How to Tame Ashtail

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This article is part of an ongoing series on how to tame many of the game’s rare hunter pets. If you don’t have them all, this series is a perfect time to pick them up.

Ashtail is a unique skinned fox that came with the Cataclysm changes.  He was particularly coveted for a time because everyone wanted a fox when they were introduced, even if they are rarely used in PvE situations (sadly, mine stays in the imaginary stable pen that I envision for all of my stabled pets).  But still, a fox.  He’s cute.  And he dances.  And it’s a rare.  That’s like a trifecta of collector’s enticements.

Ashtail is not a hard tame.  You just have to find him, and likely beat off the competition for him.  The map below will help, and there’s one other trick. that can help you beat other hunters to him.  And the trick is knowing his spawn location.  Despite patting around the area, he always spawns precisely at 75.2, 43.6.  After a quick sweep to make sure he isn’t already available, camp that spot accordingly.

Finding Ashtail (lvl 16 – not exotic): Spawn Points

I assume the southwest dots are an anomaly, not worth searching for him there based on reported tames.

Despite the spawn location, you may want to use a targeting macro. Typically someone hunting Ashtail might make a macro: /tar Ash and then swim around the area spamming the macro. If you suddenly see Ashtail’s portrait appear as your target, you know he’s nearby.  However, targeting macros as a way of spirit beast hunting require a lot of button spam, which can get annoying when some of these beasts have respawn timers that are several hours (or days) long.

For those wishing to alleviate this burden, there’s NPCScan, an addonthat does the exact same thing that targeting macros do (with the same range), but without all the button mashing. With NPCScan you can be alerted any time a rare is nearby, without having to mash buttons all the time.

Taming Etiquette:

  • If there are two or more hunters camping the same spot, try to work it out instead of fighting over a tame.  This usually ends with the animal dead, and neither hunter with the tame.  If an agreement cannot be reached, suggest rolling for rights to it.
  • If you see a rare pet and don’t want it (or you aren’t a hunter, but then why are you reading this?), tell a friend who has a hunter and might be interested.
  • If someone gives you the same courtesy and tells you about a potential tame, offer to tip them for it.

Respawn Timers:

Ashtail is one of the few coveted rares that has a rough respawn timer.  And, luckily, it is relatively short.  The shortest respawn stories range from 30-35 minutes, with the longest generally at about 75 minutes.  This, it should be noted, is a very small range for a rare.  Even the anecdotal outliers are close to this range.  Most rares have wildly conflicting stories accompanying respawn rate speculation.  Ashtail’s short timer is remarkably uncontested by comparison.  This makes Ashtail a great one to hunt for if you do your homework, because the respawn rate is reasonably low and the spawn location is standardized (as mentioned above).

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  1. Sidoen says:

    You forgot to adjust a sentence.

    “…targeting macros as a way of spirit beast hunting…”

    Probably shouldn’t have spirit in it this time as he’s not a SB :)

    • Arthemystia says:

      Ha. The dangers of copy/paste. I’m actually surprised I didn’t screw up more. My paranoia over mistakes like this caused me to go through each article numerous times. Alas.

  2. Darkbrew says:

    Once thing that’s worth mentioning is that not all of the “rare” pets are on long spawn timers. I’m pretty sure that this guy will re-spawn within a few minutes of being tamed or killed. I got him on one of my hunters and I’m pretty sure that was the case, but I need to verify.

    In short hunters seeking this pet are likely to find him there. Some of the cats like Raki’shiri work the same way.

    • Arthemystia says:

      A good point, and thank you. Frost and I had some discussions about spawn rates, and the problem is coherence between various data points, and repeating the same results. Most seem to be on random timers within a certain range, which makes certainty of any kind tricky. I didn’t feel confident putting out numbers for most rares based on the research I did. Ashtail, at least, even in the longest confirmed spawn waits, is on a short timer. Which is good news for those who want to tame him.

  3. Ril says:

    it seems that most rares below level 60 are on very low respawn timers. for instance, a rare wolf with an unique skin is always sitting on his spot in hinterlands every time i fly by doing archaeology. i’ve seen (and accidentally killed) ashtail fairly often too.

    so if one plans on getting a low level rare – just go and get it! it’s most likely there at any daytime. if not, the wait time isnt long.

  4. Bidzill says:

    My little girl wanted me to tame Ashtail. I was hesitant since as Horde it’s not the closest tame…. However, we went out and found this beautiful fox on our first outing.

    Mulder is still one of my favorite pets, even if the fox doesn’t have the best stats. I still use him whenever I am grinding low mobs for rep.

  5. Berron says:

    “that can help you beat other hunters to him. And the trick is knowing his spawn location.”

    Considering no-one ever comes here and read this stuff, I should be fine and have no competition :D

  6. Sidtwotoes says:

    As someone said in some of your other articles on taming these rares – always room for improvement – how about listing their level somewhere?
    wee hunters come here too :D Thank you in advance.

    • Arthemystia says:

      I have editing rights now once articles are posted. So this is something I’ll add to the list and try to get to. Thanks!

  7. soultaker says:

    got this little pet, must thx for my hunter friend, it is really important to stablish a hunter network, i did, i suggest you guys to stablish a hunter channel at your server.

  8. aHappyHunterPeep says:

    May i say..I was a recently a wondering that map on my 19 twink, herbing, well away from all the spawn indicators given, certainly an anomoly.. but hey they are there :)

  9. Longchamp says:

    It is interesting to read your post. I would like to thank you for updating the subject here.

  10. Wubbzzyy says:

    After reading a few post’s I decided to obtain this fox, so I flew up to lock modan to the specified location being around the big rock on the map…. so I am omw to the rock when I finally reach the rock i stop…. what do i see… ashtail just sitting rite next to me… its easy to assume this ashtail fox… it going to be really easy to tame just go check the rock… :D

  11. Ashani says:

    Great info guys thatnks, saw this while researching something else, portaled to TH, then quick flight to loch Modan, & there he was, now in my collection, & what a lovely pet! added to Ghostcrawler & Magria this week :)