4.2 Trinket Rundown

Posted: by Arth

4.2 gives us a few new trinket options, but since Frost’s last trinket guide, many of us have also acquired heroic level trinkets that will be competing with the next batch. After discussing with Frost his theorycrafting technique for assessing trinkets (which is essentially heavy doses of femaledwarf with numerous settings tested, then tempered with some independent research, paper napkin math, and common sense) I set to work cataloging the heroic trinkets and the new ones from 4.2.

The standard disclaimer here is that these things vary slightly depending on spec, gear level, and stats level. Hit may be useless to you even with reforging, or you may be near a haste plateau. These can and do affect dps, meaning that there’s no right answer 100% of the time. However, what we CAN do is find the best trinkets most of the time for most hunters. The new ones are listed below, and a summary of the current trinkets we’re still considering is included as well.

The 4.1 Grab Bag

Competing with the new trinkets will be (in this order, for most):


What is lost in direct comparison with the procs for Prestor’s and Essence is that:

  • Haste is slightly overvalued in spreadsheet settings due to the movement in boss fights.  Frost has gone on at length about this phenomenon, and how it can lead to misconceptions about dps.
  • Prestor’s is on a 75 second ICD, Essence is only 50 seconds.  I mined this data from two separate sources (EJ being one) since I don’t have either myself.


So Essence is the clear winner between those two.  The heroic version of Essence is very, very close to Fluid Death.  But Fluid Death will actually provide slightly more agility despite the lower ilvl (I’m ignoring ramp-up time, which is negligible in boss fights).  Assuming we’re reforging the hit to crit on FD, that gives us 193 hit + 128 crit.  Essence is 435.6 crit, assuming optimum uptime.  It’s close, but if you’re using the hit, that and the agility make Fluid Death superior.

Ricket’s Magnetic Fireball


This will be a part of the new daily quest factions, not a raid.  It’s an on-use trinket, which are generally worse for us than on-equip ones, and works out to a measly 283 crit on average.  It’s also less agility than anything listed above, which is the biggest determining factor in our gear decisions.  If you were unlucky with drops or are getting back into raiding in 4.2, this will be a great way to catch up.  For the rest of us, it will be better than most of our non-heroic trinkets, but still beneath even Prestor’s (heroic).

Ancient Petrified Seed


The same idea as Unsolvable Riddle in the current patch, and just as disappointing from a comparative standpoint.  The on-use means we’re only looking at an average of 319 agility, on level with ilvl 359’s that most are wearing right now.  Mastery is a variable stat, and not the best for any spec at the moment, though 383 is indeed a lot of it.  Another “better than blues” trinket, but nothing to seek out specifically.


The Hungerer


Finally, a trinket worthy of the new patch.  But take a good look, are we past Fluid Death yet?  On agility, yes, slightly (383 to FD’s 380 once fully ramped).  The ICD also appears to be a generous 1 minute, with a 15 seconds proc, working out to a possible 383 haste on average.  Whether or not you value this over Fluid Death will likely depend on your hit and haste situation.

Matrix Restabilizer


Not quite Deathbringer’s Will level of broken (/shakefist at never having won that back when it was unstoppably good), but 406 agility on the non-heroic version?!  Fittingly, this will drop off of Ragnaros, so it will take many of us some time to grind toward it.  But it’s worth every bit of that effort.  Nothing but the worst of proc rates or ICD’s will stop this from being a no-brainer BiS…which, coincidentally, I couldn’t dig up the numbers for.  If anyone has ICD or proc time info for this trinket, feel free to share your math and/or source.  The agility alone makes it a safe recommendation, however, so there’s little worry in valuing it over the others.

The Final List

  • Matrix Restabilizer
  • The Hungerer / Fluid Death
  • Essence of the Cyclone (Heroic)
  • Prestor’s Talisman of Machination (Heroic)
  • Ricket’s Magnetic Fireball
  • Ancient Petrified Seed


  • Various 359’s like our Darkmoon Card (which got a substantial mid-patch boost, followed by a bit of a nerf) and the non-heroic Essence will still compete with Ricket’s and Seed (on an unscientific eyeball test, I wouldn’t replace them with the Ancient Petrified Seed).  This list is not intended to be comprehensive, however, simply to familiarize players with the new trinkets and form a rough ranking to make decisions easier.
  • Heroic versions of the Restabilizer and The Hungerer would obviously top the list (as #1 and 2, respectively).


Now, once Frost gets the dwarf porn off his computer, he’ll be back to writing more.  Hopefully this helps pick up some of the slack in the meantime.

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  1. Lirithiel says:

    Dwarf porn ROFLMAO.

