Hunter Racials

Posted: by Frostheim

Today on WoW Insider I go over hunter racial optimization in details. We covered the bare bones of which race was best for Alliance and Horde here a while ago, but at WoW insider I cover ever race, and rank them all in order. Best of all, I kinda accidentally made fun of a lot of races while I was at it. Every time I make a dwarves are cool and XX race is not joke, there’s always someone who takes offense. Well, this article will manage to offend nearly everyone then. I can’t wait to see the comments:

Not all races are created equal. Dwarves, for example, have rugged good looks, wit, and unparalleled charm, all of which are amplified by drink. Orcs, on the other hand, are green, smelly, and think that bodily functions are the height of sophisticated humor. Alas, these too are amplified by drink.

But when we talk about races in WoW, we’re usually talking about racials — the bonuses each race gets and how these work in synergy with the hunter class. Racials tend not to be a big deal to casual players but are so important to progression types that even the support classes care about them.

It’s important to note that racials are not balanced, and never more so than in Cataclysm.

Before we get into the specifics of which racials help the hunter class the most, let me stress that it’s not that big of a deal for most players — at best, something around a 1% gain to your DPS. Play the race you like best (as long as it’s a dwarf). Hunters can be any race except gnomes, and as the video above shows, with enough liquor, even they can manage. But if you really want to squeeze the last ounce of raiding prowess out of your hunter, then your racials are one of the variables you’ll want to optimize…. Read More.

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  1. Diversity says:

    I personally Roll as a Troll as a SV Hunter, However I disagree with Your Statement towards Blood Elves as ” I’ve awarded them first place in the Horde racial losers. ” If you consider them from a PvP perspective, They are way up top when it comes to Horde Hunter Racials. So show them some Love!

    • Winri says:

      Thankees for making us the best of the losers, mister Frostheim.

      I think you’re underestimating the importance of Blood Elves being the only horde race not to look like the south-side of a north-facing Kodo, though, but I can accept that dwarves totally aren’t able to look up, so can’t really appreciate us all that much.

  2. Ascalaphus says:

    I roll as a Dwarf as a BM Hunter. Now if they’d give us a gun… Tired of using this sissy bow.

    IMO, if you’re Alliance go Dwarf, if you’re Horde go Orc. :)

    • Kalven and Hobs says:

      I just picked up the bow myself, for a 0.6% DPS upgrade. At the very least, people will stop calling me a huntard for using the carbine, but I never really did care what other people say before seeing me in action.

      I miss my gun. I miss the sound that it made as it blasted dragons to little bits.

      • Femaledwarf says:

        Have you considered working on getting the PvP gun? It’s not too bad to get, even if you’re a bad PvPer you can grab a friend (or a stranger) and do some 2v2 arena and get it within a few weeks. It’s better than any non-heroic ranged weapon for dwarves.

      • Kalven and Hobs says:

        I could suffer some arena abuse for such a noble cause, but I’d better hurry up.

      • Branzilla says:

        In fact, you don’t even have to PVP to get the PVP gun after patch 4.1, if you are really averse to it. With the new valor-to-conquest conversion, it effectively costs 4760 valor points. However, given the weekly Valor points cap, doing it this way will take you 4 weeks to acquire the gun versus 3 weeks with arena.

      • Femaledwarf says:

        Unless you’ve maxed out all the useful gear you can get through valor points, it’s still much better to just suffer through a bit of arena abuse to get it since you can gear up faster that way.

      • Branzilla says:

        Oh, I definitely agree with you. It’s much easier to get the gun by just sucking it up and doing arena, even if you aren’t particularly fond of arena.

        But I know there is a set of players who are completely loathe to do any form of PVP, and many particularly averse to Arena, so I mention the new conversion as at least an option for them.

  3. Hateful says:

    This is Racist!

    (Great work as always!)

  4. Sidoen says:

    I’m not even done and I’m already laughing. Even though I’m a Night elf. :P

  5. Sidoen says:

    Finished…. Hoard are OP! I never even looked at them before… cause they are the bad guys, they are the monsters that hunters hunt! Now I realize that they are not just monsters in form, but in fairness as well.

    • Valacia says:

      Horde are “better” because of this and the “horde” buff… seriously, was doing rbgs for the weekly challenge and when we got the horde buff we just decimated the other team… I’m sure it had nothing to do at all with our shitty MMR, lol

  6. Telluria says:

    Completely off topic, but have folk seen ?

    • Ascalaphus says:

      I have seen this and I’m slightly disappointed to be quite honest… We BM Hunters were supposed to get a talent that did nearly the same exact thing.

      It was called Rhumba. Appears mmo-champion no longer has it listed in their DB.. But what it did was spawned Rattlesnakes upon 2(or 3) Cobra or Steady Shots in a row. Very much like the SPriest talent [url=]Shadowy Apparition[/url]

    • Kalven and Hobs says:

      Is this legit!?

  7. Arcazua says:

    Bah, kiss my elven arse. A Night Elf is an infinitely better hunter than incapable Alliance races like humans (and gnomes) and still superior to those other races that can pass themselves off for it.

    Alright, no, I don’t get any DPS benefit out of being Night Elf. But Shadowmeld is, in fact, handy. I’m also a rather suicidal player and will often taunt things to myself to save others, so Quickness is not a total waste of space. I’ll grant you those are both worst-case scenario benefits (and Wisp Spirit is the ultimate worst-case,) but beneath a gnome? Dwarven arrogance aside, I’ve lost some respect for you, Frost. Try to see the world without the use of beer goggles for a minute. I’m not saying you have to sober up, since of course no dwarf would, but that’s only because you can’t stand looking at your women without being under the influence.

