With transmogrification on the horizon for patch 4.3 — and since it requires you to own the items that you want to transmogrify into — I thought it would be a good time to take a look at all of the various hunter PvE sets over the years so you can start planning the look that you want your hunter to sport. Happily, a huge amount of these hunter armor sets are obtainable via soloing these days — we’ll go over where you get each hunter set, and the various items in each one.

Pictured below are all the major hunter armor sets with that set gear only — any non-set slots are left empty. You can mess around with the looks at Wowhead by going to the item set and clicking the View in 3d button on the upper right. Only the flash version worked for me, but from there you can rotate the character to get different views — I’m kind of regretting not doing a 3/4 view for these now, but there’s no way I’m going it all over.

Note: I have pics of some popular hunter ranged and melee weapons up here on WoW Insider. You can also see the transmogrification resource guide on WoW Hunters Hall for tons of useful places to find transmogrification gear and looks.

hunter armor sets

Hunter Armor Sets - Click to Embiggen!

Clearly the only proper way to view the sets is on a dwarf. However, as a member in good standing of the Dwarven League of Inter-Racial Cooperation, I have also put images of all the hunter sets together in every single race. I chose gender based mostly on popularity. To see the major PvE hunter armor sets image on the race of your choice, just click on the link below:

Alliance Hunter Sets


Horde Hunter Sets

It’s worth noting that there are also about the same number of PvP sets out there, and most of them are available either for honor points, or for the tokens from that tier’s PvE set. I may put together a guide for those as well — but this took a big chunk of time and I’m not really looking forward to doing it again real soon, so we’ll see.

Where to Get the Hunter Sets

Now let’s discuss just where each of these hunter armor sets come from so you can stock up for your transmogrification plans. Most of the stuff from vanilla WoW can be solo’d, a lot from BC can be solo’d, and some Wrath gear can be solo’d. However in every tier, even vanilla, there are bosses that you just can’t do alone due to fight mechanics. In a perfect world you’d get a few friends (of different classes) to join you and clearing the old dungeons once a week to gather up the set pieces. The support classes are going to want to play with transmogrification too after all.

Hunter Tier 0: Beaststalker

8 pieces. No longer available in-game.

Sometimes referred to as dungeon set 1, but back in vanilla we just called Beaststalker tier 0. This set was all blue, and it was a huge pain to collect all the pieces. Many of them were BoE however. I now kinda regret ditching this, as collecting this set was my first big accomplishment of the endgame, and required running 5, 10, and 15-mans hundreds of times. I wouldn’t mind transmogrifying into this from time to time.

There is, however, other armor that uses the same model as Beaststalker and will net you a very similar looking set, though not necessarily with every piece colored exactly the same. These are available in BC 5-mans on normal mode (not heroic). Here are the pieces:

Hunter Tier 0.5: Beastmaster

8 pieces. No longer available in-game.

This set, by the way, was the first instance of welfare epics way back in vanilla. Players who couldn’t raid could go through some truly grueling and painful quests to upgrade their Beaststalker set into an epic version. Note that Beastmaster was just a recolored version of Beaststalker. The alternative look-alike pieces listed above use the same model, but are colored much more like the original Tier 0 Beaststalker.

Hunter Tier 1: Giantstalker

8 pieces. Available from Molten Core

Giantstalker was the very first epic set! Skyscrapers on your shoulders! All of MC can be solo’d by hunters, which is now crazy easy too. I still have most of my T1 and T2 sets, and my Grandpappy Frostheim images are usually sporting Giantstalker — so definitely a transmogrification consideration. Here are the Gianstalker items and their drop source:

Hunter Tier 2: Dragonstalker

8 pieces. Available from Black Wing’s Lair, though you get the legs off Ragnaros in Molten Core.

Much of Black Wings Lair can be pretty easily solo’d but not all and not the first two bosses (update: some commenters have suggested there are bugs/exploits to get through the first boss). Note that the shoulders drop from Chromaggus — if you tame him, you have no shot at the shoulders. Another great transmogrification option — for so long wearing this was the pinnacle of hunter fashion and literally had players stopping and /inspecting in awe.

Hunter Tier 2.5: Striker

5 pieces. Available from Temple of Ahn’Qiraj.

A kind of in-between set for AQ, the first set that had a bunch of attack power rather than just agility. Also the first set to experiment with the idea of dropping one item that can be used by several classes to get their set piece. Not terribly attractive as a transmogrification option in my opinion. Not all soloable.

