What Are Your PVE Macros?

Posted: by Frostheim

I’ve been getting a cluster of macro-related emails lately, and this is one of the areas that I haven’t paid a whole lot of attention to in Cataclysm. As I’ve discussed before, I use very few macros when I actually play. Personally, for me, most macros are more trouble than they’re worth (just like addons, actually, only more so). They’re just something else to break with patches.

I have my MD macro, I macro stuff into my shots when it’s a good idea, and I have a macro so I hop on a random mount when I push my mount button. And I think that’s all I’m using in PVE these days (pvp is a different story).

So instead of me  trying to think of what macros might possibly be necessary or useful to the PVE hunter, let’s have a macro guide by the entire WHU community. Drop in the comments and let us know what your awesome PVE macros are. Alternatively, if there’s something you want a macro for, drop the request in the comments and we’ll put our collective heads together for you.

But first, some rules:

  • PVE macros only. PVP is a different world with about 80 bazillion times more macros necessary to play.
  • Only one macro per comment. If you have several, split them up.
  • First list what the macro does for you (this macro will automatically cast misdirect to your focus target, or if you have none, to your pet, or if your pet is dead, to the nearest healer) then list the macro code.
  • Please, no macros designed to try to handle your rotation for you. We know these result in a dps loss in real raid situations, because they don’t think, and we do.
  • Seriously, NO rotation macros. If it’s a /castsequence shot1, shot1, shot1, shot2 — do not bother posting. This annoys me enough that if I’m feeling persnickety I will absolutely IP ban you for it. If I’m feeling lazy, I might just delete your comment.
  • If you’re requesting a macro to do something, start the comment with “Macro Request:” so we can see at a glance who’s looking for what.

We’re looking for actual macros here — or macro requests — not guides on how to make macros or how macros work (unless we’re explaining to someone asking why we can’t have a macro fire cobra and explosive shot in one button press).

To get you guys started, there are a ton of variations on the MD macro – which do you use? I’m also planning on putting together a very simple aspect dancing macro — what do you use? Do you have any special macros for specific boss fights?

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  1. Pathanther says:

    This macro is used for aspect switching, I like to have it bound to the mouse wheel button.

    /castsequence !aspect of the fox, !aspect of the hawk

    • Trushot says:

      omg! I have been wracking my brains over where to put AotF and how to switch btwn them effectively. Using the mousewheel, I think, will be my solution!

  2. Azote says:

    Misdirection Macro
    It will use Misdirection to your pet by default but if you have a focus it will Misdirection to your focus. Very useful.

    /cast [@focus,help][@pet,exists] Misdirection

    • Furrymammoth says:

      If focus, no modifier, MD to focus. If you have no focus, MD to your pet.
      Hold down shift (with or without focus), MD to your pet.
      Hold down ctrl, MD to a 2nd tank (good for raids, but you have to manually enter the tank’s name)
      Hold down alt, MD to a 3rd (same and 2nd)
      /cast [nomodifier, target=focus, exists] Misdirection
      /cast [nomodifier, target=pet, exists] Misdirection
      /cast [mod:shift, target=pet] Misdirection
      /cast [mod:ctrl, target=tankname2] Misdirection
      /cast [mod:alt, target=tankname3] Misdirection

      • Exebecce says:

        There is a nice variant from wowhead which I use :

        “using this, if you mouseover someone when you hit the button, it will MD them, otherwise it will try to misdirect your focus, if that’s not an option, then MD your pet, if not that, use default behavior (your target)”

        #showtooltip Misdirection
        /cast [@mouseover,help,nodead] [@focus,help,nodead] [@pet,nodead] [] Misdirection

      • Shorts says:

        My variation: I have the tank as my focus, but sometimes the tank dies, and I still need to misdirect to my pet easily, but then my pet dies! oh noes! Oh well, I’ll just pick some random plate wearer
        And then, there’s the case when I’m not in a group, and just want to MD to my pet – this does all of that. The only time the modifier is needed is if i’m deciding that I really need to MD to my pet because the tank is being silly. Otherwise, the macro figures out the best option

        /use [mod:shift,@pet,exists,nodead]Misdirection;[nomod,@focus,exists,nodead]Misdirection;[nomod,@pet,exists,nodead]Misdirection;Misdirection

        The explanation from macroexplain.com
        If you were holding the shift key and your pet exists and is not dead then:
        Use your Misdirection

        Else, if you were not holding any modifier key down and the unit saved as your focus target exists and is not dead then:
        Use your Misdirection

        Else, if you were not holding any modifier key down and your pet exists and is not dead then:
        Use your Misdirection

        Use your Misdirection

    • gn33101 says:

      Use it, love it.

    • potatoboy says:

      My super crazy MD macro:
      Shift Activation:
      Make my focus = my target. Stop Macro.
      Normal activation will do the following in order:
      If you’re currently mousing over a live, friendly target, MD the mouseover. (Great with tank windows for swap fights.)
      If your current target is friendly and alive, MD your target. (Same as above but if you’ve clicked, or if you’re MDing to a tank once for a pull then to another tank for the remainder of the fight.)
      If you have a focus that is friendly and alive, MD your focus. (I usually set my focus to the MT and use boss frames)
      If you have a pet, MD the pet. (duh)

      #showtooltip Misdirection
      /focus [modifier:shift] target
      /stopmacro [modifier:shift]
      /cast [@mouseover,help,nodead] Misdirection; [@target,exists,help,nodead] Misdirection; [@focus,exists,help,nodead] Misdirection; [@pet,nodead] Misdirection

  3. Deepfriedegg says:

    I have both macros mentioned above.
    This for blowing cooldowns:

    #showtooltip Rapid Fire
    /cast Rapid Fire
    /cast Call of the Wild
    /use 16 (if i have on use trinket, I put it there)

    • kvikramg says:

      I use this too .. but I have a War Cry attached at the beginning
      /say FOR STORMWIND !!
      /cast Rapid Fire
      /cast Call of the Wild
      /use 16 (if i have on use trinket, I put it there)

      Also most of my shots have this at their beginning
      /cast [harm][harm,@focustarget][harm,@targettarget] [ ] Offensive Spell Name
      So after my target is dead .. it finds the next one and targets it

  4. Furrymammoth says:

    Simple Aspect dance macro:
    I mapped this macro to one of my Razer Naga’s extra keys, and I love it. It makes the aspect dance so much easier. Pretty much what it does is if you are in Aspect of the Fox, it will switch you to Aspect of the Hawk, and if you are in Aspect of the Hawk, it will switch you to Fox. (Actually I think the way it is set up, it will switch you to Fox if you are in any of the other aspects too, making it a little easier to switch to Fox from wild if you need the resist for a fight).

    /cast [aspect:2] aspect of the hawk
    /cast aspect of the fox

    • Corwyn says:

      Where did you find “aspect:2”?

      • Furrymammoth says:

        i actually just tried it – it has a similar syntax as stance macroing. I made a druid to farm herbs with and I macro’d something using stance:1 and stance:2, etc. to do various things based on if i was in cat or flight form.

        wtb dues payer status! what more do I need to do?

  5. Furrymammoth says:

    for extra win, the one below does the same thing as the first aspect dance, but also adds in some special modifier options, allowing more control. If you aren’t holding any mod keys down it is exactly the same effect, but holding down alt will put you in Wild, ctrl will put you into hawk, and shift will put you into fox.

    /cast [mod:alt] aspect of the wild
    /cast [mod:ctrl] aspect of the hawk
    /cast [mod:shift] aspect of the fox
    /cast [aspect:2] aspect of the hawk
    /cast aspect of the fox

    • Valacia says:

      This could be shortened to

      /cast [mod:alt] Aspect of the wild; [mod:ctrl] aspect of the hawk; [mod:shift] aspect of the fox; [aspect:2] aspect of the hawk; aspect of the fox

      Not really any difference, but it is a single line and uses fewer characters. It likely wouldn’t make any practical difference, but it would technically process faster.

      • Lokrick says:

        The “[aspect:2]” modifier is actually unsupported. The original macro worked because the first line would either cast Hawk or turn it off. Casting it triggers the aspect changing CD and therefore skips the next line; turning it off is free and so instead the second aspect line fires. Note that this is better than the castsequence variant because it works even if the aspect was changed by some other operation (e.g., you got into aspect of the hawk without the macro, or are not in either aspect). The variant that I use that includes other aspect options is:

        /use [nomod]Aspect of the Hawk
        /use [mod:shift]!Aspect of the Wild; [mod:ctrl]!Aspect of the Cheetah; [mod:ctrl,mod:alt/shift]!Aspect of the Pack;!Aspect of the Fox

        This will change between hawk and fox unless a modifier is selected, in which case it will do one of the other aspects. It always shows the Hawk tooltip so I can see that I’m not in my main aspect.

  6. Deepfriedegg says:

    this I have for CS, SS, CoS, SpS. (not Aimed or ES so that the buttons still can light up during procs)

    #showtooltip shot_name
    /cast shot_name

    • Furrymammoth says:

      why not just leave your pet on defensive? what does this do?

      • Deepfriedegg says:

        This makes my pet switch target when I switch targets so that I dont have to do it manually (for example my pet was not staying on Lich King during Remorseless winter but was attacking the Spirits rather)

      • Kalakakin says:

        Leaving your pet on passive is something I learned back from my kara days. Keeps your pet from accidentally attacking something it shouldn’t before the tank can from any mobs that do aoe type damage. Makes life easier for tanks and healers a like. Especially if your pet grabs aggro dies, mob comes after you, you feign death but not before healer throws a heal on you before realizing what is happening, mob goes after healer and then interrupts healer before tank gets it or at worse healer goes down. Basically just shows you know how to control you pet and not the game controlling it for you.

        Falls on the old saying … better safe then sorry. Put pet on passive and send in manually.

      • Furrymammoth says:

        @Kalakakin – This is what I agree with too. I just send my pet in as the fight starts by manually hitting ctrl-1 (i never changed my pet bar from the default), and I just do that whenever I need to switch targets as well. I like it so that my pet :doesn’t: automatically switch targets when I shoot for the times when I’d rather he not, like, actually, the LK fight way-back-when. Since my pet was able to handle the Remorseless winter aoe, I kept him on LK, taking his health down, while us players who couldn’t eat that AOE took care of adds.

    • iggdawg says:

      I use
      /cast Hunter’s Mark

      Still a relic from back in the day when dash first came out. It was broken for a while a patch or so after we got it, and it didn’t auto cast. So my macro used to include a cast line for dash. I got so used to hitting 1 to send in my pet and cast mark, I still use it to this day. I have my mouse wheel bound to pet attack for wheel up and pet passive for wheel down in pvp, but I use the macro in pve.

  7. Deepfriedegg says:

    Macro for setting focus (mouseover):
    /focus [target=mouseover,exists]; target

  8. Deepfriedegg says:

    Macro for KS. It stops casting Cobra shot without need to move (good for Sniper Training). I only use it if there is more than half a second left on Cobra Shot cast bar. Not that useful IMO

    #showtooltip Kill Shot
    /cast Kill Shot

    • therandar says:

      more useful than you think, consider using this while in aspect of the fox. you might also make an explosive shot macro …

      #showtooltip Explosive Shot
      /cast Explosive Shot

      • Thori says:

        Question, if i use this macro for explosive shot, will it still light up with L’n’L procs, or will I have to revert back to using my actual common sense and hearing the proc as well as seeing the buff?

        I’m just lazy, really.

      • therandar says:

        the macro button does not light up sadly….

      • Furrymammoth says:

        I like this, especially for when i accidentally queue up Cobra Shot when Explosive is up. Will this always cut off my Cobra shots, though, when i start spamming my Explosive shot key toward the end of my Cobra cast?

