Extreme Soloing Hunter Build

Posted: by Solarflair

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Reviewed 2/2/12
Patch 4.3.2

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Hunter extreme soloing is better than ever in Cataclysm, with the massively increased health pools both we and our pets enjoy, along with the fact that Mend Pet scales based on our pet’s health, rather than providing a flat healing amount.

This guide covers the best generic hunter build for extreme soloing. As always when we’re extreme soloing, we’ll often have to take specific specs or talent tweaks to help us against specific bosses. But in general our overall goals for extreme soloing are:

  • Reduce the damage our pets (and we) take as much as possible.
  • Increase the amount we can heal our pets as much as possible.

For the most part, we don’t care how long a fight lasts — as long as we can heal our pet for more damage than it takes, we win. As a result we don’t really care about dps by itself; however, we do care about it in the sense that the higher our hunter dps, the more we’ll be healing our pet with our tier 5 2-piece set bonus. We also don’t care about threat at all — we can Misdirect to our pet non-stop if we need to, and we have Feign Death as well. All we really care about is keeping our pet an ourselves alive.

Hunter Extreme Solo Talent Build- 7/31/3

MM Extreme Solo Spec

In Cataclysm, the MM hunter spec satisfies our extreme soloing requirements better than any other spec. For most situations, BM is actually the worst extreme solo spec, because such a large portion of your damage comes from your pet — and any damage that comes from your pet does not heal the pet via the t5 2-piece set bonus. So either MM or SV has significantly higher pet healing potential. MM has the additional advantage of the self-heal via Chimera Shot, which can help keep us alive for many of those “everybody takes aoe damage” bosses.

A note on T5 and other specs: some will point out fights for which you don’t need T5, or a self heal, and that you can play in BM or SV and these certainly exist. But once you’re looking at easier content, you can beat it in whatever build you want. The purpose of this guide is to provide the best possible build for the hardest encounters.

For this build we’re focusing a lot on utility. We want to be sure to get Spirit Bond over in the BM tree, and the extra stamina from the SV tree (which both lets our pet live longer, and be healed for more). In the MM tree we’re picking up Silencing Shot, Concussive Barage, and Bombardment, which are all useful for a lot of extreme solo trash situations.

We’re specifically ignoring Marked for Death, since we can always just apply Hunter’s Mark manually — we’d rather have some more situational tools that help us with larger trash packs. Readiness, as always, is a huge benefit in extreme soloing. It’s particularly nice when you need a couple of silences in a row, or if you screw up and take a lot of damage you can Chimera – Readiness – Chimera for the big self-healing boost.

It’s worth noting that for a lot of big trash pulls in 5-mans — like the Stonecore mount run — you probably want to run as SV, which has both better aoe ability combined with more CC. In that case just be sure to still go down the BM tree to get Spirit Bond. Generally, however, you’ll usually want to run as MM for the bosses.

Reviewed 2/20/11
Patch 4.0.6
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  1. pants says:

    Beautiful! Been hanging out for this for a while now.
    Cheers Frost!

  2. Don’t overlook the facility of the Gorilla’s 30-second melee interrupt, either. Sure the turtle/beetle damage reduction is amazing for fights when you need it, but if you need more interrupts, the Gorilla’s a great option and a tenacity pet to boot!

  3. HunterMike says:

    OK, perhaps a dolt question here. I no longer have t5 armor pieces – is this a case for going back and re-farming two of them up?

  4. Panteleone says:

    More to the point, which two T5 token dropping bosses are the best to approach for a hunter new to extreme soloing but who wants to break in?

    • pants says:

      From memory Frost reccomended Tempest Keep and Serpentshrine Caverns.
      You dont need T5 for ALL your soloing though, I used to run ZG solo quite a bit and never found i needed it.

    • Skalis says:

      Voidwalker is a cakewalk, simple tankspank for an easy T5 gloves token. In SSC I have only dony hydross (no T5), lurker (no T5) and Leotheras. Had a few wipes on Leo due to his shadowform killing me (stacking debuff increases dmg taken quite heavily), but I simply started FD when he was in shadowform and problem solved. Leo drops T5 shoulders token.

  5. Japayuki says:

    Actually, at level 85, using the tier 5s is counter productive most of the time. The amount of dps loss you suffer due to downgrading your gear isn’t worth it. You are better off with the above mentioned MM spec since Spirit Bond and Chimera will probably heal you for even more than the Tier 5s would, AND do a truck-load more damage. I currently do most of my soloing with no Tier5s (they’re in the bag, but I hardly use em anymore).

    • Dmok says:

      I don’t have any experience on the matter, but to make not using the 2pt5 worthwhile you would need the following to be true ..