Hunter Tier 3: Crypstalker

9 pieces. No longer available in-game.

The original vanilla version of Naxx, the 40-man seen by so few.

Hunter Tier 4: Demon Stalker

5 pieces. The first BC set from the Curator & the Prince in Kara, the High King and Gruul in Gruul’s lair (you can solo it, but it’s Gruuling!) and Magtheridon.

Hunter Tier 5: Rift Stalker

5 pieces. Tempest Keep (Void Rever & Kael’thas), Serpentshrine Cavern.

Lightning crackling from your shoulders! 2-piece bonus is the pet heal that is still used today for extreme soloing. A very popular set look and easy enough to get with some friends — expect to see a lot of hunters using transmogrification for this set.

Hunter Tier 6: Gronnstalker

8 pieces. Black Temple, Mount Hyjal & Sunwell.

The first appearance of the broken-off horn style for hunter helms. From this point on you’ll need a good handful of friends helping, possibly even more than 5 for some Sunwell bosses.

Hunter Tier 7: Crypstalker

5 pieces. The first Wrath set, from Naxxramas redux & Obsidian Sanctum. Note that from this point on, armor sets have a 10 & 25 man version (later to become heroic/normal versions) and the coloring of the different versions is slightly different, which could affect your transmogrification desires.

Tier 8: Scourgestalker

5 pieces. Available from Ulduar and Justice Points.

Hunter Tier 9: Windrunner

5 pieces. Available for Justice Points, from Dalaran vendors and Trial of the Crusader, which drops generic Trophy of the Crusade that can be used along with Justice Points to purchase any set item. Note that the horde and alliance have slightly different looking versions of this set, which is lame.

I dunno if this set was modeled on Sylvanas’ sense of style or what, but it does not look very hunter-like to me.

Hunter Tier 10: Ahn’kahar Blood Hunter

5 pieces. Available for Justice Points from Dalaran vendors. Pretty sweet looking set, except for the oversized shoulders.

Hunter Tier 11: Lightning-Charged

5-pieces. Available from Bastion of Twilight, Blackwing Descent, and Justice Points. Wear a murloc on your head!

Hunter Tier 12: Flamewaker

5 pieces. Available from Ragnaros, Staghelm, and Valor Points. Note that after patch 4.3 (which will be maybe in November?) these will cost Justice Points instead of Valor Points.

So, after taking a look at the PvE sets available — which ones are you going to be collecting for your hunter? Will you keep the mishmash of whatever the current set gear looks like, or will you transmogrify your gear into a classic look from the days of yore?



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  1. Ambeon says:

    I think the horde model from tier 9 is wrong, the correct one should be the Conqueror’s Windrunner’s Pursuit.

    • Athena says:

      I want to look like Ranger Selone in Dalaran any ideas?

      • arjayemm says:

        for dark ranger style set – check out wowroleplaygear.com – they have a dark ranger style set which is unfortunately mostly leather – dont know of mail alternatives – but i did make my rogues gear look like it

  2. Levaa says:

    I have the full set of T0.5 in my bank, so I will use that one :)

    • Cloudbuster says:

      Same here. For years I’ve been asking myself, “Why do you keep that old set around?” Now, I know! Ah, sweet vindication!!

  3. ironthumbs says:

    Got there before i did Ambeon :P
    The Horde version on the Tier 9 (in a non-biased opinion) looks far better than the alliance version.
    Additionaly Frost, you say the Tier 8 is available for Justice Points, well i looked last night, because i love the 10man red version of that tier, but i could only find the vendor that requires the tokens still :S

    Thanks a lot for the effort gone into this though, I take my hat off to you sir!

    • ironthumbs says:

      Replying to my own post, I just found this info about the tier 8. Hope it helps anyone interested in obtaining it :)

      Tier 8 is a 5-piece set obtained in Ulduar, requiring level 80. There are two skins for every set: the ilvl 219 set from 10-player Ulduar, and the ilvl 226 set from 25-player Ulduar.

      Helm: Mimiron (10), Thorim (25)
      Shoulders: Thorim (10), Yogg-Saron (25)
      Chest: Yogg-Saron (10), Hodir (25)
      Gloves: Freya (10), Mimiron (25)
      Legs: Hodir (10), Freya (25)

      Justice Points (for ilvl 219 tier):
      Chest: 770
      Helm: 770
      Sold by Arcanist Firael and Magister Sarien in Dalaran.

      Gloves and legs are also dropped by Emalon the Storm Watcher.

