1. Keybindings/Movement/Macros
2. Addons
3. Overview

1. Keybindings/Movement/Macros

Tap’s Commentary:

It is very very important that you learn how to keybind efficiently and use your mouse to turn. Keyboard turning(Using A and D or Q and E to turn) is very inefficient and ineffective. It is much more effective to use your keyboard to bind all your spells than it is to use your mouse to click them. I’m sure some of you may find it difficult at first to adjust from clicking or keyboard turning but once you get used to it, you’ll see just how much quicker it is. Most FPS gamers find it natural to turn using the keyboard, and strafe with the movement keys. It’s almost impossible to kite, jump shot, accurately use disengage to do a full 180(I call this the hunter charge) if you use your keyboard to turn, and mouse to click your abilities. Do yourself a favor and unbind your “S” key. There’s no place for backpeddling on the battlefield!

Initially when I started I clicked as because the action bar’s were unbinded and the main action bar only went from 1 to =, and I thought that was the only way to play. I quickly figured out how to keybind and over time found what was comfortable to use. I’ll post my keybindings so you’ll have a bit of an idea of what it’s like to have EVERYTHING keybinded.

Tap’s Keybindings:

Main Action Bar:(Have a second action page I access by holding shift and using the scroll wheel down. It just has mounts and unused aspects/res pet)
1 – Steady/Cobra Shot
2 – Arcane/Explosive Shot
3 – Multishot (Almost never use)
4 – Aimed Shot/Intimidation
5 – Chimera Shot
Shift+Tab – Cobra Shot(For when I’m MM and want to use Cobra instead of Steady. Reason being Cobra hits a fair bit harder, so I’ll use Steady Shot twice to get the 15% casting speed buff, and then use a few Cobra Shots.)
Ctrl+Tab – Aspect Of The Fox
Ctrl+Space – Deterrence
Shift+ Space – Disengage

Bottom Left Action Bar:
F1 – Wing Clip
F2 – Concussive Shot
F3 – Scatter Shot
F4 – Kill Shot
Ctrl+C – Mend Pet
Ctrl+Q – Aspect Of The Hawk
Ctrl+E – Rapid Fire
Ctrl+R – Cannibalism
Shift+C – Camouflage
Shift+Q – Scare Beast
Shift+E – Will Of The Forsaken
Shift+R – Hunter’s Mark

Bottom Right Action Bar:
Ctrl+F1 – Aspect Of The Cheetah
Ctrl+F2 – Trap Launcher
Ctrl+F3 – Explosive Trap
Shift+F1 – Tranquilizing Shot
Shift+F2 – PvP Trinket
Shift+F3 – Flare
Shift+F4 – Bandage
Shift+1 – Feign Death
Shift+2 – Freezing Trap
Shift+3 – Silencing Shot
Shift+4 – Ice Trap
Shift+5 Readiness

Right Action Bar:
Q – Glove Enchant
R – Kill Command
E – Snake Trap
C – Master’s Call
S – Call Pet
Ctrl+S – Rocket Boots
Shift+S – Dismiss Pet
Z – Consumables(Healthstones/Food)
Ctrl+Mouse Button 4 – Focus Scatter Shot
Ctrl+Mouse Button 5 – Focus Silencing Shot
Ctrl+Scroll Wheel Up – Master’s Call on Mouseover
Ctrl+Scroll Wheel Down – Roar of Sacrifice on Mouseover
Mouse Button 4 – Focus Target
Mouse Button 5 – Autorun

Pet Binds –
Ctrl+1 – Attack
Ctrl+2 – Follow
Ctrl+3 – Move To
Ctrl+4 – Web/Special Pet Ability 1
Ctrl+5 – Bullheaded/Special Pet Ability 2

Tap’s Commentary:

Now don’t worry about binding absolutely EVERYTHING. Just focus on what you know needs to be accessible quicker. I have boundall my abilities to be close to where my movement keys are, so I don’t have to reach all the way to P, for an example, to cast a trap etc. Don’t try to copy my binds, they work me because they’re mine and I’m used to them, and they probably will seem very foreign to you. Rather, create your own. Use the Shift/Alt/Ctrl modifiers. use Q/E/R/C/X/Z. You’ve got plenty of keys to choose from, be creative. Make it yours.


Tap’s Commentary

I actually use a lot of macros. Not all of them were created by me, so I’m not going to take credit for any of them, but I’ll share what I think are the most important ones.

List of Macros:

#showtooltip# Wing Clip
/cast Wing Clip
/cancelaura Deterrence
/cancelaura Hand of Protection

What this macro does is cancels any immunity that you may have on you, so you can start attacking again. I find it useful to bind with Wing Clip, instead of having to use another keybind for it.