      • Kwarthil says:

        Yes it will stop cast will stop it wherever it is normally. I’m fine with the no glow since you get a giant LOCK AND LOAD on the screen when it comes up with DBM.

    • lose says:

      The only problem with this one–as I see it– is that it would also stop your auto-shot. I find it just as easy to simply jump to stop my casting of cobra/steady and hit my kill shot.

  9. Deepfriedegg says:

    Macro for deterrence/cancelling deterrence

    #showtooltip Deterrence
    /cancelaura Deterrence
    /cast Deterrence

    /cancelaura Deterrence could as well be added to some shot macro if you dont want to have it on the same key as casting deterrence

    • Feeny says:

      This is such an overlooked macro, it’s so much easier to have a cancel macro for Deterrence. I use one mixed with HoP.

      /cancelaura Deterrence
      /cancelaura Hand of Protection

  10. Moraz says:

    macro i use to make sure my pet is attackin the same target as me in raids

    /cast serpent sting

  11. Turelak says:

    I use this macro for starting battles. The strong point of it is that I binded to my wheel button (on click) and saves me a lot of time.
    Pretty simple: It casts Hunter’s Mark and send your pet to attack:
    #showtooltip Hunter’s Mark
    /use Hunter’s Mark

    • Kuanita says:

      I use this too and is nice since u have to put HM up anyway on a new target the pet will automatically go, better then macroing all my shots for pet attack.

  12. Freakyzoid says:

    what i did for aspect dancing was to put it in the mousewheel, so Mousewheel Frd while holding shift = Fox and mousewheeldown while holding shift = Hawk. :)

  13. Trushot says:

    I used to only use this for PvP, but for some heroic bosses it comes in handy (last boss in H Vortex Pinnacle for example)

    /target [Frostheim]
    /cast Master’s Call

  14. Trushot says:

    This is useful if you’re about to pull aggro, if FD is on CD, you’ll stop attacking

    /cast Feign Death

  15. Kitami says:

    Request for an attack opener that will cast HM, MD on my pet or group tank and finally send my pet in on the attack.. I’ve tried to figure out how to use the macro system but I just can’t wrap my brain around it.

    • therandar says:

      HM and MD both trigger the gcd, such a macro would require two key presses.

    • Taira says:

      I’m at work and can’t remember for certain whether or not both abilities trigger the global cooldown. Having said that, if both trigger the GCD your macro cannot be executed as written because you cannot cast two on-GCD abilities in one button push.

      Otherwise, this is what you would be looking at:
      #showtooltip Hunter’s Mark
      /cast Hunter’s Mark
      /cast [target=focus] Misdirection

      Also note that this makes use of Focus. You will have to set that ahead of time, either on your pet or your tank. There’s not really a good way to automate that, because tank names change for randoms, and so does their position number in the party roster depending on who has lead.

    • Ifill says:

      If you are raiding (or I guess MM) I just thought of this one.

      /focus [help]
      /cast [nocombat] Hunter’s Mark
      /cast [combat,target=focus,exists,nodead] Misdirection; [target=pet,exists] Misdirection

      Target your MT and it’ll set focus. Cast it out of combat (before pull) to set Hunter’s Mark. During combat it will cast Misdirection to your focus (if you have one that’s not dead) otherwise it will Misdirect to your pet.

      The downside to this macro is that you will lose 1 GCD at the start of the fight because it won’t cast MD before the pull. Also, you cannot use this to MD pull to the tank.

  16. Huntarolo says:

    /#showtooltip Tranquilizing shot
    /cast [target=mouseover][] Tranquilizing Shot

    a mouseover tranq macro for when im not needed to actually change target for dps : )

    • Huntarolo says:

      #showtooltip Misdirection
      /cast [@focus,help] Misdirection; [help] Misdirection; [@pet,exists] Misdirection

      prolly allready here but. . . . basically what it does is, it will try to cast M/D on my focus if it’s freindly, if not it will target my pet and cast.

  17. Huntarolo says:

    and my last one. . .i used for when i was playing BM, our healer was having a lil. . .headache with healing sometimes so the spirit heal was great, life saver on many occasions : )

    #showtooltip Spirit Mend(Exotic Ability)
    /cast [@focus,help] Spirit Mend(Exotic Ability); [help] Spirit Mend(Exotic Ability); [@pet,exists] Spirit Mend(Exotic Ability)

    • Huntarolo says:

      /#showtooltip Spirit Mend(Exotic Ability)
      /cast [target=mouseover][] Spirit Mend(Exotic Ability)

      i should of probably just made a shift modifier. . .but when it was on my “pet special” keybind anyways i just made the alternative a shift+c KB

  18. Lirael says:

    Very useful master’s Call macro, sets pet to passive, casts master’s call on mousover if one exists if not it is cast on yourself, then resets the pet to defensive. great for freeing tanks from nasty slows etc when there is no freedom available.

    #showtooltip Master’s Call
    /cast [target=mouseover, help] Master’s Call; [target=player] Master’s Call

    • Lirael says:

      Here is a macro I have made for tranq shot too, great for disenraging without loosing target (ala LK). Casts Tranq on Mouseover if it is an enemy unit, if not casts it on your target:

      #showtooltip Tranquilizing Shot
      /cast [target=mouseover,harm] Tranquilizing Shot; [harm] Tranquilizing Shot

      • Lirael says:

        Woops accidently did not make my scatter macro a reply to my other macros, look a little down for that, final one from me, as everyone seems to be posting them, MD macro! MD’s focus if not target, if not targets targets and if non of those exists (or all are enemy players) MD’s pet:

        #showtooltip Misdirection
        /cast [target=focus, help] Misdirection
        /cast [target=target, help] Misdirection
        /cast [target=targettarget, help] Misdirection
        /cast [target=pet, nodead, exists] Misdirection

  19. Kehet says:

    At this moment ill use this one to handle pet, but it would be more useful with that call pet -menu :F

    /cast [@pet, dead][modifier:ctrl] Revive Pet; [nopet] Call MyPetName; Mend Pet

  20. therandar says:

    this is a macro that lets me know when i should cast mend pet again. it changes the icon to the question mark while mend pet is still ticking and then back to the paw icon after 10 seconds.

    /castsequence reset=10 Mend Pet, null

    • Mischief_wa says:

      Nice. Thanks for this.

    • Akkal says:

      I’m always looking for more ways to do away with Power Aura’s. It’s great, but I like to roll as much functionality out of the default UI as I can – only using addons I absolutely need.

      This is great!

  21. Lirael says:

    Same macro but with scatter shot, great for scatter trapping broken CC or pulls that need to be moved before traping. Scatter on mouseover if not scatter on target (also good for grabing interupts in dungeons should the melle suck ass and the mob is a CC able one):

    #showtooltip Scatter Shot
    /cast [target=mouseover,harm] Scatter Shot; [harm] Scatter Shot

  22. Akycha says:

    Macro Request: Pull Macro

    I haven’t been able to get my old pull shot macro to work. Autoshot still keeps firing. So now I end up firing, turning quickly and then hitting the autoshot button to stop attacking. I’d really like to remove the autoshot button from my action bar.

  23. Radroit says:

    One button for mounting, whether it’s your flying mount or ground mount.

    /use [flyable] Cenarion War Hippogryph; [noflyable] Winterspring Frostsaber

    • Demlar says:

      2 questions on this one. First, Do you know if there is a way to add the seahorse from Vashj’ir to this macro and 2nd, how dould I cahnge it to pull a random flying/ground mount? Is it just as simple as putting [random] in? At work so I can’t test these on my own to see/break them.

      • Taira says:

        /cast [swimming] Abyssal Seahorse
        /castrandom [flyable] Mount,mount,mount; [noflyable] Mount,mount,mount

        Replace Mount with whatever you want to include. Separate mounts with commas, last one in the string gets a semi-colon. Keep in m ind that there is a character limit on macros, and for several mounts a lightweight addon would likely be a better option.

      • Taira says:

        An additional note: The swimming tag doesn’t care if you’re in vashj’ir. I’ve made a similar macro and used [btn:2,swimming] so that I have to right-click to use my seahorse, this way it doesn’t cause issues when I try to mount in water elsewhere.

      • Aliril says:

        I use the add on gogomounts for this it can be set up for one mount or random

    • Demlar says:

      Nevermind. I found what I needed.

      • monkeywizard says:

        No don’t nevermind, some of us are curious about the random mount.

      • Kelyssel says:

        i use this one for random mounts. I found this a while back i take no credit for it… the numbers represent spaces in mount tab from left to right then 2nd row left to right etc 12 per page.

        /run if (not IsMounted()) then local t={3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11,12,14,15,16,17,18,19,20,21,22,23,25,26,28,30,31,32,33,34,35,36,37,38,39,41,42,43,44,47,49,50,51,53,54,57,58,59,60} CallCompanion(“MOUNT”, t[random(#t)]) else DismissCompanion(“MOUNT”) end

  24. I-CEE says:

    ok I use this just makes life a little easier in duns

    it uses your hunters mark as normal but if you select the tank and press it it sets the focus for him use ful for swapping focus in raids and Duns
    #showtooltip Hunter’s Mark
    /cast [harm] Hunter’s Mark;
    /focus [help]

    • therandar says:

      not sure why but does not cast HM, does set focus however….

      changed macro to the following, now working as intended….

      /cast Hunter’s Mark
      /focus [help]

  25. Radroit says:

    Macro request for Trap Launcher

    Something, anything to simplfy the trap launcher multiple button requirement. Along the same lines, something that cancels the TL spell if I hit it but then don’t want to use it (currently it seems to take 10 seconds or so to clear).

    • Taira says:

      There is not currently a way to toggle Trap Launcher and then select a trap in one button press. Trap Launcher originally launched off the GCD, but it does not work within macros as an off-GCD spell. Launching a trap requires two button presses.

      As for canceling Trap Launcher, you can use /CancelAura to automate the removal of any buff.

      • Taira says:

        One way to manage the aura cancellation is to use something similar to the following, if you’re clicking.

        /cast [btn:1] Trap Launcher
        /cancelaura [btn:2] Trap Launcher

        Right-clicking the macro will cancel the aura, left clicking will enable trap launching.

        You can also use macros similar to the following for putting trap launching on a single action bar slot:

        /cast [btn:1] Immolation Trap; [btn:2] Trap Launcher

        Left click casts the trap as normal, right click then left click trap launches.

      • Murlock says:

        double tap Trap Laucher macro

        #show Trap Launcher
        /castsequence [nomod]reset=3 Trap Launcher, Freezing Trap

    • copywrite says:

      /castsequence [nomod] reset=3 Trap Launcher,!Explosive Trap
      /castsequence [mod:alt] reset=3 Trap Launcher,!Ice Trap
      /castsequence [mod:shift] reset=3 Trap Launcher,!Freezing Trap
      /castsequence [mod:ctrl] reset=3 Trap Launcher,!Snake Trap

      Only fits 4 traps because of character limit, so you can choose which ones to have it set with.