      (219 is the RED set, 226 is BLUE)

  4. Ocastra says:

    If a set is as ugly as e.g. T11 I’ll transmogify into something old – Gronnstalker would be my set of choice, I just love the shoulders.
    If I like the looks of the current set, like Flamewaker, I’ll keep that, except when transitioning into another set, except if they fit together.

    • Gorazin says:

      I belive groonstalker set requires a trip to SWP to for waist boots wrist ?

    • Sheppo says:

      currently rocking full t12 set, non heroic, apart from shoulders. grom’s shoulders go with t12 very nicely. :)

  5. Myrli says:

    I’ve always liked blue…Riftstalker looks like the one for that. I already have 2 so just need to get the other 3. Bummer you can’t just go get ’em and have to get a Raid going.

  6. Wolflore says:

    You forgot beastlord, obtainable in BC normal instances for the 5 pce set and in HC instances for the boots, wrists and belt.

    • Arrowsmith says:

      I was going to say the same thing. You also forgot the Desolation battlegear, which drops from BC instances as well and is the Beast Lord Armor recolored (gold and silver instead of red and blue).

      My current plan is to get the Desolation Pants, gloves, chest and shoulders, the Steelspine Faceguard from Shade of Aran, the Gyro-Balanced Khorium Destroyer (Engineering), and a belt from IQD. I’m still working on finding a matching (and easily obtainable) cloak, boots, and stat stick.

    • Nichara says:

      It’s a set that’s more hunter-looking to my tastes than any of the other sets. All of the pieces drops from the final bosses of heroic BC dungeons:

      Beast Lord cuirass: Warp Splinter, Botanica
      Beast Lord handguards: Warchief Kargath Bladefist, Shattered Halls
      Beast Lord helm: Pathaelon the Calculator, Mechanar
      Beast Lord leggings/Beast Lord mantle: Warlord Kalithresh, Steamvault

      and the 3 pieces that are technically not part of the set, but match well:
      girdle of ferocity: Murmur, Shadow Labyrinth
      boots of the endless hunt: Warp Splinter, Botanica
      bracers of the hunt: Talon King Ikiss, Sethekk Halls

      Best part is, all very easily soloable. Drops aren’t too rare but are not guaranteed.

  7. Freyana says:

    Just ran MC and BWL with some guildies this weekend and got 3 pieces of Giantstalker and 2 pieces of Dragonstalker. It should be pointed out that you absolutely have to bring friends to BWL, since the first boss is not soloable (hell, it was barely 4-man-able, though we did have two squishy mana users…). Whether your friends stick around after Razorgore is up to you ;)

    I’m also working on gathering up the Beaststalker recolor set from BC dungeons. Many of the early dungeon and tier sets have recolors that drop in BC regs and heroics. Here’s an awesome list from Wowpedia: http://www.wowpedia.org/Set_look_alikes

    • Sheppo says:

      wowhead still lists all items that are no longer available. A useful feature of wowhead is that it will tell you what currently available items share the same model of the non-available items.

      e.g. Beastmaster’s Mantle (no longer available), same color and model as Prized Beastmaster’s Mantle, lvl 80 PvP heirloom shoulders.

      Using this you should be easily able to put together a shopping list.

  8. Wolflore says:

    Also T11 seems to be the wrong color, at least mine is green.

    • Frostheim says:

      Hmm, I must have grabbed the heroic version, which renders differently.

      • Sheppo says:

        looks like you’ve grabbed the heroic versions for a couple – probably all that are available. t12 is only slightly different, a darker red.

        It’ll be interesting to see if we’ll be able to pick alternate colour styles for armour at the astral reforger, or the transmogrifier. Although, i suspect we wont be able to.

  9. Ominous says:

    Grinding for Tier 2 though, given I am a Beast Master, it’s too bad I didn’t keep 0.5.

  10. Fugitivelama says:

    I think t6 and t5 are my favorites. What I like the most though is bringing back the weapons. Zahr’ Doom Greatstaff of the devourer is definitely the best hunter staff out there , I mean the thing is alive. For ranged weapons I like the Golden Bow of Quel’thalas, drops from eredar twins in sunwell.

  11. Kheldul says:

    I’m wishing I had kept some of my old PvP gear sets. I always liked the T5, but I’m thinking it will just be too common.

  12. Shotgun5559 says:

    I think the reason why the T-9 Hunter stuff doesn’t look like its hunter gear, is because the model for the gear was shared with Shamans.

  13. Drix says:

    I checked into the PvP tier set I’d like to use and it looks like it and a lot of the PvP sets can be purchased from the legacy PvP armor and legacy PvP arms vendors.

