Cataclysm Hunter Macros Guide

Posted: by Frostheim

reviewed and accurate
Reviewed 2/2/2012
Patch 4.3.2

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Macros are a way to combine several actions into one, and automate simple, common tasks to make life a bit easier for your WoW hunter. Different hunters use different macros, and differing amounts of macros. Some hunters will just have one or two macros and live happily on it, while other hunters will almost never use a single ability out of the spellbook, preferring to use macro’d versions of them.

Here are a handful of useful WoW hunter macros, distilled from the collected wisdom of the WHU. I don’t use a whole lot of macros for my actual gameplay, personally. I have my Misdirection macro, aspect dancing, pet management, and various utility macros for setting raid icons, assisting, etc. I have, however, included several popular hunter macros here in addition to the ones I use.

If you don’t see the macro you’re looking for, drop a note in the comments. The WHU is filled with more wise and knowledgeable hunters than anywhere else in WoW, and if it’s possible to do, I’m sure one of us can supply you with the macro you need!

Hunter Macro Shortcuts:

Misdirection Macro

As a hunter, one of your jobs is to misdirect to the tank. We also sometimes use Misdirection at other times when our threat is getting a little scary. My preferred way to manage Misdirection is to set the tank as my focus target (just target the tank and type /focus) and then use this macro to handle my Misdirection so that I never have to switch targets. This macro will cast Misdirection on your focus target, but if you don’t have a focus target it’ll misdirect to your pet instead for seamless group/raid/solo misdirecting.

/cast [@focus,help][@pet,exists] Misdirection

Aspect Dancing Macro 1: Switch Aspects as Needed

This macro will let you easily swap between Aspect of the Hawk and Aspect of the Fox with the push of a button. If you’re in AotH, it will put you into AotF. If your in fox, it will swap you over to hawk. If you’re in any other aspect, or no aspect at all, it will put you into Aspect of the Hawk.  Simple and effective:

/cast Aspect of the Hawk
/cast Aspect of the Fox

Aspect Dancing Macro 2: Switch to Aspect of the Hawk for Instant Shots

This macro combined with the previous one is probably the best aspect dancing solution I’ve seen. This macro will automatically force you into Aspect of the Hawk any time you’re casting an instant shot. If you’re already in Aspect of the Hawk, it will not change or remove your aspect. Ideally you want to create this macro for every one of your instant shots, that way you’ll automatically, instantly, switch into hawk for those shots that you can cast on the move.

/cast !Aspect of the Hawk
/cast Explosive Shot  (or whatever instant shot the macro is for)

Note that you do not want to do this to automatically swap into fox during steady/cobra casts (though you can, of course). With the recently buffed Aspect of the Hawk attack power, you want to be in hawk any time you possibly can — so you’ll have to manually swap to fox when moving.

Trap Launcher Macro – 2 Button Press to Launch a Trap

It is currently not possible to macro your trap launcher to just one button press — sadly. We can, however, macro it into a two-press macro, so you just have to tap this macro twice and you’ll get the green targeting circle.

/castsequence [nomod]reset=3 Trap Launcher, Freezing Trap

Pet Management Macro

We hunters love our pets, but that doesn’t mean we have to have half an action bar cluttered with pet commands. This macro will do the following: if you don’t have a pet out, it will summon your pet. If your pet is out, it will cast Mend Pet. If your pet is dead, it will cast Revive Pet. If you right click on it, it will dismiss your pet. Note however that this macro will only call one of your pets, the one specified by which Call Pet you use (Call Pet 1, Call Pet 2, etc). So you have to have the right call pet command, alas.

/cast [nomod,nopet]Call Pet 1
/cast [nomod,target=pet,dead]Revive Pet
/cast [nomod,pet,nomod,button:1]Mend Pet
/cast [nomod,pet,nomod,button:2]Dismiss Pet

ZOMG Kill Now! Macro to Blow all Hunter Cooldowns

As a hunter, you have a lot of cooldowns and pet cooldowns available to you. This macro will blow them all at once, useful for big burn phases in boss fights. If you have specific racial abilities you can add them on here as well — as long as it doesn’t trigger the global cooldown, you can keep piling them on until you hit the character limit.

/cast Rapid Fire
/cast Call of the Wild
/cast Rabid
/cast Bestial Wrath
/use 13  (activate trinket)
/use 14  (activate the other trinket)
/use 10 (activate gloves if you’re an engineer)

Deterrence Macro to Cast and Cancel Deterrence

Deterrence is a fantastic hunter tool, but often you don’t want it up the entire duration — once it’s done its job, you’ve got shots to fire. This simple Deterrence macro replaces your Deterrence button — hitting it will cast Deterrence for you, but if Deterrence is already up, it will take it down. Just be careful not to spam it!

/cancelaura Deterrence
/cast Deterrence

Macro Modifiers

Just a couple of macro notes that you’ll likely want to use in your hunter macros. These are just a couple of commonly used lines that you can toss into your macros:

Show Tooltip

#showtooltip AbilityName

Make this the first line of you macro (obviously “AbilityName” is the name of the ability — Explosive Shot, Mend Pet, whatever) and the icon for your macro will automatically be the icon for that ability. So if you use #showtooltip Explosive Shot, then regardless of what you put in your macro, the macro will have the Explosive Shot icon.

Note that while you get the icon, you will not see the default UI timer on the icon, nor will it light up for special abilities, like Killing Streak or Lock & Load.

Pet Attack


This line will tell your pet to attack your current target. Some hunters like to have this macro’d in with their shots to ensure that their pet is always attacking the same target they are. Personally, I prefer not to, because there are times I deliberately do not want my pet to attack my target, so I prefer to control my pet manually.


Some hunters like to macro a stopcast command into their big hard-hitting shots, like Kill Shot, Chimera Shot, etc. The idea here is that if you started casting Steady Shot or Cobra Shot when you shouldn’t have, it doesn’t matter. When you hit your big shot it will automatically stop the steady/cobra cast and fire the big one off. Just add this line before your shot:


Personally I don’t like to do this. I’m a button spammer, and I’m hitting my next shot a fraction of a second before it’s necessary and I don’t want to cancel my casts with only 0.1 seconds to go. If I do screw up and cast steady/cobra at the wrong time, I just twitch my character to cancel it. But mostly I just don’t cast cobra/steady when I shouldn’t.


/cast [target=mouseover] AbilityName

When you press this macro, it will cast the ability at whatever target you are currently moused over, even if you don’t have them targeted. In this way you can turn any macro into a mouseover macro.


/s whatever (say)
/p whatever (party)
/y whatever (yell)
/rw whatever (raid warning)

You can always modify your macros to announce what you’re doing — this is particularly common for CC abilities like Freezing Trap or Wyvern Sting. You macro in an announcement that you’re CCing so people (in theory) know not to attack it. You can also modify this by announcing the name of your target with the %t command like so:

/s I’m trapping %t so don’t attack it. Or else.

