What’s the Best Pet Video

Posted: by Frostheim

I continue to get this question, and frustratingly I get the question a lot in response to my answering the question. “Hey Frost, what’s the best hunter pet email me bak kthnx bai.” I respond, explaining how it works, or pointing to a WHU post on the topic. Then I get a response, “Okay, but which pet is best for dps?”

I hope that this video clarifies things, and now you guys can point the more troublesome repeat offenders here as well. No cussing, technically, but not terribly language friendly nevertheless.

YouTube direct link: What’s the Best Hunter Pet

Oh, and I have detailed hunter tips for Magmaw and Omnotron over at WoW Insider today.

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  1. Weust says:

    Perfect. Even though I bet people will continue to ask the same question over and over again.

  2. GTyoungblood says:

    ROFLMAO…. I’ll keep this comment shor, I need to check my insurance for some strange reason.

    I had a similar conversation with a L337 one day in Goldshire, about my using Rowans Gun of Silver Bullets.

    All he could say was, “But its a Warriors gun”.

    • Anonymous says:

      Y can’t u just answer: Quilen will give u a battle rez, so great for raids…
      or spirit beasts will heal u… y not talk about different buffs different pets have instead of wasting our time with this video…

  3. Yukarta says:

    Ok so, its monday morning and I am dragging ass, till I saw this, funniest shit ever ! this video made my day LOL

  4. Xotick says:

    This is so perfect! I don’t mind helping people, but this video will come in quite handy for that special hunter. What’s even better is once they view the video, they will magically find themselves on this blog to find the right information.

    However, being the quality individual that they are, I’m sure they’ll just end up shooting Frost an email asking what the best pet is because God forbid they actually take 2-3 min to read.

  5. Pheather says:

    You heard it here first Spore Bats are the best Pet

    Excuse me i did to go tame a Spore Bat befor they are all gone

  6. Gavendo says:

    This made me very happyface

  7. Sidoen says:

    To be honest though most hunters I have come across on my server seem to get the msg, the only time I have asked them about alternative pets is when they didn’t have a more appropriate buff to help the group anyways. Lucky me.

  8. Xanthius says:

    “You’re the offspring of some deformed, idiot savant super villain who had the unfortunate belief in the pull out method.” Quote of the day right there lol

    Nice tips on the raid bosses too of course ;)

  9. Omogon says:


  10. Algroth says:


    B-E-A-U-tiful! Viewing that video, I had flashbacks to the times I’ve tried to explain why it’s a good thing for hunters to know their CC abilities, not to mention what they can do to affect any given combat zone through the use of traps.

    The hard part about being a hunter, imo, is the constant adaptation. We’ve got the multitude of pets, unrivaled CC and kiting abilities, lots of funky traps AND we throw out huuuge dps as well! Unfortunately, a lot of people (like your “I AM 1337”-character there), think being a hunter is only about doling out damage.

    Sporebat indeed… I’ll have to go get one, just to have it out whenever I’m in a capital! It IS the ***BEST*** dps pet, after all! =D

    • chermo says:

      I actually did tame a sporebat back in BC, just because its a REALLY COOL looking pet. it took up a slot in my stables during all of wolk only to be used for display in cities. great colors and it leaves a trail of spores wherever it goes

      Love the video btw. the one asking about the pet reminds me of several people i have worked with in the past.. they were a joy to be around 8 hours a day :(

  11. Corwyn says:

    So let me get this straight. In order to help your overtaxed server, you asked everyone for their favorite macros (209 replies and still going), and then posted this completely hilarious _video_? :-)

    And great tips on Magmaw and Omnotron, just in time for my raid tonight…

    Thank You Kindly.

    • Frostheim says:

      Well, it’s a YouTube video, so it’s YouTube’s bandwidth. But otherwise… um… yeah…. the video is part of the master plan to chase the bad readers away!

  12. Grizzlefoot says:

    Registered to comment…

    So, what’s the best pet?

  13. Morrtin says:

    Great video!!!

    For serious hunters a little help:

    • sesos says:

      I LOVE that AddOn! My memory is unusually terribad, so having an AddOn do something that I don’t have to (i.e. check each buff that my party members bring and either remember them or write them all down) is something that saves me a lot of hassle.

