Tinfoil Hat Gun?

Posted: by Frostheim

In the course of the tanking Q&A the Blizzard developers answered a question about a Legendary weapon for tanks. Specifically:

The tanking community both loves and hates when this question comes up, but it received a lot of votes, so we’ll answer it. The answer is not soon, but probably eventually. The problem with tanking legendaries, of course, is that the shield-users and non-shield-users tank with different weapons. That’s not a deal breaker, but it is a consideration. We could allow the legendary to be transformed from a one-hander to two-hander or we could just design an item for a more narrow audience (such as a shield). The 4.2 legendary has fairly wide appeal, and the 4.3 legendary will have much more narrow appeal. We don’t want to fall into the trap of making legendaries too formulaic.

While I don’t think there’s really enough info there to speculate off of, I have gotten a few emails from eager hunters about it. Specifically, the comment that the 4.3 legendary “will have a much more narrow appeal” — and that this statement means the 4.3 legendary will be a hunter weapon.

Again, that statement is incredibly vague, and there could be a lot of items (especially weapons) that would have a very narrow appeal. Also, we had a legendary not too long ago, at the end of BC.

That said… the hunter legendary was probably the least-acquired legendary in the history of WoW. It was only available at the very end of the expansion, with the last content patch. And it was only available in one of the most difficult raids ever — Sunwell was the raid that made class stacking mandatory for progression teams, a nightmare where it didn’t matter if you were dps, you had to be the right class to get a raid spot. And preferably have an alt camped outside to buff the team, then switch back to your main to do the raiding. So only a very select few got the weapon while it was relevant, and then they got to make use of it for a very limited time.

And… you know… it was a bow.

So perhaps the reason we’re going on three tiers without a pve raiding gun is because they’re gearing up for the totally awesome legendary gun that is coming in patch 4.3?

While I don’t think there’s much chance of the 4.3 legendary being a ranged weapon… there is a chance that it could be an agility melee weapon, though probably with a cool proc from which we can’t really benefit.

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  1. rakr says:

    even if they make a ranged legendary for hunters they will just wuss out and make it a crossbow because making it a gun or a bow wud make it too good for dwarves or trolls.

  2. HeavensDemise says:

    They could have a proc that worked for us too. All they would have to do is make it be able to proc from melee and ranged attacks.

  3. Valacia says:

    My thinking is an Agility staff or polearm since ferals have never had a legendary and it wouldn’t be limited to just one class (which to be honest is a pretty lame thing to do). With the significantly higher ilvl that legendaries afford they could make it crit/haste and still be easily useful for both hunters and kitties, though bears would be hard pressed to path out the advantage over whatever purple option was available since haste is worthless for bears.

    • Ril says:

      yeah i’ve read some rumour about a hunter/feral wep too. another reason to believe this version is the new fandral staff, which changes the look of kitties. this might be only the 1st step, as a feral wep *needs* some shiny effect on a transformed druid too, because legendaries have to be shiny.

      i also like to remember our too-legendary-to-be-orange bow rhok’delar. it had a staff *or* bow option at the beginning (or was it a transformation? don’t remember). who knows, maybe we’re even going to get a ranged version out of a staff.

      the sunwell legendary was a fun thing, but a joke at the same time. it dropped off the very last boss of the very last instance and was completely worthless when the ss change was implemented. what’s the point of this? there wasn’t a single boss where it could have been used, as you had to have everything cleared to get it in the first place.

  4. Steelhide says:

    This may very well be to simplistic, and there may be a reason not to do it. Why not have one epic item for each class? A gun AND a bow?. A staff and a two handed sword? Daggers and a mace?

    Blizzard is shooting for game balance between the characters. Trying not give one race or class a significant benefit over another. It would seem that a Legendary item for each class would maintain a game balance, as well as get more players motivated to do certain raids. Hunters had a real incentive for that bow in Sunwell. If I remember right, it didn’t need ammo back in a time when we would carry several stacks of ammo. I always made sure to have at least 5k rounds at all time, and keep several mail box slots full as well, ready to use.

    If there were other Legendary weapons in Sunwell, say a Staff with equal stats to that bow, that a healer could use, imagine the number of players wanting to get in. Or a shield, that would make a tanks eyes water with joy to see drop?

    Having a dozen or so Legendary items doesn’t mean we will see them everywhere, but we might see more than one person on the realm with it, before the next expansion comes out.

  5. Slugslinger says:

    i have a feeling it will be a warrior weapon(since in blizzards mind hunter support is more important then the hunters) since if you look at the rest of the game they always get at least 1 legendary that they can use per expansion when the rest are lucky if they get one ever 3 expansions.

    the list is like this

    Vanilla: Sulfuras(warrior dps, melee shamans), Thunderfury(Warrior tanks/dps, Rogues) and Atiesh(dps casters)
    TBC: Warglaives(dps warriors, Rogues) and Thori’dal(Hunters, Rogues, Warriors)
    WotLK: Val’anyr(Healers), Shadowmourne(DK, ret paladin, warrior)
    Cata: Caster staff(dps casters)

  6. Tibbelkrunk says:

    “Much more narrow appeal” = tanking wand!