    Utterly deserving if it were true ;)

    • Rasinon says:

      Quick trinket question for the other hunters. I’m SV, iLevel 355, and I already have fluid death. I also have Unsolvable Riddle and the Darkmoon Fair card. Which of these latter two should I be using?

      • Taira says:

        I think I’d go with the Darkmoon over the Unsolvable Riddle. Static agility bonus and a decent proc is much better than an on-use agility boost with mastery.

        Tia’s Grace, the heroic 5-man blue trinket, seems to beat out Unsolvable Riddle in a lot of cases – not to mention the buffed DMC: Hurricane.

      • Arthemystia says:

        @ Rasinon – Definitely the Darkmoon Card

    • Taira says:

      Very solid read, and doubly worth it when you get to the bottom.
      Dwarf porn — LOL

      • Myrdreon says:

        You didnt count in the effects of the on-use trinkets when luck jumps in or when used properly? Examples:

        The average for on-use trinkets assumes the fight ending exactly at the end of a full 2min CD window. When this is not the case, but ends say halfway a cooldown (easy math example), the last trinket actually has double the average strength.

        Or how you guarantee to time it with big cooldowns (pets CotW, rapid fire, TBW, racial etc) at the start of a fight. Or make it go together with passive buffs like carefull aim window or killshot range.

      • Taira says:

        Myrdreon, most theorycrafting is done on statistical averages – not when blind luck kicks in. They call it luck because it’s the minority of situations and has a positive benefit above and beyond the average. That isn’t the sort of situation that you do rankings with. If you were going to base trinket lists on when the Sun, Moon, and Stars align with Pluto, it would only be useful in that exact minority circumstance — and mostly worthless the rest of the time.

        Arth specifically stated that “there’s no right answer 100% of the time. However, what we CAN do is find the best trinkets most of the time for most hunters.”

      • Blueberrie says:

        Taira, that’s not what Myrdreon is saying.

        Ideal play includes timing on use effects (RF, CotW, on use trinkets, etc.) to coincide with proc effects or other periods of increased damage potential. Because each secondary stat scales with the others, attack power, and agility, slightly delaying an on use haste effect until the ICD for an agility proc effect is done can yield higher dps than just having a macro that uses all your cooldowns as soon as they’re ready.

        In Wrath (the last time I paid enough attention to actually do this), cooldown stacking like this increased my dps significantly, about 500-1000, iirc. This was largely due to stacking cooldowns on top of Deathbringer’s Will procs, so I’m not sure how much of an effect it has these days. However, it’s important to remember that such a phenomena is possible, and “beating the simulations” is indeed possible.

      • Taira says:

        I latched onto Luck because that was what was mentioned first. In the case of cooldown stacking, of course you’re going to get a bigger benefit out of it. On-Use agility trinket provides higher overall DPS during times when you have Rapid Fire or similar haste buffs active.

        Arth stated that he has discussed Frost’s method with Frost, and has presented us with a list of trinkets. It’s entirely possible that Arth meant this list to take haste buffs and other stacked cooldowns into account, and didn’t mention it because such a thing is implied and has been since Wrath.

        If anyone has numbers to refute any of his statements, let’s see ’em. Lets not jump to the conclusion that because a standard practice wasn’t specified then he didn’t follow it.

      • Arthemystia says:

        @ Myrdreon and others – You have a good point, and stacking cooldowns with procs has been relevant and popular for a long time, and is a great practice for those who can manage it properly.

        However, the nature of these guides can’t take all those contingencies into account in any reasonable amount of space. While those are excellent things to consider in your specific gear setup (and I do this for myself as well), trying to calculate different stacking options for numerous gear sets, for each trinket and several non-trinket combos, then forming a weighted “rank” is next to impossible. You can do it individually, but the “this trinket is massively better in this specific situation” tests will skew numbers, making #1, #2, #3 ranks impossible. There’s also the fact that not all hunters do this, even raiding ones. It’s helpful, but not essential to raid-ready dps.

        Below in the comments, Whitefyst identified a situation in which Fluid Death is definitely > Hungerer, and that’s a great example of gear-specific analysis, and I agree with him wholeheartedly. An article intended for all hunters, however, is not the place for it.

        So we’re not in disagreement here, I just have to keep my audience in mind when I write. If you’re dedicated enough to point out such exceptions to me, chances are you don’t need the article’s advice in the first place.

    • Euripides says:

      He’ll just fill it back up when he finishes clearing that dwarf porn up.

  2. Whitefyst says:

    A few things to note on the new trinkets which has been noitced by others on the PTR.