      Every hunter I know, I tell them they need this to boost their DPS. The download it and are then very confused. Then comes the explanation :p

  14. Bakedtatters says:

    Awesome video, i do however have one question. Whats the best pet ? rofl jk. That video brings back to one of the funniest questions i’ve ever received as a hunter.
    Keyturner- How do you kite mobs like that…thats awesome?
    Me- It takes a little practice, but all you have to do is run along, jump, turn around, shoot and turn back before you land, and keep running.
    Keyturner- how the hell do you do that, i dont have enough fingers.
    Me- you don’t use your keyboard to turn do you?
    Keyturner- isn’t that what the arrows are for?
    Me- /facepalm
    Me- you have to use the mouse to move in order to do it ,keyboards are no where near quick enough.
    Keyturner- how do i do that
    Me- press down both mouse buttons and point the mouse where you wanna go, now go run around town to try it out
    I get mabey half an hours rest from this stupidity, then i get the whisper
    Keyturner- this sucks, you don’t know anything
    Me- what????????
    Keyturner- i can’t control myself, i feel like a noob, i don’t need to kite, im gonna keep using my keyboard
    Me- then you will be missing one of the funnest things about playing a hunter, an essential skill
    Keyturner- @$&* you you elitest @#$$%&%
    Me- /ignore

    It just goes to show, despite our best efforts, there will always be players out there, who for reasons only they know will always remain huntards. I think the easy lvling of our class is to blame. They don’t understand what “paying your dues” is all about, they don’t realize that being a well played hunter takes hours at dummies, alot of research, and alot of practice, they are leet because they hit lvl cap. It makes me sad sometimes, but when i meet a keyturning warrior in a BG i kinda get a little hope. After i embarass the hell out him, i realize we aren’t the only class like this, and we have the best class community in wow to try to help as many people as we can.

  15. Trivia says:

    ah this is sweet *(^_^)*

    I am l33t ^^

  16. chevlss72 says:

    AWESOME!!!! Way to start off a Monday morning; laughing my ass off.

  17. Eilistraee says:

    That reminds me – I need to go tame a sporebat for the debuff, since the raid leader would rather I use it instead of the rogue for Maloriak.

    I usually answer this dps question with “Sprit beast” since they’re already being stupid, I may as well convince them to camp a rare spawn in an under performing [for now] spec. ^_^

    • Inune says:

      I actually had to use my Sporebat for a Maloriak kill a couple weeks back. I got all excited and had to take screenshots of my sporebat downing a boss as an actual legitimate raid strategy.

  18. Good Gracious says:

    I’m laughing so hard, I’m crying.

    Thanks for this.

    Although I’m going to skip the sporebat, and go with my current 5 pets of doom.

  19. Turelak says:

    ROFLMAO that was just perfect! I’m laughing until now…

    What’s the best pet?

    R U a girl in real life?

    thumbs up xD

  20. Juniez says:

    Spore Bat it is! C ya at the top of the charts!! :)

  21. I-CEE says:

    brilliant neally wet myself so funny

  22. Dorianchika says:

    I’m crying…. I laughed so hard I’m crying… LLOOL. I can barely see to type.

    Thank You for that moment of Zen Frost. Oooph, I needed that laugh.

  23. Cuchilo says:

    Almost as irritating to me as the hunter asking which pet is best?

    The raid leader who doesn’t have a clue what I’m on about when I ask what pet buff he would like me to bring.

  24. tgauchsin says:

    That is awesome!

  25. gorack says:

    I started laughing so hard during the middle of this that my co-workers all gave me the evil eye. WHU, ruining workplace productivity since 2008. :D

  26. Joolsy says:

    Aaaaaahahahahaaha. Awesome.

    …also, what gorack siad. lol.

  27. Kirk says:

    I must go get a sporebat now . . . .

  28. aar0n says:

    Very funny, well done!

  29. BrannTheRed says:

    OK, for the next WHU raid, all hunters will bring a Sporebat to prove they are “leet”!

  30. Prelious says:

    I could not finish watching this video. I work in a place where laughing maniacally while blowing snot out of your nose is highly frowned upon. Thank goodness I wasn’t drinking milk at the time.

    Thank you so much…I really needed that and I can’t wait to get home and show my son!

  31. Alph says:

    Hey Frost, what’s the best “what’s the best hunter pet” video? Email me bak kthnx bai.

  32. Zeherah says:

    Great video- but I would have told the guy to use a pig!

    I do actually use my sporebat on the occasional times I go to my guild’s rated BGs- the aoe cast speed debuff can be somewhat handy with healers.

    I find most hunters, even when they do get the concept, seem to not really do critical thinking on what buffs are required for their group- they use whatever pet their default is (usually a cat or a wolf) unless someone says “hey, pull out your windserpent”. Then it’s usually “oh, it’s in the stable”.

  33. Chessier says:

    Which Colour Sporebat?

    • Guslado says:

      A red one of course! Everyone knows that red ones go faster and do more damage, duh. Such a noob ;-)

  34. Omogon says:

    HEY…my first pet was a pig ! I still have him and he’s LEET ;)

    Brann…excellent idea for the next WHU event. Sporebats for everybody….or maybe half spore bats and half pigs !

    • Zeherah says:

      Oh I love my pig- it was my first pet too and I will never get rid of him. However I can’t think of a single excuse to use him in raid content :(

      • Adelheide says:

        My pig was my first and my favorite too…they are soooo underappreciated.

