Hunter Reforging Priorities

Posted: by Frostheim

Today at WoW Insider I discuss hunter reforging priorities, including perspectives from Ask Mr. Robot and Zeherah:

One of the most common questions asked by hunter is, “How should I reforge my gear?” Reforging is an elusive mystery and if you listen to a lot of forum comments you could quickly believe that reforging is the secret key to real ultimate DPS — if you’re not topping the charts, just reforge better to get those last few thousand DPS going your way. On top of that, we have tons of reforging tools available online, often offering contradictory reforging advice.

Happily, reforging is not nearly as complicated as it seems. Today we’re going to go over reforging advice for your BM, MM, and SV hunters. I’m going to be giving you my thoughts and research conclusions, but also the point of view of some other top theorycrafters: we recently did a Hunting Party Podcast all about stats and theorycraft with Zeherah from Female Dwarf and Revulva from Ask Mr. Robot. Sadly, unforeseen technical difficulties prevented us from recording the show*, but the gist of their advice will be included here.

Join me after the cut for everything you really need to know about reforging hunter gear. … Read More.

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  1. Cloudbuster says:

    I dunno — askmrrobot’s suggestions optimiziation suggestions seemed really sketchy — they left me at only 5.98% hit and showed as a 500dps loss from what I started with on

  2. Cloudbuster says:

    Frankly, what you describe is what I was expecting. I looked at that 5.98% hit number and was, like, “WTF?”

  3. Thorgalas says:

    Mr. Robot has been a generally good experience sometimes the results are a little off which I think is likely do to with something bugged. Within the last month Mr. Robot has been spot on with reforges and its helped my DPS increase. The rule that I follow is if it doesn’t make sense don’t do it. The on the fly ability to swap out gear to see how it effects stats has also been invaluable.

  4. Bahzob says:

    Thanks for another great article Frost. I must say I find it a little disappointing that Blizzard introduce a brand new stat for Cataclysm and it turns out to be crap for every spec. You do have to ask why bother?

  5. Snowball says:

    If you don’t return the rss feed back to normal, I’m going to unsubscribe. I love your blog and have been reading it for years, but the new feed is not complete and comes with obnoxious advertising

    • Frostheim says:

      I appreciate your frustration. Here’s mine: there’s another site that automatically posts whatever is on my RSS feed on their site, packs it full of their ads — and that site then comes up in Google search results for new articles, while the WHU does not. I’ve reported them to Google twice, and was told they were removed from the index, but they’re still around.

      The only real logical solution was to change the feed to the summary so that the other site isn’t getting the full posts.

      I should also note this isn’t the first time this has happened, nor is it only the dozenth time. However, this is the first time the scraper site has been able to outrank the WHU for the articles, for the first few days anyway.

  6. Weust says:

    At the moment I run a 1235 haste reforge and loving it on my MM spec hunter with 4pc T11.
    Using I tried a 1100 haste reforge plan after a 1235 before.
    Felt I lost dos, and after switching back to 1235 haste I knew I did.
    Been loving it since again :-)

    Ask Mr Robot and Femaledwarf are no doubt great sites, I somehow just can’t work with them.