    Personally, I think the Marshal’s set looks nice and I can purchase it all, weapons included, for less than 1k honor points.

  14. Martin says:


    For THIS guide alone, I owe you. Thanks, this will be most helpful!

  15. Kurlo says:

    Perhaps we could purchase the sets that are unavailable from a vendor someday . . .

  16. Silanti says:

    Any images of pvp tier sets?

  17. Arrowsmith says:

    I was going to say the same thing. You also forgot the Desolation battlegear, which drops from BC instances as well and is the Beast Lord Armor recolored (gold and silver instead of red and blue).

    My current plan is to get the Desolation Pants, gloves, chest and shoulders, the Steelspine Faceguard from Shade of Aran, the Gyro-Balanced Khorium Destroyer (Engineering), and a belt from IQD. I’m still working on finding a matching (and easily obtainable) cloak, boots, and stat stick.

  18. Drix says:

    Here’s a URL for those who want to view ALL the hunter sets in an interactive 3-D perspective with their race/gender.


  19. Harvoc says:

    I probably will just keep my gear how it is but should I ever wish to transmogrify my gear, I’ll probably transmogrify them into the only complete set I have: Ahn’kahar Blood Hunter. I started playing pretty late into Wrath so that’s the only set I got and also because I don’t have the schedule to raid.

  20. Dibbler says:

    BWL is 100% soloable. Razorgore through “creative use of mechanics” causing the adds to stop spawning (guide video is available on youtube), and with good gear Vael is easily zerged down (a pet with heart of the phoenix might help if you don’t have the gear). The only boss that puts up much of a fight is chromaggus depending on how generous he decides to be with vulnerabilities.

  21. Omogon says:

    If I transmogrify ( and I probably won’t ) I am going to go for the Dun Morough Ironforge Mountaineer look :)

  22. Kerbaroth says:

    I’d definitely take t10 25h set, I loved it..however i destroyed it when i got to 85.

    So no I think i gonna stick with the t4 or s1 arena set (which is basically the same but black)

  23. Kerbaroth says:

    by the way you can still obtain the wrathful set for honor in tanaris which looks pretty neat too!

    ps. i hate captchas!

    • Frostheim says:

      Pro Tip: if you’re logged in to the site, you don’t have to deal with the Captcha! In fact, I may be going back to making logging in required for comments in the future — since I disabled it the site is clearly getting on more and more bot spam lists : /

  24. Deathsgrin says:

    You gave the Horde, crappy Alliance versions of the T9 sets. Please fix so we don’t look like sailboats T_T

  25. Gunner_recall says:

    I’ll use the Demonstalker set but only if the tier looks terrible.

  26. Tibbelkrunk says:

    I like the simple-looking sets… you know, the ones that actually look like armor.


    That said, my favorite of the hunter tier sets is the Demonstalker (T4).
    Not that I was playing when it was current, but I do like the way it looks.

    I like the normal-mode T10 (Ahn’kahar Beetlestalker)… except for those awful shoulders.

    I guess I’m just a brown and green kind of guy.

  27. Martin says:

    hunter solo of razorgore. wonder if all these dynamics still work?


  28. quivering says:

    Amazing! Thanks Frost, wish I had seen this before I drudged through wowhead myself.

    The sets are one thing though, I have been looking back through the old weapons. Oooo weee are there some nutty ones.

    • Zeherah says:

      Yeah, I’m having more fun looking through weapons. I’m currently leaning towards Dragonbreath Hand Cannon, although I did quite enjoy when I had the Larvae of the Great Worm, and Arcanite Steam Pistol was always fun.

  29. Karot says:

    I probably won’t even start collecting the old sets until 4.3 goes live, as I’m hurting enough for space as it is. I’m more keen on collecting old ranged weapons first.

  30. Jaeger says:

    Figures that the one I like the most is T3 which isn’t available. Hopefully, some site will come up with an easy to navigate gear selector based on the model and colors. I bet there is a lot of good looking gear combos that aren’t sets and are hopefully easier to acquire…

    Blizz should sell the removed items from vendors and should make it so that you can buy gear items from quests you’ve already completed. I liked a lot of the lvling gear from wrath for example; it looked like real armor.

  31. Slickrock says:

    Frost, thanks for all your work on this!

    Looking at all the sets, I find the for my Orc, I’m actually going to get the Horde T9.

    For a dwarf, however.. none of these look terribly dwarven. I might start looking for oddball misc items from Northrend.