      • Jaeger says:

        I actually abandoned my first pet. I’m such a shameful hunter. It was an owl and served me well til I got a rare white lion who is now my main pet. I’ll just say the lion ate it. :) I definitely don’t miss the incessant flapping of that owl. Leveling a windserpent right now and I just want to kill the thing with it’s constant flapping

    • Alisaunder says:

      Wait, whats the best pet to buff my sporebat ? ! ? !

  35. Qumquat says:

    Oh great… so now if I take Nightlight out of my stables for some fresh air everyone will think I’m one of THOSE hunters.

    The video was damn near perfect.

  36. donnvito says:

    So sporebats are the best pet? All kidding aside i wish blizzard would give hunters an achievement/title. “tame all current rare spawn beasts. reward = Beastmaster title”

  37. Bloodshine says:

    That was excellent, well done Frost.

    Now I regret turning off Void Malign by Grendel before watching this.

  38. Krack3n says:

    So funny, made my day!!

  39. Undalae says:

    You just made my day, Frost! Sporebats FTW!

  40. Arcazua says:

    i jus got a spoarbat and it didnt make rouges bleed out der anuss and i didnt top teh dps charts. wut pet shud i use if spoarbats dont work???????

  41. battleworn says:

    I’m still rolling on the floor laughing while I type!! Holy Cow, Frost! That’s too funny!!!

  42. randle says:

    Frost, you’re truly awesomesauce.

  43. Adelheide says:

    So my sporebat Squishee is now my most l337 pet. SCORE! Look out Death Knights and Rogues. Your anus is mine!

  44. Andressa says:

    I hope people don’t make fun of me when I pull out my Sporebat from now on. :(

  45. Caonashi says:

    Any tips for getting my sporebat to start dealing out 1 billion damage? Mine seems to be a little under par.

  46. Mekake says:

    I… just don’t know what to say…
    The combo of chibi bears, in a field with cherry-blossomed trees, using the word “anus” made my head ezplode.
    Ditto what Xanthius said as well. I think I might make that a macro for Trade Channel…

  47. Freyana says:

    I had no idea what to expect when I saw the Hello Kitty-style (Hello Frosty?) characters, but that truly made my day. Thanks, Frostheim!

  48. Ril says:


  49. Viperm says:

    I laughed so hard my eyes watered up, made my day. And now i’m off to tame a sporebat because they sound LEET haha

  50. Tallind says:

    Thanks Frost!!!!! You rock!!!! But seriously, what’s the best pet? *wink*

  51. Valmordang says:

    I know this feeling… I have lived it.. Also had an argument about midirecting explosive traps… arg….. I agree ALL HUNTERS should run around with a sporebat for the first week of Feb. LONG LIVE THE SPOREBAT HUNTERS UNION!

  52. Fradin says:

    I thought this the funniest thing I have seen in ages thanks for the laughs Frost

  53. Llyrra says:

    omg! that’s my boss! that is EXACTLY my boss! lol instead of “i want the best pet” it’s “i made a powerpoint presentation” i’m going to live on this all week! thanks frost!

  54. Rinira says:

    AWESOME i love it!

    Finaly! Sporebat it is!

  55. iggyhunt says:

    Now I want to get an iphonefour for the more geebees.

  56. Mjivi says:

    I’ve been laughing all day. I used this video to explain “smart” computer users to one of the techs I work with. It helped him understand much of the “intelligent” community we deal with.

  57. clevins says:

    Spoerbat?? Frost, you KNOW the best pet is the seagull from 1000 Needles.

    • Rimar says:

      I actually tamed one of those seagulls from 1000 needles. It was worth it while 5-manning Mana-Tombs and one of the party members said in chat, “I’m not crazy, but every time we fight I SWEAR I hear seagulls..” (not noticing I had that pet out…

  58. Tienlung says:

    I’ve been following your website for months now, and this post finally got me to register so I could comment. I spread your advice to the newer hunters on my server and I felt like I was having a flash-back while watching this video. ROFL amazing. I love it when I get into a heroic with another hunter and he has out his cat with a warrior tank and dk dps and shaman healer.

    • Zilron says:

      Yeah, I’ve been running my DK alt quite a bit lately, and it seems that EVERY SINGLE hunter I group with uses a cat, and only a cat. Very annoying when they could use a different pet and improve the group’s DPS (or survivability).

  59. Wafflesauce says:

    Dear Frostheim,
    I love you.


  60. Erot says:

    i started laughing and crying when it got to “so, you want a dps pet?” great video! its so true!

  61. Roykirk says:

    Just laughing all the way through, the video getting better and better, and then that final line.


  62. Eurinome says:

    oh god oh god oh god, laughing so hard have tears streaming down cheeks. The language chosen, the perfect deadpan delivery, the fact that the petitioner is leet… ouch, face hurts from grinning.