  7. Iceveiled says:

    I don’t understand why the legendary has to be just one weapon for one particular class. After you do the quest chain you should get to choose a one of a handful of options, that way every class would have an option to have a legendary that suits them.

    • Ril says:

      yeah thats my opinion on that too. just like the hilt quest back in WotLK. but i’d like to see some class limitations, or things get too tricky and boring. like, now it’s for all offensive casters. next could be the phys melee like ferals, enh, hunters (but not rogues as they were spoiled enough already). then tanks -oh please- ALL tanks, or there’s going to be serious balancing problems, then maybe healers again.
      something like this.

  8. guywithgun says:

    in the case of a actual tanking legendary it could be like Shadowstrike and have a on use effect to change but in this version it would shange in to a two hander.
    think of 1h sword to 2h sword. i could see this happen.

  9. Thornagol says:

    I think that the next legendary is going to be a tanking shield. It would be something that has a limited appeal since only two classes would really be able to use. However, this may result in tanks being less squishy, which would allow a little room for healers to may throw out something to our pets from time-to-time.

  10. Rientus says:

    I guess another option could be a PvP spec legendary weapon. :-/ (For the classes known to be worst in PvP (Though that seems to change from tier to tier…))

  11. Diranux says:

    It’s to bad they don’t add the weapon reforge.. If they can change the 1hand Legendary to a 2hander why cant we do a bow to a gun? one can hope…

  12. Armin says:

    Ah, well if AngelKid can role on a hunter-weapon over two hunters in the raid, then we hunters can surely also role on a shield, right? :-)

  13. Tikio says:

    Though I’m all for legendary gun, I think an agility staff would be the more likely to happen. Of course this staff would have a proc and would proc off of melee and ranged attacks. This game was made for hunters, but we sometimes got to throw a bone to the other classes too lol.

  14. Fradin says:

    Yeah unforunately it looks like blizzard forgot about drawf hunters as there has still be no gun released so far in cata which is any good, so at the moment us hunters are stuck with a PVP gun not only that you can’t up grade it without a arena 3v3 or 5v5 or a rated battleground ranking which is sad since i do not pvp but I am guessing they will remove that once the arena season finishes. I have always been a dwarf hunter but lately and the way things look I have seriously been considering a race change to a Worgen since they get the 1% crit bonus no matter what weopan they use. Lets hope that blizzard finally produces us Drawfs a gun maybe even a legendary that would be nice coz theres no point having a racial 1% crit if you can get a weopan.

  15. Sleepy says:

    i am sick of not having a gun as BiS, i WAS a dwarf hunter and was forced to race change to worgen and i hate it and miss my ale drinking hunter.

    Can you all PLEASE help ans go to the Dungeon and Raids forum on the wow site and look for a post titled ” 3 tiers of loot and still no end game guns ”

    PLEASE add your support and frost it should be mandatory for all your guild members :)


  16. Sleepy says:

    in fact Frost, id like a front page news story to drum up support, you and i both know its long over due so lets make it happen

    • Frostheim says:

      Sadly, racial balancing isn’t a big concern at Blizzard, which I think is the overarching issue. They don’t seem worried about balancing the racials, nor doing their best to make the unbalanced racials usable.

      That said, I’m sure we’ll have a kickin’ gun in 4.3.

  17. Saelle says:

    “That said… the hunter legendary was probably the least-acquired legendary in the history of WoW. It was only available at the very end of the expansion, with the last content patch”

    Atiesh would like to speak to you :P


  18. Faerondil says:

    Does anyone have any stats on what percentage of the raiding toons have ever had a legendary? Something that would be cool is if those weapons scaled up like heirlooms scaled down. So once you got something really cool like Thori’dal you could always use it. If they were worried about people going back to farm it at higher levels then just remove all the old ones whenever an expansion comes out.

  19. Malkavier says:


    You asked about a gun? There is the gun we are getting in 4.2.

    Here is the recipe description:

    Schematic: Extreme-Impact Hole Puncher
    Binds when picked up
    Requires Engineering (525)
    Teaches you how to make an Extreme-Impact Hole Puncher.

    Extreme-Impact Hole Puncher
    Binds when equipped
    Ranged Gun
    1292 – 2399 Damage Speed 2.80
    (659.1 damage per second)
    +74 Agility
    +170 Stamina
    Yellow Socket
    Socket Bonus: +20 Agility
    Requires Level 85
    Item Level 365
    Equip: Improves critical strike rating by 58.
    Equip: Increases your mastery rating by 73.
    “Turns your target into Alterac Swiss!”

    Requires Hardened Elementium Bar (5), Truegold (8), Hair Trigger, Walnut Stock, Chaos Orb (5)

    Sell Price: 60