  26. I-CEE says:

    on the pains of been banned there is only place i use the /castsequence thats the trap launcher and link it to my explosive trap 2 clicks its out just less messing about not going to put it up ( you all know it anyhow ) dont want to be banned from my fav site

  27. Meowza says:

    Complete pet management in one button

    /cast [nomod,nopet]Call Pet
    /cast [nomod,target=pet,dead]Revive Pet
    /cast [nomod,pet,nomod,button:1]Mend Pet
    /cast [nomod,pet,nomod,button:2]Dismiss Pet

    • Shorts says:

      Does that actually work in the current game? i use a similar macro in terms of function, but uses
      Call Pet 1
      instead of just
      Call Pet

  28. Meowza says:

    I find it’s best to stop casting before a tranq shot, so you don’t have to jump or wait up to 2 seconds for it to go off, so:

    /cast tranquilizing shot

  29. I-CEE says:

    This one I use for a dps boost if you have a use trinket i find this useful
    /cast Rapid Fire
    /use 14

    note the use trinket works when rapid fire is still on cool down

  30. Meowza says:

    For distracting shot pulling a mob into a trap, this will cast a distracting shot, and then untarget them / stop shooting (so you don’t break your trap)

    /cast Distracting Shot

  31. Meowza says:

    Feeds your pet some stupid damn murglesnout

    #showtooltip Murglesnout
    /cast Feed Pet
    /use Murglesnout

  32. Sarsfild says:

    I know that is not very cleaver not use macro, in fact when i was mm i did use a macro to spam silence shot, but now i don´t use it. In fact i don´t like macros i like sufer clicking all araund. Call me silly if you want :P

  33. Brenin says:

    I guess that’s not what Frost was talking about. He just doesn’t want people to put a whole rotation into a castsequence macro.

    I use

    #showtooltip Disengage
    /cast Frost Trap
    /cast Disengage

    It will place a Frost trap on the ground, which will instantly force an LnL-Proc. I use it on fights like Valiona and Theralion, during blackout. Instead of using the Frost Trap, you can also use Scatter Shot. This works best when you’re soloing or doing PVP, but it’s a little bit of extra damage in PVE, at least.

  34. gn33101 says:

    I’m lazy when it comes to using my trinkets, so I macro them into my regular attacks, the macro kills off almost all error messages and uses any trinket, glove, racial that is off cool down. whenever one item is used, there is an automatic 30 second cool down on all of them, but as soon as the cool down is over, the next available trinket (or whatever) gets used.

    #showtooltip Cobra Shot
    /run SetCVar(“Sound_EnableSFX”,”0″)
    /use 10
    /use 13
    /use 14
    /cast Blood Fury(Racial)
    /run SetCVar(“Sound_EnableSFX”,”1″)
    /script UIErrorsFrame:Clear();
    /cast Cobra Shot

  35. I-CEE says:

    ok this for my marksman which i switch to on shadowfang keep first boss i get put on mending rotten flesh in my guild the arcane gives that little extra dps also good when your in duns MD to tank hit the button silencing them hit with arcane and they run to the tank nice to group up casters ( really hope i get to use MM after new patch do miss it )

    /cast Silencing Shot
    /cast Arcane Shot

    not again when silencing shot is on CD arcane still works

  36. Dhorvin says:

    This macro will cancel deterrence when you try to shoot. I macro this into all the primary shots in my rotation. It’s probably more useful in PvP than PvE, but it definitely has PvE applications if you need to pop your hunter bubble because the dragon looked your way or what have you and then immediately get back to pew-pew-ing without searching for the buff to click it off manually.

    #shottooltip [shot]
    /cancelaura Deterrence
    /cast [shot]

  37. Deathztalker says:

    This is a Macros most of you will recognize from this site for dealing with your focus I’ve add in the Aspect of the Hawk at the beginning (to make sure pack is off) for switching aspects and Hunter’s Mark at the end so that I know the Macros has worked and who I’m killing.

    /cast !Aspect of the Hawk
    /focus [modifier:alt] target
    /stopmacro [modifier:alt]
    /tar [target=focus,harm] focus
    /assist [target=focus,help] focus; [target=pet, exists] playerpet
    /cast Hunter’s Mark
    /cast Hunter’s Mark

  38. tigertom says:

    Here is my trap launcher macro, u have to spam the key a few times, but u can do so without useing up your focus or lose the targeting circle

    #showtooltip Freezing Trap
    /castsequence reset=5 !Trap Launcher,!Freezing Trap,null

  39. Hlagor says:

    This is my HM pull/assist macro that I use as an opener. It will assist the focus (usually tank) and cast Hunter’s Mark then send pet over at full speed.

    #showtooltip Hunter’s Mark
    /assist [@focus, help, nodead]
    /cast [pet:wolf/cat] Dash
    /cast Hunter’s Mark

    Improvements I wish for this macro: if my focus is out of range it will not use the /assist and it will use Dash for all my ferocity pets.

  40. One of my more useful macros is what I just think of as pet management when switching between groups and solo play. I usually put it on the tilde character since that’s fairly easy to hit with your left pinky. It will make sure that in a group that Cower is on and Growl is off and vice-versa for solo play. Then, in a group it turns off Thunderstomp and turns it back on for solo play. And, just to make it a little more utilitarian and to make sure that I use it whenever possible, it also casts Hunter’s Mark and sends the pet to attack. I’ve also used it to turn prowl on and off when it’s annoying me.

    /cast Hunter’s Mark
    /petautocaston [group] Cower; [nogroup] Growl
    /petautocastoff [nogroup] Cower; [group] Growl
    /petautocastoff [group] Thunderstomp
    /petautocaston [nogroup] Thunderstomp

  41. homerjade says:

    MD Focus macro

    /cast [target=focus, help] Misdirection; [help] Misdirection; [target=pet, exists] Misdirection

  42. Devillok says:

    I am a MM hunter and just don’t have the heart to go SV, I noticed all the hatorade towards the Unsolvable Riddle as well, so i’ll throw this out there to the masses. I use the following macro, once before the pull is engaged (pre-pot) and once at a time of oppritunity like time warp or blood lust, a modifier can be added to use with/without the pot, but I ASSURE YOU the numbers you see will climb to ridiculous amounts

    /cast blood fury (Orc Racial)
    /use 13 Unsolvable Riddle trinket slot
    /use potion tol’vir 1200 agility pot

    simple and affective, my SV hunter is hitting numbers in 10 man raid buffs of just shy of 30k single target burst tapering off in and around 22k sustainable, myself, i am now up to well over 20k and climbing as i tweak how i incorporate rapid fire into this equation. I hope someone gets some use out of this as i do, It’s not easy being i die hard MM hunter.

    Frost, keep up the good work!!!!!!!!

  43. Chessier says:

    I put up HM usually with a focus macro then cast the following which uses my one on use trinket and stack my and my pets buff’s then normally MD focus macro then at last i start my rotation

    /cast Rapid Fire
    /use 14
    /cast Call of the Wild
    /cast Roar of Courage
    /cast Rabid

    • Chessier says:

      opps, checked what I am actually doing and its this:
      /cast Rapid Fire
      /use 14
      /cast Call of the Wild
      /cast Roar of Courage
      /cast Rabid
      /cast [target=Focus] Misdirection

  44. newhunter says:

    Jump + Disengage macro
    (PvE questing and 5man dungeons)
    requesting a macro to use jump and disengage on a single click
    too many times i am so wrapped up in trying to learn the jump shot and also laying a trap then using distract shot. and also still trying out turtle tanking on questing elites and rare spawns.
    a lot of time i immediately find something coming at me and i just hit disengage… only to be stopped short by a uphill slant of terrain. immediately followed by the “ogawd im a true huntard: feeling. lol

  45. worynn says:

    Assist Macro. Assist focus if exists, otherwise pet. Cast hunters mark on the new target unless shift is held. Start attacking the target, unless out of combat or target does not have a target (which usually means the target is not in combat).

    /assist [@focus,exists,help][@pet]
    /cast [nomod:shift] Hunter’s Mark
    /stopmacro [nocombat][@targettarget,noexists]

  46. Korssk says:

    I did not make all of these but it’s been so long I can’t remember where I got them from, I’m not trying to steal any credit, I just feel that they are good macros and should be shared.

    First is my MD macro, if I have a friendly focus it will cast on him, if I have a hostile focus it will cast on his target, same if I have a friendly or hostile target, if none of those exist it will cast on my pet.

    #showtooltip Misdirection
    /cast [target=focus, help] Misdirection
    /cast [target=focustarget, help] Misdirection
    /cast [target=target, help] Misdirection
    /cast [target=targettarget, help] Misdirection
    /cast [target=pet, nodead, exists] Misdirection

    • Korssk says:

      This is a simple macro to stop casting and use FD in an emergency,

      #showtooltip Feign Death
      /use Feign Death

  47. worynn says:

    Distracting Shot Macro. Attempt to let the tanks no you meant to do it, so they don’t just taunt it back, but don’t shout about it unless you actually aimed at the right target. Replace the chat line with your preference.

    /target [@mouseover,exists,nodead,harm]
    /cast Distracting Shot
    /stopmacro [@target,noexists][@target,dead][@target,help]
    /p >>> Distracting Shot on %t <<<
    /stopmacro [@mouseover,noexists][@mouseover,dead][@mouseover,help]

  48. Korssk says:

    A one button macro for my pet to attack and follow,

    /petfollow [@pettarget,exists]
    /petattack [@pettarget,noexists]

    • Korssk says:

      My Mend/Revive/Call Pet macro,

      #showtooltip Mend Pet
      /use [nopet,mod] Revive Pet; [@pet,dead] Revive Pet; [nopet] Call Pet 1; [combat,pet] Mend Pet
      /stopmacro [combat]

      • Korssk says:

        I actually use 2 seperate macros for aspect dancing, the first is my Kill Shot macro that also activates my Aspect of the Hawk, the second is my Wing Clip macro that also activates my Aspect of the Fox.

        #showtooltip Kill Shot
        /cast !Aspect of the Hawk
        /cancelaura Hand of Protection
        /cancelaura Deterrence
        /cast Kill Shot

      • Korssk says:

        #showtooltip Wing Clip
        /cast !Aspect of the Fox
        /cast Wing Clip

  49. Corwyn says:

    Targeting Macro (f1 key). I hit this every time I need a new target.

    Set target to the first of 1) my target 2) my focus’s target 3) my target’s target, 4) my pet’s target, 5) whatever my mouse is over 6) the nearest enemy, which is both hostile and alive. It then sets my Hunter’s Mark on it.

    If you prefer a Hunter’s Mark / Pet Attack macro, you can make this a target only macro.

    /target [harm,nodead] [@focustarget,harm,nodead] [@targettarget,harm,nodead] [@pettarget,harm,nodead] [@mouseover,harm,nodead]
    /cast [harm,nodead] Hunter’s Mark
    /stopmacro [harm,nodead]
    /cast Hunter’s Mark

  50. Corwyn says:

    Pull Shot

    This is the only I have have found to do this. Anyone got an easier way?

    /cast [nomod] Arcane Shot; [mod:alt] Silencing Shot
    /target Player

    • Akycha says:

      What an elegant solution to the /stopattack problem. Thanks very much!

    • Guljin says:

      This is another solution.
      /cast [target=mouseover][] Distracting Shot

      Allows you to shoot a distracting shot at a mouseover target and then goes right back to autoshoting your original target.

      If you want to stop autoshoting you can modify it like this.

      /cast [target=mouseover][] Distracting Shot

      /clear target will stop your auto shots.

  51. Corwyn says:

    Freezing / Ice Trap

    #showtooltip [mod] Ice Trap(Frost); Freezing Trap(Frost)
    /castsequence [mod] reset=9 Trap Launcher, !Ice Trap(Frost – Trap Launcher), nil
    /castsequence [nomod] reset=9 Trap Launcher, !Freezing Trap(Frost – Trap Launcher), nil

  52. Corwyn says:

    Pet Attack Macro. I hit this to start combat, or when I have a new target, or need new pet misdirection. Shift returns pet to my side. Alt casts Intimidation

    /petattack [nomod]
    /petfollow [mod:shift, @pettarget, exists]
    /petpassive [mod:shift]
    /cast [@mouseover,harm,mod:alt] [@pettarget,exists,nodead,mod:alt [exists,nodead,mod:alt] Intimidation
    /cast [nogroup,@pet] Misdirection

  53. GTyoungblood says:

    For Newhunter, you can not macro in any move commands, like forward, right, left, even jump. Sorry. BUT! You can do like I did, if you have a similar mouse (mine is a Logitech Vx nano).

