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Posted: by Frostheim

One of the greatest things about the hunter class is the strength of our community. I’m not just saying this either — for whatever reason, we hunters seem more capable of attracting players willing to give a lot of their time, creativity, and brains over to the hunter cause. While no community is without it’s bad eggs, I love the fact that we hunters have more phenomenal information sources and people dedicated to helping and bolstering our community than any other class in the game.

I have links to most of these guys on the blogroll of this site, but I thought it would be a good idea to highlight some of them more specifically, and in a place where new hunters can find it and learn what the site is about and why they should check it out.

FemaleDwarf is run by Zeherah, who is one of the leading members of the hunter community, beloved by all. Zeherah selflessly researches (and works with other hunters) to understand the mechanics behind hunter abilities, and then model those abilities on

On her site you can import your character from the WoW Armory, set your rotation and raid buffs, and with the click of a button see what your theoretical maximum dps is. Better yet, you can tweak any component of optimization that you want: talents, glyphs, pets, gear, gems, enchants, buffs, rotation. Change one, recalculate your dps and see how it’s changed.

Like any tool, it’s certainly possible to use it incorrectly and without understanding the results (after all, just because in a theoretical mathematical model you do 39k dps, doesn’t mean you really will while fighting with your raid team and dodging fire). I definitely recommend FemaleDwarf to all hunters, new or old, as one of the greatest hunter resources to help understand the impact our optimization choices have on our dps.


If there’s anything you ever wanted to know about hunter pets, just go to Mania manages to stay on top of a shocking amount of pet info, including every single tamable hunter pet in the game (and some that aren’t) along with every possible skin for every pet, and where to find the pets and what levels they are.

Petopia is truly the ultimate hunter pet resource, and has been for years.

On top of this are the fantastic Petopia forums, which prove that if you make an internet forum, it won’t always be filled with trolls and asshats. The hunters at the Petopia forums are constantly searching every nook and cranny of the PTR and live games for even the slightest change to our pets. They are also kind, helpful, and make the forums a wonderful place for all hunters (in direct opposition to, say, the official WoW forums, where the signal to noise ratio blows spacegoats).

Elitist Jerks

The people over at sometimes get a bad rap, and sometimes it’s deserved. But there are active and valuable hunter forums there and there are people that do more than crouch waiting to insult someone who asks a question or doesn’t know something. The thing to remember about EJ is that it’s their house, and if you want to play there you have to follow their rules. Elitist Jerks is not a place to go to learn how to play a hunter, and it’s not a friendly forum to chat or ask questions — they expect you to know your class and yes, to be familiar with the contents of the 100+ page thread full of contradicting points of view before you post.

Personally, I think that Elitist Jerks is having a wee bit of an identity crisis. At one point the idea was it was forums for theorycrafters to discuss the mechanics of the game, and to share observations and research. The harsh rules were in part to keep out people who were not peers — the casuals looking for help, for example. It was a place for people extremely well-versed in game mechanics to discuss with other people extremely well-versed in game mechanics. But since EJ has gained notoriety, they seem to want to be considered the top information source on optimizing your class and want people to come to them to learn, but while still maintaining their exclusive, rather than inclusive, attitude.

So EJ is a bit of a mixed bag that doesn’t really help the sense of hunter community, but has many people contributing valuable knowledge that helps the hunter community. Also, I should stress that there are plenty of kind and helpful people at the EJ hunter forums as well, among them Whitefyst and Zeherah.


You can find Kripparrian’s YouTube channel at Kripparrian blew onto the hunter community scene in Wrath with more top hunter raid parses than any other hunter, in addition to gladiator arena titles, bazillions of achievements, and insane amounts of gold.

Kripparrian’s channel is great because you can watch videos of him in actual raid fights, and listen to him explain what he’s doing to achieve top dps. Kripparrian also does a lot of testing and theorycrafting, and shares his results on his YouTube channel as well.