#showtooltip Eagle Eye
/use !Eagle Eye

This one is just a fun macro. It allows you to use Eagle eye just like a Shaman’s Far Sight ability.

#showtooltip Flare
/use !Flare

Now what the ! does before flare, is keeps the targetting circle toggled on, even if you mash the button a few times, so you don’t lose the targetting reticle. The following macros do essentially the same thing.

/cast !Aspect of the Fox

/cast !Aspect of the Hawk

Now I don’t use one of these for AotCheetah. Reason being I want to cancel it, when I hit the button again.

#showtooltip Roar of sacrifice
/cast [target=mouseover,help,exists][help][target=player] Roar of sacrifice

What this macro does, is cast RoS on the portrait or friendly you currently have your mouseover. If you have no mouseover target, then it will use RoS on you.

/cast feign death

#showtooltip# Silencing Shot
/cast Silencing Shot

The /stopcasting in these macros ensure that you will silence your target instantly, or instantly feign, even if you are in the middle of casting steady/aimed shot.

/cast [target=focus] Scatter shot

/cast [target=focus] Silencing Shot

/cast [target=focus] Wyvern Sting

These macros will use the ability on your Focus target instead of your normal target.

2. Addons

Tap’s Commentary:

Personally, I don’t run with very many addons at all. I used to use TukUI and various compilations with extravagant unit frames and all sorts of different addons for bars and sound. I find the default UI is sufficient for my needs with just a few addons that I’ll list below.

LoseControl – Helps you to see CC better. It will place an icon in the middle of the screen of the CC that is currently affecting you and a timer on how long it’ll last. Also has icons/timers for party frames, and target/focus frames. A must have.

Gladius – Arena unit frames with DR timers adjacent to the frames that allow you to see how long you have left on your DR’s. Also has a lot of call out options, for example “Tap is drinking!” “Tap has used trinket!” “Tap is ressing!” etc. Also has a Trinket tracker, so you can see whether your opponents have used their PvP trinket or not. Heavily recommended.

OmniCC – This addon put a timer on your targets debuffs and on your cooldowns, allowing you to see more specifically how long you have left on a Scatter Shot cooldown, or how much time you have left on serpent sting etc. Absolute must have addon.

3. Overview of Hunters

Tap’s Commentary:

Ah, the good ol hunter class. I have faced them many times in BC but never rolled one myself until Wrath of the Lich King. They have come a long way over the expansions, with many changes to their core mechanics over time. The removal of a dead zone, Aimed Shot being a casted ability, an instant, and then back to being casted again, Disengage being changed from useless into an escape ability, and the most recent, auto shot while moving has made the hunters playstyle change drastically over the expansions.

With the addition of spells such as Deterrence, Master’s call, and many different pet abilities, the hunter class has been opened to new heights in their potential to be played at a very high level.

Hunters are the only physical ranged damage(caster) class in the game. This means that we do incredible damage to leather and lesser armour types, but typically poor damage to plate.

A well played hunter is a great asset to any team, able to CC incredibly well, “peel” off other players to safety with ease, coupled with amazing burst damage, and loads of mobility make it not only a rewarding, but a very fun class to play.

Back in the Burning Crusade, hunters were typically played in drain comps. They hunter would utilize Viper Sting against the opposing team’s healer, and work them down over time, similar to a warlock’s playstyle. However with the release of Wrath of the Lich King, hunters took on an entirely new role.

The first season of Wrath was heavily imbalanced in favour of Survival hunters, and for those who were playing it at the time(read: not me) it was an easy Gladiator title at the end of the season.

After the nerfs to survival’s RNG TnT stun talent, and significant damage nerfs to Explosive Shot, Marksmanship became the new cookie cutter spec. Its burst damage, coupled with control, mobility, readiness for 2x cooldowns, and the only spec to have a “silencing shot” made it an easy choice for the go-to spec for PvP.

Over the course of WotLK, hunters found their spot in teams that utilized “Rush down” tactics, such as the infamous “Beastcleave” which consisted of a BM hunter, an Enh shaman, and a Holy paladin. An example of the ridiculous damage Beastcleave did to clothies is shown in this video at a popular WoW tournament.

Fast-forward to Cataclysm, we are still the runt of the pack, currently holding only a 5% class representation across the board, and even less above 2600. Hunters have been the least represented class in arena for almost 9 consecutive seasons. But in our current state, I believe we’re the best we’ve been, with an exception for our immortal-like state of season 5. With the release of Cataclysm, many new class and spec combinations have become viable in arena, including many new hunter comps.

I would describe the current state of hunters as not bad. They’re great to jawdroppingly amazing in battlegrounds. In arena, we have our place in teams, and in certain comps we are gladiator viable, but our various bugs which have been disregarded by a lazy blizzard staff keep us from our potential.

