Best Hunter Races

Posted: by Frostheim

I get asked about the best races for hunters a lot — which races give the best dps benefit for the hunter class. I have a sneaking suspicion that this is mostly a theoretical question. I doubt that many people are actually going out and paying to change their race based on the racials. Don’t get me wrong, the progression raiders are all about that, but then they already know where they stand.

At any rate, the hunter racials have never been more dramatically unbalanced than they are now in Cataclysm. Whichever faction you play, there is one race that is not just best, but that is leaps and bounds, heads and tails above the others.

Best Hunter Race

  • If you’re horde: Orc is the best race (and it’s the best race overall). Orcs have Command , boosting the damage of their pets by 5% (like BM getting an extra 900 mastery), and Blood Fury, giving them another AP cooldown.
  • If you’re alliance: Worgen is the best race. Worgen have Viciousness giving then 1% bonus crit to everything, and Darkflight gives them an incredibly useful movement cooldown (so tough that some top guilds are moving to all Worgen just because Darkflight is so useful for raiding).
  • If you’re interested in good looks, charm, and being irresistible to women: Dwarf.

Alas with the current state of race balance, there’s a big difference between the best and the second best races. Whatever race is number 2 is certainly far, far, far less attractive than a dwarf, for example.

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  1. MaZeeT says:

    Thinking about rerolling my Nelf hunter for a orc for some years now… doesn’t help they keep making them stronger !!!

  2. Exofender says:

    how much better are orc racials over trolls? trolls got 1% crit with bows and beserking.

  3. sesos says:

    Aw man, I always thought that Trolls woulda been the best Horde Hunters thanks to the increased crit chance with bows, and Berserking – which increases Haste. Is the Attack Power boost given by Blood Fury really that much better?

    Obviously, a Troll using a gun isn’t going to be as Powerful as a Beast Mastery specced Orc, but what if the only thing that differed between the two was there race? What kind of difference are we looking at?

    • daken says:

      I looked into the best races for Hunters a while back using Female Dwarf to spit out the numbers. When I did it I made a couple of assumptions (eg. the ranged weapon was a bow, the hunter was hit capped, in survival spec etc). Basically Orc’s came out number one followed by Trolls and Goblins. Worgen came in fourth. I’d guess the gap between Orc’s and second place would be even larger if I’d used a BM spec and/used a gun/crossbow. The differences I found weren’t huge, roughly 195 dps between the best and worst races.

      Full post here.

  4. Furrymammoth says:

    The points are valid, but in the end a skilled Night Elf hunter will out-dps a less-skilled Worgen and a skilled Tauren will out-dps a less-skilled Orc, even with these small racial bonuses. Don’t expect to faction change and see all your issues disappear

    • Frostheim says:

      That’s only partially true — it doesn’t matter how skilled a NE player is, they’ll still never come close to the rugged good looks of the dwarf.

      • Gandyy says:

        Wtb 359 gun ? pleeease ?

      • Kalven and Hobs says:

        @Gandyy try a Crossfire Carbine.

      • Timoleon says:

        @ Gandyy: or do 3 Tuesdays of Arena over 2 weeks and get enough points to buy the Vicious weapon, which has nearly the same stats as the one that drops off Valiona (same damage, agi, stam and crit. Simply has haste instead of resilience, making it a negligibly better weapon).

      • Gandyy says:

        I am just really leery of using pvp gear in a raid , although with reforging , it might not be that bad.

      • Valacia says:

        @Gandyy – Just remember that Resilience is not reforgable. I made that same mistake on my priest in search of friggin bracers, thinking “oh gee, the INT is a significant boost, and I’ll just reforge away that resilience”… Guess Blizz didn’t want PvP gear to be that viable (understandable) so you cannot reforge resilience.

      • Zeherah says:

        You can’t reforge the resilience, but basically the PvP weapon trades 72 of a secondary stat for 72 resilience, so you only are losing 72 secondary stats. If you are getting 1% crit from a racial by using the PvP weapon, that’s worth 179 crit rating. So you definitely come out ahead.