    This mouse has two very small buttons, used for Forward/Back in browsers, located very close to each other. I can hit both with one finger, and not even thinking about it. One button is mapped to the JUMP command (Space bar), the other is mapped to where my Disengage macro sits on my task bar.

    The effect is wonderful. Simultaneous Ice Trap, Jump, DE = crazy distance (sometimes deadly, so watch out).

    To map buttons, you need to look in the game menu, under KEY BINDINGS, and it is a long list.

    The macro is simple.

    #showtooltip Disengage
    /cast Freezing Trap
    /cast Disengage

    Why the /woot? Because I can !7:^)

    • newhunter says:

      im gonna need a “real” mouse it seems. mines only the standard 2 button with wheel.
      but thank you all the same
      and im learning that hunters can do it all too. lol

  54. Aspects says:

    Misdirect to mouseover; if I’m not mousing over anyone in my group or raid, it goes to my main tank; if the tank isn’t around, it goes to my pet.

    /cast [target=mouseover, help] [target=____] [target=pet] Misdirection

    Cobra Shot macro that lets me still attack after someone uses Hand of Protection

    /cancelaura Hand of Protection
    /cast Cobra Shot

    And finally my macro to annoy my healers
    (Camouflage costs 20 mana, who knew?)

    /equip Tyrande’s Favorite Doll
    /cast Camouflage

  55. GTyoungblood says:

    Wow… this list is growing fast… Frost, I hope your server can handle this !7:^D

    Here is the Misdirect macro I like to use while questing. It casts MD to my pet without me losing my target. I was tired of re-targeting all the time. It makes use of the Focus window, so if you are using that for something else, this wont work for you.

    /focus [@focus,exists]player;target
    /target pet
    /cast Misdirection
    /target [@focus,exists]

  56. Shorts says:

    So a target usually only ever needs Serpent Sting applied once, after that, Cobra Shot refreshes it. So I don’t want to have another button taken up just for the very occasional Serpent application. It’s a really simple macro, but it saves a button, and saves muscle memory.

    /use [mod:Shift] Serpent Sting; Cobra Shot

    I looked into having this check if the UnitDebuff contained “Serpent Sting”, so I’d never have to think about it – but that didn’t workout. However, if anyone knows of a good way to do this, I’d be interested

  57. GTyoungblood says:

    Here is my initial targeting macro. It does a lot, some of which isn’t readily seen in the macro, unless you really understand the language.

    Pressing the button once has the following effect…

    Casts Aspect of the Hawk, with the “!” modifier to keep you from toggling the Aspect on and off. Sets focus, sends in the pet to attack, and casts Hunters Mark.

    Now, if you merely wanted to MARK the target, you would simply hit the macro a second time, before the pet makes it to the target. A double tap of the macro usually works fine, depending how close you are. So if you accidentally target the wrong mob, the pet can be recalled.

    Using this macro when you are mounted doesn’t work so well, and requires 3 key presses to send in the pet, as the pet wasn’t available to send in, and the second press would recall the pet, requiring the third press to send pet to attack.

    Another use of this macro is switching pets target. If the pet has been sent to Mob1, and you decide you want him on Mob2, you target Mob2, and then double tap the macro. The first tap recalls the pet, and the second tap sends him to the new target, as well as applying a Hunters Mark there.

    /cast !Aspect of the Hawk
    /clearfocus [@focus,dead]
    /focus [@focus,exists]player;target
    /clearfocus [@focus,noharm]
    /petattack [@focus,exists]
    /petfollow [@focus,noexists]
    /cast Hunter’s mark
    /script UIErrorsFrame:Clear()

  58. Kirk says:

    What timing, Frost, I just posted a macro for Grim Batol in the guild forums.

    I have a misdirect macro, distract macro and include kill command in my explosive shot macro. Those never change. For specific dungeons I try to create one macro for each instance. Generally they’re targeting macros for adds that bosses spawn and which need to be killed quickly. That way I just replace the far leftmost button on my button bar with one macro for each dungeon and nothing else changes in my controls. The above one for Grim Batol fits this category.

  59. GTyoungblood says:

    This is a great one for leveling BM with a Spirit Beast. Levels after 80 don’t seem to benefit from it anymore, as the healing doesn’t seem to scale as well. But, every little bit counts.

    Fairly simple, forces pet to use Spirit Mend on itself, then casts a Mend Pet as well. Double healing for the price of one keystroke. I have a variant that I use to have the pet Spirit Mend me instead, just change the target to Player, and drop the casting of mend pet.

    #showtooltip Spirit Mend(Exotic Ability)
    /target pet
    /cast Spirit Mend(Exotic Ability)
    /cast Mend Pet

    • Kirk says:

      Doesn’t that change your target from what you’re shooting to your pet? You’ll want instead to use the name of your spirit beast in your macro so you don’t stop DPSing the enemy.

  60. GTyoungblood says:

    To make sure I don’t waste a millisecond on trinket use, I added them here, during my first attack (I don’t use /startattack in my targeting macro with my pet, because I want the option of not pulling the mob).

    This one makes sure I’m targeting the same mob as my pet (comes in useful when more than one mob is involved), casts Rapid fire, blows both trinkets, and casts Serpent Sting.

    I maximize my damage in questing, and farming with this. This is not ideal for raiding or dungeons when you might want to save your burst damage for a certain time. I also keep Beastial Wrath out of this one since I’m usually hitting this macro before the pet gets to the target. I have BW added into my following attacks to ensure the pet is on mob before using it.

    NOTE: There seems to be a 15 second CD between trinket use. I don’t have too many trinkets to confirm this with, but all my trinkets seem to be affected by it. It could be, a rare instance, where I just have a bad combo of trinkets? Or is this intended, or just a new bug? I don’t remember seeing this pre Cata.

    /assist pet
    /cast Rapid Fire
    /use 13
    /use 14
    /cast Serpent Sting

  61. GTyoungblood says:

    I couldn’t figure out how to get Spirit Mend to target my pet by name without doing that. Can you show an example? I tried different ways, but I might have had bad syntax.

    • Kirk says:

      I was thinking something like this, GTyoungblood: Put your pet’s name inside the brackets.
      #showtooltip Spirit Mend(Exotic Ability)
      /cast Spirit Mend(Exotic Ability)[insertpetnamehere]
      /cast Mend Pet

      I’ll have to go try this one later tonight myself. ;)

      • Kirk says:

        Instead of the above you could use your prior macro, GTyoungblood. Just be sure to add
        /target lasttarget
        to the very end of your macro to switch back to what you were attacking.

      • Corwyn says:

        I haven’t tried it, but shouldn’t this work?

        /cast [@pet] Spirit Mend(Exotic Ability)
        /cast Mend Pet

        And to make it more general:
        /cast [@pet:Spirit Beast] Spirit Mend(Exotic Ability)
        /cast Mend Pet

  62. Narzul says:

    Disengage macro –

    The following casts Wing Clip on the closest enemy and casts Disengage. In addition, engineers who have the Parachute Cloak + Tazik Shocker enchants on their cloak + gloves will use these.

    Disengage + Parachute makes for longer distances traversed, especially when jumping before using the macro \ disengaging from higher to lower grounds.

    #showtooltip Disengage
    /console targetNearestDistance 5.000000
    /targetenemy [noharm,dead]
    /cast [harm][nodead] Wing Clip
    /cast Disengage
    /use 10
    /use 15

    • Narzul says:

      * Disengage modification: Scatter Shot instead of Wing Clip –

      You can modify above macro by replacing lines 3+4 with Scatter Shot in the following manner –

      /cast [target=mouseover, harm][harm] Scatter Shot

      I personally like to use Scatter Shot manually, but you will get a little extra damage on your Disengage and better CC. Also be sue to take off “/use 10” if you don’t want the Scatter Shot to be broken by Tazik Shocker damage.

  63. GTyoungblood says:

    In case you want to see your macros as a text file, from outside the game, like I’m doing now, here is the file location.

    G:\wow\World of Warcraft\WTF\Account\(your account name here)\Garrosh\Gtyoungblood

    The actual file would be “macros-cache.txt”, at least mine is anyway. I have no idea if you can modify the macros from within the text file. I think it would work, but don’t quote me on it.

    If you decide to try editing macros here, always make a back up copy of the original, and edit that first. Rename the original something like “O.macros-cache” for the unmodified version, and then the new one can overwrite the name of “macros-cache”.

    • Zilron says:

      No, you can’t change your macros by editing this file; it will be overwritten when you log back in (macros are stored on the server; that file is just a local copy for quick access during play).

  64. Camdin says:

    All of the macro’s I use are already stated above however whenever on the conversation of macro’s Fitzcairn’s Macro Explain-o-matic should be brought up. It probably won’t help you too much in creating a new macro but if you’re new to macro’s or you don’t understand a line in someone else’s macro then his site will help explain what is happening. Here’s the link: http://www.macroexplain.com/
    Just copy and paste the macro in there and click Explain.

  65. Turelak says:

    I fell I’m a better hunter every time I read this blog =)

    PS: Sorry for a non-macro post.

  66. GTyoungblood says:

    Simple macro for a quick getaway if you are not in combat, and afraid of pulling aggro by getting to close to a mob.

    Puts up Cheetah, and hides you. Well, reduces your aggro radius pretty good. I have used this in dungeons where I wanted to Solo, and needed to sneak past all the trash. Works o.k., unless you get really close to a mob, in which case Aspect of the Cheetah was a bad idea !7:^)

    /cast !Aspect of the Cheetah
    /cast Camouflage

  67. Murlock says:

    I didn’t see a how to Wyvern Sting Macro so…
    #show Wyvern Sting
    /cast Wyvern Sting
    /p Attempting to sleep ” %t ”
    /target [target=focus,exists,nodead] target
    This will tell your party what you are doing, do it, and then put you back on your focus’ target

    • Justa says:

      #showtooltip Wyvern Sting
      /cast [@mouseover, harm][harm] Wyvern Sting

      This is great for ‘oh crap’ moments in pve, esp on bad trash pulls (i’m looking at you warriors and DKs).

      You can of course chuck in Serpent Sting as well using a modifier but i’m too lazy.

      I’ve got another one with a mod that changes it to Serpent Sting

  68. Murlock says:

    How to pull a mob out of a group and get back to business
    #show Distracting Shot
    /p Pulling ” %t ” for the Purpose of Parking
    /cast Distracting Shot
    /target [target=focus,exists,nodead] [target=pet,exists,nodead] target

  69. GTyoungblood says:

    I don’t remember where I got this macro, wish I could take credit, but I cant.

    It picks the mount you want depending on environment. Toy need to edit the macro to make it work though. Where you see m=(33) or m=(34) is what you want to edit. The number in ( ) is what to edit. It corresponds to the mount in your mount list. I quit using it because I had to keep editing this list as the mounts always get moved around when you get a new mount. I might revisit it now though. I think I’m done mount collecting.

    This macro is copied as is right out of my macro list, so only change the numbers, not the spaces, brackets, or other syntax.

    /run if IsMounted() then Dismount() return end local m if not IsFlyableArea() or (GetWintergraspWaitTime()==nil and GetZoneText()==”Wintergrasp”) then m=(33) else m=(34) end if IsSwimming() then m=(33) end CallCompanion(“MOUNT”,m)

  70. kirikawind says:

    I made a macro for when I’m on kiting duty for a raid and I want to make the healing easier for everyone. I’m BM with a spirit beast and this will manage my focus fire and casting spirit mend on myself. I’ve got it all set up so when I spam arcane shot it just manages it all:

    #showtooltip Arcane Shot
    /cast Arcane Shot
    /script UIErrorsFrame:Clear()
    /target Kirikawind
    /cast Spirit Mend(Exotic Ability)
    /script UIErrorsFrame:Clear()
    /cast Focus Fire
    /script UIErrorsFrame:Clear()

    It’s pretty bad ass. Only problem is when a target gets low HP and I can use kill command it will put up a notice to use Kill Command every time I push the button. A minor inconvenience to keep myself up and do my job effectively.