  32. Aiylani says:

    I prefer the sexy looking non epic old school gear.What is most important to me is the fact that no matter how crappy a ranged weapon looks(Lava Bolt xbow!) we can now make it look cool..WOOT to blizz for that!

    • Nichara says:

      I intend to make my crossbow look like Black Bow of the Betrayer (drops from Ilidan). Love the graphic for it. My habit of saving old guns/bows/crossbows I like the appearance of will finally pay off lol!

  33. Nichara says:

    A note: the tier 0/0.5 is no longer available in the game, however you can get a “set” that’s very similar looking, just a little recolored, from BC dungeon drops. Not officially a set, but if you get all these you essentially a recolored version of beaststalker:

    mok’nathal beast-mask: Exarch Maladaar, Auchenai Crypts
    scorpid-sting mantle: Quagmirran, Slave Pens
    shamblehide chestguard: The Black Stalker, Underbog
    lykul bloodbands: Hungarfen, Underbog
    bloodstained ravager gauntlets: Omor the Unscarred, Hellfire Ramparts
    tracker’s belt: Mennu the Betrayer, Slave Pens
    scale leggings of the skirmisher: Watchkeeper Gargolmar, Hellfire Ramparts
    boots of the outlander: Pandemonius, Mana-Tombs

    • Nichara says:

      should clarify that the beaststalker look-alike sets drops from NORMAL dungeons not HEROIC ones. Make sure difficulty is set to normal or they won’t drop.

  34. Romolus says:

    I’m defiantly collecting t5 and t6 (I want my eyeball set and my lightning shoulders back >.< I got rid of them in wrath to make room for mats in my bank) and a few of the cooler looking weapons from those instances.

  35. Bladek says:

    Im wondering, if I wrote ticket would they give me my beaststalker from pretbc? I was stupid enough to actualy sell it back then cuz of lack of space in bank, didnt have money to purchase anymore :\

  36. Eurinome says:

    Thank you Frost for putting the hard yards in (and playing WoW Barbies!) I think it’s wonderful that people can pay homage to the days of vanilla (walking to dungeons barefoot in the snow, uphill, no pet except some mangy vulture that’s waiting for you to die, carrying all your ammo and a spare gun in case your main one broke, and only bottled troll sweat for loot).

    Not too keen on the tier sets myself; I know a lot of time went into designing them and people worked hard to earn them back in the day… but I am not going to make my hunter wear skyscrapers on her shoulders unless she really has to.

    I’m planning to go either subtle (some of those grey-quality chestpieces are suitably understated and business-looking) or beach-volleyball grade impractical (e.g. spitfire breastplate) to lull my prey into a false sense of security until I’ve killed them and am already turning their cured hide into a dinky little pair of shoes for my bank alt. (I already have and LOVE the giantstalker boots though…. just gorgeous!)

    I wonder what Grandpappy Frostheim’s take on all of this is? Storytime pleeeease?

  37. Eargyllann says:

    WHU, not everyone remembers the gear from sunwell. Wich is really an upgraded version of tier 6, and by far one of the coolest looking armor sets in the game. It’s when Blizzard actully put effort into designing great looking armor.

  38. Stormreign says:

    You guys (and gals) can all have your otherwise goofy-looking tier sets. Personally, I put together a set of green “Wolvar…of the Bandit” mail back in WotLK – it actually LOOKS like mail armor (and for my money looks kewler than any of the tier.)

    I will be rawking that with my Rhok’delar.

  39. Telluria says:

    T6 waist, belt, and boots do indeed come from Sunwell, BUT note that these do NOT graphically match the rest of T6; instead, they match other Sunwell gear.

  40. Telluria says:

    Also probably useful to have lists compiled of gear that matches properly, ever since sets were dropped from 8 to 5 pieces.

    Bracers are admittedly fairly irrelevant, as I can’t remember the last time they were visible once you had the gloves on, but belts and particularly boots really do complete the look.

    In my own case, I’ll be going with Tier 5; the crafted Belt of the Black Eagle is a match, as are the Cobra-Lash Boots which are a drop from Lady Vashj. Though not essential, the Bands of the Celestial Archer, from Tempest Keep trash, are the bracers which match.

    I then find that the Cloak of the Silver Covenant – which was one of the possible drops for completing ten-man ToTC with 50 attempts left – is a beautiful match for the Rift Stalker set.