    (how wrong is it that I have a lingering afterthought of going out to get a sporebat just to fuel the rumour that its special makes rogues bleed from their exterior passage?)

  63. Tymphani says:

    This post finally made me de-lurk and register. It was so funny I woke my husband up. Great job!

  64. Oricc says:

    Alright this is all well and good, but frost, seriously, what is the best pet for the DPS?

  65. Kodiakbrujah says:

    Omg Frost, that is the most hilarious thing I’ve seen in weeks, you’re going to win a WHU Emmy.

  66. Hulder says:

    Headline: Lvl 61-63 questers found it impossible to finish quest objectives in Zangarmarsh this evening, due to every available sporebat being tamed by hunters.

    Thanks for the laugh! Made my day and week :-D

  67. Ddecisions says:

    Oh my god, I laughed so hard. This are to put the kids in place!

  68. Paraveina says:

    I told my guildie to go check this video out and then volunteered for a normal to help him gear his alt. When we zoned in I was like “Check out my leet pet”. He rofl’d because I had gone and tamed a sporebat.

  69. Necrie says:

    Epic Win Frost. That vid was awesome!

    You seriously need to add that to your Cataclysm Hunter Guides section, or give it it’s own special section on the links side of your blog, lol.

    Adding it to my favorites, thumbs up’ing it, and sharing it with my hunter guild mates !

  70. djactionman says:

    This was actually freakin brilliant, I can’t even imagine how often you get this question.

  71. Lycantis says:

    That is so funny I was getting cramps from laughing so hard, but in all truth I had an “apprentice” if you will, because people always throw hunters at me to learn and I throw them at Frostheim, and we had almost this EXACT conversation. I was getting so annoyed that I just told him to melee stuff… and he did for a while.

    When he somehow figured out that it wasn’t working he thought he needed better enchants and gems… he had 4 gems with spirit for his mana to regen (at the time when hunters had mana) and had armsman enchanted gloves, couldn’t figure out why everything would get mad at him and attack when he hit something not in direct combat with the tank.

    I saw him later with a wolf… he was so depressed at being teased and prodded at on the game that he was trying to copy me in every single way… his DPS still sucked though, I just tossed him the WHU site and he asked “what does the website say?”……………… <__> /facepalm

    I carry around 1 PVP pet (spider), 1 solo pet (warpstalker), and I only have a wolf for raids because everyone else usually brings a different pet anyway.


  72. Eidelweiss says:

    Yes. I am so leet.

    Very nice!

  73. Moyotoshi says:

    I’m actually using a sporebat as my raid pet because all the other coverable buffs are taken care of. And in 4.0.6 it will be able to rape two rogues and one-shot bosses without any talent points invested. Plus it looks pretty amazing, so there’s really no downside.

  74. Eidelweiss says:

    I don’t have a sporebat…yet.

    That will not be true come tomorrow at this time. Mark…my…words.

    Those poor, poor rogues.

  75. Eidelweiss says:

    Wow, went and got a sporebat, and a gorilla for interrupts, then canceled my account.

    It’s been a fun ride, but when taming two pets is the most fun you have for weeks, it’s over.

    Thanks for a great site that my main loved more than Warcraft. Might check in here from time to time to time, and feel free to delete this post. My account is done.

  76. zooldjinn says:

    Firstly, this is hilarious. I never laughed so hard because i have a friend who plays a hunter, and he doesnt understand the game in depth.

    With that being said, asking a question such as “What is the best pet?” is (with the new multiple pet system) actually a decent question. Granted most raids are spread out in terms of buff, Hunters have a little versatility in the pets that are needed. While it really does depend on what the raid is composed of, the question really isnt “Which one is best?” but “Which pets are recommended, since we can have multiple pets on hand for any given situation?”

    Quite hilarious though. Doesn’t make sense why people just dont go look up pet buffs and see what suits their need..

  77. Crom Dubh says:

    Now that we cleared all that up….

    Can somebody please tell me what the best pet is? :)

  78. Spleet says:

    Now that was awesomesauce!!! :)

  79. dew says:

    ROFL THIS IS THE MOST EPIC hunter video ever….totally huntard!

  80. Steve says:

    Is it ok that I link this video? Some hunter just asked this question on the Taiwanese WOW boards.

  81. renork says:

    With the changes to pet focus correct me if I’m wrong but a cunning pet will be top dps so all of a sudden this video is less funny and true…..

  82. Gunner_recall says:

    I would have just said crabs.

  83. Jenna says:

    So great! lol

  84. p1kAcHu says:

    ROFL i still cant stop Rollin’!! hahaha.

    and you wonder y they call us huntards.

    • elwaysdad says:

      Okay I’ve watched the video and read all the comments, but I still have two questions that have been plaguing me. First what is the best dps pet Frost? Second are you a girl?