  71. darkfalcon09 says:

    Macro Request:

    I would like some way to attach the new stable pullout menu to a macro. Not to auto-cast from it, but just an option to add it in to my overall pet care macro. Like”shift click displays the menu, whereas crtl click calls a specific pet” sort of deal.

  72. Kivan says:

    I use this and love it. It’s the first macro I made myself ;)

    #showtooltip Hunter’s Mark
    /cast [modifier:shift] Hunter’s Mark
    /stopmacro [modifier:shift]
    /cast Hunter’s Mark

    It sends my pet to attack the target and puts Hunter’s Mark on it at the same time. And, if I hold Shift and use it, it will only put Hunter’s Mark on the Target, without sending my pet. I have it bound to thumb button #1 on my mouse.

  73. Marintha says:

    This is a great macro in case you ever tank with your pets, either for questing or soloing. You can hit this in raid, any time you want to mend your pet (I do it automatically now, before every pull), and it will turn growl off and set your pet to passive. If you LEFT CLICK, it mends your pet. If you RIGHT CLICK, it dismisses the pet. I have two of these macros on my bars, one that turns growl on and defensive on, one that turns it off. :D

    /petautocastoff Growl
    /cast [pet, button:1] Mend Pet
    /cast [button:2] Dismiss Pet

  74. Marintha says:

    A great macro for CC with Wyvern Sting. Marks the target with a green triangle, pulls your pet back from attacking it, and wyvern stings the target, then warns people that it’s asleep. Can work with ice block and other ccs as well, though it would be a little more clunky.

    /script SetRaidTarget(“target”,4);
    /cast Wyvern Sting
    /say %t ( {rt4} ) put to sleep!

  75. Marintha says:

    This is my most used macro. I have an extra clickable button on the side of my mouse that is just wearing out from abuse. Change the “Call Pet 1” to whatever slot your main raiding pet is, and this will make sure you have it out, if you don’t have a pet out.

    The real macro though, is that you can hover your mouse over anything; mob, totem, web wrapped healer, anything! Then when you click the button it’s macro’d to, your pet will run over and attack it. This is great for things with low health that can just be nommed away by a pet. And it doesn’t even ask for you to re-target!

    /cast [nopet] Call Pet 1
    /petattack [target=mouseover,harm][]

  76. BoneHunter says:

    When I screw up my aggro and the mobs attack me:

    #showtooltip Disengage
    /cast Wing Clip
    /cast Disengage

    (assuming I won’t jump backwards off a cliff)

    Interesting how some have Frost Trap instead of Wing Clip up above. Wondering what if Frost Trap is on cooldown.

  77. Sharpy says:

    #showtooltip Mend Pet
    /cast [nopet] Call Pet
    /cast [@pet,dead] Revive Pet
    /cast [pet,nomod,button:1] Mend Pet
    /cast [pet,nomod,button:2] Dismiss Pet
    /cast [pet,mod:alt] Feed Pet
    /use [pet,mod:alt]

    Best button saver ever <3

  78. BoneHunter says:

    Since Frostheim asked for requests – the above postings for Spirit Beasts made me wonder if any else had any pet specific Macros. I’m thinking here especially of the Worm “Burrow” ability, which I’m always forgetting to click on (maybe link with Explosive Trap for double AOE effect?).

    • Dysc says:

      A nice macro for pet specials depending on what pet you have out is:
      /cast [pet:worm] Burrow Attack; [pet:core hound] Ancient Hysteria; [pet:spirit beast,@target,help] [pet:spirit beast,@player] Spirit Mend; [pet:beetle] Harden Carapace

      In case your pet is a spirit beast, this macro will first cast Spirit Mend on your target or on yourself if you don’t have a friendly target selected.

      • Narzul says:

        Is that you Dysc? <3

        I also use raptor's Tear Armor on my pet specials macro as the game's AI still lets the 3 stacks drop before refresh.

        /cast [pet:raptor] Tear Armor;

        I also use others for PVP + extreme full hunter groups, but the scope here is for PvE, not how to "make rogues bleed from their anus", in which case, get a sporebat ;-)

  79. saelle says:

    After a bit of research, I’m using this macro for my traps

    /castsequence [nomod] Freezing Trap
    /castsequence [mod:shift] reset=15 Trap Launcher,!Freezing Trap, nil

    Basically it will put down a trap like normal unless you press [shift]. With SHIFT pressed you hit the key once to enter trap launcher mode and a second time to actually launch the trap. The reset = 15 is there to avoid accidentally casting trap launcher a second time and wasting focus. I don’t remember where I saw this on the interwebs (MMO champion hunter forums possibly?) but it works great for me.

  80. Andruth says:

    This macro is fairly messy as I’ve made no attempt to clean it up since I made it eons ago, nor have I adjusted it for the abyssal sea horse (this iteration is at 253/255 characters). I’m not too familiar with macro short forms and such, so if anyone can clean it up, feel free.

    This is a modified version of the flyable/noflyable mount macro that includes other hunter abilities.
    -It attempts to use your mount out of combat if you’re outside
    -If you’re mounted it dismounts you (I find it useful for certain things involving flying mounts)
    -If you’re in combat, it uses feign death (I use it as my main feign death button in PvE and also PvP, but it’s useful when soloing, in BG’s, etc. when you get stuck in combat and want to mount up, just press the button twice)
    -If you’re holding shift, it uses Aspect of the Cheetah

    /cast [combat, nomodifier:shift] Feign Death
    /cast [nomounted, flyable, nomodifier:shift, outdoors] ; [outdoors, nomounted, nomodifier:shift] ; Aspect of the Cheetah
    /dismount [mounted]

  81. saelle says:

    When it comes to pet control I like this simple macro:

    /petfollow [@pettarget,exists]

    Hit it once the pet attacks, hit it again the pet comes back, hit it again the pet attacks, hit it another time …. well … you get the idea. I like the simplicity of this macro as I have had problems with pet attack macro’s that have tried to do to much and cast one of the other spells in the macro instead of controlling my pet as I expected. Since lack of pet control is the #1 sign of a huntard (and the most likely cause to be kicked in a heroic) I like to keep this one simple.

  82. saelle says:

    Not sure what you plan to do with all these posts but the truth is there will never be 100% agreement on the best macro’s. As this post is already getting a bit long it might be useful for Frost to ultimately create multiple posts for the different types of macro’s with explanations of exactly what it does. That way people could post their specific macro’s for that specific subject. The key areas off the top of my head are Misdirect, Tranq Shot, Aspect Control, Pet Combat Control, Pet Healing/Feeding, Traps, and Wing Clip.

  83. Kalven and Hobs says:

    Pet Taunt

    #showtooltip taunt
    /use taunt

    It kinda sucks I even have to make this macro, as the ability can only be dragged to the pet bar. If the target is out of melee range, it has to be hit again in range to activate taunt.

  84. saelle says:

    This one is more of a PVP post but I use it all the time in PVE/Farming too:

    #showtooltip Black War Steed
    /cast !Call Pet 1
    /cast !Aspect of the hawk
    /cast [noswimming,noflyable] Black War Steed;
    /cast [flyable,noswimming] Swift Blue Gryphon;
    /cast [swimming] Abyssal Seahorse
    /dismount [mounted]

    I created this because I kept forgetting to recast Aspect of the Hawk on myself after rezzing in PVP. It is basically my mount macro but includes the !Aspect and !Pet lines to make sure I’m at full strength when I meet the enemy. You can pretty much use this one button for mounting (just replace your mount of choice and stable slot). It is useful in a heroic too as it will cast Aspect of the Hawk if it isn’t up already and make sure to call your pet if it was dismissed.

  85. isli says:

    Sorry if this macro is a repost.
    It’s a pretty simple one, useful for omnitron defence system and any other ‘oh sh*t’ moments involving adds. As it’s a double click macro it leaves me with some control and saves me wasting a GCD if concussive shot is not needed.

    /cast Disengage
    /cast Concussive Shot

  86. Kazador says:

    A simple DPS increasing macro for SV Raiders:

    Useable only if you have an “on use” trinket like Unsolveable Riddle, and are SV.

    /use 14
    /cast black arrow

    That first activates your trinket, then casts black arrow.

    Why does this increase DPS? Because it ensures that your trinket proc is up for approximately the duration of Black Arrow, which is when you will get Lock and Load. So the trinket bonus is applied to a LOT of Explosive shots, instead of just a few. Macroing this to your main button for Black Arrow will activate your trinket right when you want it, every time it’s off CD.

    /use 14 activates the bottom trinket. /use 13 will activate your top trinket. So make sure your macro matches where you position your trinket.

    Simple and effective.


  87. Marmo says:

    Hmmm, macros? Just few, like classic MD / RF macros and/or stopcasting ones. I’ll post some.

    #showtooltip (spell_name)
    /cast (spell_name)

    I use this macro for Feign Death, Disengage, Deterrence.

  88. Urra says:

    WHU has been like a bible to me so here is my small contribution a very simple macro for all us Belfs out there. Might be a better way to do this but it works for me to give a 65 Focus boost almost as good as Turkish coffee.

    /cast Arcane Torrent
    /cast Fervor

  89. Brenin says:

    Macro Request:

    I’m looking for a macro that allows me to put a serpent sting on a second target, without loosing my main target. I’m thinking of fights like Valiona and Theralion or Ascendant Council.
    I’ve tried out a /targetlasttarget-macro on some target dummys and it wouldn’t work out well.
    I also need a Cobra Shot macro, to refresh the SS on both targets without screwing up my rotation.

    I’m thankful for any kind of help.

    • Ironangel says:

      #showtooltip Serpent Sting
      /cast [target=mouseover,harm] Serpent Sting; [harm] Serpent Sting

      This will cast serpent Sting on your mouseover target, and if no mouseover target exists, it will cast it on your current target. Same can be used for your SS refreshes, replacing Serpent Sting in the above macro with Cobra Shot.

      ** Curious: do you have 1 point in Serpent Spread? This will give you a 6 second serpent spread on all secondary targets in multishot range with each use of your multishot. This would avoid you having to manually apply & refresh it on secondary mobs, instead just multishot every 6 seconds, or as your rotation allows.

  90. Ilissan says:

    My random mount macro:

    /run if (not IsMounted()) then local t={2,3,14,18,30,34,36} CallCompanion(“MOUNT”, t[random(#t)]) else DismissCompanion(“MOUNT”) end

    Just change the numbers to the ones for the mounts you want to include. You’ll have to change the numbers every time you get a new mount.

  91. Good Gracious says:

    This is not my macro – borrowed it from somewhere (don’t know where). But this is my START Macro.

    Revives the pet if dead with a shift.
    Calls Pet 1, if no pet out
    Sets up the focus
    Puts on a hunter’s mark, and sends the pet out to attack it.

    Has an ‘oh shit I have sent out the pet too soon ability’ by tapping a second time, cancels the pet attack.

    /cast [@pet,dead][mod:shift] Revive Pet
    /cast [nopet,nomod] Call Pet 1
    /clearfocus [@focus,dead]
    /focus [@focus,exists]player;target
    /clearfocus [@focus,noharm]
    /petattack [@focus,exists]
    /petfollow [@focus,noexists]
    /cast Hunter’s Mark

  92. Qy says:

    This is a Serpent Sting mouseover macro. Hover cursor over your target while casting; if you aren’t mousing over, it defaults to casting it on whatever your current target is:

    #showtooltip Serpent Sting
    /cast [target=mouseover,harm,nodead][harm,nodead][] Serpent Sting

    I have identical ones for Wyvern, Black Arrow, Concussive and Tranq Shots

  93. wilegenuis says:

    [U]Macro Question[/U]
    As KS is probably our max DPS shot, does it worth macro it so it will stop all existing activities like:

    /cast Kill Shot

    • Moroh says:

      I have it just like that, but with the added [exists] before Kill Shot, to not auto target with it. Mainly thought for heroics, and not raids, though. In a raid, I can just wait on the Cobra Shot…and probably won’t auto target as easily.

