How to Tame Terrorpene

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This article is part of an ongoing series on how to tame many of the game’s rare hunter pets. If you don’t have them all, this series is a perfect time to pick them up.

Terrorpene is an awesome-looking fire turtle.  You won’t use him for PvE or PvP, but if you do any tanking or soloing, Terrorpene is a great way to look good doing it.

The tame itself isn’t always a walk in the park.  Hunters with a lot of stamina, which includes anyone at endgame with some decent gear, can get away with a “regular” tame.  But some of us will be killed with this method due to Terrorpene’s Burning Hatred.  Dealing with it is just a matter of a quick trip to the AH or a chat with your guild’s alchemist.  Both Prismatic Elixir and Potion of Speed help greatly.  Either one of these should be enough for most hunters (or both if you want to be safe).

As an amusing aside, Terrorpene drops this shaming loot when killed (as do most Cataclysm rares, in fact).  A clear indication that Blizzard wants the pet with hunters, not on other classes’ trophy wall.

Finding Terrorpene (lvl 81 – not exotic): Spawn Points

Terrorpene spawns and pats around southern Mount Hyjal.

Despite the close spawn locations, you may want to use a targeting macro. Typically someone hunting Terrorpene might make a macro: /tar Terror and then swim around the area spamming the macro. If you suddenly see Terrorpene’s portrait appear as your target, you know he’s nearby.  However, targeting macros as a way of hunting require a lot of button spam, which can get annoying when some of these beasts have respawn timers that are several hours (or days) long.

For those wishing to alleviate this burden, there’s NPCScan, an addonthat does the exact same thing that targeting macros do (with the same range), but without all the button mashing. With NPCScan you can be alerted any time a rare is nearby, without having to mash buttons all the time.

Taming Etiquette:

  • If there are two or more hunters camping the same spot, try to work it out instead of fighting over a tame.  This usually ends with the animal dead, and neither hunter with the tame.  If an agreement cannot be reached, suggest rolling for rights to it.
  • If you see a rare pet and don’t want it (or you aren’t a hunter, but then why are you reading this?), tell a friend who has a hunter and might be interested.
  • If someone gives you the same courtesy and tells you about a potential tame, offer to tip them for it.

Respawn Timers:

We’d be lying if we said there is a definable respawn timer for most rares.  Scour forums and news sites and you’ll find wildly conflicting anecdotes.  The likeliest scenario is that most rares are on variable spawn rates, perhaps dependent on RNG numbers.  Only a few fall within a definite range, and Terrorpene does not appear to be one of them.  Respawn stories for him range from 1-2 hours to well over 10.  If you have data that contradicts this, I’d love to hear it and would happily include evidence in this article.  Otherwise, pinpointing a respawn timer even approximately is, unfortunately,  guesswork.

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  1. Iridar says:

    It’s not 100% info, but it seems to me, that you can actually find this pet only after you’ve done all the cataclysm quests in Hyjal.

    It’s just that I’ve been able to find this turtle only after I’ve done all the plot quest there.

    • Furrymammoth says:

      While I found him long after doing Hyjal, what I’ve heard is that he is visible in whatever phase of the zone you are in. If you are still level 80 or 81, though be sure to use the life-saving hints that Arthemystia gave you, up above. If you are BM, i’d suggest having a Core Hound with you as well so you can pop Ancient Hysteria, then dismiss.

    • Eric says:

      Not true at all. I dinged 85 without a single quest in Hyjal. I found Terrorpane on this website so thought I would give it a shot. (Gilneas server).

      I flew out to Hyjal and there he was, just walking around. Flew right in and tamed him, no potions, first try. Only 2k health left, but it worked.

    • Kuurzon says:

      I hadn’t done any hyjal quests and got this one. Died 2x lol but he was mine 3rd time

  2. Furrymammoth says:

    I finally was able to tame Terrorpene about a week ago, and he is going to be carried around with me wherever I go for quite some time.

    While camping (the time I actually found him) I was lucky enough to see him on my screen, as both _NpcScan and my targeting macro that I was spamming did not end up helping me select him. So if you are on the lookout for this gem, be sure, just in case it wasn’t me, that you are flying around the spawn area, visually searching for this burning beast.

    When I saw him, I jumped – after two days of sitting and doing nothing, I was starting to think it was a joke my mind was playing on me. Then he despawned and cursed before seeing him show up about 5 seconds later and 30 yards away. quickly i jumped on the nearest rock, popped my core hound’s ancient hysteria (by the way – as an 85 in t11-t12 gear and about 125,000 health, it was completely unnecessary), then dismissed and tamed the beast.

    Terrorpene is very large – almost as big as Nemesis down the road. He does, however, blend in with his surroundings very well.

    I named mine Kebakaran – the Indonesian word for fire.

  3. Morven says:

    An easy tame at 85 in honor PVP gear. Competition appears to have died down by now, probably because of all the new 4.2 rares, so you now have a good chance of getting him. Pre 4.2 I got ganked repeatedly while waiting for him, but now it’s pretty dead round there.

    He’s pretty large in absolute terms but not noticably so in his surroundings, and he’s very camouflaged where he is because he walks in a lava field of his exact coloring.

    He is, though, the only beast that spawns in that area, so if you have beast tracking up but not elemental, if you see anything there it’ll be him. If you use NPCscan, remember that you need to zap your creature cache regularly — with his popularity as a pet, you’ll probably end up with him being ‘seen’ walking around your faction capital or in the Molten Front.

    Recommended is to swing by here as part of your trip to do your Mount Hyjal dailies; it’s a short excursion and won’t take much time.