    • Kalven and Hobs says:

      Maybe you all like your women to be soft and cuddly like a bunny rabbit. Fine! I, for one, like a woman who is true stone-kin. Hard as granite, with a fire burning deep inside!

    • Valacia says:

      Well, you can rest assured that you did pick the best race to be a bear druid :)

  8. Kivan says:

    Nice article. Good thing I picked Worgen when I rolled my Hunter at the start of Cataclysm ;)

    Of course, they *are* quite simply the most bad-ass Alliance race… The only thing they lack (at the moment) is their own capital (we’ll get it back, you’ll see), which is really just a great excuse to go hang with the Dwarves in Ironforge and, consequently, drink myself into a howling stupor :D

  9. Valacia says:

    God how I wish that gnomes could be hunters, then Dora, my bank alt and proud guild master of could tame her monkey, Boots, and finally be complete!

  10. faignz says:

    What you seem to be forgetting is that NElfs have the highest base agility out of any alliance race, putting them at a solid #3 on the list of alliance hunters, currently. While this isn’t necessarily a racial, it is specific to their race and makes them a much better choice for high end PvE than Human and Dwarf at the moment (read no heroic PvE guns).

    Worgen > Draenai > Nelf > Human > Dwarf should be the list (regardless of how good Dwarves are) because the Human PvP trinket is worth more in PvE than Stoneform is AT THE MOMENT (read: still no heroic guns). Had there been a heroic gun: Worgen > Draenai > Dwarf > Nelf > Human

    For Horde races, again your list is off based on the weapons used. As the best weapon for a fully geared 372 hunter is a bow, the list is:
    Troll > Orc > Goblin > Belf > Undead > Tauren
    If the BiS gear didn’t include a bow then Orc and Troll would be flipped on your list.

    • Frostheim says:

      I don’t evaluate racials based on one single moment of the expansion. Since it costs money (or inordinate amounts of time) to change races, it’s usually a long-term decision. As such you have to evaluate it against the whole expansion. Thus it seems likely that the Dwarven racial, like the trolls, will get better and worse from tier to tier.

      Also remember that we do have an easy to acquire pvp epic gun option : )

      • faignz says:

        I loved having two guns at the start of the LK expansion, and for the first raiding tier of BC the Big Bad Wolfs Rifle was BiS as well. Never got the Blastershot Launcher in MC, I went from Striker’s Mark to the Lhok.* =(

        It’s not like they are trying to keep the Dwarves down, but they just don’t seem to want to make guns, at any point in an xpac, BiS for anything more than the first tier.

        The running trend seems to be that we’ll wind up pigeon holed into either an x-bow or a bow in high end content and granted they have no reason to change this, but it’s safe to assume that if you are grinding heroic modes you’ll wind up without a trusty rifle.

        * side note: Ashjre’thul, Crossbow of Smiting (mage slaying) was probably the best weapon in vanilla when used with a NElf. Hard to beat one shotting ANY clothie from shadowmeld.

  11. Telluria says:

    While that’s true, the rattlesnakes in question weren’t rabid. And thus I still have to say this is more entertaining. :)

  12. Oregartou says:

    I like being a cow.

  13. GTyoungblood says:

    Belfs are the only thing in WoW I don’t like. I’d take 1/2 a day queue for a rand pug over hearing a Belf laugh anytime.

    I’m looking for an addon that will change the belf laugh to something A LOT LESS annoying than the current laugh. How about fingernails on a chalkboard? That would be acceptable over the current one. Or cats in heat? Dog whining? Mosquitos? anything…

  14. OogaBooga says:

    Do wish For Dwarfs the Gun Racial is either removed and replaced with something else or change it and say …… All ranged weapon attacks are increased by 1%. Sides Worgens have 1% crit to all Melee and Ranged Attacks….

  15. rwstormbow says:

    Hunters rock, period. Reguardless of race they are IMHO by far the most fun class. I’ve run up raid lvl Nelf, belf, orc and dwarf. Amoung those those 4 I found the dwarf brought the least extra to the class with it’s race. The orc by far the most with, to be quite honest, Belf a very close second. I’ve yet to try troll.

    What I do want to address though is the very confused good guy bad guy attitude many alliance players foster.

    1)Who brought the attention of the burning legion to Azeroth, caused the destruction of the well of eternity and the subsequent explosion that reshaped the face of the world.

    A) Alliance
    B) Horde

    answer: Alliance, Queen Azshara the high elf queen of the night elves. ( Nelfs are bad guys )

    2)Who brought the attention of the burning legion to Draenor leading to the the legion subjagation and demoniztion of the orcs?

    A) Alliance
    B) Horde

    Answer A) Alliance. When Velen the profit and the draenai left their homeworld, after Sargeras corrupted and demonized the eradar ( the original name of the draenai. Draenai just means the lost. Velen was pursued to Draenor ( the name the Draenai gave to the ORCISH home world )

    The corruption of the orcs was directly caused by the draenai and like Velen some orcs resisted, like Thralls father and never had the demon taint.

    Draenai are bad guys

    3)Who was it that opened the Darkportal allowing the Orc horde onto Azeroth?

    B) horde

    Answer A) alliance. The Guardian Medivh, and as such endowed with great power tasked with protecting the world. Like Archimonde and Kil’jaeden of the Eradar and the shamans of the orcs he was seduced and corrupted by Sargeras.

    The humans are bad guys.

    There are two sides to every story. People should really get over stereotypes and check facts before they start throwing around good guy bad guy tittles.

  16. Tox says:

    I discovered something new about bloodelves that actually makes me happy my character is one. I don’t know when this patch was added, but Arcane Torrent no longer just restores mana. My character’s Arcane Torrent restores 15 focus, which timed right is a Chimera shot or Aimed shot without having to pop of a steady shot first.