    Annoyingly, the bow to match T5 was never implemented; there’s a small graphic of it (along with the other T5-matching weapons) available at http://www.mmo-champion.com/threads/601247-All-Tier-5-Weapons-screenshots-available- – though several of those did appear in T6, notably the priest staff from Gurtogg Bloodboil, shaman fists from Hyjal trash, druid staff from, eh, one of the Hyjal bosses I think, and the warlock sword from Archimonde.

    Since we won’t be able to ‘mog legendaries (and thus Thori’dal’s prettier autoshot animation will sadly not be getting dusted off), I think for me it’s a tossup between either Illidan’s Black Bow, or the Twins’ Golden Bow.

  41. MyBlackSheep says:

    WARNING: Following post may sound silly!

    I will definitely go with my Dragonstalker set :3
    That thing on my dreanei hunterress looks totaly sexyyyy :D

    Also, I am glad, even guys welcame transmog with open arms. For me, as a girl, it means a lot :D Oh boy, finaly I can dress my character (nearly) all I want! I know I can already change hair styles and stuff… But this is great :) God, I .> now for real…

  42. MyBlackSheep says:

    *face palm*
    Frost, if you are out there, please, delete that mess I posted before :(
    Somehow, half of my posts wanished and I tried to repost them full.
    I suspect I used some programming symbols which made it vanish. What a pitty, I cant use linear smilies here :(

    anyway: my post
    WARNING: Following post may sound silly!

    I will definitely go with my Dragonstalker set :3
    That thing on my dreanei hunterress looks totaly sexyyyy :D

    Also, I am glad, even guys welcame transmog with open arms. For me, as a girl, it means a lot :D Oh boy, finaly I can dress my character (nearly) all I want! I know I can already change hair styles and stuff… But this is great :) God, I love Blizzard for this

    *cough cough* -___- now for real…

  43. Ortard says:

    Hey All – I am a bit late in posting and most people won’t see this since it is so far down.. but anyways.. my 2 cents. I loved loved loved the way the Bonelink armor looked on my female blood elf – not sure I still like it since I faction changed to a draenei though….. who am I kidding.. I still like it :)


  44. drumthwacket dhs gorrack whu says:

    i would like to go with some leather crafted stuff like a floppy hat and furs and skins. otherwise, i’m not really attached to any previous gear.

    • Nichara says:

      My understanding is the appearance armor has to be the same armor type as the real armor (so must be mail). However leatherworkers with the recipes can make stylin’ adventure hat and stylin’ crimson hat; both are actualyl mail.

  45. Clete says:

    I remember always lusting after the T4 set, but I failed to factor in my race change to worgen, the helm looks all wrong on my toon now. I guess I’ll be going for T8 unless T13 looks decent.

  46. Sihnon says:

    I’ve tried looking for a “Dark Ranger” type set. I can find the gear that most of the ones walking around Dal and UC are wearing but it’s all leather rogue gear and is useless for what I want to do, what kind of crap is that?

    The Black Dragon Mail set is OK looking but missing a lot of pieces that would complete it. http://www.wowhead.com/compare?items=16984:15050:15052:15051#.

    • Littlebear says:

      I’ve put together a very cool Black set using the BC Fel Scale set, and some Mistshroud pieces.

  47. Telluria says:

    Aye, I’ve always struggled to find pieces to ‘complete’ the Black Dragon Mail set, primarily gloves; the Black Grasp of the Destroyer craftable doesn’t look bad, but it’s not a perfect match.

  48. Ulloa says:

    I’ve started playing WoW a month after Wrath came out so I’ll probably grind for that sexy t5 I’ve never got a chance to wear. But I do have to pay honor to wrath I know many people didn’t like that expansion but it’s the reason it got me to play WoW in the first place. I’ll wear my full t8.5 set which imo is one the best looking tiers out there and who didn’t have great memories of raiding Ulduar.

    Now I think about it I still have my 5/5 ilv277 T10

    /script DEFAULT_CHAT_FRAME:AddMessage(“\124cffa335ee\124Hitem:50727:0:0:0:0:0:0:0:0\124h[Bloodfall]\124h\124r”);

    /script DEFAULT_CHAT_FRAME:AddMessage(“\124cffa335ee\124Hitem:50638:0:0:0:0:0:0:0:0\124h[Zod’s Repeating Longbow]\124h\124r”);

    ICC was fun and it was best time I had with my guild.

    And I’m glad I still have this unobtainable bow /script DEFAULT_CHAT_FRAME:AddMessage(“\124cffa335ee\124Hitem:48697:0:0:0:0:0:0:0:0\124h[Frenzystrike Longbow]\124h\124r”);

    it just screams horde.