Set Raid Icon

You can also have your macro automatically assign a raid icon, or lucky charm, to your target (assuming you have permissions to do so).

/script SetRaidTargetIcon(“target”,8)

The number 8 on the end is the Skull icon. Each icon has a different number.

Clear Macro Errors

Sometimes you’ll have something in your macro, like using a trinket, that puts up an annoying error message every time you use it when that ability is not ready. This command will make it so that error doesn’t display.

/script UIErrorsFrame:Clear();

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  1. Corwyn says:

    “/castsequence [nomod]reset=3 Trap Launcher, Freezing Trap”

    The [nomod] is only needed if you have two different types of traps you want to use in the same macro.
    Why not have a reset longer than 3 seconds?
    Have you tested this? There was some concern about macros like this not working if the trap was not also on the action bars (or has that been fixed?).
    Does it work if you accidentally hit the button 3 times?
    I use:
    /castsequence [mod] reset=9 Trap Launcher, !Ice Trap(Frost – Trap Launcher), nil
    /castsequence [nomod] reset=9 Trap Launcher, !Freezing Trap(Frost – Trap Launcher), nil

    /cast [nomod,nopet]Call Pet 1
    /cast [nomod,target=pet,dead]Revive Pet
    /cast [nomod,pet,nomod,button:1]Mend Pet
    /cast [nomod,pet,nomod,button:2]Dismiss Pet

    I think you have a few too many ‘nomod’ in there. Certainly it is never needed twice in the same conditional. And it is not needed at all unless there is a another command which has ‘mod’ in it. It is also important to have one, namely:
    /cast [nomod,target=pet,dead][mod]Revive Pet
    so that if your pet is dead, but not present you will still be able to revive it by using shift.
    I think you want ‘@pet’ instead of ‘target=pet’ and ‘pet’.

    #showtooltip AbilityName

    This also works without the AbilityName. Then it shows the first ability that will be used. Very useful for conditionals as it will show what is actually going to be cast.

    /script UIErrorsFrame:Clear();

    I often see this multiple times in Macros. It is only needed once, and should be just before any commands for which you DO want to see errors (main shots for instance).

    /use 10 (activate gloves if you’re still using the eng glove tinker for whatever reason)

    I’m curious, what should I as an engineer be using that is better than the engineering glove tinker?

    • Nimal says:

      /use 10 (activate gloves if you’re still using the eng glove tinker for whatever reason)

      I’m curious, what should I as an engineer be using that is better than the engineering glove tinker?
      I was thinking the same thing.

      • jrdnthms says:

        Same here, I have the eng and gatherer

      • Taira says:

        Seems to be some confusion on the Engineering tinkers. There are still some people out there who don’t realize that the tinkers actually stack with the standard Enchanting options. Engineers should be using Synapse Springs, because they now boost your Agility for us Hunters, in addition to a standard enchant on our gloves.
        /use 10 is something you’ll want to have a hotkey or actionbar slot for.

        I’m not sure Frost meant that we should be using something in place of the tinkers as Engineers; maybe he has something against Engineering, or believes that there is a better profession for Hunters. Thus “if you’re still using the tinker for whatever reason” means “if you’re an engineer instead of another profession”.

      • Vladihn says:

        Actually, Frost IS an engineer, so it was merely a choice in wording.

      • Frostheim says:

        Poor choice of wording — yes engineers should use Synapse Springs (I do, btw) — I was thinking about Tazik’s Shocker and making a reference to how you really don’t want to use that anymore. Fixed the wording anyway.

      • Cydearrm says:

        Since the Agility Engi tinker is rather new, I would assume that the original poster that Frostheim pulled the macros from was referring to the old Haste tinker from WotLK.

        That being said, even if we didn’t get the smexy Agility tinker, we’d still use the Haste tinker since it stacks with regular enchants.

      • Cydearrm says:

        Nevermind my previous post; Frostheim posted just before me. :-/

    • Frostheim says:

      Yes, every macro here was tested! They all work : )

      • saelle says:

        I agree with Corwyn that the reset on traplauncher is too short. Your macro gives the caster 3 seconds to place the trap before it is reset. At that point it will recast trap launcher and potentially waste 20 focus (10 if glyphed). Since trap launcher is available for 15 seconds I’ve always used 10 as there will be times you want to recast if the start of the pull is taking longer than you expected.

        I found a good discussion of it

      • Jhenson says:

        I love the idea of having the trap launcher and trap within the same icon. I find that sometimes I do want to drop the trap at my feet, or at the feet of the caster I am guarding, so I changed the macro to this:

        #showtooltip Freezing Trap
        /cast [modifier:shift] Trap Launcher
        /cast [nomod] Freezing Trap

        However, I find that the macro works once, and then will throw the error about me having an Invalid Target. This happened with both my revision and the one suggested by you.

        Can you assist? Am I doing something wrong?

      • Ard says:

        I was having trouble getting the Trap Launcher macros to work, same error as Jhenson. Found this on MMO Champion and it worked for me…

        #showtooltip Explosive Trap
        /castsequence reset=14 !Trap Launcher,!Explosive Trap(Fire)

        2 things need to be in order….
        -The actual trap needs to be on a hotbar somewhere.
        -You have to make sure to use the (Fire) tag or (Ice) at the end of the trap.

        (thread at

      • Ard says:

        Just realised how terribly worded my reply was. It was very late!

        Just to clarify, I wasn’t trying to achieve the same thing as Jhenson, but I *was* getting the same error message. When I replaced the macro in this article with the one from MMO Champ my error went away and it now works perfectly. Not sure if the extra ! or the (Fire) (Ice) was the reason, I ain’t a macro expert at all.

      • Marcdepuma says:

        Actually this macro
        /cast !Aspect of the Hawk
        /cast Explosive Shot (or whatever instant shot the macro is for)

        Does not work right. Even if I am in Aspect of the Hawk it casts Aspect of the Hawk. Not very good. Help

      • Snoogins187 says:

        Having some trouble with the StopCasting Macro. Obviously, you want this for when Kill Shot becomes available and you’re currently casting Steady, Aimed, or Cobra Shot. I set up my macro as such,

        /cast Kill Shot

        The macro does cancel casting correctly, when Kill Shot is not available, but once it does come up, I’m getting an error saying another action is in progress. Kill Shot fails to fire and whichever shot I’m currently channeling also does not cancel. Ideas?

  2. Deepfriedegg says:

    Thanks for article, however:
    ZOMG Kill Now! Macro to Blow all Hunter Cooldowns
    – Most offensive On use trinkets share cooldowns so only one of them would blow
    – Old engineer tinker and On-use trinkets trigger common 10 second cooldown so only the first of them would be blown
    – New engineer tinker is reported to trigger 20 sec cooldown on On-use trinkets (and vice versa) – I am not 100% sure on the length of shared CD, though – so only the first of either would be blown

    Aside these facts there is also a DPS increase – relative issue with Rapid Fire and Bestial Wrath. While cooldown stacking is a cool idea, it might not be the case of BW + RF. Typically, during BW you are only using Kill Command and Arcane Shot where haste has 0 effect. RF would most likely serve you better when used to decrease Cobra shot time down to 1.05-1.1 sec and enable you to use 5 shots between Kill Commands

  3. Garlass says:

    Hi All,
    First post ever so..1st.. Frost, many thanks for this hudge work you are accomplishing and all information you are providing. I would even go to the extend that I would have known WHU earlier I would be a dwarf too… :-).

