This article is part of an ongoing series on how to tame all of the rare hunter pets, including how to tame all of the spirit beasts in the game. If you don’t have them all, this series is a perfect time to pick them up — most of the Wrath spirit beasts are pretty easy to come across these days. With the much lower competition, they’re often just sitting there waiting to be tamed!  Apologies for the same format to the taming guides.  A necessary evil to including all relevant information in each guide.


The only actual taming challenges for hunters came with the new hunter pets (including new spirit beasts) in patch 4.2. For Loque’nahak the real challenge is just finding him in the first place. Loque’nahak is a rare spawn spirit beast. Even though he kinda looks like a cat (though a rad, aquamarine-jawed one), Loque’nahak is considered a spirit beast with the same abilities as all spirit beasts, which includes a cat’s Agility/Strength buff, and a heal ability.

Loque’nahak does not have any special tricks needed to tame him. Once you find Loque’nahak just drop a Freezing Trap to hold him still and keep him from attacking while you begin to Tame Beast. Remember that you must have a free slot in one of your 5 mobile pet slots in order to tame a new pet. If you are full up you can either transfer one to your permanent stable at a stable master, or abandon one of your pets by right-clicking on your pet portrait and selecting Abandon.

Finding Loque’nahak (lvl 76 – exotic)

Loque’nahak is one of the most annoying tames, due to the large area in which he can spawn.  It should be stressed again that Loque’nahak is a rare spawn, and will not always be there. In fact, most of the time he won’t be there — the thing that makes the spirit beasts so rare is the fact that they rarely spawn.

Targeting Macros are a tried and true method of locating rares. Typically someone hunting Loque’nahak might make a macro: /tar Loque and then fly around the area spamming the macro. If you suddenly see Loque’nahak’s portrait appear as your target, you know he’s nearby.  However, targeting macros as a way of spirit beast hunting require a lot of button spam, which can get annoying when some of these beasts have respawn timers that are several hours (or days) long.

Scholazar Basin harbors quite a few rares, not just Loque’nahak.  King Krush is a popular one, as is Aotona.  Macros can be expanded to include them all, to increase your chances of finding a rare.

For those wishing to alleviate this burden, there’s NPCScan, an addonthat does the exact same thing that targeting macros do (with the same range), but without all the button mashing. With NPCScan you can be alerted any time a rare spirit beast is nearby, without having to mash buttons all the time.

Taming Etiquette:

  • If there are two or more hunters camping the same spot, try to work it out instead of fighting over a tame.  This usually ends with the animal dead, and neither hunter with the tame.  If an agreement cannot be reached, suggest rolling for rights to it.
  • If you see a rare pet and don’t want it (or you aren’t a hunter, but then why are you reading this?), tell a friend who has a hunter and might be interested.
  • If someone gives you the same courtesy and tells you about a potential tame, offer to tip them for it.
  • Say a little word of thanks for this pet when you tame him.  This was the very first spirit beast, and many hunters lost their wives/jobs/bladders/etc. attempting to tame him.

Respawn Timers:

We’d be lying if we said there is a definable respawn timer for most rares.  Scour forums and news sites and you’ll find wildly conflicting anecdotes.  The likeliest scenario is that most rares are on variable spawn rates, perhaps dependent on RNG numbers.  Only a few fall within a definite range, and Loque’nahak does not appear to be one of them.  If you have data that contradicts this, I’d love to hear it and would happily include evidence in this article.  Otherwise, pinpointing a respawn timer even approximately is, unfortunately,  guesswork.

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  1. Valacia says:

    I love cats, I have several of them tamed, so when I first saw Loque I new I had to have him.
    He is quite simply the best pet in the entire game IMHO. If blizzard said “nevermind hunters, you can only ever have one pet” my Loqui would be that one.

    After weeks of despair I found him and tamed him and was saddened that I had to go sv and then marks and use a wolf… Thank you cata for making it so I can keep my Loui by my side eternally!

    The first time I ever entered combat with him was like a beautiful symphony of aggression! The roar is god like.

  2. Tikio says:

    My first and still favorite spirit beast. Got it when it was the only spirit beast. Funny part is that I never tried to get it, it found me when I was mining. I jumped when I saw it and knew it had to be mine!

