Hunting Party ep 80: Big Red Kitty

Posted: by Frostheim

It’s episode 80 of the Hunting Party Podcast huntertacular with special guest Big Red Kitty himself. BRK joined us to chat about hunters, his badass new gaming laptop, and a bit about how and why he returned to the siren’s call of WoW and what his plans are. Euripides was so delighted to have BRK on the show that he fainted dead away.

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  1. Jon says:

    Welcome back BRK!

  2. Ascalaphus says:

    Ja! Welcome back BRK. :) You’ve truly been missed!

  3. Ascalaphus says:

    Ja, welcome back BRK! You’ve truly been missed.

  4. Aybarra says:

    BRK is back?!?! Shouldnt i have gotten an email or something?