        If you’re just using it as a temporary weapon because you only have a 346, remember you’re gaining a good chunk of weapon dps and some agility, which definitely helps make up for the loss of 72 secondary stats. The PvP weapon is a great temporary choice for all races and a great long term choice for dwarves (at least till heroic modes).

      • Arcazua says:

        I prefer my women not to have “rugged” good looks.

  5. Exofender says:

    I have my hunter as troll, according to my eyeball test, orcs looks like a big dumb piece of green turd..while trolls are stylish with there dreadlocks, and cool bow animation, even though the have bad posture from all that aged lvl 85 troll should have a new racial.. back pain-decrease speed by 5%

    • Garyuumaru says:

      At least we Orcs have the decency to wear shoes. Of course, we lose to you when it comes to dancing moves, but still, put on some damn shoes, Garrosh only kicked you guys out cuz we could smell you coming from a mile away.

  6. twimine says:

    Troll here and love it (although I would like to test out the difference between the two)

    FOR THE HORDE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Fujinamii says:

    If the race change was a little cheaper than it might be viable to race change for that dps boost but now the logistics of wow also play into real life… hunter is currently Belf (I don’t like it at all and will be race changing to undead) and can still out dps many orc and trolls without the sweet extra cool downs…..i believe the race change costs 25$ at this time and the dps boost from racials would be so minimal that losing the look you like would just be down right crazy……….faction change on the other hand is only useful to you alliance pretty boys…..horde for life :)

  8. Stem says:

    I thought that the plan all along was to re-balance racial bonuses at some point once Cataclysm was released. I know a couple got redesigned (like Explorer for Dwarves), but isn’t it time for a complete overhaul?
    It’s a little unbalanced that Worgen have 1% crit to everything and races like Trolls and Dwarves are stuck with Bows and Guns specifically. Or Orcs have Command which is great for mages, dks, hunters, and warlocks, where humans get stuck with 3% spirit which is virtually usless unless you’re a priest.
    I happened to be looking at an old 2nd edition DnD manual (called Skills and Powers) and I think that system would be perfect for WoW character creation. Each race would have a pool of racials to select from, each with it’s own cost. You’d get so many racial points to buy the racials you wanted. We could have a general pool and a race specific pool so you could have more customization.
    I don’t see why a Worgen couldn’t have Every Man for Himself (they were human at one point) or Aberrant Command (since they have a closer connection to nature than Orcs do). A Human could still be diplomatic while picking up a racial like Berserking (going nuts is something that humans do from time to time).

  9. Papaoomowmow says:

    Dwarves are rich in gusto; but Frost, doesn’t get a little old fending off the sexual advances of floor standing appliances like trash compactors, dehumidifiers, air filters etc…. + dwarves can’t even go to gypsy palm readers unless the gypsy happens to read shorthand.

    I just switched from orc to worgen…and I like worgens except for two small complaints.

    You would maybe think worgens would move with animal grace; but they stagger like Forrest Gump BEFORE he threw off his braces. And they make this sound that I guess is supposed to be ominous werewolf stuff…but to me it’s more like a hog with a pesky sinus problem.

    • Valacia says:

      I have to agree here… they really dropped the ball with worgen animations. I hate watching my worgen mage every time I play him

  10. Exofender says:

    i gotta admit im a complete racist for tauren hunters..those big cowlike creatures with hooves have no buisness in the quick agile world of hunting beasts..

  11. Ceroth says:

    I vote for dwarf :-)

  12. Snakefinger says:

    I want a Worgen mount. I can use a stick to dangle a frisbee or a chew toy in front of his nose to make him go.

  13. sheppo says:

    meh.. goblins don’t get a mention. haste increase + rocket jump + general awesomeness. it’s all win! :D

    actually, in the past few days i’ve migrated from horde to alliance, and was really stuck with which race to pick – generally the racials are a bit naff on alliance, so opted for dwarf. Racials are useless, but they’re just great characters.

  14. Phoenixt says:

    Pretty sure Troll w/ Bow sims out to be better than Orc.

  15. Morynne says:

    Don’t hate on your worgen counterparts. You’re just jealous your arms aren’t the hairiest around anymore ;)

    • D3thray says:

      I read the same thing, and besides, Trolls be dah best mon!