  94. HikariVandar says:

    Fairly simple, but I get quite a bit of use out of it – simply, I bind /petattack to /cast Kill Shot, since Kill Shot is a dead button for much of a given fight, so until that point I can use it to intelligently switch targets (even if need be, to something I’m not trying to attack)

    /showtooltip Kill Shot
    /cast Kill Shot

    It’s simple, but I get a ton of use out of it, especially in situations where I might want to split my DPS between two targets.

  95. Ril says:

    1. MD-Macro
    Casts MD on Focus, if there’s none on Focustarget, if there’s none on Target, if there’s none on my target’s target, if there’s none on my pet.

    /cast [target=focus, help] Misdirection
    /cast [target=focustarget, help] Misdirection
    /cast [target=target, help] Misdirection
    /cast [target=targettarget, help] Misdirection
    /cast [target=pet, nodead, exists] Misdirection

    • Ril says:

      2. Pet’s specials Macros
      I’ve got two of these, bound on two keys. They unite all pet-specials i’ve used so far, and are designed so that the spells they hold exclude each other. This way, i don’t need to bind every pet spell on different keys.

      a) this is more of a BM-macro (with spirit mend or RoS on mouseover, and if theres none, on my target if its friendly), but also holds stuff like RoR when my dragonhawk’s out (i use it for raiding, we usually don’t have CoE).
      /cast [@mouseover,exists] Spirit Mend; Roar of Sacrifice [target,help] Spirit Mend, Roar of Sacrifice
      /cast Ancient Hysteria
      /cast Snatch
      /cast Roar of Recovery
      /cast Call of the Wild

      • Ril says:

        b) usually race specific spells that don’t fit in my 1st macro
        /cast Nether Shock
        /cast Froststorm Breath
        /cast Pummel

    • Ril says:

      3. im condensing this in one post because it’s essentially the same:
      Mousover-macros for sleep, Raptor Strike and Scatter Shot, bound on 3 different keys obviousely. They cast RS/ScS/WS on mouseover, if there’s none, on target.

      /cast [@mouseover,exists] Raptor Strike; [target] Raptor Strike

      /cast [@mouseover,exists] Scatter Shot; [target] Scatter Shot

      /cast [@mouseover,exists] Wyvern Sting; [target] Wyvern Sting

      before you ask, yes, i made them for pve, not pvp, they’re useful for both tough. i need the first on bosses like nef (along with the RS glyph) and the last two on bosses like cho’gall to interrupt the MCs, or any bosses where quick cc is needed.

    • Ril says:

      4. one button for rez or mend pet. note that the rez-part doesn’t currently work if your pet isn’t out lying somewhere (like after mounting or wiping).

      /castsequence [target=pet,dead][button:2] Revive Pet; Mend Pet

  96. Cuchilo says:

    Macro Request:

    Is it at all possible to set up a macro on target death?

    If No Target then Don’t Shoot Stuff instead Target Myself ?

    Wondering if we can’t collectively find a solution to the auto targeting issue we have atm.

    • Elhessar says:

      This macro avoids the automatic autotarget when you try to cast an offensive attack after your current target is dead.

      #showtooltip Cobra Shot
      /cast [exists] Cobra Shot

  97. Necro says:

    Macro Request

    Something along the lines of:- Target focus target, if none, target enemy

    • Moroh says:

      /tar [@focus,harm] (If you only want to target harmful focus)
      /tar [@focus] (If you want to target ANY focus)

      But the “if none, target enemy”…just Tab target him.

  98. Moroh says:

    I love my macros…

    I will start with my main one, which is an assist focus one, with some useful things to top it off:

    If Alt is held, it clears my focus. If I have a friendly target, it will focus the friendly target. If I have a harmful target, it will cast Hunter’s Mark. If I have a friendly focus, it will assist it, and even better, cast Hunter’s Mark on the assisted focus’ target. To avoid it focusing another friendly target (I use focus MD, so had tank aimed at a healer, he would have, unfortunately, turned into my new focus), it won’t re-focus if I have a friendly focus. It also turns Growl on/off if I’m in a group (won’t work if I’m on PvP spec, because Growl is lovely there).

    /clearfocus [mod:alt]
    /assist [@focus,help]
    /cast [harm] Hunter’s Mark
    /petautocaston [spec:1,nogroup] Growl
    /petautocastoff [spec:1,group] Growl
    /stopmacro [@focus,help]
    /focus [help]

    • Moroh says:

      Next, comes the lovely Misdirect macro (it comes with a Distracting Shot modifier; my “attack him…wait, no; attack me” macro):

      If Alt is held, it casts Distracting Shot, sets a purple raid marker on the mob and yells out what I’m doing. If not, it MDs to my focus. If my focus is harmful or dead, it MDs my pet. Happen my pet be dead, it MDs my mouseover.

      /cast [nomod:alt,@focus,help,nodead][nomod:alt,@pet,nodead][nomod:alt,@mouseover,help] Misdirection
      /cast [mod:alt] Distracting Shot
      /stopmacro [nomod:alt]
      /script SetRaidTarget(“target”,2);
      /y ~~Casting Distracting Shot on {rt2} %t~~

    • Moroh says:

      Wyvern Sting has an interesting few things, as well:

      If I hold Alt, it casts Widow Venom (rare is the scenario when I use it, but I like to be prepared). If not, then it sets the star raid marker on my target, casts Wyvern Sting, yells out what I just did, targets my last target and, just in case (to not break my CC anyway, nor just start attacking if I Wyverned as an extra CC before the pull) has my pet come to me (yeah…he likes to play around, at times, better safe than sorry) and has me stop attacking at all.

      /cast [mod:alt] Widow Venom
      /stopmacro [mod:alt]
      /script SetRaidTarget(“target”,1);
      /cast Wyvern Sting
      /stopmacro [noexists]
      /y ~~Wyvern Sting on {rt1} %t~~

      • Moroh says:

        Problem with writting them out of memory, instead of double checking. There’s a mistake in the above. It should be:

        /cast [mod:alt] Widow Venom
        /stopmacro [mod:alt]
        /script SetRaidTarget(“target”,1);
        /cast Wyvern Sting
        /stopmacro [noharm]
        /y ~~Wyvern Sting on {rt1} %t~~

    • Moroh says:

      Aaaaaaaand…I almost forgot! Hunter pet macros! 3 insanely simple, but just as useful ones. I know, I could rebind the pet action bar; but I dont wantz it.

      Pet -> (Pet goes after mouseover, or my target)
      /petattack [target=mouseover,harm,nodead][harm,nodead]

      Pet Pet (I assist my pet and immediately cast Hunter’s Mark and start the Auto Shot)
      /assist [target=pet]
      /cast Hunter’s Mark

  99. Moroh says:

    Obviously there’s the usual smaller ones ( /cast [mod:alt] Serpent Sting; Cobra Shot ) as well as the Kill Shot I’ve already seen that cuts whatever cast bar I have to favour Kill Shot. But the last few I’d suggest are simple mouseover ones. One a tad different than the Tranq Shot one above and another for Scare Beast.

    The Tranq Shot one casts it on my living, harmful, mouseover. if it cannot, it casts it on my living, harmful target:

    #showtooltip Tranquilizing Shot
    /cast [target=mouseover,harm,nodead][harm,nodead] Tranquilizing Shot

    And Scare Beast, even though it could do the same as above, I never really have to target the animal in question; I’m just keeping it at bay (Beauty in BRC, anyone? Chain trap and Scare Beast + Wyvern…good times). So it’s the simplest mouseover macro:

    #showtooltip Scare Beast
    /castt [target=mouseover,harm,nodead] Scare Beast

    Hope you liked Moroh’s macros.

    • Moroh says:

      Maybe that wasn’t the last one…I forgot to add my Call Pet one. Now, it’s an “Oh-crap!” one on the actual Call Pet thing, you’ll see why.

      If the pet’s dead, it revives it (I should call a pet Lazarus to have some fun, there). But, as any who has used a Revive Pet macro knows, it doesn’t always work. So Alt does the same thing if all goes bad. If the pet’s out, I Mend him (and am glyphed, so Feeding has been out of the question for a while). And, if my living pet isn’t out, I call him. Now, which pet I call is the neat thing. If I’m in PvP spec (and assuming I have the PvP pets) I call out my spider. If not, it depends (again, assuming I have my PvE pets): happen I be in a group, I call out the wolf. If I’m by myself, I call out my faithful Sambas.

      /cast [mod:alt] Revive Pet
      /cast [spec:1,group,nopet] Call Pet 1; [spec:1, nogroup, nopet] Call Pet 2; [spec:2, nopet] Call Pet 1
      /cast [@pet, dead] Revive Pet
      /cast [pet, nomod] Mend Pet

      Now, to let you know about which pets are usually on me (unless I know exactly which raid buffs/debuffs are needed, which is a whole simpler thing):




      Warp Stalker

  100. SlayrAbraxas says:

    Here’s a macro for targeting my tank’s target so I never pull aggro on a mob he/she isn’t attacking. I have it labeled Focus Fire. Bind this to whatever key you wish (I use F, since it’s easy to reach and the default key for the ‘assist’ function). Hold down ‘alt’ and press the key while targeting the tank (or whoever else you want to focus) to set them as your focus. After that, anytime you press the “F” key (or whichever key you chose), you will target your focus’ target so you can pew pew with imPEWnity. If you don’t have a focus, it will target your pet’s target. Works well when coupled with Misdirection.

    /focus [modifier:alt] target
    /stopmacro [modifier:alt]
    /assist [target=focus,help] focus; [target=pet, exists] playerpet

    • Bahzob says:

      Word of warning. Setting tank to focus and then assisting can cause problems. Tank may be switching targets from main dps target during a fight and you may end up attacking wrong mob and over aggroing or breaking cc.

      • Moroh says:

        That’s where X-Perl + Omen come in. ;)

      • SlayrAbraxas says:

        Tidyplates and Omen handle this problem for me, and I’m usually misdirecting right after this, and when I’m not, it’s cause MD is on cooldown and the tank already has a large enough threat lead that a few errant shots won’t pull before I can switch targets.

        Seriously though, if you’re not using Tidyplate to watch your aggro on the fly, you should be, cause it’s freaking awesome. Not a replacement for Omen/Skada, but a great complement to them.

      • SlayrAbraxas says:

        Also, I don’t need to use this if targets are marked. I just follow the kill order. The big thing about macros/mods is that for a player who knows what he/she is doing, they are only quality of life improvements. You could have all of the best interface adjustments possible, but if you’re a bad player, it will shine through.

        A ramped up UI is no replacement for skill behind the keyboard.

  101. Suto says:

    BM Macro. Stops casting & casts Kill Command immediately. Great for when you cobra shot is still going.

    *request* I have just started to test out this macro. I’m not 100% sure it increases dps. If you test it out and see an increase/decrease, please let me know. :)

    #showtooltip Kill Command
    /cast Kill Command
    /script UIErrorsFrame:Clear()

  102. cloudbuster says:

    I know it’s not fancy, but I keep a target macro keybound for important adds/mobs that i need to get on quick in whatever content I’m doing. I just comment out the ones I’m not using at the time., Looks something like (mind is much longer):

    #/tar Chains of Woe
    /tar Poison Bomb
    #/tar Lava Parasite

  103. boomerang says:

    Here’s my BM spec Kill Command Macro

    It sends in your pet. Great thing is that it makes target switching easier, as you can hit this button mid-cast, when KC is on cd, pretty much anytime and your pet will attack your target.