    I’ve a issue with stopcasting macro. It actually not always triger the shot. It does stopcast but most of the time I’ve to hit the button twice to shoot… does anyone experience the same ?

  4. Mistahtea says:

    Adding nodead to the misdirection macro is useful for when your tank dies:
    /cast [@focus,help,nodead][@pet,exists] Misdirection
    so that your misdirect can immediately go to your pet (for raid saving awesomeness). Im pretty sure without nodead the macro will fail once the focus target dies. (perhaps I’m wrong)

    • Deepfriedegg says:

      I think if your tank dies there is much better thing you can do (if the other one cant taunt it): Distracting shot, Disengage, run away, Deterrence, Feign Death, run away, Distracting shot It will buy your over 10 seconds worth of time in which your tank shoud be BR´ed and healed.

      It will save your raid much more likely than misdirecting to your pet who is on bottom of threat anyway ;)

      • Mistahtea says:

        Well of course :)
        I was exaggerating a bit with saving your raid, but there were several times when heroics were new where the tank would be in trouble, I would summon up my turtle and kill the boss solo with my trusty pet. Fixing the macro makes this much easier as you don’t have to change your focus.

      • Jaeger says:

        As BM, my pet is usually pretty high on the threat meters but BM is the exception for this.

      • Shootnloot says:

        I must sat that /cast [@focus,help,nodead][@pet,exists] Misdirection really helped me. I saved our party when tank died, than I just summoned my turtle (with the nice macro for pets) and we managed to kill the boss (ZA the boss with Hawks)

  5. Lagaz says:

    Cool article! Here’s is what i use to disengage and smart mount/dismount using a button

    /cast Disengage
    /cast [flyable,nomounted] Phosphorescent Stone Drake
    /cast [nomounted] Abyssal Seahorse
    /cast [nomounted, swimming] Sea Turtle
    /script VehicleExit()
    /script UIErrorsFrame:Clear();

    – By default, this will try to mount on a random flying mount (change mount names to your preference)
    – When swimming in Vashj’ir, it will mount up on the Abyssal Seahorse. If you’re at the surface it will mount on your flying mount.
    – When swimming NOT in Vashj’ir, it will mount on your flying mount if you’re at the surface, or your Sea Turtle if underwater. (if you don’t have a sea turtle, remove this line)
    – In Battlegrounds/Non-flyable will mount ground. (again, change mount names to your preference)
    – If you are in a vehicle, you will exit the vehicle.
    – If you are mounted, you will dismount.
    – and finally if you are in combat cast disengage

    • Lagaz says:

      My bad… I posted an incomplete macro (getting sleepy and sloppy). The complete one is:

      /cast Disengage
      /cast [flyable,nomounted] Phosphorescent Stone Drake
      /cast [nomounted] Abyssal Seahorse
      /cast [nomounted, swimming] Sea Turtle
      /cast Mechano-Hog
      /script VehicleExit()
      /script UIErrorsFrame:Clear();

      – You can swap the “cast” for “castrandom” to add a list of your mounts (flying or land) you want to have, just make sure you use the right spelling and separate it with a comma.
      – You can remove the last line if you need more mounts to fit in the text limit
      – You can also remove the sea turtle line if you don’t have one and free more characters for the text limit

  6. Hulder says:

    Awesome. I’m a complete macro noob so this could not be more helpful… Thanks so much!!

  7. Jonaleth says:

    Hey, awesome collection!

    I have a question about “Aspect Dancing Macro 2”. Is there any way to disable the sound effect of Aspect of the Hawk? I modified it to look like this, but didnt work at all:

    /console Sound_EnableSFX 0
    /cast !Aspect of the Hawk
    /console Sound_EnableSFX 1

    • Lackies says:

      I asked about this on MMo-champion, and the answer I got was either use an addon to allow /in commands ( ace2) to turn off the sound for about half a GCD then turn it back on.

      Or to find the sound file for aspect of the hawk and replace it with an empty file.

      I’m more than willing to do the later option ( and tell my guildies how to do it if the sound annoys them too) but waiting for someone a little more knowledgeable than myself to tell me which file to replace.

    • Ghedrhalla says:

      Create a silent .wav file in the Windows Sound Recorder (I just left my mic off for .5 – 1 sec) and save it as the following filenames [capitals are important]:

      Move the files you want changed into: [your WoW folder here]/Data/Sound/Spells/

      Hope that helps.

      • Superb says:

        can someone help me with removing the sound from the aspects ?

        for some reason it isnt working anymore . could be the new patch .

        im using windows 7 (64bit)

        did all the steps u posted on the forum … i also found the threath on the uswow forums with the addon from curse to get the .wav files …

        still doesnt work .

        is there anyone out in the open who still got it working ??


  8. Loverlie says:

    A few months ago there was a concern with “Cast !Auto Shot” command. Does anyone know if this still stands? Is /startattack still the “Casts !Auto Shot” alternative we’re gonna want to be using just in our shots with a cast time?

    • Lackies says:

      I’m also curious about the proper command to put in out steady/cobra shot macros to ensure we autoattack when the button is pressed and not when the shot fires.

  9. shootandloot says:

    i am having troubles combining the deterrence macro linked here with my combined shield belt/deterrence/disengage macro, can anyone help me?

    /cast [nomodifier]Disengage
    /cast [modifier:shift]Deterrence
    /cast [modifier:alt] 6

  10. Twilit Soul says:

    Fyi, I would just like to mention/ask if typing out “target=” is necessary? I thought “@” and “target=” were interchangeable? In these macros it doesn’t really matter, but sometimes people want to conserve characters and that’s quite a difference which can add up as well.

    • Gevauden says:

      Yes, the @ is equivalent

      • Lokrick says:

        Yes, to support potentially longer macros and for better consistency, I recommend always using “@” instead of “target=” and “/use” instead of “/cast”. The saved characters can add up when you have a bunch of slightly different variants of the same conditional clause; for example variants that let me focus a friend or enemy and work off of either:

        /use [@focus,harm,nomod][@mouseover,harm][@focustarget,harm,nomod][harm]Tranquilizing Shot

  11. Draze says:

    I found this Master’s Call Macro to work pretty well in PvP, though my pet is not always right next to me. In that case you can spam it till it works and still not be interrupted from attacking. This is designed for a self-Master’s call, which is 90% of the time. Occasionally I cast it on a friend, but I just go the old fashion way for that.