    Concerning Matrix Restabilizer:
    1) In most cases it should normally proc crit since that should be our highest rating stat, with this usually being ideal.
    2) For those of us with CA (especially MMs using AI during that phase), this trinket proccing crit at the start of fights has greatly diminished benefit. It is great the rest of the fight.
    3) Other dynamic stat procs can tip the stat balance causing the proc from this trinket to be other than crit. For instance, if you have Prestor’s or The Hungerer and they proc their large haste proc first, then Matrix will proc haste, since it is now your largest rating stat, instead of crit. They is usually not as ideal as the crit, especially if it happens on top of a RF like at the start of a fight. With Hungerer, that is a total of about 23.9% haste. With Prestor’s, it is about 29% haste, about the equivalent of a 15s BL.

  3. Whitefyst says:

    Forgot to state that if the above is a problem to you, then you can avoid the situation by making sure that your other trinket’s proc effect is agility or crit, which in my mind keeps Fluid Death above The Hungerer once you get the Matrix Restabilizer.

    • Arthemystia says:

      @ Whitefyst – A fair point, and one I hadn’t thought of. However, that only puts Fluid Death clearly above Hungerer when you have the Matrix…a very context-specific thing, covered in the disclaimer to the article.

  4. Roccoman says:

    I dont know how to exactly calculate the ICD on trinkets but I will report to yall my numbers. Standing naked except the Matrix Restabilizer and gu..er bow equipped, auto shotting for about 10mins. The proc would be up for 30s followed by the following times between the next proc: 1:20, 1:21, 1:36, 1:16, 1:16, 1:24…with an average of 1:22.5
    I used the iphone stopwatch. Thanks :)

    • Arthemystia says:

      30 seconds is massive uptime for the proc, thanks! Even at an ICD of 1:30, you’re looking at 33% uptime, which is ridiculous in trinket terms. And your data, though limited, suggests it is even lower than that.

  5. xan says:

    wtb dwarf porn

  6. Diranux says:

    The engineering glove on use will still put a CD on the “on use trinkets” in Firelands correct?

  7. Shootandloot says:

    I have not been able to find any updated information who are clear enough, are the Heroic Tia’s Grace still better than Darkmoon Card: Hurricane?
    Fine to know if i wasted 9k on it or not

    • Arthemystia says:

      That’s a good question, one I don’t have the answer to because I didn’t include either in this guide. Like you, though, I bought DMC:H (just before I realized it wasn’t as awesome as the Wrath DMC) and am wearing it over Tia’s simply because I’m not paying that much to have it sit in my pack.


      …which is a horrible way to make gear decisions. But screw it, it’s cooler looking.

      • Digger says:

        That’s exactly what I did, exactly how I feel and exactly what I’m doing as well ;-)

      • Taira says:

        I can’t remember when exactly it was mentioned, but I believe that DMC:H is better than Heroic Tia’s Grace now that it has been buffed. The buff came through a couple months ago, I believe. Those of you using it should be getting good use out of it.

        I, on the other hand, didn’t shell out 9k on the Darkmoon card and am still using my Tia’s paired with Fluid Death.

    • Kalven and Hobs says:

      Wasted, no. DMC: H is sweet, but to those who can’t or are unwilling to throw 9k into a 1% DPS upgrade, Tia’s Grace is good enough. But is good enough really good enough?

      A 9k DMC: H is 56.25g per point of DPS. Consider, though, that 1 flask at 100g is 6.7g per DPS. Have you consumed 10 or more flasks in this tier?

      All math is my settings: (dps gained with change/total on spreadsheet)x16k. Does anyone else use this kind of “thumbnail math”?

  8. Zeherah says:

    Based on my testing today, the ICD looks to be about 1:45 (which is consistent with Roccoman’s data once you add in the time the trinket was procced, I’m assuming his time to the next proc is after the buff wore off).

    I’d guess at a proc rate of about 10-15% based on the variability of my proc time numbers, but I’m not sure of a good formula for calculating proc rates for trinkets.

    I’ve just updated my site to the latest data and put the proc rate at 15% for now.

    • Arthemystia says:

      Thank you for the input, it’s appreciated as always! I actually misread Roccoman’s data originally, and realized when you posted.

      Still, 30 seconds with a 1:45 ICD. That’s a lot of uptime. It will be a great trinket.

    • Roccoman says:

      that is correct Z

  9. Mheldina says:

    Since in Frost’s list (*) Tia’s Grace appeared above Prestor’s, should it not do so here too?