    #showtooltip kill command
    /cast kill command

  104. boomerang says:

    Here’s my BM “All in one BW button”. It pretty much pops any available cooldown. I’ve thought about taking out rapid fire and using that on a separate cd (macroed with cobra shot). If you use this when your pet is in mid charge while spamming KC, your first KC should be a big one.

    #showtooltip bestial wrath
    /cast berserking
    /cast call of the wild
    /cast rapid fire
    /cast bestial wrath
    /use 13
    /use 14

    Note that I take call of the wild off autocast on all my pets. Also note that “berserking” is the troll racial, so if you’re not a troll insert your racial CD here (unless you don’t have one, in that case race change to troll :-) ).

    • Suto says:

      I did some testing with this. From my testing, it was significantly better to use rapid fire apart from the duration of bestial wrath. This is especially true if rapid fire is used within the first bit of the fight. The same goes for Lifeblood/herbalism skill given.

  105. Gundersson says:

    Is there a way to change what a macro does depending on what pet I have out?

    For example when I’m soloing I have a tenacity pet with taunt and last stand on my bars. When I go into a dungeon I switch to my ferocity pet and I need to laboriously switch all my buttons to stuff like rabid and Call of the Wild.

    • Lokrick says:

      If you try to use an ability that is on cooldown, the macro will stall, but if you use an ability that is not present (e.g, the requires a different spec or pet, then it is ignored. Thus, you can just include “/use call of the wild” and it will be ignored unless you have an appropriate pet. I used this to share shot macros with silencing shot in WotLK between MM and BM.

    • Gundersson says:

      Never mind, I found a way to do it. The macro differentiates your pets based on species e.g. “wolf” or “boar”

      You can modify it with your own pet abilities and species. Here’s one that makes the macro cast “Last Stands” if I have my boar out (tenacity) or “Call of the Wild” if my wolf is out (Ferocity).

      /cast [pet:boar, nodead] Last Stand
      /cast [pet:wolf, nodead] Call of the Wild

      The next one alternate between “Intervene” for my tenacity boar and “Heart of the Phoenix” for my wolf. The intervene ALSO casts ‘Taunt’ on the target attacking the intervened target. Basically if somebody draws the aggro of a hostile target, you hit this and it intervenes whoever pulled aggro and taunts the target. Probably not reccomended for raids. If you like just remove the line that says taunt.

      /cast [pet:boar, nodead, target=targettarget] Intervene
      /cast [pet:boar, nodead] Taunt
      /cast [pet:wolf, nodead] Heart of the Phoenix

      You can add additional species and pet skills as you wish.

      • Gundersson says:

        These macros I use for pet control. I tend to put my pet on defensive when in combat, that way it automatically moves to the next agroed target without me wasting precious seconds directing it. I could also make a mistake and tell it to attack an unagroed or CCed target. Pets on DEFENSIVE now will automatically NOT attack CCed or unagroed targets unless you specifically command them to. The macro is also a toggle to put the pet into DEFENSIVE mode if you don’t have a target selected.

        /petattack [target=target, exists]

        After the pack is dead I use the second macro to pull the pet back and put it on Passive just for safety sake. It also puts the pet on follow, so you can use it to get the pet to return to you if you’ve used the “Move To” command to send it somewhere.


        NOTE: I don’t know if it’s been said specifically anywhere here, but if you make a macro and choose the question mark as the icon (default) it will usually use the icon and tooltip of the next ability that will be cast by the macro.

        Thus the two macros for pet abiliites in the previous post will show the respective icons and tooltips based on what pet you have out.

  106. Guslado says:

    For raiding, other than MD and Rapid Fire/Trinket macros, the macros I tend to use most often are specialized targeting macros based on the fight. This lets me switch to my new high priority kill target at a moment’s notice. Below is and example of the macro

    /target Highest Priority Target
    /stopmacro [nodead, harm]
    /target 2nd highest Priority Target
    /stopmacro [nodead, harm]
    /target Lowest Priority Target
    /stopmacro [nodead, harm]

    The insert the name of what your targets will be and you’re good to go. You can easily expand/contract the number of targets based on the fight. The lowest priority target is usually the boss; I omit the /petattack command from this part of the macro so I don’t inadvertently pet-pull the boss.

  107. meh says:

    For getting your pet back really quickly – useful on many occasions.

    /cast Dash
    /cast Dive

    This could probably be cleaned somewhat (both dash and dive are there to ensure I get the result, regardless of the pet), but it does the job – gets the pet off the target and back to me as fast as possible. All my ferocity/cunning pets have dash/dive, and it’s never on autocast – it’s macroed to petattack and this “heel” command.

    • saelle says:

      Kripparian does something similar with /cast Master’s Call at the end. With this spell’s cooldown being shortened and keybind space at a premium, it might be worth it to add it to this macro.

  108. Ryshat says:

    /tar sambas


  109. roflswithcopters says:

    I guess i’ll repost what I have in the SV Shot Rotation thread:

    “I prefer to use a macro that will substantially lower my dps in boss fights. It’s not just that I don’t like optimizing my dps, but mostly that I find that comments are more insightful if the commenter hasn’t actually read the entire post before commenting.” [Fixed – Frost]

    • roflswithcopters says:

      crap…didnt see that you didnt want rotation macros >.<

      • Shorts says:

        Really? You didn’t see it? Not the first mention,nor the second? Nor the millions of other times the evils of “/castsequence” has been iterated on this blog?
        Perhaps you should send Frost an email asking him what the best pet for dps is – I hear he loves that.

        Please Frost – feel persnickety, not just lazy.

    • Shorts says:

      Well played Frost. Very well played

  110. Akita says:

    I can’t remember where I found the script for this misdirect macro, but I love it.

    So first you have the actual misdirect macro and that is just called ‘Misdirect’. You make it, name it, give it an icon and then leave it blank. This is the macro you will activate to actually cast misdirect. It gets filled in by the following macro, which you can just click whenever you wanna change your MD target:

    /script local n=UnitName(“target”) if n and not InCombatLockdown() then EditMacro(GetMacroIndexByName(“Misdirect”),”Misdirect”,nil,”/cast [target=”..n..”] Misdirection;”) DEFAULT_CHAT_FRAME:AddMessage(“Misdirect set to “..n) end

    (this will set the actual macro to, for example, /cast [target=Shijima] Misdirection;

    It works only out of combat, but I still find it useful, and I use other macros for if i need to MD to someone else.

    This one is just really good so you don’t have to keep going into your macro and changing the tank name each fight, and you don’t have to have the tank on focus, and if your focus isn’t targetting the tank etc etc.

    • kind says:

      Does it matter where the “misdirect” macro is created? Toon specific ? or can it go on global

      • Akita says:

        I haven’t tested if this matters, but I tend to make all my macros in global anyway because I’m lazy and disorganised.

  111. Envious says:

    Freezing Trap Launcher

    This is a two button press macro that activates your trap launcher than with the second press of the key gives you the targeting icon to allow you to place the trap.. you can substitute any trap within the macro for your desired effect.

    /castsequence reset=3 !trap launcher, !freezing trap

  112. Cynicster says:

    Macro Slot Saving Dual Spec Macros

    I started running out of macro slots with all the macros I had so came up with this one to save on space.

    #showtooltip [spec:1] Chimera Shot; [spec:2] Explosive Shot
    /use !auto shot
    /use 10
    /use [spec:1] Chimera Shot; [spec:2] Explosive Shot
    /script UIErrorsFrame:Clear()

    This macro will use either “Chimera Shot” or “Explosive Shot” depending on which spec I’ve got enabled. Here I’ve got Marksmanship as spec 1 and Survival as spec 2. You can obviously adapt it to use “Kill Command” when Beast Mastery is one of your two specs.
    This allows me to have a single macro for both signature abilities and have it on the same spot on my action bar for both specs so that I know exactly where my signature ability is no matter which spec I’m sporting at the time.

    I’ve created similar macros for the following combinations:
    – Steady Shot and Cobra Shot
    – Silencing Shot and Wyvern Shot

    Hope this helps some of you free some macro slots ;)

    • Shorts says:

      I don’t know about you, but when I change specs, it changes my action bars as well – so I’m kind of struggling to see how this macro is useful

      • Demlar says:

        Set your hotbars up with this macro on both versions of your bar, for the different specs. You set it up once that way then when you change specs your bar wouldn’t change much because of how he has the macro’s working.

  113. Lirael says:

    Macro request: Anyone know if it is possible to macro Explosive shot/Arcane shot and keep the shining effect around the buttom when LoL procs? atm it does not appear if the actual spell has been replaced by a macro.

  114. Rimfall says:

    I need a macro which will do the following:
    put HM on my target
    cast a serpent sting
    send my pet to attack

    Thx guys

    • Kalven and Hobs says:

      Hunter’s Mark is on the GCD, so you can’t get that and Serpent Sting in one button push. What I suggest is simply modifying your Sting.

      #showtooltip serpent sting
      /use serpent sting
      /use dash
      /use dive

      This is a good way to quickly switch targets on trash, as the first or second shot on a new mob is usually Serpent Sting.

      This is also a good place to put modifiers to your pets behavior, such as /petdefensive. For example, my Wyvern Sting has /petpassive tagged to it so my pet stays by my side as I pull, but then leaps into action as soon as I attack.

      Just my opinion, but putting up Hunter’s Mark on a less than 1 million HP mob is a dps loss if already engaged. Manually marking the first or highest health target of a trash pull, or marking the boss before the pull is good practice.

  115. Razial says:

    When running Dungeons I don’t like to swap focus much so I use

    /focus [target=focus, noexists]
    /cast [target=focus] Wyvern Sting

    To set my sting Focus and Shoot after I place a trap

    • Shorts says:

      Not sure about everyone else, but I prefer to keep the tank as my focus, so that I can MD to them easily. When doing a trap/wyvern pull, Here’s what I do:
      1) target the mob i want to wyvern sting
      2) MD to the tank (using a focus macro)
      3) launch the trap
      4) hit wyvern sting
      5) start killing the mob the tank is targeting

  116. Kirk says:

    I like to have the tank as my focus so I can see, via target of target, what he’s attacking and switch if necessary. It also makes it easy to macro a misdirect macro to the focus.

    However I’m starting to rethink this. It certainly would be nice to be able to set the focus an enemy unit and keep wyvern sting or distract up on that focus target while continuing to DPS the main target.

    I’d like to have both if I can. Is there perhaps a multiple focuses in the game? If not, I’ll have to modify my misdirect macro on every dungeon run with the tank’s name. I’d rather not have to do this the manual way.

    • Shorts says:

      There are plenty of addons around to monitor the application and duration of buffs/debuffs. Just look for “crowd control” or something similar on curse or wowace or whatever addon site you prefer.
      I know there’s something a lot of mages use these days that announces in chat when polymorph is about to expire. Not sure what it is, or if it can be used by hunters – but it shows that it is possible.

  117. Lysogenic says:

    I use a macro for Raptor Strike, paired with the glyph is is very helpful pvp and sometimes in pve.
    /cast raptor strike
    This may be a odd of of doing it so if anyone can improve this please post below. But this macro will target the nearest target to you so an add or in a pvp situation some lazy locks pet will be targeted granting you the helpful buff then return you to smashing the warlock. enjoy.

  118. Guljin says:

    Macro Request:

    I’m using the following WS macro that i got above and I really like it.

    #showtooltip Wyvern Sting
    /cast [@mouseover,exists]Wyvern Sting;Wyvern Sting

    Is there a way to combine it with a macro like the one below, but so that it puts the triangle icon on the mouse over and announces that target if it that is what I’m WSing? or if I’m not mousing over that it will put up the target and announce my target?