    #showtooltip Master’s Call
    /pet passive
    /target [Your name here]
    /cast Master’s Call

    also use similar one for my pets Roar of Sacrifice to give me a little defense when I’m getting jumped. It works well when stunned because it is actually you pet casting the spell, not you.
    #showtooltip Roar of Sacrifice
    /target [Your name here]
    /cast Roar of Sacrifice

    • Gevauden says:

      In the interest of saving characters, and to help with the “not right next to you” part, my master’s call macro is:

      #showtooltip Master’s Call
      /cast Dash
      /cast [@player] Master’s Call

      • Kirk says:

        I think you need a /petpassive in there to get your pet back by your side quickly. He’s likely going to be out beating on a mob somewhere distant from you. So something like this:
        #showtooltip Master’s Call
        /cast Dash
        /cast [@player] Master’s Call

    • Vladihn says:

      Just a small thing, but with the /pet passive, it will emote “You need to be petted”. If you’re not into that kind of thing, just use /cast pet passive. :)

  12. Dreaux says:

    I’ve been using this one since you recommended it some time ago. Thanks for such great advice.
    /cast [@focus,help][@pet,exists] Misdirection
    I’d like to recommend a revision to it for anyone who finds themselves in a situation in which their tank has died and they’d like to save the day by misdirecting to their pet until the pull is cleared.
    /cast [@focus,help,nodead][@pet,exists] Misdirection

  13. iThumbs says:

    The stopcasting macro you gave is a little tempremental, I used to use that one (/stopcasting) and it would sometimes not work. Now i’m not sure, but i think it has something to do with autoshot. I got round this by simply putting /stopcasting twice:

    #showtooltip (shot name)
    /use (shot name)

    I also think its worth noting that the #showtooltip comand only works with all lowercase letters. I couldn’t work out why mine didn’t work but i had a capital S.
    Hope this helps someone!

  14. Crixus says:

    Can you clarify the difference between /startattack and /cast !auto shot with and which one I want to use for switching targets? It was brought up in HPP 64 with Kripparrian around the 59 min mark, and he was saying the difference was obvious but my comprehension skills suck.

  15. Kirk says:

    I suggest adding
    /cast wingclip
    ahead of the deterrence line in the deterrence macro. It usually helps with both PvE and PvP fights.

    I add wingclip ahead of disengage in my disengage macro for the same reason.

  16. Gevauden says:

    Random notes from memory.

    Due to being somewhat of a keyspammer, I have a /cancelaura Deterrence line in most shot macros. The prior post where you have a Deterrence and Deterrence cancel on the same button would have me constantly turning it off as soon as I turned it on. Putting the cancelaura line in with things like explosive and kill shot ensure that I break out of Deterrence when I want to start shooting again. I’ve read that you can also add a /cancelaura Hand of Protection line, I’m assuming that also keeps you from attacking but I’ve never noticed this being a problem.

    Especially useful for PvP, the /cast line of many abilities looks like this:
    /cast [@mouseover,harm,nodead][@target,harm,nodead] Ability

    The logic is that it tries to cast the ability on a harmful, alive mouseover. If even one of these conditions is not met, it falls through and casts it on a living enemy target.

    Which is used for:
    Tranq Shot
    Wyvern Sting
    Scatter Shot
    Scare Beast
    Serpent Sting
    Pet Special (Web, Bad Manner, etc. usually with a /cast Dash or /cast Dive line preceeding it)
    Hunter’s Mark

    My ocrap button is:
    #showtooltip Healthstone
    /use Healthstone
    /use Mythical Healing Injector
    /use Mythical Healing Potion
    /use [@player] Dense Embersilk Bandage
    /script UIErrorsFrame:Clear()

    Which is kind of nice because it shows whether you have a healthstone available, pops healthstone and potion if you’re moving when you hit it, and pops those plus a bandage if you’re standing still when you hit it.

    • Kirk says:

      For Wyvern sting, one also needs to switch targets so as not to break the sleep effect early. I use /stopattack and /petpassive at the end of my wyvern sting macro. Then I’ll assist the tank to switch to the next target.

  17. iThumbs says:

    I’d like to see a Macro for the following if anyone has one,
    Clicking switches to Hawk and casts aimed shot,
    Clicking with the ‘Fire!’ Buff (insta aimed shots) switches to Hawk and fires the free instant Aimed shot.

    Last time i tried, the initial part worked however, when i had the free proc version, it still cast the long cast version and pinched 50 focus!

  18. veldrinvelve says:

    Common macro:
    1. Create a macro for each shot
    2. In theses macro do before shot : /click ActionButton2
    3. Create a macro and put it in ActionButton2
    4. In this “common” macro do off GCD Stuff like

    /console Sound_EnableSFX 0
    /cast Fureur sanguinaire
    /use 10
    /tar a sepcific target
    /console Sound_EnableSFX 1
    /script UIErrorsFrame:Clear()

    For Misdirection I do:
    /cast [@focus, exists, nodead][@pet, exists] Misdirection
    /raid Misdirection %f

  19. Quill2006 says:!)

    Eidtrope just posted this really useful guide to the different options for aspect dancing macros. I haven’t experimented myself, but it seems like it gives a clear picture of the pros and cons of each option.

  20. Gunho says:

    Thanks, some nice macros in here.

    But personally I don’t use misdirect and master’s call macros. The clique addon works well for my needs. I can shift-click any party/raidmember to MD to them and ctrl-rightclick to use MC on them. it’s maybe not as fast as being macrobound due to them being clicks, but it’s quite versatile.

  21. Eleen says:

    anyone know how to make the /cast !aspect of the hawk, /cast instant shot * …. so that it doesn’t pop aspect every time i press the macro? kinda annoying, specially during BW with ArS. And i like playing with sound ;p. Is there a way to make a conditional so tha once its in hawk, or fox, not to keep cycling that aspect? i tried using sequence resets and that would not work.

    • Dreaux says:

      I wondered the same myself (was very annoyed by the constant hawk calls triggered with my key shots), and I’m looking forward to trying portions of veldrinvelve’s maco advice above.

      /console Sound_EnableSFX 0


      /console Sound_EnableSFX 1

      Now I’m wondering if there’s a way to increase how many toon specific macros each toon can have. I seem to have hit a maximum with a my hunter.

  22. Rackfu says:

    I thought this was the BiS glove tinker for hunters?

    • elethir says:

      I’m confused by this as well… I thought it was supposed to give us Agi instead of intellect (class-specific). Has anyone used this and seen an Agi boost instead?

      • GTyoungblood says:

        I confirmed it just a few minutes ago. Here’s what the tool tip on the gloves displays, not the tooltip for the Tinker.

        “USE: Increases your Int, Agi, or Str by 480 for 10 seconds. Your highest stat is always chosen. (1 min CD)”

        The Tinker Tool tip says raises INT by 0. says nothing about STR or AGI

  23. Horanur says:

    Is it still necessary to put this at the start of each shot macro:

    /cast !auto shot


  24. Candles says:

    for the misdirection macro, is there a way you can set it so if your focus dies, it misdirects your pet too?

