Arcturis Spirit Beast


This article is part of an ongoing series on how to tame all of the rare hunter pets, including how to tame all of the spirit beasts in the game. If you don’t have them all, this series is a perfect time to pick them up — most of the Wrath spirit beasts are pretty easy to come across these days. With the much lower competition, they’re often just sitting there waiting to be tamed!

The only actual taming challenges for hunters came with the new hunter pets (including new spirit beasts) in patch 4.2. For Arcturis the real challenge is just finding him in the first place. Arcturis is a rare spawn spirit beast using the spirit beast version of the bear model. Even though he kinda looks like a bear, Arcturis does not have the bear special abilities, nor is he a tenacity pet: Arcturis is considered a spirit beast with the same abilities as all spirit beasts.

Arcturis does not have any special tricks needed to tame him. Once you find Arcturis just drop a Freezing Trap to hold him still and keep him from attacking while you begin to Tame Beast. Remember that you must have a free slot in one of your 5 mobile pet slots in order to tame a new pet. If you are full up you can either transfer one to your permanent stable at a stable master, or abandon one of your pets by right-clicking on your pet portrait and selecting Abandon.

Finding Arcturis (lvl 74 – exotic)

Arcturis Spawn Points Map
Arcturis spawns just north of Amberpine Lodge in the Grizzly Hills of Northrend, as shown on the map above. It should be stressed again that Arcturis is a rare spawn, and will not always be there. In fact, most of the time he won’t be there — the thing that makes the spirit beasts so rare is the fact that they rarely spawn.

Targeting Macros are a tried and true method of locating rares. Typically someone hunting Arcturis might make a macro: /tar Arcturis and then fly around the area spamming the macro. If you suddenly see Arcturis’ portrait appear as your target, you know he’s nearby.  However, targeting macros as a way of spirit beast hunting require a lot of button spam, which can get annoying when some of these beasts have respawn timers that are several hours (or days) long.

For those wishing to alleviate this burden, there’s NPCScan, an addonthat does the exact same thing that targeting macros do (with the same range), but without all the button mashing. With NPCScan you can be alerted any time a rare spirit beast is nearby, without having to mash buttons all the time.

Taming Etiquette:

  • If there are two or more hunters camping the same spot, try to work it out instead of fighting over a tame.  This usually ends with the animal dead, and neither hunter with the tame.  If an agreement cannot be reached, suggest rolling for rights to it.
  • If you see a rare pet and don’t want it (or you aren’t a hunter, but then why are you reading this?), tell a friend who has a hunter and might be interested.
  • If someone gives you the same courtesy and tells you about a potential tame, offer to tip them for it.

As a quick note, several sites will have unsubstantiated claims from posters of tames at locations other than the ones listed on the map above.  While this is possible, it is unlikely that there will be spawns outside these spots, especially given the length of time Arcturis been available.

Respawn Timers:

We’d be lying if we said there is a definable respawn timers for most rares.  Scour forums and news sites and you’ll find wildly conflicting anecdotes.  The likeliest scenario is that most rares are on variable spawn rates, perhaps dependent on RNG numbers.  Only a few fall within a definite range, and Arcturis does not appear to be one of them.  With Arcturis especially, respawn stories seem to range from a few hours to several days, making him among the most unpredictable rares.  If you have data that contradicts this, I’d love to hear it and would happily include evidence in this article.  Otherwise, pinpointing a respawn timer even approximately is, unfortunately,  guesswork.


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  1. Darkbrew says:

    Nice article. I was going to do something similar last year, but I figured folks didn’t want to read.

    – Logon to WoW and decide you want to tame Arcturis.
    – Fly from Dalaran to Grizzly Hills, because surely he’ll be there waiting for you.
    – Drop a trap and tame.
    – Move on with your day.

    • Arthemystia says:

      Basically what Frost said. It’s not that it’s super interesting, we’re just paranoid completionists. All the articles on these guys will follow a similar format. Once they’re done we’ll make a master list linking to them all.

  2. Frostheim says:

    Yeah — where to find all of the spirit beasts is something the WHU has always been lacking, so after Arthemystia did the roundup for all the new 4.2 pets, I asked him to do a writeup on every spirit beast, just for the sake of making the WHU more complete.

  3. Loverlie says:

    Thanks for the guide. The etiquette note is a nice touch too. Sadly, there are a lot of people who lack this. ಠ_ಠ

    I’ve tamed all the spirit beasts myself. With only one spawn point, Arcturis was the easiest of the tames. It’s just a matter of camping him or being lucky and having him up as you go by.