Unfortunately the way arena maps are designed, they don’t exactly help our case at all. They’re often too cramped, have plenty of LoS for others to attach their arse to, to avoid our damage, that make playing a hunter frustrating at times. The truth is if you’re playing a hunter you’re going to have to overcompensate shoddy design with skill, and creativity. More often than not, you’re forced to have to outplay and outwit your opponents by a fair margin to progress in arena. It’s an uphill battle, but it’s rewarding, and being high rated as a hunter will earn you more respect than being high rated on any other class.

Big thanks to Frostheim for hosting this guide, and for the amazing site that is WHU. Special thanks to <extra bag space> for their support. Hope you guys enjoy the guide. As always feel free to post requests and ideas for future guides and I’ll write on what is most petitioned. Also as a bonus feature in the next part of the beginner’s PvP guide will be an in-depth Q&A so continue to ask those questions and I’ll do my best to include and answer them in part 2!

****Coming Soon™.****

– 1v1/2v2/3v3 Guides

– A run down on class abilities(Hunter, and others) When to use what and how.

– Video tutorials

– And much much more! Only @

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  1. Caliea says:

    Thanks for the macros and info, Tap! I’m trying to transition from PvE/raiding into arenas right now, and there seems to be quite a steep learning curve. I’m really glad ratings don’t go negative! :)

    Suggestion for a future topic: De-mystifying the lingo that’s used. I was lurking in the official forums the other day, and a lot of the terminology confused me. Your use of ‘peel’ reminded me, as it was something I hadn’t heard before.

    I’m eagerly trying to absorb all this info you’re giving us – keep up the good work!

    • Huntorkill says:

      I have been playing a lvl 85 Hunter, both MM and BM, for months.
      Could never figure out why I was always losing out in BG’s to other Hunters. Now I know why.
      This info will change my game-playing dramatically and I can’t thank you enough for these posts. Please keep up the very good work.

  2. Trivia says:

    I get the feeling that soon, there won’t be so few hunters on top of the arena ladder :)
    nice work!

  3. Berron says:

    guides like this makes me want spec PvP and gank some n00bs :D

  4. Bozanimal says:

    This is more like three blog entries! There is something to be said for parsing this information out; the keybindings alone were overwhelming, though I do think it’s one of the more logical layouts I’ve seen.

    Thank you.

    • Inune says:

      While I see where you’re coming from, I think it’s a good thing that Tap just laid out every keybind he uses. It is overwhelming….because when it comes to hunters in PvP, overwhelming keybinds is a way of life.

      It’s absolutely insane the amount of keybind bloat we have and the amount of coordination we need with them in order to do even marginally well in Arena or against any form of organized PvP team, as compared to other classes (e.g. warrior). Just laying it all out there like Tap did is probably the best way to communicate that to any hunters who are thinking about, or just getting into, PvP.

      • Tapington says:

        It’s funny you mention warriors, Inune. Just the other day my warrior mate was having a laugh after looking at how many keybinds I use. He sent me a screenshot of his action bar(s) set up, and it’s just the one. He really uses less than 20 on his warrior! :P

  5. Sspectre says:

    I didn’t have time to read everything but definitely will later, A/D turning is something I’m very guilty of and wanna change that. Also THANK YOU you’re definitely working hard to turn out some good looking articles. I look forward to every single one! :D

  6. Omogon says:

    Another big thanks for taking on this job and another suggestion to perhaps give a bit less information and a bit more explanation. Think of this as the PVP for Dummies guide :)

    For instance ….I have no idea of what “peeling” or “rush down” means. I tend to agree with Bozanimal that there was enough stuff in this post for several blog entries.

    I’m not trying to be critical or complaining……I really appreciate this information…..but it’s a bit overwhelming :)

    • Tapington says:

      “Peeling” is a term used to describe a method of play in which you try and remove the pesky opponent that is doing too much damage to a team mate. Techniques of “peeling” include using web to get a melee off your healer, or using scatter+trap onto a target that you need to stop. It’s a defensive play, and it an important aspect of team work. Overtime you learn to peel for each other, and at high rated play, without peels you can’t hope to survive for very long at all without that help from you team mates.

      “Rush down” means basically what the two words mean…rush down. Kill something fast. In a way it’s a glorified sense of training a target until it dies.

      “Training” means to just work and load damage onto a target. Usually your whole team is on the target, trying to get pressure and momentum rolling early.

  7. Subai says:

    I think it was a good amount of information. I am not completely new to PVP but I am by no means ‘good’. For me this was perfect. Question for your Q&A: I get seem to get trained a lot by melee in the 3s team I play (PHD), when should I be using what abilities to try minimize damage taken and regain pressure in this situation.

