Hunter Solos Atramedes

Posted: by Frostheim

That’s right folks… Atramedes has been solo’d by a hunter with a turtle pet. The long, long, long fight bypassed the soft enrage mechanics by making use of Feign Death and Deterrence to avoid needing to use the gongs, and no DoTs (including piercing shots) during the air phase. This fight lasted just over 40 minutes and was performed by Mionelol who is better known for Death Knight soloing.

A truly impressive feat — soloing a boss from the current expansion. The only question is will this be considered hard enough / not worth it enough to let it be, or will Blizzard toss a hard enrage on the fight to prevent this?

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  1. sercli says:

    WOW! verry impressive!

  2. Ozolin of Moon Guard says:

    This is great, and I just listened to Epic, by Faith No More, very fitting, lol.

  3. Maravon says:

    I was NOT the one in the video. I was shown the links and immediately forwarded them on to the WHU. Please do not incorrectly credit me with the kill.

  4. Arthemystia says:

    Damn, wouldn’t have thought it possible, though I knew about the Deterrance and FD tricks. A nice find.

  5. Sarahjane says:

    Keep in mind that there was no hard or soft enrage, and most of the damage is avoidable AOE damage, which our pets have high resistance to. His melee damage is very low as well, so it’s not like the fight was hard to begin with.

    This solo was possible due to perfect execution and awareness, not because our class is overpowered.

    • Frostheim says:

      Atramedes does have a soft enrage — which is the number of gongs available. Alas he found a way to bypass that soft enrage via FD & Deterrence. I do *not* think that this means hunters are at all overpowered, but I do think it highlights a flaw in the encounter design, and I wouldn’t be surprised to see a hard enrage put in there.

      • Sarahjane says:

        Forgive the poor wording, I should have said “no soft enrage to worry about” since they removed Modulation’s adding to sound levels when they did their round of nerfs to that tier. When you said “flaw in encounter design” I think you hit the nail on the head, especially when talking about post-nerf.

  6. ingen2 says:

    i can imagine this on the next patch:

    Atramedes will now enrage 39 minutes into the fight.

  7. Arthemystia says:

    Blizzard doesn’t usually mind stuff like this. Atramedes might be a bit too close to endgame content for comfort, but this isn’t the first time something like this has been found by a player. I’d be surprised at any hotfix to the encounter.

    • Skarn says:

      I don’t think they’ll worry too much about it. You still need a group to get past Magmaw and ‘Trons to even get to his room. Plus you’ll still need the group to clear the trash. So you can only solo the boss if a group clears everything out for you first.

      Well, you could kill the boss yourself if you were in a raid group that wiped on Atramedes, but even resetting the instance would restore the dwarf trash.

  8. Shives says:

    Pretty sure the hunter who solo’d this is female. <3 Mione and from what I can tell from her website she was kinda bummed that she couldn't do this on her DK but could on her hunter.

  9. Theendgamelv3 says:

    It isn’t a hard solo for hunters at all. I mean Mionelol claims to be a hunter newb and did it. He/she didn’t even know about Aspect of the Fox.

  10. Bedo says:

    Hello Frostheim :) This doesn’t have much to do with the solo, but I’d just like to say that the Deathwing ranged weapon is a gun. :)

    • Ohnoholms says:

      That’s too bad, Not for Frostheim but for us “fruity elves” Guns are icky. Lol =]
      Awesome solo btw.

  11. thremim says:

    you can all say what you want that its not hard to do it and stuff….but if it is not hard why not try it and record it and show it to uss……respect for this hunter.