Hunter MoP Abilities

Posted: by Frostheim

Today over at WoW Insider, a rundown of the hunter spec abilities in MoP, and a look specifically at all of the talents that are going away in MoP entirely. Every spec saw some significant ones leave, but MM is seeing the biggest change, with rotation-changing talents going away.

Blizzard posted their Mists of Pandaria talent calculator, giving us a bit more of a peek into how things are going to play out with the new talent system. The talents that we’re seeing are the same as what was revealed at Blizzcon (and we will get around to looking at those in depth soon — just not today). But in addition to the talents we also got to see the very first look at what our new spec abilities would look like.

Some of the support classes actually got to see what some of their new spec abilities would be in MoP, but as the premiere death dealers in WoW, they needed more time to refine the ultimate abilities of the hunter class.

If you’ll recall, in MoP talents will be class-wide, and not specific to each spec (and there will be far fewer of them). Many of what are now spec talents will become default spec abilities that each spec gets when they reach the appropriate level. Others are going away entirely. Today we’re going to take a look at what those must-have abilities are for each spec, and which ones appear to be gone completely. … Read More.

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  1. sarah says:

    I really dont like the loss of killing streak or Longevity and sic em and go for the throat are a bit worrying as well I hope these make some kind of come back somehow.

  2. Dan says:

    When i compare the current changes of hunters for lest say locks thats just make me /cry.
    Locks will benifit so many new talents and abilitys while we will stay with the same boring abilitys we have since 4.2.

  3. Ril says:

    i’m a bit sad to see some of the more interesting talents go away. for the rest, good riddance, or at least, boring enough to not care about it. but a few mentioned were somewhat cool or very useful in certain situations:

    – imp mend pet: very useful for soloing or dots that would otherwise kill/slow/stun the pet
    – longevity: well, obviousely, the more big red, the better! i have some hopes that they change how BW and the pet CDs work however.
    – killing streak: i liked those “oh cool, extra focus” moments. and big KCs.

    – gftt, sic’em, bestial dicipline: all of these talents weren’t enough to avoid focus starved pets. let’s hope pet focus will be overhauled.
    – rapid killing, rapid recuperation: fun combination for AEing

    – counterattack: im so NOT sad to see this go away… :D

    so yeah, that were my thougts. it is important to stay fully aware of the fact that a heck of a lot of stuff will change. the talents/abilities/spec abilities we see now are merely the spells of today minus the stuff that’s going away. they even didn’t change the level requirements. it is absolutely clear that every spec will see some new abilities at the very least every 10 levels.

    • Can not be says:

      They can not be serious about giving us 3 traps option at level 90 … but for very situational fights none could be used… I hope/know it will change but it is very iritating

    • wulfshark says:

      i think it stupid that at the point where counterattack would be a spell that you would just learn baseline that then they decide to just remove it..

      the reason nobody took it in the first place was that it goes against standard hunter tactics, has a shitty proc chance, and is a waste of a talent point..

      Well here they are redesigning the whole game in a way where it could potentially be cool, but instead they just scrap it…

      i think i might main my lock next EXP……..<– all thats gotta be said

      (unless we get stampede of course then who cares right? right??)

  4. Seneca says:

    I am quite amused. Huge qq storm and there is barely an alpha rolling. Keep calm and wait for the Beta. There is really no point in being upset or even tableflippy. Worried? Maybe. But I still think it is way too early.

  5. Yenea says:

    Never write something with Auto-correct turned on. Wrong Name