Grats Arust!!!

Posted: by Frostheim

These days most of you guys probably don’t even know who Arust is, but he’s the guy that I started the WHU with, all those years ago. If you look back to the first few months of WHU posts, you’ll see a few from him.

The original concept of the union was that I’d be writing as a scrappy dwarf making fun of elves, and he’s be writing as a fruity elf making fun of dwarves, but we’d come together for the good of hunter kind, and for making fun of horde.

Arust wasn’t a big blogger however, and I still remember at the very first level 1 WHU event Arust was late, and when he came riding up to the group someone in chat said “OMG it’s Arust! He really does exist!”

At any rate, Arust is still a part of the WHU in spirit (kind of like our elf mascott) and it’s at his house that we hold the WHU BBQs. And a couple nights ago at the state fair beneath the fireworks he asked his girl to marry him, and she said yes.

So congrats Arust!

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  1. Panteleone says:

    One of us… one of us…

  2. Morgatho says:

    achievement unlocked.

    grats Arust

  3. Itukaaj says:

    Arust, Marriage is really important and maybe one of the best things you can do. You have found the person that your trust above all others. It can be the greatest happiness and frustration as you learn to communicate on some super magic level but dedicate your life to this in all times.

    May the best of your today be the hardest of your tomorrows. Live, love and share. God bless.

  4. Eiye says:

    Nice touch Frost! Yaaaaaay Arust!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Quezon says:

    Omg, you sucker, err I mean congratulations! May you two have a long happy life together.

  6. Tygrann says:

    Gratz man!

  7. Omogon says:

    Married for 38 years. Well done Sir and best wishes for a long and happy life for both of you.

  8. Siili says:

    Pics or it didn’t happen!!!11oneoneone

    there. someone just had to say it! ;) grats thou!

  9. Tibbelkrunk says:


    You have just begun the oldest and most difficult taming challenge there is. :P

    May your spirit bond always be active, and may the bestial wraths be few and far between! :D

  10. Martin says:

    Feign Death, Arust, Feign Death.

  11. Meecham says:

    Now you have to watch the “wife aggro table” . It exists…trust me.

    Congrats though, the odds say you’ll live longer if you’re married.


  12. mtstein says:

    The question is what race/class does she play?

  13. Kirk says:

    I’m hoping the bride plays a feral druid, so Arust can claim to have tamed one before Frost. ;)

  14. Kazogarth says:

    GRATS Arust… I got married to my Draeni Shammy last year, and have loved everything about life together!!! I hope you find as much happiness as we have ;o)


  15. Zom says:

    Making fun of Horde? BLASPHEME!


    Congrats Arust. I will hope she let’s you play WoW!

  16. Axebrew says:

    So happy for you, Rusty!

  17. Warmbear says:

    As the immortal Comedian once said, “I want half Eddie!!!!!!!!!” I have been married 3 times. do youy know what happens when you cut your net worth in half 3 times?

  18. Bu says:

    /me cry…
    Gratz Arust!:O)

  19. Hrist says:

    Grats on the certificate and tax break. Hope that’s all that changes. :P

    I kid, I kid. Mostly…

    Anyway, I hope you save the date soon so I can plan to be there.

  20. Eurinome says:

    Grats on forming a formiddable 2s team, may you enhance each other’s strengths and cover each other’s asses, and happily pwn noobs into the sunset. (and everything Tibbel said too.)

  21. Argent says:


  22. Dharion says:

    All the best to you and the soon to be Mrs. Arust!!

  23. Sarsfild says:

    Well grats from another hunter that is getting married too in october. And planning a visit to new york and boston in my honey moon, so if if you see a crazy spaniard in a wheel chair after the 16th of october in this cities is me, jejejeje

  24. Tymtrvlr says:


  25. Fradin says:

    Congrats Arust all the best – May all your ups and downs be in bed

  26. Pindown says:

    Remember what Jesus said, “forgive them father for they know not what they do.”

  27. Bubbazanetti says:

    hahaha, I loved the comment “Feign death!”.

  28. Doug says:

    Congratulations and best wishes! I’ve been married for 6 years and it’s awesome. Of course it helps that my wife is also my raid leader and GM… :)

  29. Arthemystia says:

    I suppose it was silly to think I could be the first with an MD joke.

    Anyway. Grats, buddy!

  30. Mehulk says:

    Honestly, who cares…really? You running out of things to say? Only so much hunter topics you can cover…please, take a month off and come back cause this whole personal life shit on WHU is embarrassing and please stop drinking on the shows, time to actually grow up. Are you aware that you might have 15 year olds listening to your show while you have a drinking game with a girl you desperately want to be with but finds you repulsive to look at and is probably glad that your shows are done over the phone.

    At first Frostheim was cool but as I listened more and more to your podcasts, I came to the conclusion that you are biased, one-sided in most of your topics, dismissive…and a drunk. I only say you’re a drunk cause this is the second time I’ve heard you drink on your podcasts which tells me you drink most of the time. Could be wrong but I doubt it.

    I used to log onto WHU everyday looking for up-to-date info on anything pertaining to wow and hunters but now i just use your site to…nvm, I don’t use your site, I accidently selected it in bookmarks and I saw this last post about buddy gettting married.

    You are embarrassing and are becoming a disgrace. Do what you will with this info, debate it, laugh at it, have a drink to it, whatever, but recognize now your problem now before its too late.

    How’s that for customer feed back you drunk?!?!?! Time to grow up.

    • Frostheim says:

      Heh. Yes, you are wrong.

      For reference, you’re only a customer if you pay for what you get here, which you do not. But sounds like you’re ready to stop being a guy who comes here for free info & entertainment too, which is totally your call.

    • Revelore says:


      U mad bro?

    • Boxybrown says:

      I’d like to take this opportunity to deliver to you, on behalf of Frostheim as well as the hunter community at large, a soul crushing virtual kick to the balls. Don’t like the site? Don’t read it! Don’t like the show? Don’t listen to it! You like being a whiny little bitch? Go do it somewhere else!

      On to the subject of this post: Congrats to you Arust! I planned on doing the sarcastic asshole thing, but Hrist beat me to it and he is just such a natural at it as well. That being said, I wish you and your bride the best!

      • Boxybrown says:

        Ps Mehulk,

        I am drinking while I am writing these replies, just so you know. Let me tell you chief, Grey Goose is some smooth vodka. Try some one day, maybe in a classic martini, or simply with some juice of your choice. It just might take the edge off of your bitchy personality and make you almost likable!

    • Hrist says:


      In case you didn’t notice, the WHU stands for Warcraft Hunter’s UNION.

      Here is an English lesson for you.

      unĀ·ion (noun)

      1. the act of uniting two or more things.
      2. the state of being united.
      3. something formed by uniting two or more things; combination.
      4. a number of persons, states, etc., joined or associated together for some common purpose: student union; credit union.

      Given the responses to this announcement are all positive save yours, it’s clear you don’t belong. Since you aren’t happy here anyway, I am sure no one will miss you. Perhaps this site will more suit your purpose!


  31. Chancealot says:

    Sounds like maybe someone’s projecting a few too many personal issues. As someone who professes to be a hunter, Mehulk is spamming MD trying to get his own demons to drop aggro. Pity you have to use a congratulatory forum to vent. FD, logout, and go share your misery with someone who appreciates you for the loser you are. Oh yeah, Grats Arust!

  32. Starzein says:

    Congrats Arust on finally knowing how tame beast feels from the other side.

  33. Tykmis says:

    Congratulations :)