    • Tapington says:

      You have quite a few tools to get their melee off, but this is an issue I find in my comp as well, I’m almost always the target that gets trained from start to finish. For peels you’ve got your paladin’s HoJ, DK’s Deathgrip, Hand of Freedom/Master’s call, Web, Entrapment etc. Use Roar of Sacrifice on yourself as soon as they get on you to lower the damage and minimize the pressure, and do your best to kite them around. If you can, try to aim the squishiest one, and see if you can lure him out of line of sight of their healer, and you might just be able to score a kill by capitalizing on their poor positioning.

  8. Wulfshark says:

    at this rate you aren’t gonna have anything to post about in the future… don’t get me wrong it was a great read but it did crit me for 900000000000..

    i keep a daily eye on WHU keep up the good work.

  9. Tawnos says:

    Don’t forget the tilde key! That little ~ is right there, unassuming and mostly forgotten, but it’s just as accessible as the #1 key and is never mapped to anything.

    Additionally, for PVP – and because moving your hand work – get a mouse with more than 3 buttons! For instance, I’ve got an 8 button and i do:
    Button #
    1, 2, and wheel are left at defaults
    3 (pressing down on wheel) – land mount. We hunters can exit combat and mount immediately, makes chasing down a mage with SS ticking away even faster.
    4 – aka “back” button is set for autorun toggle. Being able to run without holding any buttons down is essential for me. Change your interface so that your camera never resets and you can look around you while moving.
    5 – jump
    6 – deterrence macro
    7 – disengage
    8 – silencing shot

  10. Wulfshark says:

    i have my traditional 1 key set as my ~ instead of 1-+ its ~-_ though i rarely reach past 6
    i also got my q and e bound with modifiers and my mouse 4 and 5 with modifiers as well(ctrl,shift,ctrl+shift etc..). Alt is my vent key.

    i highly suggest a multiple button mouse as tawnos says (naga is a crutch) the extra couple buttons really help.

  11. Brock says:

    I think it’s funny when another class who thinks Hunters are simple to learn looks at a PvP hunters keybinds. It’s mindblowing how many more keybinds hunters have to have to be successful. I have 47 keybinds total, 35 of which I will use in nearly every arena. It’s unfair, but we do it. The greatest thing to happen to hunter pvp for me is a razer naga. It makes things so much easier.

    • Tapington says:

      Yeah, it’s crazy the amount of stuff we have to bind. I think I have about 53-54 binds above, which is a lot, but on my rogue it’s actually 60+ with the amount of focus macros and /targetarena macros I have.

  12. Garam says:

    A few things I’d like to add — Add two /stopcasting to Feign Death, Kill Shot, Deterrence, ect. It makes it more responsive, seeing as /stopcasting is slightly buggy right now.

    You can use [@target] or [@player] instead of [target=player]. It saves a lot of space and the old version occasionally gives chatbox errors, the same with #showtooltip instead of #showtooltip [spell name] You’ll also want to use
    /cast [@mouseover, help] Master’s Call; [@player] Master’s Call for a Master’s Call macro.

    If you want to get into specifics, also bind a /cancelaura Master’s Call if you’re fighting a Mage so they can’t spellsteal it.

    I also personally dislike a lot of these keybinds, no offense meant. You want to use the keys closest to your prefered finger position for important spells. Having a clutch spell like Silencing Shot bound to Shift – 3 and Shift+F2 for a PvP trinket isn’t particularly helpful. They’re off the Global Cooldown, so you want them in a place where you can hit them asap, unlike other spells where you have a second to get into position. If your fingers are in a WASD configuration, try binding Silencing Shot to E, S, R, or any close key that feels comfortable, same with your PvP trinket. Having spells like Call Pet bound to a close key don’t do much, considering it’s rarely used in combat.

    • Tapington says:

      I can see what you mean by the dislike towards the position/usage of my keybinds, but it’s interesting to me that I’m the only one who uses F keys in the circle of arena buddies I have on my server. I asked about their binds and keyboards and found it to be quite keyboard-biased, how the keybinds are laid out. For me, shift+f2, or ctrl+f3 is literally no slower than it is just to press 1 or 2 for me. On the other hand, my mates have keyboards that have the F keys way way away from the basic numerical keys, so they use closer binds. I actually find pressing Z or C a lot slower than any of my shift+f key binds, even though they’re closer. But I suppose that has more to do with muscle memory.

      I have played guitar and piano for quite some time so maybe I have some sort of hyper flexibility in my hands that allows me to reach awful binds. But you’ve touched base with an important aspect of binding, and that is to make sure they’re convenient to the location of your preferred playing hand.