Hunter Blogs

I keep a list of active hunter blogs on the blogroll on the  side navigation of this site. I try to remove any blogs that have stopped updating, and in an effort to not have to update the same information in two places, I’m not going to re-list those blogs here. However, the list has been growing a bit short of late. If you know of a hunter blog that should be added to the hunter blogroll, the following are the qualifications for hunter blog links:

  • Site must be primarily about hunters
  • Site must update regularly (at least once per week)
  • Site must have been updating regularly for the last three months.
  • Site must have a positive impact on the hunter community. That doesn’t mean they have to be Blizzard fanboys or always say happy things (I certainly don’t), nor do they have to be similar to or agree with the WHU. But trolls and sites that are nothing but frothing rants about their guildies don’t qualify. Basically it has to not be a site that I’m embarrassed to have associated with the hunter class.

Yes, that means that new blogs have to be blogging for three months before I’ll put them on the blog roll. About every other months I get emailed from someone who just started a hunter blog who wants a link — and thus far only one of those blogs existed after three months. The blogging dropout rate is high, and for good reason. But if you know of a blog that meets this qualification, please email me to let me know.

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  1. SSolinau says: Shows most of the raid encounters from a hunter pov

  2. Clinh says:

    I can only agree whole-heartedly with your opening paragraph Frost. I have recently toyed with the idea of starting either a Priest or a Druid and have looked for a site to get me started, there’s next to nothing and certainly nowhere that gives the wealth and depth of proven info that’s available to hunters, especially here on WHU.

  3. Sleepy says:


    i WAS a dwarf hunter and was forced to race change to worgen and i hate it and miss my ale drinking hunter.

    Can you all PLEASE help ans go to the Dungeon and Raids forum on the wow site and look for a post titled ” 3 tiers of loot and still no end game guns ”

    PLEASE add your support and frost it should be mandatory for all your guild members


    in fact Frost, id like a front page news story to drum up support, you and i both know its long over due so lets make it happen

  4. Valacia says:

    This is a great article to “plus 1” if you haven’t already (it only listed one before me, so snap to it hunters!!)

  5. Arthemystia says:

    Great shout-outs. But I like that the WHU is probably the only one among those sites that covers every aspect of the hunter class, making it unique for those who don’t wish to follow many different sites, blogs, etc.

    • Lokrick says:

      Nice article, and the hunter community sites have had a huge impact on my playing. I love this site, and I love EJ. Since I get so much value from both, I thought I’d give a few words of how to use EJ well.

      Many hunters can stop with the original post in each thread: it is is typically a guide that is pretty well maintained. Sometimes it differs from Frost’s guides here, and they have different strengths (e.g., they don’t really understand the whole sporebat thing).

      Their rules for posting can seem harsh when people don’t get the sense of them. But it’s one of the few places that if you do your homework, you can actually visibly contribute and not get lost in the noise. People that want to post need not read 50 pages of posts, but must read the original post (which is a guide that is kept fairly up to date), the last few pages of discussion (for what is current), and search to see if their question/answer ha already come up. From reading lots of the posts that get deleted, the posters that don’t do their homework contribute little. Similarly, posts that make a claim but don’t show their work contribute little because they neither help people learn to figure out on their own, nor enable others to test and verify or refine the conclusions.

      I love it when I see the same names show up here, at EJ, the WoW forums, etc.; each forum brings its own style and grows our community. I encourage everyone (Frost especially!) to participate in all those places :). Thanks for helping get them connected, Frost, even though you aren’t an attractive shade of green :).

  6. KillerX says:

    Also a great site for optimizing your gear is Mr.Robot so you can increase your dps :D.

  7. Haiko says:

    Some nubby hunter started a website called “”. Not sure whether you’ve heard about it, but its ok-ish. Not sure whether its worth the mention here, but hey… ;p

  8. Mushan says:

    WoW Insider ( is a great source if you’re playing a class for the first time. They have ‘(spec/class here) 101’ articles for pretty much every spec/class.

    For more specific info on druids, it depends on what type of druid you want to be. Feral druids have a great community over at, which has great Cataclysm guides (gear, stats, talents, playstyles, etc.) as well as a very active forum. Resto druids are well served at… and there’s also a ton of info at, which is run by Keeva of Tree Bark Jacket. Lissana at Restokin also has several links to moonkin guides and blogs.