      Healing gained through the additional stamina > Healing through DPS with lower stats

      It might get a little more wonky when you take your own personal health into account (and less overall healing from Chimera and Spirit Bond to you as well because of it) but I think it might be hard to beat out the ~2000hps (assuming roughly 14k dps on your part) provided from the set bonus.

      This of course doesn’t really matter if your pet can survive just fine without it. But for ideal pet survival, I’m still leaning towards the 2pt5.

  6. Japayuki says:

    My bad, haven’t taken my coffee yet: Let me rephrase — the amount of healing done TO THE PET by Mend Pet and Spirit Bond is sufficient — you don’t need to go Tier 5s for it (at lvl 85 that is).

    • Dmok says:

      I didn’t see this comment when I replied above. I do agree that you gain a TON of pet healing through Mend Pet (Glyphed) and Spirit Bond – but if that is not enough to keep your pet alive, you will still want the 2pt5.

      Assuming your pet loses 10k health from you going from t11to t5 on 2 pieces of gear – you only lose a whopping 800hps*. For the 2pt5 to equal that, you only have to be pushing out 5500dps*. Anything higher than that is a gain.

      *Note: for both calculations, I did not take into effect the increased healing talents of Tenacity pets, since it would effect both equally.

      • Dmok says:

        Whoops, forgot about Spirit Bond healing done above. Revised math below (I’ll show my work this time)

        losing 10k pet health causes the following healing loss:
        – Mend Pet (Glyphed) ticks for 8% of your pet’s health every 2s. That’s 4% every 1s. 4% of 10k is 400
        – Spirit Bond heals for 2% of your pet’s health every 10s. That’s 0.2% every 1s. 0.2% of 10k is 20
        Totak HPS loss = 400 + 20 = 420hps

        To make up for that, you need to be doing X DPS times 15% = 420.
        420 / 15% = 2800 DPS.

        That’s actually lower than above, because I forgot that mend pet ticks every 2s.

        Again, Healing increasing talents are not considered, as all healing would be equally modified.

      • MrPaws says:

        Not entirely sure how I’d measure it, but it seems like the differences in DPS between manual healing without T5 and automatic healing using T5 needs to be considered. Would the GCD on Mend Pet make a big difference, or do you guys keep that up most of the time anyway while soloing?

        To me it seems like if you’re constantly healing for 15% of your damage that mend pet would at least be used less frequently than if you were not in T5. While actual DPS may not matter, damage does directly affect the amount that you’ll have to heal in most fights because more more damage translates to less time that your pet is being damaged.

        Not sure how to map that but something worth considering IMO.

      • Japayuki says:

        Take into account, not only the increased healing for tenacity pets, but the their respective level increase as well. At level 85– and I’m assuming your pet is at 85 when you solo stuff — he not only has much more health, he also doesn’t take as much damage from lower lvl mobs.

        Your math seems sound, but from experience, the T5 hans’t really been a deciding factor for BC level raid bosses — so far. For WoTLK bosses (I’ve been messing around soloing Naxx) I do use the T5 since those guys are still laying the smack down on my turtle.

      • Dmok says:

        I don’t disagree with you that t5 might not be *needed* for everything.

        I am simply trying to clarify, and back it up, that in extreme soloing cases you will want 2pt5 for maximum pet survivability.

        I was curious at first if the extra health from gear (t5 pieces only have 50 stam on them. Current gear can easily have 300) would actually make our % heals outweigh the 15% pet healing. I just used your posts as a launching point for sorting it out.

  7. cloudbuster says:

    Has anyone here solo’d Gruul’s Lair? I stuck my toe in it the other day and had a ton of trouble with the first boss. There were so many effects generated by the adds that I couldn’t keep all of them under control.

    • Kai says:

      That fight gave me a lot of trouble until I got my dps up.

      You have to burn the healer down fast. Blow all your cooldowns in the beginning, and keep silencing shot ready to interrupt the heal.

      Once the healer is down, get rid of the warlock; the felpuppy and fears are annoying. You can drop an ice trap at your feet to freeze the felpup. Take out the other two adds, then kill the boss.

      After that, Gruul is an easy tank and spank.

      If you don’t use T5, remember to heal your pet in all the confusion. Wiped a few times because I forgot. :)

      Here’s the vid I watched to learn the fight:

      Check out Dissaster’s other soloing vids, they are very helpful.

  8. GTyoungblood says:

    But you want survivability of your pet. The two T5 pieces give the pet 15% of the damage you do as healing. Healing the pet comes before your DPS. Remember, this is for EXTREME soloing. Soloing encounters that were never meant to be soloed. So your pet will need to keep all aggro, which means as much healing as possible.

    I’d like to see a comparison of damage with and without the T5 pieces.