  25. aoxx-talnivarr says:

    /cast !Aspect of the Hawk
    /cast Explosive Shot (or whatever instant shot the macro is for)

    Swap the order too
    /cast Explosive Shot (or whatever instant shot the macro is for)
    /cast !Aspect of the Hawk
    gives u the power of seing the CD off the shot too havn’t tested it properly yet but looks like it works great:D

    • aoxx-talnivarr says:

      Didn’t work whit the hard castet aimed (worked fine whit the instant
      Had too use:
      /cast !Aspect of the Hawk
      /cast Aimed Shot

      but seing as Aimed dont got any CD it’s np’s:D

    • Bahzob says:

      I assumed commands were queued in sequence and calculations for damage worked out on the basis of whichever buffs etc were in force at the time of execution.

      So you are in Fox before using this macro then surely the Explosive Shot damage will be calculated without Hawk AP?

      • Dreaux says:

        I’ve read that macros are executed sequentially but are atomic. I’ve never read on whether they’re transactionally atomic or just for the purposes of the command interrupt. It’d be interesting to see what the results are between using the aspect of the hawk before the shot in a macro, and then after in another macro. Can anybody point me to a guide on gathering stats in wow and a site to aid in crunching their results? I’ve got a basic stats understanding but I’m no whiz.

  26. Berron says:

    thnx a million guys!! I’m gonna use a bunch of those :)

  27. GTyoungblood says:

    It took me one week exactly, but I did it. I switched out Skinning for Engineering, and levels it to 525. Then I spent about a day farming recipes. Got all the repair bot drops, up to and including Jeeves. They all dropped within one hour, from first to last. Longest part was getting lost in Black Rock trying to find the one on the floor.

    But I have a question. Everyone is saying Synapse springs is BiS. But it’s an Intellect buff, or so says ALL the tooltips I’ve seen for it. including the one a few posts ago. Is this just a tooltips error? Or is there another version Synaps springs I can loot somewhere?


  28. Silvene says:

    hi everyone,

    first time posting here so be genttle :p

    ive come up with a solution for aspect dancing, allthough its a bit of a pain to setup it works great without spamming your aspects when its not necessary.

    here’s how it works. make a set of new macro’s for your instant shot and steady/cobra shot that looks like this:
    #showtooltip steady shot
    /cast !Aspect of the Fox
    /changeactionbar 2


    #showtooltip Chimera Shot
    /cast Aspect of the Hawk
    /changeactionbar 1

    what it will do is, when you press the button for steady shot it will cast aspect of the fox and switch to actionbar 2 of your main action bar, make sure you have your normal steady shot on the same location of the previous actionbar and it will cast it while being in aspect of the fox.

    now on actionbar 2 put the new macro’s for your instant shots like above and remember to put them on the same location as your normal shot is on the main actionbar (actionbar 1). this will for the game to stop casting if you are and put you in aspect of the hawk and then switch to your previous actionbar and since your normal version of that shot is in the same location it will fire it.

    • Silvene says:

      damn it, made a few typo’s :S
      sorry english aint my native language.

      • Dreaux says:

        Very nice approach for solving the constant “CAW, CAW” when spamming and for keeping your aspects changes off cooldown so you can switch WHEN you need to switch to another aspect.

        If you’re doing a few other things such as canceling auras, using trinkets, or clearing UI messages, you’ll have to double some of your macros, but this is too slick an approach to ignore.

  29. elethir says:

    First time poster, avid reader.

    I know this probably isn’t the place for it (as this is a macro thread and not an addons thread), but for raid icons, i’ve found this Marking Bar addon Extremely helpful.

    It not only allows you to set raid icons on targets, it also has a configurable announcement template. Very easy to use and definitely saves me the trouble of fumbling around with clicking on unit frames, right clicking, and selecting (possibly the wrong) icons. It also has World Markers for your group to see – though if you want to test those out, do keep in mind that you need to be in a party.

  30. bevelboy says:

    This discussion seems to be centered more around PvE but I’m hoping to find some love for PvP hunters here. It’s about all I do anymore.

    I don’t have any issues with macro’ing aspect of the hawk before an instant cast shot or a hard cast aimed shot, my problem is when I need to get back on the run and in fox so I can do my steady shots while moving. In PvP, that extra 1 second can mean life or death and also disfunction if you NOW have to aspect dance into fox. Before, I just stayed in fox and kicked rear, now I have to press an extra button after firing an aimed shot and THEN start my steady shots?

    So what are my options then? I tried macro’ing /cast Aspect of the Fox before my /cast steady shot but if im in Hawk, and press this button, I have to hit it twice before steady starts to cast and I can move while doing it. Help me out! this is going to effect my pvp game pretty rough.

    • Kirk says:

      Deterrence and disengage are great for PvP. Write your macros such that you get a raptor strike and wingclip in ahead of either of these to deal damage and slow your opponent. For example:
      #showtooltip Disengage
      /cast Raptor Strike
      /cast Wingclip
      /cast Disengage

  31. Corunja says:

    I’m looking for an macro, that casts Mend Pet on my Pet if it hasn’t the buff on it, an shoot a shot in the same second.
    Can anyone help me?

  32. Takemikazuch says:

    Good macros, definitely updating my slightly outdated ones.

    One question though, the ZOMG Blow it all macro. I pretty much have those macro’d to my shots to make the management a bit easier.

    In this case would it be wise to unmacro those?

    • GTyoungblood says:

      I pretty much have all my CD’s macro’d in with all my attacks. I’d rather use them at random than to never use them.That works ok in leveling/questing, but, If you are raiding, that’s probably not a good idea.

      You will most likely want to save all those CD’s for a special time when you need to burn down the Boss really fast. And if you had your pets Ancient Hysteria macro’d in, and used that at random, you’d probably get kicked for sure. That’s a CD for the whole raid team, and not just you.

  33. Talath says:

    Nice guide.

    Here’s my Spirit Beast Heal Macro for PvP:
    #showtooltip Spirit Mend
    /cast [target=player] Spirit Mend
    /use 14
    /use [target=player] Draught of War
    /use [target=player] Healthstone

    The macro uses Spirit Mend on me (usable every 40 seconds), activates my Battlemaster Trinket (put 13 or 14 depending on the slot you have your trinket in), uses Draught of War (or any other type of healing potion you designate), and uses a healthstone (if you have one).

    Out of 13 Twin Peaks battlegrounds this past weekend, I was #1 or #2 in total healing for 6 matches just from using this macro and a couple bandages.

    • Talath says:

      This is a macro I use to either cast Hunter’s Mark (if the target is enemy) or set my Focus (if target is friendly).

      #showtooltip Hunter’s Mark
      /cast [harm] Hunter’s Mark;
      /focus [help]

  34. Gigs says:

    Is there anyway to make a Macro For kill shot to combine it into one button?
    Say link it to arcane and keep arcane’s tooltip till Kill Shot is up then changes to that tooltip and skill along with not showing when on CD an such.