      And obviously on any fight against a beast Trolls are head and shoulders above everyone (hello Chimaeron).

  16. stick804 says:

    I’ve read somewhere (I believe it was EJ…I need to find the link) that Trolls were the best race for Horde hunters. The article broke down all pros and cons (math n all) for each race. I think the article mentioned that the Trolls 1% crit to bows and Beserk comes out to more dps than an Orcs Blood Fury and 5% increased pet dmg. I’ll try to link the article soon, unfortunately I can’t do it on my IPhone.

    • Zeherah says:

      The last time I did the math, trolls came out ahead anytime they could use a bow, and orcs came out ahead otherwise (this being for SV/MM, for BM orcs would probably still win). But it most likely depends to some extent on how effectively you use your cooldowns.

      • stick804 says:

        Being that the BiS ranged weapon is a bow and/or crossbow (as of patch 4.0.6), Trolls would be the best race for Horde hunters. But as more patches come out, with new content and new gear, the BiS ranged weapon might change. Thus making Orcs the best race for hunters. Assuming Blizz doesn’t nerf our racials (wishful thinking). Thx Frost for the article. Thx Zeherah for your input. Keep up the good work!

    • Branzilla says:

      I vaguely remember seeing something similar, except that I remember it was fairly close and don’t recall which race came out on top (obviously, the troll sim was with the assumption that the troll was using a bow).

      From just a logic standpoint, it seems like the troll racials would mesh best with MM — the extra crit adding marginally to the number of piercing shots procs in addition to just the standard crit benefit, and beserking being a good tool for AiS hardcasting phases; that orc racials would mesh best with BM — the fact that 5% increased pet damage is roughly equivalent to 900 mastery makes it seem on the verge of being overpowered for BM spec; and that the two races would be closest for Survival.

  17. Ominous says:

    If you’re a BM hunter, Orc looks good. If you’re a Dwarf, NEVER change! Real Dwarves never would.

  18. Hulder says:

    One word:


  19. Freyana says:

    Nothing will ever convince me that dwarves aren’t the best hunter race, no matter what my Nelf hunter guildies try to say. Being this awesome and good looking will always top any other racial. *Always.*

    (Truefax: Before the advent of Dwarf shaman, I always got comments from random people saying I was the only max-level female Dwarf they’d ever seen. Clearly everyone has now see the error of their ways, at least judging by the number of female Dwarf shammies I see around…).

  20. Tobiah says:

    Correct me if I am wrong:
    1% hit has much more stat value than 1% crit? Granted the run speed bonus from a worgen is nice. However from a min/max viewpoint, Draenei with the 1% hit bonus, on paper is greater than Worgen 1% crit. So why is Worgen the automatic best race alliance side?

    • Frostheim says:

      Not exactly. If you’re able to reach the hit cap either way (and we are), then all you’re doing with that extra 1% hit is reforging your excess hit rating into 1% crit. So in that sense they’re identical. However… there can be situations where you can’t reforge your excess hit into crit, and so you have to reforge into a less desirable stat, like mastery — then 1% hit is worse. The same is true for the 1% crit, except we can never (in practice) have too much crit, while we can have too much hit.

      In practice 1% hit and 1% crit are basically same — and then we run into Darkflight, the *incredibly* desirable other racial of the worgen : )

      • Sidoen says:

        I was sorely temped to do a racial change into a worgen, though I have to admit I was attracted to the skinning bonus. Honestly though, the animations are ugly and it feels like I’m walking everywhere instead of running so nuts to that idea!

    • Zeherah says:

      It takes roughly 120 hit rating to get 1% hit. It takes roughly 179 crit rating to get 1% crit. Since you are in most cases going to reforge to the ideal amount of hit anyhow, and crit is typically the preferred secondary stat for hunters, 1% crit is a preferable racial bonus to 1% hit, since it gives you more straight rating value and with reforging the secondary stats are relatively movable enough so that more pure rating is generally better.

  21. Lokrick says:

    I would love to see the numbers and profiles for how you came to your conclusions. If the numbers were on the order of +30dps, that’s very different than +1k dps (e.g., on FD Lokrick gets +200dps for being an orc instead of a troll in SV and more in BM spec, but I don’t actually know how it manages racial CDs).