      • Garam says:

        Well, like I said, it’s mostly a matter of choice. I have a few of my longer cooldowns on F1 – F3, which works really well since I have larger hands.

        As for positioning, it’s not that big of a difference, but the closer it is to your fingers the less liable you are to fumble it, which is the main reason E bound to Silencing Shot. Another issue is if you’re trying to bind a second [@focus] for say, silencing shot, and want to use the same key with a different modifier, it can be difficult to find one to comfortably use. Like I said though, not trying to pick apart your choice of binds. Just giving my opinion on it :)

        As for having difficulty with Z and C, I don’t use Z as a bind, but with X and C, have you tried thumbing it? With the way my hands lay on the keyboard, I have the joint of my thumb on the spacebar with the tip resting on C, which is incredibly to use for me. It felt a bit awkward at first, but once I got used to it, it’s a very accessible key

      • Richard says:

        I never understand why keybinds are an issue with some ppl. I agree with you Tap, its all about what you are used to. I have used laptops for work for years. On my workstation, we have an arm-resting mouse in the office, which basically resembles the tap mouse of a laptop with cushions for your wrists (very confi) and 6 buttons.

        So it is not surprising that I prefer to play in my laptop and if I play on my desktop, I have one of this tap-mouses. Which all translate to me using 1-6 keys for direct attacks/interrupts, SFT 1-6 for offensive CDs&racials, offensive traps, trinkets, u-[ for defensive attacks&defensive abilities, j-; for self healing, potions, bandages& mount and deff traps. Pet crontol works the same, crt numbers attack, ctr letters deffence/healing. With a number of alt+ modifiers for aspect/stances, etc.

        My thumbs are solidly fixed on jump bar and mouse pad, as I somehow tough me to mouse turn with my thumbs. Movement intensive fights — more than the standard I mean — force me to sacrifice my right index, lowering my right hand slightly, so I have some repeat key bindings on n-. for key deffensive attacks/self heals/traps.

        We all use the keybinds that make most sense for our style of play and set up. I have a resto shamman too and the amount of mouse click macros there is just insane…. so many that my number key-binds are just 2 attacks and 1 interrupt and my letter bindings are just 2 cooldonws and 4 tottems, making it a grand total of 9 keybinds, with more than 40 mouse-click bound ones…

      • Richard says:

        oops, my bad, more than 20, not 40 mouse click bounds. I have only so many mouse bottons and only 3 modiffiers…. I which they produced a gaming mouse pad, with 15 buttons or something… Some of my mouse bindings are crt+alt + click or sht+alt+click, and those missfire every now and then… need more mouse button!

  13. nekomancer says:

    Good articles, and nice attitude! Keep them coming :)

  14. Talath says:

    Great guides Tap.

    I use a Logitech G13 gaming pad and a Steel Series WoW mouse, although I only use a few of the extra buttons on the mouse for PvP. The rest of the buttons are just not positioned right for my hand. (I’ll replace the mouse one of these days maybe with a RAT 7) The G13 is awesome for key binds and I use the thumb stick for left and right strafing. The G13 has 24 keys all within easy reach. By binding one of the keys as SHIFT I am able to use 40 different binds with a few open spots left over.

    I also picked up a Scythe dual pedal switch. I bound the left pedal as my push-to-talk key for Vent and the right pedal activates Hawk/Fox macro or with shift key it does Cheetah/Pack. If anyone is interested I can post or send them a detailed layout.

  15. Papaoomowmow says:

    this all reminds me of the probably the most important ancillary skill to bring to playing WOW…touch typing.

    (Ayiyi…I’m huntnpeck specialist)

  16. Forloko says:

    Hmm, do you eventually plan to explain the reasoning behind your key layout? Like for example why you have multishot there even though you rarely use it. Or what sort of skills do you place more importance on and want closer to your fingers for quick access?

    • Tapington says:

      I don’t actually have any sort of logical reasoning behind my key layout. The binds are set out somewhat orderly, since they’re easy for me to reach, but as to what I’ve binded each key to, such as the spells, there is no logical order. I’ve mostly binded the spells according to the order I trained them. A few are set to certain keys, like for an example, for all classes I used to bind their main snare to f2, and interrupt to f3, but as for my hunter, they’re mostly just as I got the abilities. They do follow a slightly logical order in that the main action bar has damaging shots, and utility is binded elsewhere, so it’s not entirely random.

      I keep Multishot there so I can break CC in heroics.

      • Bahzob says:

        I also find Multishot useful in BGs to help interrupt caps when many players are clustered round a flag.

  17. Lotusblack says:

    Pure gold. Thanks a lot for your contributions.