    /script SetRaidTarget(“target”,4);
    /p %t ( {rt4} ) put to sleep!

    Basically i want them to work the same. WS and icon/announce my target if no mouse over. WS and icon/announce the mouseover if i’m using that to WS another mob without losing my original target. hope this makes sense.

    • Moroh says:

      Sounds like my Silencing Shot macro…but there’s a catch: if it’s a target, and not a mouseover, it won’t mark/announce. Might be of use for you, though (by the way, this one uses the diamond marker, just make sure to set whichever you like):

      /run SetRaidTarget(“mouseover”,3);
      /cast [target=mouseover,harm][] Silencing Shot
      /stopmacro [target=mouseover,noharm]
      /y >>Silencing {rt3}<<

      If anyone knows how to make it space-wise able to mark/announce, let me know.

  119. Corwyn says:

    Of the top of my head (so test it carefully)

    #showtooltip Wyvern Sting
    /target [@mouseover, exists, nodead]
    /cast Wyvern Sting
    /script SetRaidTarget(“target”,4);
    /p %t ( {rt4} ) put to sleep

  120. djactionman says:

    I had one thought, but let’s simplify and keep it less mugging incident inducing. :D

    At one point do you think that macros lessen your abilities you’ve worked to gain?
    Hunters (the ones from here at least) are super super sharp and can make adjustments on the flight from crazy rarely used abilities often, and the bit I’ve read on most common dummy macros have retarded the progression of learning for raiders.
    That’s probably fine, those people suffer in the long run and are forced to adapt, but still another question…

    The only macro I use is a /target macro to search for stuff, and I just alter it for stuff sometimes.

    And, I am very open to ideas from you all, such as – such and such macro will fit in for you, or here are the merits of this macro that will elevate your game to help you make better decisions for timely in the madness.

    • Corwyn says:

      Macros, in my opinion, let you take a more abstract view of a fight. I can of ‘start fight’ as an action, rather than “Hunter’s Mark” and “Misdirect” and “Pet Attack” as separate actions. There is no virtue in hitting _more_ buttons, just in hitting them better. Abstract thinking is where Humans will excel compared to computers. As long as nothing significant is lost in the abstraction, they are a win.

  121. Traegun says:

    This is one I start all boss fights with. It blows my cooldowns in the beginning, and generally has them back up in time for any burn phase. Ascendant council is one where it does not come back up in time for (always around 40 sec left on rapid fire) so I just normal mark on that one.

    /use 13
    /script UIErrorsFrame:Clear();
    /use 14
    /script UIErrorsFrame:Clear();
    /cast Rapid Fire
    /script UIErrorsFrame:Clear();
    /cast Berserking
    /script UIErrorsFrame:Clear();
    /cast Hunter’s Mark
    /script UIErrorsFrame:Clear();

  122. Traegun says:

    I use very simple scripts when raiding, as I feel the more complicated ones leave more room for…well…complications. This is a simple script that will use my Tazik Shocker anytime it is up, as well as my trinket when the CD is up. It then fires off an auto shot to make sure I’m not missing out on that, it then moves on to the Serpent Sting, and finally sends my pet in to attack. I always leave the pet on passive and put the /petattack at the end of my shots to avoid any unwanted pet attacks on CC’d targets and/or bosses such as Omnitron Defense System. I use the same macro for all shots in my raid rotation and just switch out the /Cast Serpent sting line with whatever you are chosing…i.e. /Cast Cobra Shot, /Cast Black Arrow ect.

    /cast 10
    /script UIErrorsFrame:Clear();
    /use 13
    /script UIErrorsFrame:Clear();
    /cast !Auto Shot
    /script UIErrorsFrame:Clear();
    /cast Serpent Sting
    /script UIErrorsFrame:Clear();

  123. Tharl says:

    Opening Shot sequence with a few twists. This will Cast Hunter’s Mark on the first hit, then Serpent Sting on the second. Nice in Dungeons to let the tank pick up agro while you apply the buffs. If you don’t want to put the Sting on, this defaults back to HM after 4 seconds.

    Also nice for moving through multiple targets to not forget to Mark and Sting.

    /castsequence reset=4 hunter’s Mark, serpent sting

  124. sonicross says:

    When raiding – you can’t focus a MT and OT, and the less I do (hovering, clicking, etc) while dpsing the more DPS I can do. Also sometime we pull with a MD – so this lets the Tanks and group know that the pull is coming. It takes a minute to setup prior to the raid – but the simplicity of clicking a button for the remainder of the fight makes it worth it IMO.

    So I made a macro that does a couple things:
    1- Whispers the tank letting them know of the MD
    2 – Yells to group of the MD
    **NOTE** I have one for the MT and a second for the OT and another for my pet (without the whisper)

    Misdirection Macro
    /cast [target=MTNAME] Misdirection
    /script SendChatMessage (“Tag – You’re IT!”,”WHISPER”,nil,UnitName(“MTNAME”))
    /stopmacro [help]
    /y ~~Misdirecting on MTNAME~~
    **change MTNAME to the actually players name, if they have a weird character have them whisper you then shift-click on their name and copy and paste it in the macro**

    • saelle says:

      You made the comment, you can’t focus a MT/OT during raiding. I’m really curious because I’m trying to figure out if you are using it for something I’m not utilizing (focus the boss for ease of switching targets???)

      I’ve always used this macro and like it a lot.

      #showtooltip Misdirection
      /cast [@focus, help][@ focustarget, help][@target, help][@mouseover,help][@targettarget, help][@pet, nodead, exists] Misdirection

      This macro is basically a series of questions. The key is the “help” command because if the target isn’t friendly or you don’t have a focus it moves to the next part.

      [@focus, help] sets MD to your focus. No focus/your focus isn’t friendly -> 2
      [@ focustarget, help] sets MD to your focus’ target. No focus -> 3
      [@target, help] sets MD to your target. Not targeting a friendly -> 4
      [@mouseover,help] sets MD to your mouseover. No mouseover -> 5
      [@targettarget,help] sets MD to your target’s target. Not friendly or targeting you -> 6
      [@pet,exists] sets the MD to your pet if alive.
      If your pet is dead and no other condition is met then it does nothing.

      This macro is basically an update to the macro Frostheim had posted in WotLK. The only difference is blizzard let us simplify the code a bit by not need to repeat the /cast part and changing “target=” to @.

      Each of these lines has a use but it is important to understand the priorities or you can Misdirect the wrong person. For most occasions this macro is pretty foolproof but if you are in a boss fight and your focus dies, casting this macro won’t misdirect your pet or on your offtank but on the target of the target. If that target is the priest then it will cast on them unless you either target or mouseover someone else in your party (I personally like mouseover which is why I added it). The targettarget part is a bit risky without that understanding but it’s nice for fights when a non focused tank is struggling with aggro and you don’t want to spend the time to refocus.

      • saelle says:

        Just a quick thought — the @focustarget line can be a bit dangerous as well. This is nice for fights when tanks are switching. All you need to do is focus the boss and wait for the tank to acquire the target. The danger is if someone other than the tank gets aggro because this line is before the @target and @ mouseover parts of the macro so the only way to Misdirect correctly is to refocus. I personally don’t usually focustarget for that reason.

        I know many people like the the simplicity of the /cast [Target=Tankname,help,exists],[Target=Petname,exists] Misdirection macro but you have a lot more flexibility with the one I posted. The key is knowing what each line means so you don’t make a mistake. Having said that … if you are struggling understanding the intricacies of your misdirection macro in the heat of battle you should take out lines to something that is comfortable. Mis-misdirecting is much worse than the additional flexibility.

  125. sonicross says:

    **change MTNAME to the actually players name, if they have a weird character have them whisper you then shift-click on their name and copy and paste it in the macro**

    OOPS – fixed this

    **change MTNAME to the actually players name, if they have a weird character have them whisper you – PRESS ENTER to bring up a new chat box – then shift-click on their name and copy and paste it in the macro**

  126. Wanaji says:

    Not really sure if someone has covered this, but I use this macro to pop ALL my offensive CD’s for a Heroism/Bloodlust. I’m a troll so berserking is included in this as well. Also I keep Call of the Wild and Rabid for my ferocity pet off auto cast. I personally like to have a little more control of when they go off :) Here’s my “Maximum Power” macro

    /cast Call of the Wild
    /cast Rabid
    /cast Berserking
    /cast Rapid Fire
    /use 13
    /use 14

    Using this macro will turn you into a true monster of the charts for about 10 secs, combined with BL it is truly awesome :)

  127. Wanaji says:

    I am currently SV/BM. When in my BM spec I add two lines to this macro at the end, so it looks like this

    /cast Call of the Wild
    /cast Rabid
    /cast Berserking
    /cast Rapid Fire
    /use 13
    /use 14
    /cast Bestial Wrath
    /cast Kill Command

    basically starts things out with a SERIOUS bang for your pet :) and as BM you can blast out arcane shots as fast as you can spam the button for about 10 seconds and really tear something up. I use the addon VuhDo and have my Misdirection set to cast when I ctrl+click over one of the tanks names in my raid frames :) that keeps me from having to constantly re-edit the tanks names into my macros, it also allows me to have a focus target other than the MT :D, hope my macros help someone

  128. pr0gr4m says:

    I call this my forgetful farmer macro. While farming I tend to first select a target and cast Hunters Mark before I cast MD on my pet. Then I have to select my pet, cast MD then retarget the target. So now when I realize that I’ve casted hunters mark before the MD, I just hit this macro. Just recently it has come in handy in some bad pull situations where we needed a pet tank real quick like.

    /target pet
    /cast Misdirection

  129. Kelathaid says:

    Been looking for a 1-button-does-all for Heals/Revive/Call-Pet/Dismiss-Pet macro; have not been able to find one that works to my satisfaction so I cobbled one together from various other macros. It will Mend/Call/Revive with the push of 1 button or CTRL a pet dismiss. For the quickest use I keyboard bind it to the letter V.

    /cast [modifier:ctrl,pet]Dismiss Pet; [target=pet,dead] Revive Pet; [nopet] Call Pet 1; Mend Pet

  130. Kelathaid says:

    Also wondering if there’s an official Blizzard guide to creating macro’s? Can’t seem to find one in all my google searches…

  131. Scott says:

    I need a little help with a macro

    Im looking to have hunters mark cast then misdirect to focus – or my pet if there is not a focus

    I would like to thank all for the macros that have been posted and wish I could have posted someting new but it looks like all are already here lol

    ty for any help

  132. Scott says:

    Sorry I found the answer to my question – it was a daa moment – It to bad that its no possible to have HM cast then MD. If its possible to find a work around I would appreciate it….

  133. jamie says:

    I do the same but
    /cast hunter’s mark
    /cast [@focus,help][@pet,exists] Misdirection

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  135. Lupsuntee says:

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  136. jjr says:

    FOR ALL Hunter marks in macro’s put the 2x to get them to work ex:
    /cast Hunter’s Mark
    /cast Hunter’s Mark
    this particular macro targets closest sends pet to attack and marks target great for rouges and druids in pvp!

  137. Guillory says:

    Heya!! Ty for the help so far! Really enjoyed it!

    But I have a small question, is there a macro to keep you in camouflage?
    So u only press it one time and ull be there forever? :)

    I really hope so!

    Kind regards,


  138. TheSniper says:

    Spammable Deterrence, Cancel Deterrence

    /cast deterrence
    /run local exp=select(7, UnitBuff(“player”,”Deterrence”)) if exp then local tl=exp-GetTime() if tl<4 then CancelUnitBuff("player","Deterrence") end end

    You can spam this until 4 seconds left on deterrence in which case the same button will cancel deterrence. You can also change the number in tl<4 to the time left on deterrence when you want it to cancel.