    But alas, i cant speak from experience on this. I want to get a couple of T5’s and try it out for myself. I’d like to know if there is anywhere I can solo to get them? I’ve tried Serpent Shrine, with another hunter, and we come nowhere close on downing that boss. We got real good at sneaking up to her though.

    • Verg says:

      Not aware of any T5 bosses that are soloable without any help on trash… and it only takes 5-10 people to clear TK or SSC – as long as they know how fights work (especially Lady Vashj). May want the BC version of DBM. Call it an achievement run, and explain the loot rules clearly (need before greed and talk to someone if they win the piece you want is generally good).

      Have kept all pieces of Tier 5, now working on which to use. Shoulders + Gloves at the moment, with 365 pvp legs, Eng helm, and 346 chest. Stamina trinkets, and whatever PvE gear I can mix to reach the hitcap (without reforging my mainspec gear).

      The way I see it, T5 makes my life easier. I can and have burned solo bosses without it, even in totally wrong gear/spec. Sometimes that’s skill, other times the fight’s too easy.

      Keeping Mend Pet up requires a GCD every 15 sec. Keeping T5 healing going requires sacrificing some stats. Both take a bite out of my damage, but I like having the flexibility.

  9. Japayuki says:

    I solo several BC raids (Mags, Winterchill, the first 3 bosses in TK, and both world bosses if they’re available) without the Tier 5 sets. Back when I was 80, yes, the Tier 5s were indispensable. But now, with the new standards pet health, and the incredible potency of Glyph of Mending, they are no longer needed.

    I agree though that in some fights I’ll double up using Tier 5 just to be certain (WotLK raid bosses hit MUCH harder). But for the majority of BC raids, you won’t need them.

    • Verg says:

      I stand corrected. You solo A’lar, Void Reaver, and High Astromancer Solarian, including trash packs? I might have to try this.

      Of these, Void Reaver drops a hunter token, Tier 5 Shoulders.

      • Japayuki says:

        Verg, the 1st 2 bosses in TK (A’lar and Void) are pretty straightforward and so is the trash. Solarian is waaaay tougher due to the fact that the pet sometimes un-summons when you’re hurled upward. But yes, all trash and those 3 at least can be done without the Tier 5. The turtle takes a massive amount of damage by itself and the AI is pretty intuitive about when to use shell shield. That coupled with a regular Mends, and the MM spec above, and you’re good to go.

    • Aguacate says:

      Since hitting 85 I haven’t found anything where 2xT5 has been absolutely key to making a kill. However, there are a couple of fights where using it definitely makes things easier so I still regard it as a valuable part of my soloing tool-kit.

      An example would be 25 man Heigan in Naxx. A long, long fight where your pet can take some spikey damage. Without the T5 bonus a missed Mend Pet can cost you the kill. With it the fight will be a few minutes longer but pet damage is much easier to handle and the outcome that much more certain.

  10. Armin says:

    Maybe an idea to write an article on extreme soloing without the T5 set. A growing number of hunters does not have this set and will also not easily get it …

    In that case the ballgame changes a bit in terms of choices for talents.

    • Frostheim says:

      Soloing without t5: solo older and/or easier content. : )

      T5 is easier to get than ever! Grab a couple of friends and blow your way through the old BC raids.

      • Cambriaz says:

        Lol I don’t exactly have the luxury of command that many people to come with me to Raid XD lol I enjoy being a hunter, and I’m proud to be one, I just want to get into the ice of trying to solo things, It’s an awesome challenge that no other class can do, as I believe ^_^

  11. Cambriaz says:

    I’m having a bit of trouble understanding what you guys are talking about.
    I’m still new to Warcraft by about 2-3 months, but I’ve always been on this site since the first day I started playing, so it has deeply helped a lot.
    When you guys speak of t11to t5 on 2 pieces of gear, what kind of gear do you guys mean to get? ’cause at 85 with Cata gear, if I’m reading right, that’s not the gear you guys are talking about, or it is, if not, than where would I acquire this gear, so that I may try this extreme soloing. Thank you guys if you find the time to reply to this.
    I’m Cambriaz, From Ysondre, Death Defiant guild.

    • Japayuki says:

      Cam, the Tier 5 set dropped from Burning Crusade raid bosses and contained an extremely powerful 2-piece bonus:
      Basically, it healed your pet for 15% of the damage you were doing. This turbo charged your pet with a constant supply of heals — the caveat being you had to be doing damage (recall there are some fights that take a hunter OUT of dpsing leaving your pet exposed). These pieces could be picked up from bosses within SSC and TK for example.

      The question is whether they are still viable given the new/improved abilities available to us and our pets.