    Elitist Jerks covers every spec, so there is plenty of good info there, as well, whether you decide to play a priest or druid.

    There’s plenty of info out there. I agree that it is definitely not easy to find – Google unfortunately brings up a lot of crap, including mirror sites and gold-selling bs. My best recommendation is to follow links from blogs you know – Frost has several links to other classes right here on his site, and they have links to other sites, and those sites can take you elsewhere… if you do that, there’s a pretty good chance you’ll find a wealth of info on any spec you think you’d like to play.

    That said, hunters, and the WHU in particular, have an unparalleled community of bloggers and other resources. :)

  9. Ado says:

    Yo Frost,
    Have you seen
    What do you think about the optimization recommendations?


    • Frostheim says:

      Yup, I’ve seen it. You have to import your own stat weights (the default weights are not good — but can’t really be without taking your character into account). Then they don’t seem to do a great job with some enchants, and of course you have to do haste manually by checking your position in the haste plateaus.

      Overall it’s pretty good and won’t steer new hunters too wrong, but you’ll optimize better using FemaleDwarf and a dose of common sense.

  10. Kalven and Hobs says:

    It’s not Hunter specific, but I use

  11. Echo says:

    I think the great thing about EJ is precisely that it has standards. It means that it hasn’t descended into the same level of posting as the official hunters forums or any other WOW community forums’ hunter section.

    It means that whilst there may be 15pages of replies to read through but generally the first post is uptodate and the following posts have legitimate questions. If it was unregulated you’d rarely see the good stuff or you’d have to spend ages wading through the “which bow is better” posts to find it.

    I also like the fact that they don’t hand hold. It’s just laziness on the part of the wow community expecting people to hand it to you on a plate. I think that’s whay sites such as yours do so well, because you break it down further and provide easier to use guides. Mind you, as you say they’ve got a bit of a crisis of identity where they’re allowing most forums to have an “exempt from rule 7” thread.

    Look at how many emails you get with stupid questions frostheim. Would you want the best place to discuss theory to look like that

    • Frostheim says:

      Well, I think Peoptia shows that you can have hunter forums without it degrading into garbage. I don’t really mind the idea of the place to discuss theory wanting to keep out casual questions — but that’s the identity confusion I’m talking about. They want that, but they also want everyone to go to EJ as the ultimate resource to learn optimal play for their class. So it’s almost like they’re trying to keep the casuals and beginners out, but want them all to come in.

  12. Okastra says:

    I find Mr. Robot useful to optimize reforging to the hit cap (after changing stat weights).
    For everything else, I much prefer femaledwarf.

    Don’t get me wrong – Mr. Robot is an absolutely great tool. Whenever one of my guildies asks me about optimisation, I point them to that site. Except if they are hunters. The thing is that most classes have anything like femaledwarf, that is a gear/dps calculator just for their class. For those unfortunate beings Mr Robot is a great site.

  13. Ril says:

    i don’t like EJ as an information source at all. asking questions gets you immediately infracted. and you almost never find info to a specific question. it’s only good for general info, when you’ve got like 3 hours in a row to go through all posts of a thread. and even then you risk on missing valuable info.
    around cata launch, i once dared to ask wheter anyone already had some info about haste plateaus – they said i shouldn’t ask people to do testing for me. i never asked that, i just wanted to know if results already existed. this makes me think that their mods don’t have a clue of what they’re doing, or just are overly arrogant, enjoying being asshats.
    that said – its surely a great platform for those who have the time and devotion to do some theorycrafting (i don’t have the first unfortunately), but it’s by no means an ideal information source. that’s why i keep lurking here. WHU is the only reliable hunter resource by far.

  14. Parc says:

    EJ should divert some of its impressive forum moderation resources into editing Whitefyst’s TL;DR posts.

  15. Valilor says:


    I did a bit of hunter blogging some time ago but took a year off it but i’m back into it now (3 weeks into it so far) here:

    I’m keen to get any input from anyone even if it’s not good enough to make WHU’s “Hall of fame” (blog roll)


  16. rich says:

    We are not over the 3 month threshold yet but our site is comming along nicely :)