  4. Hierakles says:

    The great thing I find about Arcturis is that it seems he only spawns in one place. This means you can easily just park yourself on a mount over the spawn with your rare-tracker of choice active and alt-tab out while you wait for him to show up.

    Good luck to all those hunting him!

  5. Ruh says:

    Nice article. Arcturis was my first tame after going beast master. Still my favorite pet.

    Only negative thing is the map is not right in your article.

  6. viriz says:

    why the hell would anybody want to be BM right now anyways…unless ur a baby hunter and are leveling…..BM is freaking useless.

    • Beergasm says:

      Why not? Dual spec is there for a reason. I raid in SV and do quests and what not in BM so I can quest with my spirit beasts.

      You don’t have to be OMGl33tdps all the time outside of raids. :-\

      And BM IS viable in raids anyway, despite not being the ideal way to raid.

      • Loverlie says:

        Think again. It’s not useless. While in 4.2 BM’s not been as great for me during raids, it’s still good times for me in PVP.

    • DragonMoon says:

      Viriz, why you downrate BM spec’ed hunters? I run BM for everything including pvp, pve, raids, BG’s, ect… Even with other hunters in party or group, I’m consistenly #1 on recount while still providing utility to my party. In the rare cases where I was not #1, #2 is the lowest I’ve gotten in a long time. All specs have there pros and cons, but as of the latest patch well into MOP, it depends how well you play your toon. Please try to be more constructive while showing respect instead of downrating. Maybe you prefer a spec over another or haven’t gotten a grasp on the spec you’re downrating. Even with which is a great site I continue to use despite their posts, I rock the charts while still bringing utility to whatever I subject my BM hunter to.

  7. Beergasm says:

    Silver Dragon is an addon I use for spotting rare mobs. Whenever you’re just questing around or whatever it’ll pop up whenever a rare spawn is in your general vicinity, with a portrait of the mob that you can click on to target it.

  8. Talearus says:

    I am a bm hunter, and must disagree….. BM is rocking as it always has, in dungeons AND pvp.

  9. Omogon says:

    Arcturis is my only rare. All my other pets are quite ordinary with ‘plain jane’ skins. I got him on my 3rd or 4th try. The other couple of times I waited but he just did not spawn. He gets very little use and just hangs out in the stabel most of the time.

    I usually quest with Harry my snapjaw turtle from Southshore and raid with Fluffy my “cat with the red eyes” from Z’ul Drak.

  10. Crisis says:

    Never had the patience to camp this guy… Checked about twice a day for 2 weeks straight with no sign of him. I did manage to tame Ghostcrawler though only to find out it didn’t have the “pin down” ability all the other crabs did. Sad day.

    • Bu says:

      Ghostcrawler is a easiest one to get.
      “Cos he is always there :O) At least every time I’m visiting this area? and it happens 4-5 times a week. All my hunter friend got one already :O)
      Last time was looking for a hunter to tame him for ’bout 30 min.

  11. Bu says:

    Cool article :O)
    One thing to add – he is not sharing any respawn timer with other rares in this area.

    2 cents to add :O)
    People r getting lazy :O)
    Traveling a lot around and every week I am giving away at least 5-6 spirit beasts or rares.
    Mostly Ghostcrawler, Gondria, Skoll and Sambas.
    But Loque, Krush, Arcturis etc etc r not that hard to get as it was before.
    Mainly because there is no people around anymore.
    Basin is almost abandon place, so with tournament tabard and engineering wormhole it’s easy to visit it every few hours to get all 3 rares.

    • Tikio says:

      This is one of my favourite spirit beasts (the best in my opinion being loque’nahak). I have all but one spirit beast (missing Magria), and a whole lot of rares. All in part of being a hunter.

  12. Epic Hunter says:

    Love that pet, I am still looking to tame this one.

  13. Greyfoxx says:

    Allready stocked my stable with all the spirit beasts from Cata, now it’s on to the new one’s… But, it’s sad to see how “fellow”-hunters are treating eachother these day’s with the new rare’s, in fact, it’s sad to see how players in general, are treating eachother when it comes to “rare-spawn” beasts… Only yesterday a rogue whispered me saying he wanted me to give him 1000 gold or else he’d kill Kirix, the rare green spider in Molten Front… Two things were against him though… one i allready had Kirix tamed & two, he didn’t know the beast in question…

    That rogue is now wearing his own ass as a hat…


    • Greyfoxx says:

      PS; Make the stables bigger Blizz!!!! Don’t wanna kill off anymore of my precious beasties…
      ( = [ )

    • Mitsuki says:

      That’s -terrible- conduct. Such pettiness!

