Lots of int and strength gear, but hardly anything useful to me.
    If it’d not been for jp and vp gear, I’d stil be using the same stuff I had in 4.2 except for the quest rewards and bow.

    And yes, I chainrun the new dungeons, and have tried the raid finder.

    • Thornagol says:

      I totally feel your pain. That is exactly what happened to me in 4.2. Now, I’ve done LFR a couple times and the new heroics and won some gear to put me back to where I should have been LAST expansion. My advice is to keep your head and up make smart buys with those valor points. Eventually, whatever bad mojo you have accumulated will go away.

      P.S. I heard that your luck will turn around if you go all Chuck Norris-y on a Gnome.

      • JTW says:

        luck turn around?
        2 hours after buying VP boots, the 378 boots dropped in end time.
        Next day, 384 boots dropped in LFR.
        Now both of course useless as they’re inferior to VP boots.

  6. Iridar says:

    That’s precicely like unwise valor point spending looks like.
    You should have bought a necklace and a ring for VP first, because VP neck and ring are best in slot.
    And you can always farm VP for boots and bracers with twinks, provided you have any, or buy with gold.
    Allthough i know what rotten luck feels like. I’ve been raiding since 4.0.6 and first trinket that ever dropped for me in raid was at the end of 4.2, and even then i was the last one in our static to get it.

  7. Iridar says:

    BTW, Thornagol, i’m playing alliance so i can’t reall Chuck Norris a gnome, is goblin an adequate substitute?

    • Thornagol says:

      Well…being alliance didn’t stop Chuck Norris from doing it. However, a goblin can be used as a substitute as long as you hold him upside down and shake the gold out of his pockets first. 50% of the gold must be sent to the Abandoned Oracles Orphan League but you may keep the other half.

  8. Arthemystia says:

    Ah, DMC: Greatness. Thanks for that. I’m always fond of thinking back to using that OP bastard back in Naxx. For its tier, I maintain it was even better than Deathbringer’s. Best money I ever spent on gear…like many, I walked into ICC with it equipped.

  9. Eradat says:

    I know this ia not the current topic but would someone (hopefully frostheim himself) would care to elaborate why there arent any hunters on the raid composition that got the first heroic kill od deathwing? And how doed that affect our class? Will we have a harder time getting into raids??
    Thank you

  10. Oeneus says:

    Can someone answer this question?
    I currently have Arrow of Time and was going to upgrade to Kiroptyric Sigil because of this post…however, using “www.femaledwarf.com” and event reforging the Haste to Crit, my DPS reduces slightly (albeit very slightly).

    Can anyone explain why? Not sure if it matters – my DPS according to Zeharah is 26.5k