    And the QuickSilver Alchemist Stone appears above Essence…

    (*) http://wow.joystiq.com/2011/01/24/scattered-shots-cataclysm-hunter-trinkets

    So the following list would be accurate?:

    •Matrix Restabilizer (+)
    •The Hungerer / Fluid Death (+)
    •QuickSilver Alchemist Stone
    •Essence of the Cyclone (Heroic)
    •Tia’s Grace
    •Prestor’s Talisman of Machination (Heroic)
    •Ricket’s Magnetic Fireball
    •Ancient Petrified Seed

    • Arthemystia says:

      Frost’s list included the non-heroic version. Tia’s is not above heroic Prestor’s.

      The Alchemist’s Stone is too specific for a general guide because it is profession-only. At a glance, though, it is not above the heroic Essence, probably just the non-heroic.

  10. Mheldina says:

    I checked again. As far as I can tell (tooltip) Frost’s list did use the Heroic version of Tia’s Grace. And the non-heroic version of Essence.

    But I did make a mistake in placing the Alchemist Stone, I realsise after re-reading the comments of the original article.

    The list should then be, now also including the non-heroic Essence:

    •Matrix Restabilizer (Heroic)
    •The Hungerer (Heroic)
    •Matrix Restabilizer (*)
    •The Hungerer / Fluid Death (*)
    •Essence of the Cyclone (Heroic)
    •Essence of the Cyclone
    •QuickSilver Alchemist Stone
    •Tia’s Grace (Heroic)
    •Prestor’s Talisman of Machination (Heroic)
    •Ricket’s Magnetic Fireball
    •Ancient Petrified Seed

    • Arthemystia says:

      Both of the tooltips Frost had for Prestor’s and Essence are showing me ilvl 359, not 372.


    • Arthemystia says:

      And beyond that, the snippets of analysis on each trinket in the Scattered Shots article refer specifically to agility and stat levels, and they’re all from the non-heroic levels.

    • Duveen says:

      The DMC:H was buffed and now has been nerfed in 4.2, especially for SV hunters. Wonder where it falls now? I’m tempted to replace it with my 359 Essence of the Cyclone. Like many, I wish had the cash back!

      • Arthemystia says:

        Yeah, probably a safe estimation is around the non-heroic Essence. Essence might be better post-nerf, but it’s likely not significant enough to be something you would notice on your meters. I’m always pleasantly surprised by how much of my overall damage it does on bosses (the proc, that is), so it’s definitely not a bad trinket.

        I had no idea the Wrath DMC would be so good (I walked into ICC with it, which is ridiculous considering our other gear at the time), and thought this one would be better. I figure the two average out. /shrug

  11. Deviltrigger says:

    With traps now scaling with stats, do you think tossing in an immolation trap or explosive trap into a rotation may actually gain dps? (single target)

    • Arthemystia says:

      They also boosted Black Arrow damage. I doubt Blizzard wants to see the last talent point in a tree going unused.

  12. VeldrinVelve says:

    Just got Matrix Restabilizer absolutly awesome !

    What about “Ancient Petrified Seed” combined with Bestial Wraith CD ?

    You said it’s the worst but if we do a macro Bestial Wraith + Ancient Petrified Seed + Blood Fury (orc) + all 1min CD proc (like glove enchant) … it could be a really great ?

    • Arthemystia says:

      Agreed to an extent. Stacking cooldowns is great, and something on-use trinkets allow us a bit more freedom with. However, BW is actually a 1.17 minute CD , so you also have to weigh the benefits of stacking with possibly losing 1-2 BW’s per boss fight (at least longer progression fights). Stacking will help, no doubt, but the total amount of Agility compared to other trinkets of any kind (on-use or proc) ensures that it still lags behind, even if the gap is considerably smaller than average totals suggest.

      I’ve also elaborated in the comments on how a guide can’t assume stacking. It’s not something every hunter is aware or able to control regularly. Rankings may change slightly based on these things as your ability to stack increases. Not everyone is an orc either, nerfing most hunters’ ability to perform epic stacks like the one you mentioned.

      Grats on the Stabilizer though! If you have Fluid Death, you’re set on trinkets until 4.3.

      • VeldrinVelve says:

        I do not understand BW is 1.17 and Ancient Seed is 1.15 I should not loose many dps by stacking ?

        I have Fluid Death but in fact I use Essence of the Cyclone (Heroic) because many high level stuff already have Hit rating that I only could reforge to mastery or haste. May be it is a mistake ?

    • Arthemystia says:

      Bah, I meant 1-2 trinket procs per fight, not BW’s.

      I’ll probably need to mention stacking in any future guides though. It will save me time in the comments, and get people trying it who maybe haven’t before.