      • Cambriaz says:

        So to get two pieces of this tier, I would have to run through SSC and what’s TK if I may ask. What do you mean if it’s still viable?
        Sorry, lol but I always learn by asking questions if I don’t know, and If I don’t know, lol I’ll tell ya.

      • Dmok says:

        SSC = Serpentshrine Cavern
        TK = Tempest Keep
        Both are tier 5 raid instances – good luck getting the drops you need!

        The viability question is wither it is worth it to still equip something from 2 expansions ago. The important part is that, if you are going for some crazy-ass soloing, it most definitely is. I have some basic math done in a reply above to support this.

      • Cambriaz says:

        Ok, so this means, Now to do the SSC and TK at 85, am I able to solo it myself to acquire the 2 pieces of the gear. Or should I bring along a couple of people?

      • Dmok says:

        Both have bosses which drop tier tokens which are theoretically possible to solo – but it is much easier with a group of friends.

        Your best bet if you are looking to solo bosses would be Void Reaver in TK, and Leotheras the Blind in SSC.

  12. Ajani says:

    Why not a point in improved mend pet?

    • Panteleone says:

      I agree – that 25% cleanse chance could go a long way towards mitigating damage on a pet in certain fights, given that mend pet is always ticking.

  13. knowlge2 says:

    I don’t mean to be rude but how much is there left in game that is required to be spec’d for “extreme solo-ing”? I mean I solo H-UP for Blue Proto, Kara and Raven Lord. Havent tried TK yet for phoenix but other than that? Anything?

    • Dmok says:

      If you care about tangible rewards, you can’t forget heroic Magester’s Terrace (not sure if this is possible or not)

      If you don’t care about tangible rewards, and do it for the challenge …. pretty much anything else. See that one hunter who is trying to work his way through ICC, for example.

      • Akkal says:

        You can solo H Magester’s Terrace. I used to do it back at 80, albeit very carefully; I haven’t been doing it since I hit 85, I assume it’s even more soloable now.

      • Chrth says:

        H Magister’s Terrace is pretty much a cakewalk at 85 with i346+ gear (no 2T5). You can camo past most of the trash (and past Kael’thas’ speech, too, which is far more important), and the bosses are easy to burn down without worrying about mechanics (just make sure you keep misdirect up with the third boss, I find it’s very easy to pull aggro against them).

  14. Cambriaz says:

    Also as a side note, for this build.
    What build should the turtle take? The Threat build or the surviving build?

    • Akkal says:

      The surviving build, most definitely. Threat isn’t something you should ever have to worry about between Glyph of Misdirection and Feign Death. Survivability, though, determines whether you can do some fights or not (if the “tank” dies, it’s a wipe).

      • Cambriaz says:

        I see, but isn’t there an issue I keep hearing about,
        That threat is sometimes an issue on long term fights after the 30 second wipe off, of Misdirection? How would you go about controlling that situation?

      • Frostheim says:

        Misdirect some more!

        The threat transfer from Misdirection lasts 30 seconds, then the transferred threat disappears into the ether; however, with the glyph, you can misdirect to your pet as often as you want with no cooldown.

  15. Cambriaz says:

    Ah I see, so wouldn’t I be able to, let’s say, instead having to always click MD,
    Wouldn’t I be able to Macro into one of my main shots, so it is always used when I complete a rotation and such? Or in a dire situation, I would put it on arcane shot and fire it off at a target aggroing on myself?

  16. Threesixteen says:

    just a quick point from a BM solo artist (have solo’d ony, mags, patchwerk, Al’ar, VR, working on KJ, reg stonecore, reg VP etc)… BM is perfectly viable, and in fact for me, preferable to the other two specs for soloing. frost’s MM approach is perfectly fine, but BM allows you to do things like bring a corehound (i use chromaggus) along for a Bloodlust, or a spirit beast for the extra heal. these two features can be helpful (i use bloodlust to burn millhouse down to 50% to get him to run away so i can reset the trash for easier handling in stonecore) and BW is also great for removing some stun/impair effects.

    Also with the two damage reducing CDs that Turtles have you don’t really need T5 (it’s fun to use tho) and i find as well that Improved Mend Pet is often helpful.

    also, bandaging is a great way to heal up; with endless pet MDs you can always grab a few seconds for a bandage here and there (when i solo Mags, i bandage often).

    anyway, just wanted to point out again that there is no “best solo spec”; just the spec that’s right for you.

  17. Cambriaz says:

    ah I see, I think I understand everything I’ve asked for XD
    Thank you guys,
    Your the best!
    WHU ftw!

  18. Cambriaz says:

    If anyone finds themselves on Ysondre, message me ^_^

  19. boogaboo says:

    why is it that kripparrian recommends beast mastery then ?