  3. Kirk says:

    I get Loque on all my hunters when they get high enough level. ;)

  4. Nadindel says:

    this may sound completely nuts, but i just respec’d BM and today within 24 hours i tammed skoll, gondria, Loque’nahak, ghostcrawler, koroma, sambus, around 8 vanilla rare spawns and a few double headed carrion’s. my luck is insane right now

  5. Nadindel says:

    just got arcturis! northrend beasts COMPLETE!

    • Arthemystia says:

      Grats! The only one I really want from Wrath is King Krush. I may hunt for him sometime soon. The only two I have are Gondria and Karoma.

  6. Nadindel says:

    just got Deth’tilac! im stoked, the fight was intense, my bow broke in the middle of if to i had to pop jeeves and i had a dead spirit beast from before the fight but i switched into MM! i had to feign, leave combat, change specs, rez acturis dismiss him then tame
    it was insane

  7. Agruvona says:

    Loque has the most awesome roar of any creature in the game. I don’t know if I could stand to hunt him down more than once, but every hunter should definitely try to tame him at least once.

  8. Morven says:

    What I didn’t realize until I found him “in the wild” was that pre-taming he is HUGE. Taller than my character, and I play a 7ft troll.

  9. soultaker says:

    Loque’nahak!! very happy today morning 08:30 am, wake up and take a fly round at the spawn points between “The Makers Perch” and “The Savage Thicket”, he is not really so tall but he really have a long the body, really beauty, tame it~~~~ yea~~really enjoying hunters life…

  10. Mitsuki says:

    I love Loque so very much, he’s my first Spirit Beast! Wanted him since I saw him (actually he was one of the main reasons I rolled a Hunter in the first place), and his roar is heavenly; all the other Spirit Beasts use it, I know, but it sounds so right on him.

    Took me 6 days to find him, and the rush of exhilaration when NPCscan went crazy was indescribable… I literally went light-headed for a second and could barely remember where my freezing trap and tame beast were hotkeyed to, hah. And when he shrank and ran to my side I was slack-jawed at my PC for a good minute!

    I used him a lot then, but since I respecced to MM and SV he just sits in my stable… I miss him so. =(

  11. Lars says:

    “The first time I ever entered combat with him was like a beautiful symphony of aggression! The roar is god like.”

    – Valacia (1st amazing post)

    Wow. Not the game… just…. wow. I think I just got a boner.

  12. Jan øystein Hammerø says:

    Hello now have i found the spirit beast but i can not tame the spirit beast why? do i need anny thing i dont have catalysm only leach king. pleaz help me??

    • Arthemystia says:

      Most likely culprit is that you don’t have your talent points in the Beastmaster tree. Outside of that, or being too low a level, there’s no reason you shouldn’t be able to tame him.

  13. Boltchucker says:

    Spent about an hour the first night and couldn’t find him. Logged on the next day after work and got really lucky found him in about 5 minutes. Tamed him and within 30 seconds of that another 85 hunter landed right next to me. That was a close one. He rules.

  14. Hybritian says:

    I just found him near The Savage Thicket, it was the second place i looked, You have to be BM to tame him.
    So sweet, one of the Best looking pets for Hunters. Thanks for the spawn points guys.

  15. Blexthetamed says:

    Man, all your stories are lucky, i spent 5 hours last night and 2 hours today, still going at it, and no luck what so ever!!! I really NEED this pet, been looking over him since wrath came out and I knew then I needed to roll a hunter, any tips for finding him would rock!

  16. Thorne says:

    … well, this is going to get me injured, but I had more trouble running Skoll down than I did finding/taming Loqui.
    Casual loop through Sholazar for gits and shiggles, sighting (near Skyreach Pillar), astonishment. Land, check for competition, dismiss current, Berserk/Lifeblood, tame, done. Then the OMG!Rarespawn hit and I couldn’t stop shaking.
    (For the curious, I did eventually find Skoll, too. My pretties!)

  17. Spasithor says:

    Finally found him at 4:54AM Nov29 2008 after another sleepless night. I still remember that heart attack when I saw him….And I had a lot of fun when I revealed him from stealth in front of hunters at the spawn spot while using Eyes of the Beast…

  18. Niniel says:

    4:00 a.m. – March 24, 2012. After searching for this elusive cat since the beginning of WotLK, I had all but given up. In one weekend I had tamed ALL the rares from Firelands, and a few others…but I’d never even caught a glimpse of Loque’nahak in the wild.