  49. Grumblebutt says:

    So, Frostheim, is there any plan for a WHU “uniform,” then? Not that any self-respectin’ Dwarf, let alone any true hunter, would let anyone tell us what to wear. *cough* (I’m just thinking the video would be awesome, especially if you had 300 Ironforge Mountaineers raiding Orgrimmar. The programmers might have to do a double-take. Call the video, “NPCs Gone Wild.” :P

  50. Tygrann says:

    It’s been awhile since my T0.5 got to see the light of day, but damn am I glad I kept that around.

  51. Daekon says:

    Demonstalker and Tier 12 are pretty sweet looking.

  52. Prohunter of KT says:

    Thanks for the PvE set gallery it will prove very helpful to those who are looking to kick it old school and flaunt the awesomeness that is the hunter class. I personally will be going with the hateful gladiators set with the wrathful agi swords with my ranged weapon being either the Grand marshal’s gun, or bow. My hunter is a draenei so the blues and golds will work well. my alternative will be the gladiator set (Demonstalker reskin) with the wolfslayer sniper rifle and the polearm from magtheridon

  53. Grumblin @ The Scryers says:

    Question… What if you are a PvP’er? Can you make your sets look like PvE sets? I havent seen anything on it… Or can you Trans-Mortify old sets of pvp gear?

  54. Sabre5674 says:

    I am definately going to use Hellreaver as the model for my polearm. And maybe scarlet monestarty mail set.

  55. Gorman Ghaste says:

    Thanks for this topic! This suggestion isn’t going to help for all the work you already did on this post, but if you decide to do something similar again, I think rather than providing pics and links to individual pieces, you could just skip the pics and provide links to all the sets instead (with the Dwarven models shown by default!). It would be very useful, and less work to put together.

    • Frostheim says:

      Links to the sets rather than links for each individual item?

      I have a feeling that the pics are probably more appreciated than that would be…

      • Gorman Ghaste says:

        Maybe it’s just me, then. I’d rather have a link to the set, so I can easily view it in 3D with the model of my choosing, and then the links to all the individual pieces are right there on the set page.

  56. Sticks says:

    Personally, I’m mixing Giantstalker (Head, Shoulders, Bracers, Belt, Gauntlets, Boots) with Demonstalker (Chest, Legs) because the light/dark appearance looks good together on my troll. For weapons, I’m doing the following:

    Ranged: Rhok’delar, Longbow of the Ancient Keepers
    Polearm: Ice Barbed Spear
    Staff: Lhok,Delar
    2h sword: Jin’rok, the Great Apocalypse (ZA 70 version)
    2h Axe: Trollbane (ZA 70 version)
    1h Sword: (If I can find someone to make them again) Felsteel Longblade
    1h Axe: Axe of the Sen’jin Protector
    Dagger: not sure yet
    Fist Weapon: Both Claws of the Phoenix

  57. Ickabob says:

    I can’t wait to be able to use my Wolfsalyer Sniper Rifle and Demon Stalker set again. Time to look stylish and sexy!

  58. dk1960 says:

    I just need T5,it`s look like my ass.:-D为了部落!

  59. Rayvenwolf says:

    Several of these look best imo with one or more “green” items mixed in with the tier. A lot of AH searching will allow you to customize your look using key tier items with others.

  60. Tobirama@AD says:

    Was doin a quest in burning steppes the other day on an alt, the one where john keeshan follows you and you kill some blackrock dudes (15). i noticed John keeshan helping with a nice looking bow and it had me wondering if theres a lootable version for me to get somewhere.

  61. John says:

    Here is an interesting thought. If you can ‘morg anything as long as it’s the same armor type does that mean you can have a hunter that looks like he/she is dressed in Shaman sets? If so will there be people “needing” variant class armor just so they can change the look of their armor?

    Will paladins look like Death Knights?

    Will mages look like priests?

  62. Sara says:

    Is there a link somewhere to the female versions of the sets? I am having a hard time picturing these sets on my feminine form!

  63. Huntarded says:

    Just a protip for people out their not liking the colors for T4 and T5, if you take your tokens to The Isle of Quel’Danas or however you spell it. These are the PvP versions of the set (armor is same model & everrything). The T4 PvP is darker, leaning more towards black, and T5 PvP set, is actually a brownish color.

  64. surferjoè says:

    Overtheyears many have asked me wy keep the old sets ! I have all full sets of the above .Only mods were made as i aquired heroic versions of said armor I replaced .