  20. boogaboo says:

    and I am quite sure he is a much better hunter than anyone else here… cept for me :d

    • Frostheim says:

      Hmm… you seem pretty clearly to be trolling, but I’m going to give you some massive benefit of the doubt… the reason BM is not as good for extreme soloing is that BM is capable of providing less pet healing, and less self healing for the hunter.

      Keep in mind that we don’t care at all about aggro in extreme soloing, and that’s the only depatment where BM really shines.

      • Threesixteen says:

        a very dogmatic response Frost.

      • Threesixteen says:

        could expand on the “less pet healing” in the BM spec? not sure this is accurate. as well, BM’s receive added talent points for their pet thanks which can be quite handy. i think your predilection towards MM really is centered around Chimera Shot’s self heal aspect; which i understand but honestly have not needed to rely on. Spirit bond, FD, bandages, pots, spirit heal, etc more than even out the lost of CS’s 5% heal.

        as well, there’s no difference in aggro levels from spec to spec once you glyph for MD so i’m not sure what you’re driving at with that last sentence.

        BM uber alles!

      • Frostheim says:

        When you’re doing very challenging extreme solo content, you need to make use of the tier 5 2-piece set bonus, which converts 15% of the damage you do into pet healing. This does not work for any damage your pet does — including Kill Command. As a result, MM or SV will be able to heal their pets for substantially more than BM will.

        Since what we mostly care about in extreme soloing is damage mitigation and healing, MM wins out over BM pretty significantly.

      • Tienlung says:

        Threesixteen you are forgetting that in MM you still get Spirit Bond, FD, bandages, pots. You are also mentioning spirit heal, indicating that you are trying to tank with a ferocity pet? Your ferocity pet does not have the damage mitigation of a tenacity pet, so if you are using a turtle or bear, you self heal more in MM than in BM since you’ll lose your spirit heal. BM might be better for extreme group tanking, but for extreme soloing, MM is the clear winner. Also, just to mention this, Spirit Bond is 2% every 10 seconds and Chimera Shot is at least 5% every 10 seconds (so in MM you get 3+ times the heals as in BM)

  21. Dialg says:

    So I have a soloing question. I’m having some trouble defeating Leotheras the Blind in SSC. When he goes into his demon form he simply does too much damage to me that I can’t send to my pet because he can’t be tanked at that point. Any input is greatly appreciated!

    • Cexigo says:

      just did it now :)
      feign death works for me

    • Dmok says:

      On the demon phase, stand at max range from him. You will effectively outrange his fireballs – just make sure to not pull off your pet.

    • Homas says:

      I had some problems also until I saw a nice video. Basically you bring your pet to one side of the room and set him to stay there (either before the fight or before demon form) and then you stand on the other side of the room. Once he hits demon form, set your pet to passive (so he goes back to the other side of the room) and FD. Once he is out of rage pop back up, get right back into max range, and continue fighting.

      Just to note, you have to hit passive on your pet before you FD. For some reason, passive breaks FD. After I saw the video doing this I was able to down him without a problem. You could also stay FD the entire time he is in demon form, but that was bringing me close to the 10 minute timer. Once you hit 10 minutes, he enrages and will kill you.

  22. GTyoungblood says:

    I havent done that fight yet, but will Deterrence do anything at that point? Followed by using Readiness, and another Deterrence perhaps?

  23. Cexigo says:

    First of all, i have never joined a site like this before, but i have now :) because this place is awesome. its what hunters (and life :P ) are all about. Im sure u hear it enough but thanks so much to frost and everyone else here.

    I saw this post and thought id give soloing a try.
    First went and got the fire turtle pet from hyjal, he looks so cool :) but i guess any turtle wud do.
    Then i went about getting the shoulders and gloves from the Rift Stalker T5 set. They seemed the easiest. Im level 85 with only 347 ish gear, and limited skill (i still shoot with mouse clicks).
    The shoulders token drops from Void Reaver in The Eye. He is easy, just clear the room before u start, and then tank and spank while u keep running round him in circles.
    The gloves token drops from Leotheras the Blind in Serpentshrine Cavern. I tried the other boss just above him first, but he is easier. He is ok as long as aggro stays on pet, so make sure you use feign death appropriately (mostly on demon phases)

    I got all my info from WHU solo guides and anything else from youtube and Wowhead (mostly tactics and mechanics of fights).

    Hope this helps those of you who like me, dont have the T5 2 pieces and want to get them to start soloing more stuff. It took me about half a day to get them.