    Such numbers could help people make racial decisions. If it’s <100dps, for example, dwarves and elves could make it up by simply not stopping to look at their reflections in shiny surfaces during raids….

    • Lackies says:

      Putting my profile into Female dwarf ( full 359 Hunter, Lackies- Azgalor) orc is 100 DPS ahead of Worgen ( ignoring darkflight) and Orc is 336 DPS ahead of a non-DPS increasing race such as NEs.. And Switching to the 359 bow and a troll is about 10 DPS over orc ( and since none of that gain comes from a pet its probably the best overall for raw DPS).

      As for racial cooldowns I assume most AP cooldowns are simply averaged, and non DPS cooldowns like darkflgiht are ignored,

    • Sidoen says:

      you ask to much!

  22. Scorpious says:

    I had thought it was a much closer tie for horde races between Orc, Troll, and Goblin, especially since it seemed each had a racial set that was better depending on what spec you were.

    • Branzilla says:

      Goblins have good racials, but in dps terms:

      1. Goblins effectively have one dps-increasing racial — 1% haste (rocket barrage is usually a wasted GCD for hunters). This compares to 2 each (on-use haste and 1% crit with bows vs. on-use AP and 5% pet damage) for trolls and orcs.

      2. Haste isn’t a bad stat, but it’s pretty far down the list for most specs, trading around with mastery as the least useful “good” stat. In most gear sims crit will be more valuable, so for a troll with a bow, the 1% crit is going to be better than 1% haste even without taking beserking into account.

      Of course, outside of DPS considerations, goblins just own as a race, and pack hobgoblin + best deals anywhere are two of the best quality of life racials in the game.

  23. Anatall says:

    I am not trying to call you out or be mean but I don’t understand why you post some stuff. I know you are trying to help but there are a lot of instances where it seems you have not looked all the way into the subject, I mean I take a lot of it as more of what you think but you tend to post a lot of it like its fact and since a lot of new hunters come here they take it that way.
    I have looked into a few things ran a few numbers and like Z said trolls are ahead will it stay that way never know as everything changes with different gear and contend but that is something that should be made aware to newer hunters instead of stating half or false truths like there a fact.

    • Gandyy says:

      It is called humor . Google it.

    • Frostheim says:

      A couple things you have to keep in mind when evaluating and comparing racials:

      1.) When evaluating racials, you have to look at the big picture. Not one gear set, not one spec — but how the racial holds up overall. Then decide if one is clearly better, and which that is.
      2.) Trolls only gets their crit racial when they can use a bow. That is clearly worse than a racial that is always available with whatever weapon is best — there are lots of ways of modeling how much worse, but we know that another racial with about the same DPS gain would be more desirable. For example, even without Darkflight worgen’s racial would be clearly superior to dwarves, because they’ll always get it. Trolls will *not* always have 1% bonus crit.
      3.) Blood Lust is more valuable than it averages out to be in spreadsheets (assuming that’s your source for theorycrafting — if you’re running numbers yourself I’d be curious whether you’re using averaging or stacking) because it can be intelligently stacked for multiplicative gain.
      4.) I post some stuff for two reasons: either I think it’s valuable information or entertaining reading, or I get tons of requests for it (this is the latter).
      5.) Regardless of your information source — and I’m confident Zeherah’s spreadsheet will support this — dwarves are clearly and by far the best-looking class. What else do you need to know?

  24. nerfornuthin says:

    Just for all to see, here a wowwiki link of all racials so you can look check em all out…some are also nice for pvp btw ie shadowmeld, stoneform, escape artist, every man for himself

  25. Qalvanda says:

    Our guild @Bonechewer Horde is looking at belfs as one of the best for utility roles. That emergency interrupt comes in handy both in PVE and PVP.

  26. trib says:

    Isn’t the best race for the DPS a Sporebat? Oh, hang on…

  27. Oregartou says:

    My hunter has been a Tauren since I started him a year and a half ago… I considered going to Orc for cataclysm… But I realized the Tauren racials are probably helping me pvp… 5% hp boost and nature resistance make me harder to kill, no?