    So all tier sets all ranged epics plus appropiate 2h wepons per period and all epic trinkets sit in my bank .

    Sad thing is if Blizz was real samrt the set bonus’s would be used as is to spark up a new word of play. Hmmm one second rapid fire.Plus 2 piece her and 4 piece there ,hmmm !

    Whuumper … ps how many set combo’s can u find ,there is alot !


  65. Tybudd says:

    Huge Request:

    Any chance a written guide for High King will be made, I once got close by downing the healer, but that Death Coil is a duzy!!

  66. Nichara says:

    I finally decided on a set; it’s kind of mix and match. I started with t9 as a base then substituted stuff in.
    Head: Living Dragonscale Helm. Leatherworker made from a BC world-drop recipe. Looks nice with t9 but doesn’t cover up my face (I hate helms that cover my face!).
    Shoulders: t9
    Cloak: Onyxia Scale cloak; leatherwoker made from a recipe you have to quest for (follow up after turning in Onyxia’s head)
    Chest: t9
    bracers: covered up by my hand item anyway
    Gloves: t9
    waist: letting my firearrow belt (bought from avengers of hyjal, honored rep) show through.
    legs: stormsong kilt, drops from The Black Stalker in heroic Underbog. Works surprisingly well with the t9 set and looks great on my female worgen.
    feet: covered up by the kilt anyway.
    melee weapon: Fordragon Blades, drops from Anub’arak in Trial of the Crusader. Goes well with t9 colors.
    ranged: Arcanite steam-pistol, drops from Al’ar in Tempest Keep. Colors go great with t9 and is great if going for a victorian steampunk look lol… am seriosuly considering trying to get a hold of a dragonbreath hand cannon though! If if I decide it doesn’t go with my stuff, may get one anyway just for collecting purposes.

  67. Might says:

    Dragonhunter FTW

  68. Sheekhow says:

    cryptstalker+rhok’delar all the way.

  69. Bloodnickel says:

    Does anyone know if the maroon/green recoloring of the Dragonstalker set is still available?

  70. manderan says:

    i think i will use the dragon stalker reskin with the undead eagle pet. they just seem to go together really well.

  71. Turelak says:

    I got several nice ways to solo/dual Ebonroc to get my Dragonbreath Hand Cannon and T2 set. But I would like another explanation: how do I GET to him? I always get lost on blackrock spire… so can anyone give me a step-by-step on how to attune to the instance, how to reach it’s entrance and how to make my way to the boss? Thanks!

  72. Glittermoon says:

    You can now get the Beast Stalker and Beast Master “replica” gear at The Darkmoon Faire.

  73. arjayemm says:

    Don’t be tied down to complete Tier sets – there are lots of non-tier epics / blues/greens that can be put together for a stunning look and a minimum of hassle/expense. wowroleplaygear.com have models of all the tier sets and recolours often with female models so you can see the difference and all the green armour sets so you can see what would suit a mixed set. happy mogging

  74. grummy says:

    why is no one making a guide for hunter weapons? I have seen nothing on guns, and the addons ive noticed leave out QUITE a bit of info!

  75. whistleblower1231 says:

    Chain of the Scarlet Crusade + Herod’s shoulder + Raging thingy helm.
    Double barreled shotgun gold looking.

  76. Spikedriver says:

    There are a ton of fantastic looking hunter armor sets out there. But since we are limited by blizz on just what weapons we have (polearms, staves) people should be posting what they are transmoging their gear too as well.

    For me, if you have a polearm, there is only one choice. By far the sexiest polearm that has ever been in the game and its only available in one location. The skin has never been used again.

    Black Ice, http://www.wowhead.com/item=40497. Only drops from 10 man EoE. If your intersted you can get a small group together and the whole fight only takes about 4 minutes.

  77. Matriste says:

    I dont think i have seen anyone include the widebarrel flintlock from ToC, personally i love having a huge cannon for my weapon


  78. Alex says:


  79. deathgiver247 says:

    for hunter sets 0 and .5 you CAN get them, they are at the darkmoon faire. no stats except armor but look the same, assuming you can transmog otherwise they serve no purpose

  80. Tylan says:

    I don’t know if anybody have mentioned this but tier 0 and 0.5 (the beasts) are still obtainable. Just in a different way. The whole sets are prizes at darkmoon faire. Each piece costs tickets but its doable. The vendor is next to the heirlooms one. They’re replicas. Only purpose is to transmogrificate them. So there. Hope this helps! Happy Hunting, fellow Hunters.