  24. Cause says:

    What is the general consensus on gems/enchants in terms of DPS or Stamina for Extreme Soloing? Example: Red Gem slot – Red Agi Gem? Purple Agi/Stam Gem? Blue Stamina gem? As an Alchemist with access to the Alch Trinket, would i stick with the AGI trinket it or would it be worth crafting the Stamina one?

    • Branzilla says:

      As a general rule I’d just gem as you would for dps, since dps matters and we have a mechanic (2pt5) that scales survivability linearly with damage. Just add stamina as needed for an encounter/encounters you are working on if you have the damage but not the survivability. Personally I did craft the stamina alchemy trinket to keep in my bags for soloing tries where I think a little bit of extra survivability will be necessary. It’s also a nice trinket for BM hunters for fights where your pet is doing a greater than usual portion of the damage, because of the master.

  25. Threesixteen says:

    “When you’re doing very challenging extreme solo content, you need to make use of the tier 5 2-piece set bonus, which converts 15% of the damage you do into pet healing. This does not work for any damage your pet does — including Kill Command. As a result, MM or SV will be able to heal their pets for substantially more than BM will.

    Since what we mostly care about in extreme soloing is damage mitigation and healing, MM wins out over BM pretty significantly.”

    again, i absolutely have to disagree with you (i noticed you removed the ability to reply to your comment so i’m pasting in your full response). the extra four points you have as BM creates more avoidance and adds a heal component as well. i notice your bear tank can’t achieve this with the 4 fewer points. as well, the amount of healing that you’d lose because of the 15% less damage being done by the BM hunter doesn’t really matter if you’re using the right tanking pet: a turtle. the shell shield more than makes up for this loss of healing-through-dps that you talk about. plus, when you’re using the T5 you’re already gimping your stats to adhere to an outdated solo-gear paradigm.

    again, if you can make it through mags and stonecore and TK as MM, more power to you, but i think youre married here to a theory and not a practical experience of a cata-bm extreme solo spec.

    • Frostheim says:

      Nested commends only go three levels deep, which is why you can’t reply to a reply to a reply — it’s a formatting thing.

      The stamina you lose from t5 is insignificant compared to the healing gained — as people’s math has shown in these comments. You net a very large net healing gain with t5. Are you suggesting that you lose more than you gain? Got any numbers to challenge the math in comments above?

      Also, you can get all the pet armor, health, and healing talents without being BM (unless I’m missing something — here’s the current build: http://www.wowhead.com/petcalc#0R0G0rzzr00b ). All you lose out on is 1 rank of great resistances.

      I do Stonecore as SV for the trash, and then MM for the boss.

      The two best pets for most extreme soloing are the turtle and the bear, depending on the situation. The turtle is great for spike damage, and the bear (with 10% reduced physical damage taken) is great for higher sustained damage.

      I’m not saying you can’t extreme solo as BM, just that it’s less optimal for most situations.

      • Threesixteen says:

        thanks for pointing out the detail about formatting. apologies for inferring a summary cap on the discussion.

        So, no math here but i’d disute your use of the term “insignificant”. A larger health pool and maximized stats at 85 have huge bearing on extreme soloing and, as i’ve mentioned, with the shell shield providing it’s damage reduction, regular pet heals (glyphed of course) are more than enough to handle everything from Ony’s whelps to Magtheridon’s adds. Plus, if i really need to enhance DPS in a certain situation, i’ll use the corehound’s BL for burst scenarios, then dismiss and summon in the tank pet.

        In a way, what i’m taking from your math is just that you want to push out overhealing numbers when you don’t really need to if you’re careful in your playstyle. Plus, when you solo Marrowgar, you certainly don’t want to be using T5 as you get a 30% boost to stats and healing across the board.

        You actually lose out on all ranks of resistance as well as Last Stand if you chose to spec for it.

        In any event, your point that MM is going to optimize the returns from T5 i think is a red herring as that healing boost really isn’t necessary. I’d love to know a specific encounter where you’ve found MM to be a difference maker from a BM attempt.

      • Frostheim says:

        Onyxia for one — though I’m not sure how BM would deal with aoeing the whelps anyway, and SV is also really strong for that fight. Stonecore trash is another — I certainly need the extra pet healing to get through the trash, and even with it I sometimes have to reset trash, which is a pain in the butt.

  26. Shadowrend says:

    Hey frost, what do you mean in terms of “Extreme Soloing?” I have been a BM hunter for years and its the spec I am most comfrotable with. I have no fancy gear or anything special talents but I have soloed Mags, Gruuls and all of the content lower than that. I also manage to pull off the Stonecore mount run and also a Vortex Pinn run all while in BM. I was just wondering if you maybe ment soloing as in the current level of content (Cataclysm) or somehting similar.
    Sorry if it seems I am being a stick in the mud I am just saying that as a BM hunter for quite a few years now that I am far move comfrotable in that spec and when I try MM I usually do worse. o.o

    Reguardless if I am misimformed and you are talking about current catacylsm content (as in like soloing Grim or something) I am sorry.