    He works just like a regular turtle, of course, but looks cooler while doing it. I especially like the plume of smoke that comes out of his nose horn/nostril; it makes him look like a determined little steam locomotive as he charges into battle.

  4. Iridar says:

    Love the /train while standing in him :p

  5. Eurinome says:

    pre 4.2 while volatile fires were still worth a pretty penny, I found fishing in the pools of fire to be a good way to line my pockets, level up my fishing and wait for this little guy to spawn, and fortunately got him after only a week or so of intermittent camping. Usually a few hunters in the area (even now) and I definitely recommend the haste buff from a core hound before taming. I hadn’t completed the Hyjal quests before taming him, so totally doable in that respect.

  6. Huntraxx says:

    I just tamed him @ lvl 82. If u open the fight with silencing shot and start taming imidiatly after its possible to do with obly 42K health. The potions make it a lot easier still :P

  7. Alphacolt says:

    how long is the spawn time because i have been camping for 12hours today non stop and have not seen it still, if any one knows please let me know thanks.

  8. Tuckenroll says:

    I got this guy at 81 after 3 tries as BM, I was lucky no one else was around that day. Deterrence is a must, but I did it without potions. Beautiful beast.

  9. soultaker says:

    last weak i was raiding with my guild at fireland, i was bored waiting mates before entering to the raid, suddenly at my mind, should take a ride around the lava, then i saw this beauty turtle!!! at the map points above, i was so lucky!! i get him at first try, simple tamed, no deterrence, no pots, nothings needed…lucky or bug?? i tamed him easy…

    • Taiathros says:

      actually, since you were doing firelands, you probably had good gear and were lvl 85, this large chap is only lvl 81, so granted you probably had a lot os haste on your own gear, added to the fact that you probably had good gear and higher level is probably why you tamed him so easily.

  10. soultaker says:

    ps: he was swiming at the lava, with a head showing, suggest use pressing the “Ctrl+V”, it helps me a lot a vision

  11. WarukJenkins says:

    I just tamed this pet for my soloing endeavors a few days ago. There is a rock I stood on nearest to the spire from the “point” of the greater than symbol shaped spawn area on the map. I shot him with arcane shot a few times as he walked by to aggro him and then he sat there for a bit. As soon as he casted his attack I hit deterrence and tame immediately after. I got him just after his next attack went off. Probably lost about 30k health total. Did not use pots or enhancements other then my normal spec.

  12. Souperhog58 says:

    Got him at level 83 (Dwarf). Had my core hound out and used this method. Ancient Hysteria/dismiss/tame beast/stoneform. Worked like a charm.

  13. agutrot says:

    Got him a while back. Took a lot of camping and time. Worth it though. Definitely a beaut to have!

  14. Erick says:

    Just tammed it, on a hunter lvl 85 with no good gear at all, since its my first charc and i can barely play well ;p

    All the hints here were awsome, it was swiming in the lava, lost like 30k life for it and now i have it, awsome!!


  15. Volcom says:

    What hyjal phase do you have to be in in order to see him? Ive been searching in the same spots it shows on the map above, Im just not seeing anything but huge elementals.

  16. Cici Millan says:

    I highly reccomend getting Terrorpene. Not only is he attractive but he’s a tough guy. I solo’d all of the rare elites in sethria’s roost when other pets just wouldn’t cut it.

    If you prefer not to go through the trouble of using an adding to find him, his little dot is really easy to see via tack beasts since there are no other animals nearby, which also means, depending on where he spawns there would be little interference from other mobs.

  17. Frostyone says:

    Hey guys I got him Thursday morning on the stormrage server. Here is the info I have on him. Tracked him till Sunday morning to get as much spawn info i could. Npcscan went off at 8:50p server time and I tamed him. Fished till it went off again at 2:50a server time and summoned a guildie and got him. fished again till it went off at 8:50a server and tried to get ANYBODY else to get him but put him down. fished again till it went off again at 8:50p server and got him tamed again by hunter that stopped by earlier. More fishing and nap for me then went off aain at 2:50a server. More fishing till 8:50a server tamed. Fishing again till 2:50p put down again. Fishing again till 2:50a got him tamed again. More fishing and another nap till it 8:50a server tamed and log for me. Each time Npc went off I would log and clear my Cache to get the scanner to spot him again. Total spawns 9 time between each was 6 hours between tamed and 12 hours between deaths. Total fishing 4 stacks of volatile fire 35 melted cleaver 4 stacks of coal 3 stacks of old skull I didnt keep the other fished items. Really hope his helps my fellow hunters and as always good luck in you hunting……

  18. Yvvii says:

    Just hit level 80 so I will be going looking for this guy soon, but I am confused by reports of people with ~40k health as I only have ~12k :(

    Thankfully a potion of resist, potion of haste and a handy Paladin friend should let me do the job.

    • Yvvii says:

      Just realised that taking the step up from the WoLK lands to the Cata lands gives a massive increase in gear, 2 green pieces gave me an extra ~3k hp so that must explain it.

  19. Dracona says:

    Finally Tamed him :)
    EU Bladefist – May/25/2013 – 00:29 server time

  20. Kreyven says:

    I got lucky, flew in and he was trotting around in the open. After trying to freeze him in a trap I found that he’s immune to being frozen.
    Tried kiting him but his ranged attack is a doozy. After having to FD a couple times I decided to go head-on and hey presto! got him right away. It helped that I was 85 when taming him so damage taken was negligible but he’s certainly a heavy-hitter.

  21. Autoshotbrb says:

    Just took an 87 Druid to help heal for me (82 Hunter) worked great – no issues once i figure out how to get his attention back – Thanks for this article, all tips needed and worked!