This article is part of an ongoing series on how to tame all of the rare hunter pets, including how to tame all of the spirit beasts in the game. If you don’t have them all, this series is a perfect time to pick them up — most of the Wrath spirit beasts are pretty easy to come across these days. With the much lower competition, they’re often just sitting there waiting to be tamed!

The only actual taming challenges for hunters came with the new hunter pets (including new spirit beasts) in patch 4.2. For Gondria the real challenge is just finding him in the first place. Gondria is a rare spawn spirit beast using the spirit beast version of a cat model. Even though he kinda looks like a cat, Gondria does not have the cat special abilities: Gondria is considered a spirit beast with the same abilities as all spirit beasts.

Gondria does not have any special tricks needed to tame him. Once you find Gondria just drop a Freezing Trap to hold him still and keep him from attacking while you begin to Tame Beast. Remember that you must have a free slot in one of your 5 mobile pet slots in order to tame a new pet. If you are full up you can either transfer one to your permanent stable at a stable master, or abandon one of your pets by right-clicking on your pet portrait and selecting Abandon.

Finding Gondria (lvl 77 – exotic)

Gondria has several spawn points in the eastern section of Zul’drak.  It should be stressed again that Gondria is a rare spawn, and will not always be there. In fact, most of the time he won’t be there — the thing that makes the spirit beasts so rare is the fact that they rarely spawn.

Targeting Macros are a tried and true method of locating rares. Typically someone hunting Gondria might make a macro: /tar Gon and then fly around the area spamming the macro. If you suddenly see Gondria’s portrait appear as your target, you know he’s nearby.  However, targeting macros as a way of spirit beast hunting require a lot of button spam, which can get annoying when some of these beasts have respawn timers that are several hours (or days) long.

For those wishing to alleviate this burden, there’s NPCScan, an addon that does the exact same thing that targeting macros do (with the same range), but without all the button mashing. With NPCScan you can be alerted any time a rare spirit beast is nearby, without having to mash buttons all the time.

Taming Etiquette:

  • If there are two or more hunters camping the same spot, try to work it out instead of fighting over a tame.  This usually ends with the animal dead, and neither hunter with the tame.  If an agreement cannot be reached, suggest rolling for rights to it.
  • If you see a rare pet and don’t want it (or you aren’t a hunter, but then why are you reading this?), tell a friend who has a hunter and might be interested.
  • If someone gives you the same courtesy and tells you about a potential tame, offer to tip them for it.

Respawn Timers:

We’d be lying if we said there is a definable respawn timers for most rares.  Scour forums and news sites and you’ll find wildly conflicting anecdotes.  The likeliest scenario is that most rares are on variable spawn rates, perhaps dependent on RNG numbers.  Only a few fall within a definite range, and Gondria does not appear to be one of them.  If you have data that contradicts this, I’d love to hear it and would happily include evidence in this article.  Otherwise, pinpointing a respawn timer even approximately is, unfortunately,  guesswork.

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  1. Lirithiel says:

    Aaah Gondria. My favourite of the three Spirit Beast cat skins – the original and best :)

    I remember how tough the competition was to tame Gondria back in the day. There was always at least one hunter camping a spawn point. I spent 7 days straight flying around Zul’Drak checking on those 5 spawn points. My search finally ended early one Saturday morning when I found Gondria on the spawn point to the right of the stairway leading to Zol’Maz Stronghold.

    Sadly I still prefer Loque’nahak as my main Spirit Beast companion with Karoma a close second :)

    Thanks for these articles Arth. I know there are many hunters out there who would like to tame at least one Spirit Beast but they may not know where it is located or anything regarding the spawn points or timers.

    • Valacia says:

      Loque was the first … and the best :p

      • Valacia says:

        Actually, I know what you should write for the Loque’nahak article frost for how to tame…

        “Spend three weeks to a month of your life flying around scholazar basin weeping into your beer as you yearn for this glorious beast to even spawn, only to find his pelt on the AH.”

        I was literally shaking when I finally found him I had devoted so much of my life to the endeavor.

  2. Razur says:

    First Spirit beast I ever got.
    I was flying around Northrend for lulz on my hunter at level 66. I decided to check for Gondria. At 4 in the morning, she was up, but was level 67. So, my boyfriend watched her, while I quested, and leveled myself with CtA Alterac Valley. After two hours, she was still there, so I tamed. :D

  3. Beergasm says:

    The best tip about how to tame a rare spawn hasn’t been included and it is this:

    They will more likely spawn for you when you’re not actually trying to tame them, and you’re just passing through the area.

  4. Kirk says:

    I don’t get this desire to have them all. One spirit beast is enough. There’s not that many stable slots left, once you’ve grabbed every pet skill needed for raiding, PvP and soloing.

  5. 7seti says:

    “Even though he kinda looks like a cat, Gondria does not have the cat special abilities: Gondria is considered a spirit beast with the same abilities as all spirit beasts.”

    In fact spirit beasts do have all the special abilities of a cat, they just have a heal as well.

  6. blacon says:

    i trapped Gondria twice, it said non tamable, do you have to be BM spec?

  7. wesleigh says:

    i have had gondria forever, and its by far my favorite pet, but shes broken! dash doesnt work and i think one other special ability doesnt aswell; my server is korialstrasz, had anybody noticed this? is it just my server, because i cant even use her because of this and im having to resort to ghostcrawler as my main pet :-(

  8. soultaker says:

    after many days, finally i got him!!! really a true beauty~~~~ my favorite one

  9. Hunter says:

    Found him @ 67, 78

  10. Steelehunter says:

    I must have gotten lucky with Loque because I got him on my third fly through just earlier today

  11. spirit hunter says:

    i cant find Gondria so i need help

  12. ethachi says:

    I have been searching for about a month now and I still haven’t tamed it I wake up 4 in the morning and sleep at about 12 am just so that I can tame it can anyone help me

  13. bddhunter says:

    i have tamed all the spirit beast excepting gondria..for those of you who are claiming to have wasted months of your lives trying to find a rare spawn heres what worked for me..log in with your hunter every hour and do a lap around your desired spirit beasts spawn location for ten minutes..then you can log out and level an alt..alternatively if your a fresh level 90 and need pvp gear do a battle ground then do a lap..i know for a fact that arcturus is a 12h respawn as iv seen him killed 5 times in front of me exactly 12h after the previous spawn.to tame the spirit porcupines ask a blood dk to help you