    Reguardless I very much appreciate the hard work you do for us as a community and the dedication to the class you have shown over the years. So thank you from hunters everywhere. :)


    • Shadowrend says:

      Comfortable* and More not move….sorry for that…not sure how to edit. :(

    • Shadowrend says:

      Any…not anything geez I am going to get a cup of something and come back when I am far more alert. >.<

  27. Threesixteen says:

    “Onyxia for one — though I’m not sure how BM would deal with aoeing the whelps anyway, and SV is also really strong for that fight. Stonecore trash is another — I certainly need the extra pet healing to get through the trash, and even with it I sometimes have to reset trash, which is a pain in the butt.”

    really enjoying this thread frost but i still think you’re off-base on the idea that MM or Surv is in any way ‘better’ as a solo spec than BeastMastery.

    IN terms of Ony, BM deals with the whelps with aoe traps and multi shot, leaving a few up to get soaked by the pet. FD away the big ads; hang on for dear life until phase 3. BM is perfectly viable here altho it’s a very very tricky fight to pull off.

    Stonecore trash as BM is fairly straightforward; BL with corehound to burn millhouse to 50% so he runs away. FD to reset (pet dies, but pet deaths are nothing to worry about), summon in your pet tank, and then pick off the rest of the trash pack one at a time according to abilities (ie: trap caster etc). Rinse, repeat. Camo to Slabs; win. I wouldn’t call solo’ing SC ‘extreme’ at this point anyway. It’s actually about as easy a solo run of cata content as there is.

    have you actually downed Ony solo Frost? just curious. How about Mags? That’s a great test of a hunter’s solo’ing abilities; primarily kiting and pet healing. i can see MM working here simply because you need to self heal (i bandaged and made it fine; kill took me 18 minutes tho) through the elemental ads… and i’d like to point out i never used T5 for any of this.

  28. Tienlung says:

    I actually don’t have T5, but I solo Vortex Pinnacle for mount runs. I use basically the same spec shown here. Kara is a joke at 85, but I solo Mag ever week without issue. T5 is great for the pet, but here’s the thing; my pet is always fine on health even without always keeping mend pet up. I’m the one that gets low on health due to aoe and other mechanics that are not 100% unavoidable. Something useful is the Chimera Shot glyph. It’s basically a ~10% increase to your Chimera Shot healing, which combined with the 2% regen and the 5.5% from Chimera Shot leads to more than 8% health regen/heal every 10 seconds. This is usually good enough for most bosses.

    Quick briefing of VP solo:
    Camo past all adds. First boss, stay inside tornadoes, blow up boss, dodge them on their way in and out. Camo past next set of adds. Second boss, keep the wind at your back, feign death every other Chilling Breath (do it early in the cast or it won’t interrupt). Takes me less than 8 minutes from entrance to Altairus death.

  29. Shadowrend says:

    Yeah mags was rough until I got into the groove of things, then it just became a mater of knowing what was going on and keeping the adds in check until you can destroy them. On gruuls, I actually had more trouble with the first boss and his little adds thant Gruul himself lol.

    I will keep trying to get the two mounts but I had no idea people were going for Ony alone….hmm I will have to think about that for awhile. (However I am not opposed to trying anything hehe.)

  30. GTyoungblood says:

    ARHG! I was so close to getting Leotheras! He was down to 300k health, my turtle was at 50k but rising fast, and i was over 90% (a little over 90k). THEN BOTH ME AND THE TURTLE INSTANTLY DIED?? What??

    • Homas says:

      I don’t think you should use a tenacity pet for this battle. You have a 10 minute timer before he enrages, and after the enrage he hits for 15k +. I had an ilvl of 333 and had no problem keeping a ferocity pet healed throughout the fight, and the extra DPS helps me beat that 10 minute timer.

    • Bu says:

      No tenacity pet for this battle:O)
      Get ferocity, best choice for me is spirit beast (old friend Loque in this case) for extra heal.
      The hint is to stay in FD as long as demon phase is. Your pet will be MORE than OK.

      The only problem is last phase – you will get down really fast. You, not you pet:O)
      I got him down to 2% 5 times in a row – and died within 2-3 sec. So stay FD demon phase and dps him as fast as you can in last one.

  31. GTyoungblood says:

    I had a Druid go through with me the next time. His heals kept me alive without neediing to FD during the demon phases. But I didnt get the drop. I got four other non-hunter drops. WHAAaaaa!!!!! T_T

    • Homas says:

      Heh, yea I’ve only downed him once and he didn’t drop the right stuff for me either. 12th time was a charm for me, though now that I know how to do it I hope it will be easier. Plus my item level has gone up by 10, so that should really help.