  35. Jhenson says:

    I have been searching to see if there is a way to bind the aspect dance macro to a mouse button without having to add something to my action bars. Is this possible? I am crazy and like to keep everything organized and don’t really have the room to spare….but clearly will need to make some if there is no other solution.

    Thanks in advance fellow Hunters!

    • GTyoungblood says:

      OK, first my explanation of what I have bound to my mouse. Then I’ll try to explain it.

      I have a Logitech nanoVX mouse. Its the one with a scroll wheel that is weighted like a fly wheel. When clicked, it toggles between free flying, or ratcheted(?). It also tilts left to right, which only occurs to me now to try to use (more on that later if it works), and a center button I use to move with. There are two, very small buttons used for FWD/BACK browsing. These two buttons (#4 and #5) are very close to each other, and I can hit one at a time with my index finger, or both at once. These two are the ones I have set up.

      The set up. I wanted to have a very quick action JUMP/DISENGAGE button. Macros CAN NOT trigger movements like LEFT/RIGHT/FWD/BACK or JUMP. So I mapped (in game menu KEY BINDINGS) the JUMP command to mouse button #5.

      I created this macro and placed it on an action bar

      /cast Freezing Trap
      /cast Disengage
      /cast lifeblood

      Roar and Lifeblood were just because I could. And the roar lets me know I really hit it, in case I’m rooted and don’t DE. Lifeblood, well, it gives that nice little 480 haste boost.

      I go back into KEY BINDINGS and way on down in the list is bindings for the “MultiActionBar Bindings”. I’m using BOTTOM LEFT ACTION BAR BUTTON #2. Which is the action bar just above the #’s 1-9 action bar. There are two options to the right you can map with. Big red buttons, cant miss them. Click on it, and you are asked to select what button to map. Click the mouse button you want mapped to that location, where you will place your macro.

      I put my DE macro there, and now whenever I hit both mouse buttons #4 & 5, I get a Jump DE with a TRAP dropped. I also swap out FISHING cast command where that macro sits, for easy fishing. Sit back in my recliner, and leave the keyboard alone. Fishing with just the mouse, almost like real fishing, almost doing nothing that is.

      !7:^) hope this helps.

  36. Mascaron says:

    I’ve been playing with the Trap Launcher Macro and imo the 3 second reset is far too short. I’ll end up paying double for trap launcher because it will still spend focus even when it’s activated. What I would really love to do is when I press my mouse button I first cast trap launcher then depending on which modifier key I hold down when I press the button again I can use that trap. This would essentially give me the ability to put all my traps on a single button (if there were 4 modifier keys). I would absolutely fall in love with this if it’s possible. Please tell me it is and supply me with the macro. :D:D:D:D:D:D:D

  37. Bunnyboots says:

    My husband made me this aspect dancing macro. Not sure if it’s posted already but has anyone else tried this one? sorry if it’s there already didn’t see it! :P
    /castsequence reset=Combat Aspect of the Fox, Cobra Shot, Cobra Shot, Cobra Shot, Aspect of the Hawk
    It seems to work very well without canceling anything if you are in hawk and need to switch to fox for cobra or steady for focus regen then switches back to hawk. I love it!

  38. Cassador says:

    How about a macro that will turn on all tracking at once or turn it off all at once? I have seen a few on the net by searching but none work correctly.

  39. Draam says:

    i Need help makeing a macro not sure how to go about it ………..i want to put HUnter’s mark on the same macro with aimed Shot and pet attack. Can someone help me out here? I do have the automatic hunter’s mark ablitiy yet so i want to make is so i kinda do……. any help would be apprecitaed

  40. helwyr says:

    as a new hunter i always forget to heal my pet, is it worth adding to a shot?
    if so, how?
    /cast heal pet
    /cast steady shot

    would that layout work, or will it cause problems with gcd etc?

  41. Tendrak says:

    Hello all and to you Frosthelm,

    One thank you for the macro guidance. I like using macros when possible. With the information provided here I was able to make a few combined macros. Though I have tried to analyze the workings of my macros I am not able to determine whether they are working as intended and could use some helpful advice and suggestions.

    The macro is as follows:

    #showtooltip chimera shot (This line is replaced with other instant shots – arcane, aimed, etc)
    #show chimera shot (This line is replaced with other instant shots – arcane, aimed, etc)
    /cast [target=pettarget,exists] kill command
    /cast Call of the Wild
    /cast Rapid Fire
    /cast !Aspect of the Hawk
    /cast chimera shot (This line is replaced with other instant shots – arcane, aimed, etc)
    /cast silencing shot

    The equivalent Steady Shot or Cobra Shot is as follows:

    #showtooltip Steady Shot (This line is replaced with Cobra Shot)
    #show Steady Shot (This line is replaced with Cobra Shot)
    /cast [target=pettarget,exists] kill command
    /cast Call of the Wild
    /cast Rapid Fire
    /cast !Aspect of the Fox
    /cast Steady Shot (This line is replaced with Cobra Shot)

    Could you like give me your analysis of these macros and tell me if they are working correctly. If they need corrections please suggest.

  42. Darnakulus says:

    As Cassador asked previously is it possible to create a macro to turn on certain trackings (humanoid,beast,hidden) for use in BGs and then to turn them off (by using a modifier key if necessary) when out of the BG’s where the tracking over runs your minimap.
    As far as turning on the tracking that seems to be as simple as /cast Track (your choice of type). Where my issue is how to now cancel the tracking. Since I had a couple of the now unused tracking spells in a command bar ,when they were removed from the spell book the icons remained in the bar.However clicking them a 2nd time no longer cancels the tracking type on the mini map.

    My thoughts are something along the lines of ….
    /castsequence [modifier:shift] reset=5 Track Humanoids, Track Beasts, Track Hidden
    /cancelaura [nomod] Track Humanoids, Track Beasts, Track Hidden

    I know the cancelaura is not the proper term and the 2nd line is completely incorrect in it’s syntax.
    If anyone has any ideas on how to make this work either on a single macro with modifiers or if necessary the cancel macro could be on a separate macro.

  43. sectator says:

    one shot macro! for all you bm pvpers out there
    /cast Bestial Wrath
    /cast Rapid Fire
    /cast Vicious Gladiator’s Badge of Conquest
    /cast Focus Fire
    /cast Intimidation
    /cast Lifeblood
    /use Potion of the Tol’vir

  44. BabbaLouie says:

    Is there a line/macro to select your focus’s target? – I’ve searched, but couldn’t really find anything, and am currently unable to tinker with writing macros at the moment…

    Im trying to keep a tank as my focus, and bind this macro to (im thinking) HM to easily attack the same target my tank is. Any help/advice is much appreciated.

    I’ll post whatever I come up with if it turns out to actually be benefical lol

    – LOVE this site! Thank you!

  45. Kalo says:

    Nice list of macros.