  18. Arisah says:

    For those who are used to moving by keyboard … quite often works a little change in bindings, like : bind your strafe buttons to A and D instead of Q and E , unbind reply from R and you will have 3more buttons for your skills you use “in air” like concussive shot, arcane shot or others you want to use while turning with mouse. Instead of moving backwards you can bing disengage to your S button what makes your moving back fast and very natural.
    These bindings let you not change your playing style completely , but find a nice middle between those.

  19. Tamlen says:

    Do you hold both mouse buttons down to move Tap??

  20. Bahzob says:

    Thanks for yet another great article. While some have said it’s a bit long please don’t hold back, this stuff is exactly what’s been needed and the more the merrier.

    Couple of notes on this article:
    – A “key” moment :/ in my playing was when I used to key turn. It was hard breaking the habit, what sorted me out was unbinding the turn keys from my keyboard so I had to use the mouse or die. I’d recommend everyone does this as it makes a huge difference not just for PVP but PVE as well.
    – If you can afford one the Razer Naga mouse is worth a try. I think its far better laid out than the Steel Series one and gives you 12 (> 48+ with modifiers) keys easily reachable with your thumb

  21. Richard says:

    mmm, Talath, you seem to know your hardware. Is there any gaming mouse pads on the market? As in a gaming mouse option for us who like laptop-like tap mouses. I have tried to play with a standard mouse but its just not the same. I have to change too many things to adapt (see one of my posts above, I use key binds on both hands on my dpsers, and far too many mouse binds for my type of mouse on my healer).

  22. Silvene says:

    alittle thing about the /stopcasting line in your macro’s. There problem (bug?) in the game where it wil not immediately respond to the /stopcasting line in a macro. a simple way to fix it is simply to put a second /stopcasting line under the first one and the macro will work properly.

  23. Dalinoth says:

    Tapington – I have a question/request as to mouse turning/movement as opposed to keybinds. I already keybind for the most part, and although I am no expert yet, I am getting more and more to the point where I never use the mouse to click anything. Turning/movemen wise, however, is a different story. I have tried hundreds of times to utilize the mouse to turn to do things like jump shoot. Whenever I do that though, the position from which I look at the screen changes from horizontal to as if I am looking straight down at my toon from a 180 degree angle. It is so disorienting that I have stopped trying to use the mouse for movement at all. Can you please explain the proper way to do this AND possibly post a video demonstrating proper mouse turning? Thanks in advance…

    • Pepprdgefarm says:

      The problem is in the way you move your mouse across the pad. If you move the mouse laterally (right to left) when you jump, then your character view should remain the same. I suspect that you are moving your mouse diagonally across your mouse pad, which is causing the change in camera view.

    • Tapington says:

      Press ESC(In-game), go to Interface, then click on “Camera” and untick Follow Terrain/Head Bob/Water Collision/Smart Pivot and change the “Camera Following Style” to “Never Adjust Camera”. If this doesn’t fix your issue, it’s user. And in that case, it’s just a matter of being able to drag your mouse on a flat line from left to right and vice versa.

      One of the issues that I find when I play on a new computer is the in-built “Mouse acceleration”. What this does on a computer, is control how far the mouse pointer moves, or in games, how far your camera or crosshair moves, based on the speed at which your mouse moves across the pad. It’s handy for desktop work, because it’s more efficient, but for gaming it’s incredibly imprecise, and inconsistent. This might be the problem you’re having, so I’ll give you a link that can disable mouse acceleration for you, I used to use it back when I played counter strike, and it works great.

      If you’re still having issues, let me know, and do your best to be as specific as possible. The more specific you are about the issue, the more exactly I can be about how to fix it.
      Hope that fixes your camera problem. :)

  24. Ikil says:

    Holy crap Tap!! I though Frost wrote a lot! :) Great post! I originally made a hunter to PVP with since I was in a PVP guild. Nowadays, I have rarely used him for that. After reading this I think I may go back to it. Thanks much!!

  25. pinheadsk8r says:

    Had a question regarding to BM pvp’ng. What’s the ideal haste percentage a BM hunter should be at without being focused starved and mastery rating to be at. I currently have a 6% haste with a crit rating of 961 and mastery rating of 9.01 and seem to always be the person with the most damage in bg’s and arena and hardy running out of focus. I want to reforge the haste to mastery or crit but I’m afraid I’m going to be focus starved.

    • Hooberschmit says:

      Haste is a fairly throw away stat for pvp. The reasoning behind this is all it really affects noticeably is the cast time of cobra shot. As bm focus should not be a problem, with pooling to like 75-full focus for BW + fervor as well as roar of recovery if you are running with a silithid.
      BW is your main CD and it reduces the focus cost of your ability to the point of being spammable. as for other stats its debateable between mastery and crit as crit affects everything and mastery results in more unavoidable damage, especially with tour pet being unCCable during BW.