  32. Bu says:

    Thanks again, Frost.
    But I still have question ’bout 2t5.
    I got shoulders and gloves. So question is – since we r loosing a lots of stats on 2t5 what is the best enchants/gems for it?

  33. Makunga says:

    Thanks for the post! ^^

  34. Chrth says:

    Thanks for the post. One very, very important question tho:
    Which glyphs?

  35. ZeroDeaths says:

    I’m playing my first hunter since BC and in reviewing new information about the Cata hunter, I stumbled across this idea of extreme soloing and, of course, this page.

    As a new-ish hunter interested in learning extreme soloing from my current level (20 atm), would you continue to recommend this MM spec and that I just sort of grow into it as I level? Or at lower levels, would you recommend a different spec (consider, say, what spec at 20, 40, and 60 if extreme soloing is going to be the focus throughout).

    So much great information is available for hit-capped classes but I have trouble finding anything that’s applicable/useful to the leveling class. That said, I’m *really* looking forward to a reply :)

    • ZeroDeaths says:

      (“hit-capped” should read “level-capped”; if it’s possible to edit my original post, i can’t figure out how so sorry for the double-post)

  36. Myrli says:

    I have not heard much about extreme soloing lately and I have a question. If I were an budding extreme soloist at level 85 I would have my spec, turtle, BiS pre-heroic cataclysm gear, T5 set bonus, rotation and finger poised over the \heal pet\ button, at what point in running through all of the normal 5-man instances in WoW will I just not be able to continue? At what point is there a wall? Too much AoE to bandage myself, too much damage to the pet to keep up – even with the T5 set bonus? Thanks.

  37. folay says:

    recently I have started soloing wrath raid bosses and after now working my way up to many ulduar bosses and working on toc I have been wondering if the direct more focuses heal that a BM hunter can get from a spirit beast is better then the less direct more drawn out healing of mm because its not like the aoe from bosses is weak and constant its in one big hit alot of times and since an enrage timer doesn’t kill me pet ever i am at the point where i always die before my pet if i do die.

  38. Hlaku says:

    I came across a fireland trash soloing guide [http://thereadycheck.com/?p=449] on the interwebs and was curious if one of our extreme soloing experts would be kind enough to put together a hunter solo guide for that.

  39. Kad says:

    If anyone is having trouble getting the T5 gear, look up Videogameproject on youtube. He has videos showing you how to solo some of the T5 bosses and how to get to them solo. It helps a lot being able to see it all from the start of entering the dungen.

  40. Murloca says:

    BM Hunter with Spirit Beast Pets (hmm like bear) are better than MM with Tenacy pets for solo?

  41. merc669 says:

    So as a MM using above spec. And using a turtle (used to be Terrorpene) as a level 85. What would be the best spec to look at for my pet to work the best with above?

  42. Kaleros says:

    Ok so ive used this build and grabbed my t5 gear, but still having trouble deciding what glyphs should be in effect, and well there is nothing on the site thus far for the Xtreme Solo build glyphs, would be quite helpful. Thanks ahead of time.

  43. Igma says:

    I’ve played MM as main since TBC… been arround Surv and beast… and found a video about soloing Kael’thas recomending beast… and checked it out, never been a fan of beast, but at that time it worked. No kill but it worked.
    Tried this setup, and its great, usual rotation (almost), and a kill, no mount… but good build for that kind of extreme solo content.

    • Dwarvenbrau says:

      I’ve been a fan of WHU ever since I first discovered it. Thanks to all concerned! This section particularly grabbed my interest, as I love to solo. I’ve played as MM since Cata came in.

      Now on ilevel 378 and have been running some HoT with guild ….. still about 5 items to get there, plus what I can buy with valor points.

      I’m after my 2 pieces of Rift Stalker t5 armor .. the shoulders dropped first time, but I’ve killed Leo twice and didn’t get the gloves (a guildie helped on both occasions). Now I either have to wait another week or try for one of the other bosses. It seems the shoulders and gloves are the preferred slots for downgraded armour as they carry the least weight stats-wise. Or does it not matter much? On the other hand, I might run out of patience.

      Strange thing about this thread is that it shows the time posted but not the date …

  44. Valexx says:

    This ability is going to be incredibly helpful for soloing in MoP!

  45. Tikibeast says:

    So what would the pet spec b if ur not BM

  46. Zelucky says:

    This guide is great but, i have yet to see anything about glyphs and pet talent points any tips?

  47. tim says:

    any chance this info will be updated and made current at some point? so much of the info online is outdated.