    • Oregartou says:

      also, I have surprised a few melee classes with my war stomp when they have gotten too close… stomp, wingclip, frost trap/disengage macro, resume pew pew

      • Sofeladese says:

        Frost writes from a PvE perspective only. PvP matters are left to our new friend Tapington.

  28. Karma says:

    Surely an Orcs blood fury isn’t great at all for hunters?
    Blood Fury 2 min cooldown
    Increases melee attack power by 1169 and your spell damage by 584. Lasts 15 sec.

    I can see the spell power being a small benefit for arcane shot, but the melee attack power?

    • Zilron says:

      Two things: 1) You’re looking at the wrong version of Blood Fury (different classes get different versions); the hunter version is (1169 melee and ranged AP at level 85).
      2) SP is completely useless to hunters. It has zero effect on any hunter ability.

      • Zilron says:

        Ah, I see Frostheim linked the wrong version of Blood Fury, and that’s why you’re confused. Also didn’t notice it says “spell damage”, not “spell power”, but in any case, it’s a moot point, as it’s the wrong spell. :P

  29. Timoleon says:

    Funny thing…a race update in WoW’s database is probably literally a zero-time investment. I highly doubt they have people manually going into the race table for your character and making the edit. It’s probably just a batch process that is run on a schedule and captures/executes all requests.

    But they charge what…$25 for it? Talk about money for nothin’. Even as many requests as might be submitted, it’s non-existent when it comes to server usage or bandwidth, relatively speaking.

    So they come out with a new race, and think at the board room, “hmm…how can we get as many people as possible to change their race? I know…give it an awesome racial just abuot everyone could use! 1% bonus!”

    That’s the story of how Blizzard made several million dollars (estimate, figuring 100,000 or less than 1% of WoW players paid $25 for a race change…but could be a bit more) for nothin’.

    I love this game.

  30. jeggy says:

    Orc’s racial 5% pet damage is not equivalent to 900 mastery..
    179 mastery rating = 1 mastery point = 1.7% pet damage
    so..thats like 526 mastery actually, but still quite OP for BM spec

  31. Papaoomowmow says:

    One thing I love about being a worgen skinner is the very nice skinning speed boost. In the Tol Barad croc killing daily many of the swarms of folks doing the daily do not skin; so a worgen skinner can get stack after stack in a big hurry.

  32. Rolgorf says:

    Is all this math taking into consideration the base agility differences between races? Didn’t NE’s used to have more Agility than any other race? Is that still the case? If so, does it not have a bearing here?

  33. Candles says:

    Question. semi-important. I didn’t read EVERY comment on this post, but the ones I did read, I didn’t see this question. the orc racial ability that you posted that gives AP and SP… it says specifically in the tooltip (at least the one you posted) MELEE attack power. not attack power in general, so wouldn’t that cooldown be worthless? I could be wrong, but according to the thing you posted, that’d be worthless. :/

  34. Apollyon says:

    Whitefyst concluded that troll is the best horde race for hunters in his thread on EJ. The highest dps spec for hunter atm is marksman utilizing hardcasted aimed shots, a spec which favors crit and haste over all but agility (hence why bow +crit% and berserking haste are so good).

    The 5% pet damage bonus comes out to be less than it looks due to pet movement and air phases.

    That being said, if you raid as BM for the utility of it for your guild, then by all means be an orc. Speaking solely from a dps perspective, however, troll is the best and will likely further outpace orcs as gear improves.

    • Frostheim says:

      Well, except that a bow won’t always be the best weapon of the tier. In fact, iirc it’s usually bow for one tier, gun for one tier, one up in the air, and then crossbow for the final tier. So once a bow is no longer the top weapon, troll is suddenly far behind — even if you have the spec and gear that make it technically on top right now.

      • Exofender says:

        i got a question frost, ima troll …i just got a dragon heartpiercer, whats the better that or the vicous gladiator bow ? (ive been unlucky with the darkbringer drop)

      • Apollyon says:

        True, but we’ll burn that bridge when we get to it. When that change comes, more hardcore players will switch races. What is best right now is what matters when someone asks that question. You don’t tell them what’s you think is going to be better down the road when you can’t be certain.