  26. EmperorPinky says:

    What happened to your armory link? I am having trouble finding a spec for battlegrounds.

  27. burak says:

    1st of all great guide. Thnx for this.
    I would like to add the following macros that I find very useful.

    /cast feign death
    /cast snake trap

    When you use this macro, because of FD you will leave combat. Enemy should be targeting you once again. In this case, when they activate the snake trap 2 things will happen. They will be poisoned (slow effect) by the snakes and when the enemy tries to target you again he will target the snakes unless he is using a target last target macro.

    /cast wing clip
    /cast disengage

    Disengage but first wing clip the target if he is in range for that.

  28. Phyllixia says:

    Never thought of saving keybind space by linking /cancelaura with melee abilities – great idea, thanks! :)

  29. Bumpster says:

    Thanks Tap for all the good info, I’m personnaly waiting for the class ability’s and hunter strat post.

    In the beginning, people just need to put the bindings where it makes sense to them. Then as they use them, they will see what works and what doesn’t and adjust from there. Eventually it all becomes muscle memory to where you don’t need to think about where that ability is. Not having to look down at the icon’s to click on them is huge in PVP.

    But it is a big adjustment for those who are making the change from clicking to binding and also from key turning to mouse turning. But once they learn it, then PVP becomes so much easier, especially concerning kiting an opponent.

  30. Bumpster says:

    Also, everyone should have a key binding for “target nearest enemy player”. It will obviously target the nearest enemy player first, but if you want to switch targets, just hit it again. I use my caps lock key since the tab key just seems too far away for my short pinky fingers. :)

    In arena, it’s a must to be able to quickly switch targets.

  31. CJDADOF3 says:

    I am a dedicated 100% PvP Hunter. I have not even entered a dungeon in Cata. I love being a Hunter in BG’s as we can do anything at all. The question I have is macro related. I have always used the “target nearest enemy” macro and it has been a huge help over the last couple of years. My question is, can it be modified to IGNORE player pets and minions? I hate it when a Shammy pops wolves and I target the wolves, or I target another hunters pet etc. Thanks Darktammer Thrall server

    • Tapington says:

      I have rebinded Tab from “Target Nearest Enemy” to “Target Nearest Enemy Player”. It allows you to tab through only enemies, so you don’t keep getting pets, totems or snakes.

  32. CJDADOF3 says:

    As a side note, for all you Blood Elf haters, you must have never seen my Lady Blood Elf Hunter, she is Hot!! :D

  33. Thrantul says:

    I prefer to use ESDF for movement with S and F being strafe keys. I actually started a new character and leveled him using these keys and once I got used to it I transferred them to my other characters.

    I am a little disappointed at the lack of Beast Mastery love. I’m not an avid arena hunter but I enjoy destroying opponents in BGs. Any chance you could give some BM specific pointers Tap?

    I’m currently using a silithid due to it’s fortitude buff and ranged snare that has a short cooldown. I typically make great use of intimidate, venom web spray, concussive shot, scatter and traps with entrapment but I would love to be able to sweat sub rogues post opener. And perhaps better strats for soloing healers. I find myself spamming kill command and weaving tranq shots to remove HoTs before a stun kill. But it’s not always that simple obviously.

  34. Thrantul says:

    *able to beat sub rogues

    • CJDADOF3 says:

      I love Rogues. Do you use a “Rogue” macro? I spam my target nearest, pet attack macro and I get the jump on the sneaky bastards 90% of the time. Once I get the jump a quick scatter, disengage and its all over for the rogue. I will look up my actual macro if it helps.

      • nativetrash says:

        /cast [target=mouseover,harm] Scatter Shot; [harm] Scatter Shot; Scatter Shot

        being able to track everything, tracking hidden for rogues & feral druids
        a lot easier to detect.

  35. Thrantul says:

    It’s usually a mixture of crippling poisons and shadowstep after the disengage that gets me.

    Also an Arron that wasn’t mentioned that is fantastic for BGs is Healers Have to Die. I use it as well as tidy plates.

    • CJDADOF3 says:

      I use healers have to die as well. It Rocks!! For the Rogues I have found rolling in Marks is nice because with Readiness I get double the CD’s. If the Shadow step comes my way I trinket, deterrence, trap then Readiness and get the free disengage. Also Master’s call with the stun imunity is just awesome.