    Personally i run alot of heroics and typing /focus every heroic bothers me.
    so i combine it in a hunters mark macro:

    /cast hunter’s mark
    /focus [noharm]

  46. Deiellenn says:

    Your macros have a lot of “white noise” in them. From my experience with macros, it’s always a benefit to avoid characters you don’t need. For instance, instead of [target=. . .], you should use [@. . .]. [modifer] should be replaced by [mod], /cast by /use, and /script by /run. One last note, mouseover macros get real funny without a command to check for a real target. [@mouseover,harm] or [@mouseover,exists] works much better than [@mouseover] all by itself. All this is probably academic, but I thought I’d offer the info anyway.
    Also, absolutely love your site.

  47. Cody says:

    Looking for advice, Currently use a hunters mark macro to initiate combat, it looks like this
    /display icon Hunter’s Mark
    /cast Hunter’s Mark

    That starts my attack, my pets attack, and throws HM on target.
    I would like to add into it to target and assist my focused target (i focus the tank) when i have a focus, or when i have no focus to throw the mark on my current target.

  48. kimmyshor says:

    About the Master’s Call macro i think this one is better

    #showtooltip Master’s Call
    /cast Dash
    /cast [target=”your name”]Master’s Call

    or you can add modifier if you set focus on your partener and the macro well look like this

    #showtooltip Master’s Call
    /cast Dash
    /cast [target=”your name”]Master’s Call
    /cast [modifier:shift, target=focus]Master’s Call

    work fine without /petpassive if you put your pet passive make sure to put petattack in your macros or pet defensive

  49. Khaleesi says:

    I was wondering if there was a macro where I can Wing Clip, then Disengage and then Concussive Shot all in one button. I also wouldn’t mind throwing in a Web (if my spider pet is out) or an Ankle Crack (if my crocolisk pet is out).

    • smakendahed says:

      The extra abilities have to not trigger a global cooldown or you won’t be able to have them all in one macro.

      /script UIErrorsFrame:UnregisterEvent(“UI_ERROR_MESSAGE”);
      /cast Wing Clip
      /cast Raptor Strike
      /cast Web
      /cast Ankle Crank
      /cast Pin **(I think that’s the Crab one)
      /cast Disengage

      That should work.

  50. smakendahed says:

    A few of the macros I’m using:

    Master’s Call
    /cast [@mouseover,help][@player] Master’s Call

    Disengage (got this from Garwulf)

    /script UIErrorsFrame:UnregisterEvent(“UI_ERROR_MESSAGE”);
    /cast Wing Clip
    /cast Raptor Strike
    /cast Disengage

    Nothing like popping a wing clip, raptor strike then launching yourself away.


    /cast [@focus, help] Misdirection
    /cast [@focustarget, help] Misdirection
    /cast [@target, help] Misdirection
    /cast [@targettarget, help] Misdirection
    /cast [@pet, nodead, exists] Misdirection

    Primarily at my focus target (which is usually the tank)
    I could probably ditch the second line, focus’ target.
    Next would be my target.
    Or my target’s target (dump more threat on the mob’s target)
    Finally, my pet.

    I’ll likely update it to include ‘nodead’ for the focus.

    Hunter’s Mark + Pet Attack Group/Raid or Solo sensitive

    /cast Hunter’s Mark
    /petattack [combat]
    /petautocastoff Growl
    /petautocaston Cower
    /stopmacro [group:raid/party]
    /petautocaston Growl
    /petautocastoff Cower

    Basically switches the pet to Growl on, Cower off if I’m solo or Growl off, Cower on if I’m in a group or raid and only sends the pet to attack if we’re already in combat.

    One flaw with this is if you’re soloing (dailies for example) while in a group (queued for a heroic with guildies), your pet will not be taunting and won’t charge in to attack.

  51. Khaleesi says:

    Thanks for the quick reply. I’ll prolly try the misdirection macro as well. this is gonna be TOOOO SWEEEEEET!!!

  52. Khaleesi says:

    Thx smakendahed,

    I tried your Disengage macro and it works beautifully.

    I have not tried your Misdirection or Master’s Call Macros as I don’t have those abilities yet but I will when I do get them.

    Oh and Frostheim, the aspect dance and pet management macros are great.

  53. Khaleesi says:

    Oh and I forgot to thank Frostheim and everyone who made this site possible. Keep up the good work. And thx to everyone who posted their macros. Keep posting and making my life easier in Azeroth.

  54. fightsu says:

    is it possible to have the pet management macro call out 2 different pets? and by this i mean if your current pet dies while in mid boss fight ( which happens to mine alot during fl boss fights regardless of the mending i do) the management macro above calls for a revive but a revive is a signifigant loss of dps, is it possible to have the macro “see” that your current pet is dead and call out your #2 pet to replace it or no? cause i mainly run beast spec and a fair amount of my dps comes from my pets, i’m still pullin descent #’s when thier dead but i pull more when thier alive (aka kill command and such) and also a curiosity ? inregards to the mouse over macro how does the gcd affect the mouseover abilities of it?

    • Snipingllama says:

      /cast [nopet,modifier,button:1] Call Pet 3; [nopet,modifier,button:2] Call Pet 4; [nopet,button:1] Call Pet 1; [nopet,button:2] Call Pet 2; [modifier:alt] Dismiss Pet; [@pet,dead] Revive Pet; Mend Pet

      Only thing it can’t do is revive your pet if you fail on the first revive.

  55. ToesNose says:

    hey Gang

    Macro newb, was looking to make a macro for just soloing and questing.
    I’d like it to make my pet attack, apply hunter’s mark and then start an Aimed Shot.
    I tried this-
    /cast hunter’s mark
    /cast Aimed Shot

    it made my pet attack and applied the Hunter’s mark but did not cast Aimed Shot.
    Any help would be appreciated.


  56. Benroe says:

    Alright this is my first time posting here but I have a macro that I use very often that is geared towards BM hunters… This macro allows the hunter to hot bar their exotic pet’s abilities to use in a rotation or as a buff.

    #showtooltip [pet:worm] Burrow Attack; [pet:chimaera] Froststorm Breath; [pet:core hound]Ancient Hysteria; [pet:rhino]Horn Toss
    /use [pet:worm]Burrow Attack;[pet:chimaera]Froststorm Breath;[pet:core hound]Ancient Hysteria;[pet:rhino]Horn Toss

    This macro is actually a modification of a warlock macro that I use on my warlock when I decide to dust him off every now and then. I would like to give credit to the original author of the warlock macro, but I don’t remember where I got it or who they are. I’m sure some modifications or perfections could be made however it works just fine for me as is

  57. Snoggi says:


    Nice macro. You can shorten it a bit though. #showtooltip will pick what to display based what’s in the /use command, so there’s no need to write it twice.