        Also, WotLK had a bow in each tier of raiding. That will likely continue to be the case for Cata.

        As a sidenote, unless something major changes, there will always be an epic bow for your tier obtainable via PVP.

      • Frostheim says:

        Mmmm, we disagree then. Most people don’t switch races the way that we switch specs or reforging — a race decision is a long-term decision, not something to be redone with ever tier of content.

        Sure, there’s always a bow somewhere — just like there’s always a gun — but it’s not always the best weapon. If you have to use a substandard bow to get your racial (even if it’s still a net gain) then we have to calculate based on the total dps it’s yielding (not the dps it would be yielding if the best ranged for the tier was a bow).

        Basically for any tier where the best ranged isn’t a bow, the troll loses to the orc. If the best ranged is a bow, then sometimes the troll wins, and sometimes the orc wins — unless you’re BM, in which case the orc always wins. And even when the troll does have the bow, the orc wins more often.

        Thus orc is a better race choice, overall.

  35. Bowndaddy says:

    My original hunter was an Orc. But with the release of Cataclysm I made an Undead. Now I know they won’t have the mathmatically highest DPS, but i’m a pretty big pvp’r so i couldn’t say no to Will of the Forsaken. So, knowing that Orc’s will have the highest dps in raids (theoretically); What is the best hunter race for PVP?????

    • Apollyon says:

      Regarding arena pvp, there is no best race for hunters. What racial is best would depend entirely on the makeup of the team you’re facing. Troll or orc would be good for on-demand burst, troll for voodoo shuffle, blood elf for silencing casters, tauren for warstomping someone on your healer, etc. It’s not as simple as “this race is best for pvp.”

      Regarding battlegrounds, it wouldn’t be much different. You don’t know what you’re up against and it would change so often anyway.

  36. Bahzob says:

    Great stuff. Dwarf’s clearly are head and shoulders above all other races.

  37. Lirithiel says:

    Been a Blood Elf hunter since day 1 and never once thought about race changing while filling Blizzard’s coffers in the process. Dwarves might be ruggedly good looking but us Blood Elves are coolness personified! Maybe that’s why we spend so much time admiring our own reflections…

    • Candles says:

      I’m pretty sure you spend so much time admiring your reflections because blizzard has even admitted that bloodelves (especially mails) are rainbow people. if you know what I mean.

  38. Tripn says:

    After considering all racial’s, personaly for pvp i just can’t go past N’elf for the shadowmeld. I suppose my stats speak for themselve’s look me up on the armory I am no legend however I can hold my own. Yes there are people here that have over 2200 ratiing (an extreme few). Camo is great for getting them to attack ur pet .. shadowmeld just give’s u those extra shot’s that make there head spin.

    each to there own i suppose . ..

  39. Echo says:

    I’ve been tempted to change to worgen, mainly because I get annoyed when other skinners steal my skins!

    Back way before camoflage shadowmeld was incredibly useful as a hunter for shadowmeld/FD running through Caves and other such nasty filled areas.

    Run-get aggro-FD-shadowmeld-wait for FD CD-repeat

    I’ve also found shadowmeld to be useful in pvp – hiding with a stealthed pet or a conspicously alone pet near flags. Shadowmelding to stop casts.

    It’s also been nice to buy time for FDs in PVE.

  40. Jillybean says:

    …but my Night Elf is just soo pretty!

  41. FoxySoxx says:

    I recently incurred the wrath of the majority of my mostly male guild for changing from an “ugly” troll to an “even more ugly” goblin, when they all would have preferred me to go blood elf since I play a female toon.

    I justified my race change by pointing out that at my current gear level the static 1% haste was a dps increase over Beserking, and the bow crit bonus was dodgy (we must be due for some BiS guns soon after all). I had to trust that being the only raiding hunter in the guild no one would call me out on orcs being an even higher dps increase.