    As I landed in Shalozar Basin, I took my customary flight over Frenzyheart Hill to the two spawning points to the south….nothing. Turning my mount towards Skyreach Pillar, I contemplated another couple hours of endless flying…running down my checklist – current pet stabled? tame beast button hotkeyed? NPCscan reset? – all good to go. I was fast approaching the pillar – coming around the backside when the NPCscan alarm went off – my heart jumped, my palms got sweaty and my vision blurred – immediately going to the alert flashing at the bottom of my screen….

    And then my heart sank…it was King Krush. I dropped down and almost casually dispatched the monster with a couple shots…I’d already added him to my stable long ago. Having read so many “theories” on spawn timers and how many rares can be in Northrend at any given time, I dejectedly heading back to the flight path for a trip to Dalaran.

    I landing back at Rivers Heart and quickly switched back to my regular, Survival spec. I was about to click on the flight master for my trip to the city, when I paused. I’m not sure what it was – call it “hunters instinct” if you will; but something made me pass by the FP and head over the spawn point nearest the Avalanche.

    I put my mount on “auto-pilot” to run and get a cup of coffee….I was pouring when the alarm went off – AGAIN! I dropped pretty much everything and ran to the computer….and there he was! The big cat was prowling the ridgeline….perhaps hunting for his own prey.

    I landed and quickly locked on and pressed the Tame key – NOTHING. My heart was pounding and my mind was racing; and then it hit me! I of course was no longer in Beast Master spec! Thinking that any section another hunter was going to drop from the sky and start taming (or worse someone would all but one shot him). I smashed the keys necessary to switch specs. Seconds later I had finally added this great cat to my prized collection.

  19. dylan says:

    do you have to be beastmastery to tame him?

  20. matt says:

    first place i went to i found him siting there THANK YOU GOD

  21. Clickie says:

    I recently found my last rare from Wrath too! The best part was that I had forgotten to clear the cache on my NPCScan and I had seen a dead Skoll a week earlier. By the time I got to Storm Peaks, I just decided to check spawn camps. He wasn’t there. I queued for a dungeon and when I got back, BAM! Right below me with no other hunters around. I found him at the spawn point just north of Brunnhildar Village. I was so excited I thought I would try my luck and headed to Sholozar. I had already gotten loque, and he popped. I told the hunters in the area, and one came and tamed him. Tipped me 5k. Best day ever.

  22. ranton says:

    went bm today and decided to do a pass through the areas where this guy spawns found him on the first run by the savage thicket. super happy with its look and abilities, an over all awesome pet.

  23. quikshoter says:

    this pet is amazing. i have found out that he spawn by the gorrillas between 2-3 am hope this helps

  24. Nidhoggr says:

    I was reading some comments on the forums, about where to look and when. I didn’t have NPC scanner, but I had the macro. It also helps to have Track Beasts enabled. I found south of Nesingwary camp. Good luck to those who are hunting him down!

  25. Elliot says:

    I logged on using a 10 day trial of MoP and thought id give it a go (used to camp his spawn for days on end, during Wrath). Found him on MY FIRST LAP . Cannot believe my luck!

  26. Onwa says:

    I had never really heard of Loque until I stumbled upon him. I was questing, looking for what I needed to kill for the quest. I was getting ready to head up a hill and saw this cat in front of me. My first thought was “Wow, he’s pretty!” So I checked to see if he could be tamed and he could. I’m sure I saw his name but it meant nothing to me. I searched through my pets to find one to get rid of and abandoned one. Dismissed my current pet and hit the tame button. The whole time I was doing that Loque just stood there waiting. After I had him tamed, I continued questing. The first time he healed me, I looked at my buffs and saw that he was a spirit beast. Well, I asked my son about him. Like I said, I didn’t recall the name so I just described him and boy did my son go nuts! He told me who Loque was and how LUCKY I was to stumble upon him like that. Currently, he is forever by my side. I sure love the healing buff he gives. I am now going to try to get him on my first hunter.

  27. Valerix says:

    I am still looking for him… but on my way trying to find him, i tamed king krush.

  28. Valerix says:

    I finally tamed him :D 5:06am AUS time

  29. Pwnicidal says:

    Day three no luck… no body no nothing other hunters and people aren’t very curtious. people never respond about sightings or if they killed or tamed her ive spent the last 18 hours in SB flying around Her (yes loque’nahak is a girl FYI) and ive only seen KK twice…. made my heart stop when SilverDragon add on spammed its sounds… if possible I WILL Necro this thread just to try to get other people to post where and when(exact REALM time) they tamed or killed her or sighted her.