    Also, when I used my own version, I added targets when needed since my pet tended to give a target error at times (most notably with skills like web and such). Something like this:

    /use [pet:Shale Spider,@target] Web Wrap; [pet:Spirit Beast,@player] Spirit Mend

    I recommend this macro to all hunters, since it not only distills your favorite pet abilities into a single button (which changes depending on what pet you have out at the time) but it also allows you to set targets for them (as with the example of spirit mend, no more having to select yourself or see your pet heal itself instead).

  58. Superb says:

    can someone help me with removing the sound from the aspects ?

    for some reason it isnt working anymore . could be the new patch .

    im using windows 7 (64bit)

    did all the steps u posted on the forum … i also found the threath on the uswow forums with the addon from curse to get the .wav files …

    still doesnt work .

  59. skyhauwk says:

    can someone help me? iv had a macro i’ve used forever and now since the patch my pet wont attack. it went like this, /cast hunters mark /cast petattack / assist spike (pet) /cast auto shot. not in one line of course. my one button do all is gone. what happened? i’ve tried different things,just cant get pet to attack on the same macro. help.

  60. Nitestalkrr-Staghelm Server says:

    AWESOME collection of macros! After reading this, I dug out my Logitech G13 Gaming Pad that I had given up on a year ago, after I got 3 new puppies and they chewed up the USB extension cord. You can program keystrokes, or keystroke combinations to just one key. And the best part is, it has a macro timer that records the time between your keystrokes. As a result, I’ve done what a couple of posters said was not possible. I’ve bound a trap launcher AND trap to one button and one keypress. The launcher and the trap both need to be in an action slot. I have the timer waiting for 1.016 seconds before it loads the trap. This is how it works: I push the Explosive trap launcher button, then move my cursor to where I want the trap to land. 1.016 seconds after I pushed the button, crosshairs appear under my cursor, I press the left mouse button and the trap lands there very shortly. I also setup a jump-shot button that automatically fires about 1/3 of a second after I jump. I setup two buttons, one fires a Chimera Shot, the other fires a Concussive Shot. I hope I’m not stepping on anyones toes by bringing some hardware into a macro discussion. I figure we’re all techies here, trying to make our Hunters faster, stronger, and better looking :) I’m just trying to let you guys know of another way that I found to make our Hunters badder ass than they already are. I even automated my wow logon. One button launches wow, another button fills in my password. Anyway I hope I’ve been helpful, HAPPY HUNTING!!

  61. britom says:

    I am trying to combine the mouse over macro with Multi-Shot however it is not working. Suggestions?

    /cast [mouseover=target] Multi-Shot
    /cast [mouseover=target,harm,nodead] Mutli-Shot
    seem to work.

  62. Beerbolt says:

    I’d like to share a few macros of my own. While about half are just my BM rotation abilities with /cast! Aspect of the Hawk (Aspect of the Fox for steady/cobra shot) and /cast Rabid added, most of the others basically let me use my pet’s other abilities without having to click on the pet action bar.

    Varying pet abilities (interupts included)
    /cast [pet:gorilla] Pummel; [pet:nether ray] Nether Shock; [pet:moth] Serenity Dust; [pet:turtle] Shell Shield; [pet: carrion bird] Swoop; Charge

    /cast [nomod, @targettarget, help][mod:shift, @focus, exists, help, nodead][@player] Intervene

    Spirit Mend/Ancient Hysteria
    /cast [pet:core hound] Ancient Hysteria; [nomod, @targettarget, help][@player] Spirit Mend

    Roar of Scarafice
    /cast [nomod, @targettarget, help][@player] Roar of Sacrifice
    /cast Cower
    If I’m using a Cunning Pet with this ability (most likely if the pet is speced for pvping), this should help whoever gets RoS take less damage, with the /cast cower added to help the pet take lower damage from RoS damge redirects.

    one button slow/disorient macro
    /cast [mod:alt] Wing Clip; [mod:shift] Scatter Shot; Concussive Shot

    my personal misdirect macro
    /cast [mod:shift, @pet, exists][@focus, help, nodead][@pet, exists] Misdirection

    hyper huner dps increase
    /cast Rapid Fire
    /cast Call of the Wild

  63. Angelista says:

    here is a simple macro i use when i want my pet to stay on the boss while i bounce around and change targets. just put pet on passive, and set the tank to focus.

    /petattack [target=focustarget]

    useful on fights like Warmaster Blackhorn where im on the drakes, and my pet has a hard time attacking them. i add that line into my arcane shot macro and my pet is constantly attacking one of the melee adds.

  64. Luminathis says:

    I am a macro noob. I don’t understand them at all. Even reading all the posts I still understand nothing. I’ve looked on so many forums and message boards and talked to so many other players, but I just don’t get it. Can anyone help me!!!!???

  65. LCJR says:

    i am trying to get a macro that will cast “Hunter’s Mark” and then cast “Chimera Shot”. Is this possable and would it be a good thing to do?

  66. Artemitress says:

    This is my first time here and i am not really finding what i am looking for…I am a survival hunter and i only have one hand so although i probably should use macros, i do not because i don’t know how. Would love a little help on making a macro also i have never used deterence. I don’t even know what it does. Yeah i am a noob only been 85 for one day and i am sooo confused and i need some help please…

  67. Anonymous says:

    hi i tryed the aspect of the hawk arcane shot macro and it will cast hawk over and over any help?

  68. Jan says:

    I need macro that if i have not Chimera chot on cooldown to cast it, if it is on cooldown to cast Arcane Shot

  69. maladarius says:

    /cast [nomod] Steady Shot/Cobra Shot
    /castsequence [nomod] reset=1 !Aspect of the Fox, null
    For movement shots.
    /use [nomod] Other shot i.e. arcane/aimed/chimera
    /castsequence [nomod] reset=1 !Aspect of the Hawk, null
    For shots that are heavier hitting requiring AotH

    Both macros will switch the stance prior to firing the actual shot. I will note however that due to the macro wording it does have to be hit twice (hence the reset=1), Can be hit in rapid succession for no loss in timing or dps.

  70. merc669 says:

    I have been playing with “Super duper Macro” which allows you to exceed the 255 character limit. Seems to work pretty good. Has anybody else tried this?

  71. merc669 says:

    My Current macro using “SDM”. Found on another site. Seems to work pretty good.;
    /castsequence [mod]Readiness;reset=target Serpent Sting,null
    /castsequence reset=1 Cobra Shot
    /castsequence reset=6 Kill Command,arcane shot,arcane shot,arcane shot,arcane shot
    /cast dire beast
    /cast Bestial Wrath
    /cast lynx rush
    /cast Kill Shot
    /use 13
    /use 14

  72. Elenwë says:

    First off – thanks to Frost for a great article (as they all are on WHU) and thanks to everyone that’s posted their own macros and advice. Misdirect & Pet Management macros are all kinds of awesome :D

    I’m looking for some help with a pet stance macro – if it’s possible. I’d like to be able to toggle between assist and passive stances on a single button (just solo’d Hydross in SSC & it would’ve been a big help). Scoured WHU and WoWwiki and can’t find the info I’m after – can anyone help?


  73. Peyman says:

    Very Tnx