    • Arthemystia says:

      The trinket tooltip says 1 minute. Unless it’s unique in this respect, it doesn’t wait for the buff to fall off to start it’s timer.

      If you have excess hit, you should be reforging it to crit. As long as you aren’t well over 8% hit even with reforging everything, Fluid Death is worth your while.

  13. Sarize says:

    Alongside Fluid Death, should I be using normal Essence or Ricket’s?

  14. applejackd says:


    I have a question. I think I’m stuck. I have many nice off set peices but still don’t have matching tier. Shoiuld I just run heroics and get the all tier t-12 ? I still don’t have the t11 set. Also, I have for the trinket slot heroic tia’s grace. Would that be better then dmc hurricane? queuing for justice runs for some reason it won’t let me .Is there a gear max for queue or is this a bug? I believe I have my reforges yet. I was wondering since I am past the hard plateue cap on haste but not yet near the soft…does that mean I reforge my now excess haste to get closer to my hard cap? Thanks!

    • Arthemystia says:

      A few too many questions here to answer in a succinct manner. Browse the guides on the main WHU page and it should answer a lot of your questions. Go for your t12 though, you’re much better off with it than with t11.

  15. Mist says:

    I was wonderings since i got:
    The Hungerer and ofc Fluid Death

    Is it worth switching out Fluid Death with a normal = Essence of the Cyclone
    Or that’s just not worth it?

    • Arthemystia says:

      No, keep Fluid Death, especially if Essence is non-heroic. Just reforge the hit if you’re over the cap.

  16. Rayketh says:

    As MM, should you hardcast Aimed Shot when Hungerer procs?
    Or just enjoy the benefit of faster steadies and auto shots.

    • Arthemystia says:

      A lot depends on your situation and what you’re comfortable with. When you can, hard-casting Aimed Shot is potentially greater dps as a focus dump, especially under the benefits of a haste proc. But as always, it comes with a greater likelihood of lost dps if you have to interrupt a hard cast, and makes focus management trickier so that you aren’t delaying Chimera Shots. Planning to always switch to it during procs is probably dangerous, because you won’t always be able to control the context of the fight. It’s not a bad thing to practice, though.

  17. UndeadLoki says:

    Okay so i have a question, I have the heroic version of Tia’s Grace, Ricket’s Magnetic Fireball, and Darkmoon Card: Hurricane. My other trinket is Fluid Death, so that’s not gonna be changed. I need help, which trinket should I use for my other one?

    • Arthemystia says:

      Not sure. Might be a good candidate for removing as many other variables as possible and practicing with all 3 individually at a target dummy. Or head to femaledwarf or Mr. Robot for advice. Target dummy practice won’t model scaling with raid buffs and such, but it’s good for pointing out obvious discrepancies between gear choices over many repetitions.

      My eyeball-test guess would be “not Tia’s” but it’s just that, an educated guess. Between the other two, I don’t have enough information to say for sure. If you’re good at stacking on-use trinkets with procs, probably Ricket’s (it’s more agi. too) but I’m still always surprised at the amount of dmg. my DMC:H proc is responsible for.

      • UndeadLoki says:

        forgot about femaledwarf O.o went and used it, DMC:H is better apparently, plus, i like not having to click the on use trinket :)

  18. Loth says:

    Anyone have opinions on where http://www.wowhead.com/item=71335 (Coren’s Chilled Chromium Coaster) would fit into the lists? Would it replace either Fluid Death or Essence of the Cyclone (H)? My guess is no…

  19. Tomasio says:

    Yea the new direbrew coaster is nice if you have high crit, the 378 rep trinket (ancient petrified seed) really sucks though mainly because it shares cds with the fireball and giving up 340 agil +1700 crit every 2 mins for lol 383 mastery and 1277 agil every 2 mins doesnt appeal to me. In my opinion best combo I see is the fireball and new coaster. If they had it so the coaster and seed weren’t on the same cd then it would be a different story just reforge the mastery to haste.

  20. Tomasio says:

    Correction…they share cds but 1 is 2 min cd and the other is 1 min cd meaning if you click the 2 minute fireball 1st, you have to wait 1 min to use the seed then another minute to use the fireball again so if you have both of those equipped you can pop a trinket every minute

  21. Xago says:

    I just got normal The Hungerer and am not 100% sure which of my current trinkets I should replace.

    I have been using Fluid Death and heroic Essence of the Cyclone.

    I replaced Essence with Hungerer by default but not 100% sure.

    Which would you recommend?

    • Arthemystia says:

      Sounds about right. As long as you’re using all the hit, those will be your two best bets until you get Matrix Rstabilizer, at which point you’ll want to replace probably the Hungerer.

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