      I’m glad that he got what was coming to him, lol! That spider packs a mean punch. ;)

      Hopefully he’ll stay away from the rares from now on. >.>

  14. Mehulk says:

    To make your website that more complete??? Right…Why didn’t you post my comment the other day? All I said was you must be bored, instead of replying to most comments with an answer, you just left it out. I’ve been following WHU for two years now and that was my first comment and this is how I’m treated.

    I know you get lots of emails and negative stuff but you’re not supposed to hide behind that fact, something I’ve been watching you do for a while now. With positive feedback comes negative ones. I was trying to be funny with you and you disrespect your devoted viewers because you have a soft spot for being insulted. Grow up please.

    Really pissed off and insulted subscriber, Mehulk of Thrall. FTH

    BTW…people are not considering doing a faction change to Alliance (Paragon-Kruf) from Horde, like most of your podcasts and articles…wishful thinking and pure biased. Why don’t dwarves get guns? Cause guns are for pussies, real men use bows!!!

    • Arthemystia says:

      Who is this directed at, Frost? I doubt any affront was meant, or it was rooted in a misunderstanding or oversight. But I don’t know the specific instance you’re referring to.

    • Frostheim says:

      Critisim and disagreement are fine — and you’ll find them all over this site. Personal attacks and insults are not — they just pollute the internet. I probably delete a non-spam comment maybe once a month — and I am a lot faster to pull the trash trigger when the comment is directed toward someone else as well.

      You can see the commenting guidelines in the FAQ. No comment complying with those guidelines is deleted.

  15. soultaker says:

    Arcturis, i want this pet a lot, many days already… still no….little sad…i need to have it, must have it…he reminds me the dog i had before and he is at heaven now…to remember him, i must tamed this bear, special meaning for me and i will named same as my dog…pray for me please everyone~~~thx

  16. soultaker says:

    and actually too many people camping there…. speacially allies…but i must have him… soon or later!!!!

  17. Breakdance says:

    Just got him 2:00am EST on 11/05/11 on Bloodhoof server. Was planning on a zone wide announcement to let other Hunters know when approx he would respawn, but I was only one in zone at that time. :P

  18. Mitsuki says:

    Arcturis was one of my more memorable tames, since he only spawns/pats in one spot, you tend to meet/befriend a lot of other hunters. His spawn timer is relatively long and quite random too, so it’s quite unpredictable.

    Just hunker down with NPCscan, it’ll make your life a whole lot easier. And don’t get discouraged if you see another hunter (or two… or three…) sitting there as well, a surprising number of them tend to give up after a while. Just stay put and wait them out.

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  20. Gely says:

    I love, love, love this pet! Hes always out and sadly my cat no longer comes out much. I cant wait to tame another Spirit beast :-D

  21. good topic man. i will be coming to this web site on regular basis. keep it up.

  22. Arquin says:

    Tamed Arcturis on Drenden last nite on my Worgen hunter. I logged in @ 7pm CST and was flying off from Ambermill Lodge and my NPC Scan went off. Problem…I was 2 bars short of being level 74. I started to frantically kill anything that moved. I dinged to 74 in about 15 mins or so. Flew back to the spawn point and he was still there. WOOOT. Tamed. My first spirit beast. Thanks for all the tips.

  23. Arquin says:

    Tamed Arcturis on Drenden last nite on my Worgen hunter. I logged in @ 7pm CST and was flying off from Amberpine Lodge and my NPC Scan went off. Problem…I was 2 bars short of being level 74. I started to frantically kill anything that moved. I dinged to 74 in about 15 mins or so. Flew back to the spawn point and he was still there. WOOOT. Tamed. My first spirit beast. Thanks for all the tips.

    • Aurubeard says:

      Exactly the same for me! I was about 80% 73, saw him and went OHMIGOOOOODDD, lets tame that. So I went off and did some quests and mobs as quickly as possible, and then sprinted back down to him, and now hes mine!

  24. Moonshiner says:

    I’ve been waiting for Arcturis for two weeks now. Just today,i want to get something to eat and when I come back…there he was…DEAD. WHY I ask ,Why.So mad right now.But here I sit, So if you see me there ,say hi and plz,dont kill him and bring me a

  25. Miss Terry says:

    CRZ has killed hunting for him. 2-4 hunters constantly sitting on his spawn.