      Fun note: I ran in a BG last night that had 7 Hunter’s on my team. Never had that much fun murdering peeps in my life. 5 of us were on vent and we staggered our frost traps and had the entire field in Warsong covered as far as you could see. It was priceless!! :D

  36. BigSal says:

    Can someone help me with 2 questions? First, does the entrapment talent break if you do damage to the player that triggered the trap? Second, how exactly does Tranq Shot work? Does it always remove a beneficial effect or just sometimes? And does it follow a certain order when removing effects? Extra question: PLEASE TELL ME HOW YOU DEAL WITH THE INTERCEPT/CHARGE/LEAP OF FAITH FROM WARRIORS! It frustrates me. It’s like it doesn’t even have a cooldown because they can just use all 3 continously. (got if off my chest :-) )

    • Tapington says:

      1. No, Entrapment doesn’t break on damage.
      2. It dispels 1 magic effect randomly.
      3. is the video portion of the upcoming guide, it’s short but might help you out. They only have at most 3 gap closers if they use all cooldowns(Fury = Intercept x2 with Heroic Fury, and Leap) and (Arms = Charge every ~14 seconds, and Leap). You have disengage to counter almost every charge, master’s call if you get in a pickle, deterrence if you need to wait for a trap to come off cooldown etc.

    • Pepprdgefarm says:

      1.) Hitting targets caught in your entrapment shouldn’t break them out.
      2.) Tranq shot takes off a random beneficial effect, which is a pain for targets with a lot of buffs up. You don’t need to take off all of their buffs, just the ones that mitigate your slows/dps (e.g. Hand of Sacrifice, priest bubbles, etc)
      3.) You want to maintain LOS/distance with warriors as much as possible. As soon as you seem them about to leap/intercept, etc (usually when they back up away from you to get min distance), just jump disengage as soon as you see them charge/leap. Using slowing traps (snake is great for this unless you think you might have to cc them for a swap) will keep you ahead. Just make sure that you keep range at all times, using Master’s Call as needed to keep yourself mobile. Oh, and keep concussive shot up on them as much as possible.

    • Pepprdgefarm says:

      Oh, and if possible, save your deterrence for those times you can’t get away when the warrior blade storms.

  37. threestormz says:

    Lots of good information here, thx for the addons too.
    I know you will speak to this in another post, but can anyone suggest strats for hunter mage arena teams?

  38. Carmina Morena says:

    looking forward for next tutorial dont know much hunters on the pvp field so i sometimes have problems discusing builds gliphs strategies etc


  39. Nik says:

    Thanks for the awesome tips!
    I just wanted to ask that in this guide, it really doesn’t talk much on whether keyboard strafing or mouse turning is better, because i currently am trying mouse turning in PvP and it is hard as hell to keep chaining all of your attacks together while jumping and doing a 180 degree turn :P
    And if you could tell me some good keyboard strafing keybinds, that would be awesomely useful.
    Cheers :)

  40. Santi says:

    I am a hybrid player (bindings and wads mover, ability click) and I really have trouble with the movement of just using the mouse. I have bound the A + D keys to strafe but always have trouble using AWD to move with mouse help and then reaching the rest of my key-bindings quickly or accurately. This is my first attempt at Hunter PVP and getting this right is my only option. I am fine with the jump shot and jump/disengage, but I used to like strafe as a way of kiting while still getting auto shots off.

    Anyone have any ideas or a video that shows the hands working around the keyboard instead of the video of the toon itself?

    Thanks for the great article Tap. Santi

  41. ed says:

    Why are there no dates on these postings. I cant tell if they are hopelessly out of date or not. MAny things discussed no longer seem valid in todays Cata world.

  42. Ash says:

    Hey, I found it easy to pvp with these macros aswell.
    Get’s me a 2200 AP boost for some abilities… and for my autoshot while not using cobra shot (BM hunter atm)

    #showtooltip Arcane Shot
    /castsequence reset=1 !Aspect of the Hawk, null
    /cast Arcane Shot

    #showtooltip Kill Command
    /castsequence reset=1 !Aspect of the Hawk, null
    /cast Kill Command

    #showtooltip Serpent Sting
    /castsequence reset=1 !Aspect of the Hawk, null
    /cast Serpent Sting

    #showtooltip Cobra Shot
    /castsequence reset=1 !Aspect of the Fox, null
    /cast Cobra Shot

    Note: These macros require you to be a “spammer” and a keybinder.
    The fox – cobra one in particular.

  43. ryouko says:

    Hi…I’m still playing on wotlk private servers, and I was wondering how do you get your freezing arrow trap to land right next to the guy straight after scatter shot……and another question….I have a ravager, when I cast freeze arrow and the enemy gets frozen does your pet stop attacking if it does is there a macro to stop it from attacking that target after casting freezing arrow?

    Thanks for answering
    And dam awesome guide man

  44. Kreyodd says:

    Very nice guide you got there! I will for sure take some tip from it! The only thing it is missing is some screen shots your UI, but beside that, GJ!