    Of course, the real reason I changed was because goblins have the best hairstyles in the game at the moment… Being a female irl too…. ^.^

  42. Malkavier says:

    From the EJ MM Hunter thread:

    2.3 Race

    Since my character is an Orc, I used him for the basis of comparison. When doing the comparison, I did not bother optimizing gear beyond ranged weapons for the race. Analysis was done using Female Dwarf. Note that Female Dwarf averages the benefit of abilities like Blood Fury and Berserking; hence, in game use of the abilities at the correct time with stacking other abilities can result in better DPS than shown below. The difference in DPS between the races with no DPS racial is their base stats at 85.

    Troll w/ Bow: Bow Specialization for 1% crit, Berserking for haste, Da Voodoo Shuffle for snare resistance, and Regeneration. The increased value of haste for hunters have made Trolls now the best race. +66 DPS

    Orc: Blood Fury for increased AP, Command for increased pet damage, and Hardiness for recovering from stuns/snares faster. Although no longer the best race, orcs are still competitive, especially on fights where your pet is attacking 100% of the time and the hunter is moving a lot and not taking advantage as much of haste effects.

    Troll w/o Bow: Berserking for haste, Da Voodoo Shuffle for snare resistance, and Regeneration. With the increase value of haste for MM hunters, even without a bow, a troll does good DPS. -80 DPS

    Worgen: Viciousness for 1% crit. Darkflight for increased movement speed and Aberration for decreased curse durations. -154 DPS

    Goblins: Time is Money for 1% attack speed. Rocket Jump for short burst movements and Rocket Barrage for some damage. -163 DPS

    Blood Elf: Arcane Torrent for silencing nearby enemies and 15 focus every 2 mins and resistance to magic. -187 DPS

    Draenei: Heroic Presence for 1% hit, Shadow Resistance, and Gift of the Naaru for a heal. -263 DPS

    Dwarf w/ Gun: Gun Specialization for 1% crit, Frost Resistance, and Stoneform to remove some status ailments. Two number are provided here. The first is with assuming there is a 372 PvE gun just like the xbow. The second is with using the best gun available, the 372 PvP one. -180/-282 DPS

    Night Elf: Shadowmeld, Nature Resistance, Quickness to avoid damage. -409 DPS

    Human: Every Man for Himself to shake off speed reduction and traps. -429 DPS

    Forsaken: Will of the Forsaken to remove certain status effects and Shadow Resistance. -435 DPS

    Dwarf w/o Gun: Frost Resistance, and Stoneform to remove some status ailments. -444 DPS

    Taurens: War Stomp for a stun, Nature Resistance, and Endurance for extra health. -444 DPS

    Gnome: Cannot be a hunter.

    From this information above, it appears that Troll hunter with the best available bow currently does the most damage and has surpassed Orcs. Part of this is the expected gains that Berserking would have as gear scales. The other part is now with hardcasting AI in the rotation that haste is now more important. Orcs are a close second, partly because the crossbow is a little better than the bow and because Blood Fury is improved with the increased amount of haste MM hunters have.

    Compared to the numbers from T11 normal raid gear, the gap between an Orc and all the races with no DPS benefit widened by about 88 DPS due to the gear improvement. For the most part, the other races with DPS beneficial talents lost ground to the Orcs and Trolls.

    I’m a Night Elf Hunter myself, and I find that I appear rather distinguished. At least, I am not prancing about like one of our frou-frou kindred on the opposite side of the isle.

  43. Dwmh says:

    What if you don’t have Cataclysm?

  44. Gillygodfree says:

    i personaly play goblin hunter, cool armour looks, hairtyles nice racials for overall play and i dont see many goblin hunters cutting around on my server so i feel unique lol + my colour matches my pet (King Crush)

  45. canadiandood says:

    I play a BM orc hunter and love my racials; however, I am planning to switch servers and roll Alliance for a change. I was wondering how a Draenei’s Gift of the Naruu would be when coupled with a spirit beast heal in pvp? Has anyone tried this, and if you have, do you feel it’s worth switching races for for pvp?

  46. Asch says:

    I see a lot of Troll Hunters. Is that because of the increased Haste? If so, why wouldn’t they roll Goblin instead due to their passive attack speed bonus? Just curious, as I don’t like being an Orc. :p

  47. Lilinee says:

    I just want to ask. Have you guys even considerd Pandas? I mean its 300 FLAT agility with the food buff.